Ichigo is thrown into a strange desert world where he is called “Chigo”. Chad, Uryuu, and Orihime are now Chaido, Urio, and Ori Mei respectively, and they act like everything is normal and only Ichigo does not understand what is going on. They travel on a giant eel across the desert into a town to steal the Snow Crystal from the mansion of “Ura Vira” (Urahara). Urio describes the crsytal as pure white, shiny, and cold to the touch. They find a room full of treasures and locate a lamp (Kon) in the middle of the room. Urio reveals that it is all a dream and the story is “Aladdin and the Magic Lamp”. However, Ura Vira discovers them, and releases various traps. Chigo rubs the lamp and “Rukiruki” comes out, but she refuses to grant them a wish because of his “tainted heart” and orange hair. Finally he manages to taunt her into granting them three wishes, though Orihime uses one for cake. Rukiruki teleports them out into a toilet and they escape. They fight over whether to use the final wish for the Snow Crystal or for Chigo’s dream to end, but “Ren Jin” (Renji) appears and tells them that Rukiruki has been sent to “Lamp Society” to be executed for breaking the laws. The four then immediately take off on a magic rug (which turns out to be Yourichi) to save her. Yourichi explains that Rukiruki will be executed by the “Solamp” and they will have to defeat the thirteen “Court Lamp Squads”. Chigo then gets thrown into scene after scene similar to ones he’s faced before. He saves Rukiruki from the Solamp (which turns out to be a tiny bird), then defeats Byakuya. For his final wish, he wishes for the Snow Crsytal, stating that he will wake up sooner or later. However, it turns out to be a fishcake; and Isane (who was the dreamer) wakes up with a start.



This was the special omake for the 10th anniversary of the Bleach manga, and I found it pretty amusing. It didn’t bore me due to the fast pace and there were funny parts as well. Large parts of it were like a summary (albeit a Persian version) of the Soul Society arc. The whole dream aspect was also pretty interesting, since it was easily relatable to my own dreams (such as the fact that pain doesn’t wake you up), much like Inception was. There was the art and statues resulting from Ichigo’s subconscious, and indeed the whole dream mirrors Ichigo’s experiences and characters retain their personalities. At first, Ichigo was just fighting all the discrepancies in the dream, but in the end he finally learns to just have fun. When I realize I’m in a dream, it’s a good idea to mess around and see what happens, since one can afford to do things that are impossible in real life.

The rest are just random points I noticed:
— Orihime looks and acts more like her original and much-less-annoying dopey self
— “Ura Vira” was hilarious as he unleashed attack after attack using Indiana Jones/Angel Beats-style traps: huge ball, arrows, dogs, lasers
— The battering ram suddenly stopped while Chigo was messing with Rukiruki, which did not make sense at all given the time they were talking
— I laughed at the final super clichéd fight (Ichigo vs Byakuya) with massive explosions, power-ups and charging at each other; it was even more over-the-top than the real fight
— The revelation that Isane was the one dreaming all along was an unexpected twist, and shows that she knows a surprising amount of Ichigo’s experiences and friends…


  1. That actually sounds like a lot of fun. Wouldn’t have minded a whole arc set in a weird parallel world showing the cast in different settings and stuff. It’d be a nice break from the endless fighting in the main story lately.

    Sol Fury
  2. This is almost somewhat a satire of the first arc of Bleach. Funny how Byakuya was wearing a costume like that. I’m sort of surprised that you didn’t put up pics of Byakuya (while wearing the costume) and Zaraki ( when he was a giant.)

    code fanboy
    1. Thank you Sqaurt for noticing, I also noticed that this episode came a bit late, the wedding must have went well for you Proof……. I hope.

      It’s funny how the dream plagiarized this scene, it seems like Tite Kubo might be running out of ideas.

      Ichigo really knows how to push people’s button, it makes me forget how many times is did he did that so far in bleach.

      code fanboy
  3. It was a nice episode. Especially since I’ve grown so tired of Aizen (tell me if there is anyone who hasn’t)…

    The Wakame-Taishi costume was priceless!

    Btw, is it just me or does Chigo’s pants seem out of place? They remind me more of the Joker from Batman than anything related to Persia.

  4. Was a good anniversary episode. Inoue was her old school funny self (I miss that).

    You should name these bleach posts as LAST impressions (or FINAL) tho not FIRST as they get posted on the weekend 4-5 days after the episode airs.

  5. This episode was a great way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Bleach. Loved a lot of the in-jokes and really, I was left wanting more after the episode finished. Would have been fun to see the rest of the ‘Thirteen Lamp Court Squads’ in their costumes. Honestly after hearing about the premise weeks ago, I’d have thought it’d have been really funny to see Hitsugaya as the ‘Snow Crystal’.

    Kale Mustang
  6. “When I realize I’m in a dream, it’s a good idea to mess around and see what happens, since one can afford to do things that are impossible in real life.”
    lol I always wake up when I realize I’m in a dream

  7. well..that was kinda retarded..I’d rather see them in school doing some slice of life type sh!t. but i cant front, i LOL’ed at the little phoenix eating rukias bang “i always wished someone would grab that thing” hahaha!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  8. One shot filler episodes are way better than filler arcs IMO. A humorous episode is what Bleach needs right now. With all the drama happening in every episode it’s getting stale right now. I wish Rukiruki would make me forget all of the filler arcs.

  9. Not good? It was the best to me seeing ichigo saving hichigo for once and not the other way around was refreshing also seeing them fight together was pretty awesome. The bount arc was ok the first half was very similar to YYH black chapter saga it just feels like a cheap rip off The tag team fight was alright I guess but compare to Byakuya vs Koga it was shit the fight was even better than the Ichigo vs Ulquiorra it’s one of the best bleach fights I ever seen since the last good bleach fight was Ichigo vs Grimmjow.


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