Kenpachi continues to fight Yammy, while Isane heals Chad and Renji. Ichigo and Unohana prepare to enter the Garganta opened by Mayuri and Nemu. After they enter, Byakuyaasks Mayuri why he remained, and points out that he implied Ichigo would be victorious. Kenpachi brings down Yammy, but Byakuya refuses to finish him off for him. Yammy revives and fires a cero at the two.

As Ichigo and Unohana travel to the world of the living, Unohana explains the power of Aizen’s zanpakuto, Kyoyasuigetsu. Seeing the shikai release is required to put the target under complete hypnosis, and as a result she states that Ichigo (who has never seen the release) is the only one who can fight Aizen. Ichigo’s spiritual pressure however is a mess at the moment; he explains that his clothes are part of his bankai, and they reflect the reiatsu he has. Since Inoue had only healed his body, Unohaha then decides to heal Ichigo’s spiritual pressure.



We are back to the Hueco Mundo fights, where Kenpachi and Yammy are still trash talking each other. Calling him “the fat worm” was exactly what I wanted to say. I got a pretty strong sense of satisfaction watching Kenpachi do what he loves to do most and kick Yammy’s ass, slicing off his fingers and arms and legs. Mayuri and Byakuya seem to be enjoying the brawl as well, as they spectate from the sidelines. Of course Mayuri doesn’t really care who wins, as long as he gets his corpse to dissect (the more the better). It was great watching Ichigo tease Mayuri about being “Urahara’s apprentice”; the guy’s attitude has it coming for him and even Byakuya was messing with him.

The biggest “revelation” here in this episode was that only Ichigo could fight Aizen as he was the only captain-level being who had not fallen under Aizen’s illusion abilities. It feels kind of iffy though, as he has to avoid seeing the shikai at all costs, which could actually be a big disadvantage in the heat of battle. It was already obvious early in the story that Ichigo will be the one to ultimately defeat Aizen, but this perhaps solidifies the fact that in this kind of genre, only the main character defeats the main villain. Unfortunately though Ichigo’s reiatsu is really low at the moment, which he uses as an excuse for his messy path as opposed to Unohana’s nice and straight one. With Ichigo’s terrible spiritual control however, I’d doubt he could make a decent path even at full power. Regardless, it explains why he did poorly against Yammy. It is implied that at his full power he could rival the spiritual power of Aizen (both with around twice a regular captain’s reiatsu), again backing up the indispensability of Ichigo. For now though, we’ll just have to watch Aizen wipe out everyone else. As for Byakuya and Kenpachi, they didn’t even flinch at Yammy’s cero, and it’s just going to be more fun watching them bicker with each other and pound him at the same time.


  1. It might be amusing, but Kenpachi and Byakuya’s ease fighting Yammy really just makes his #0 bit really, really stupid. This also raises the question of why Kenpachi had more trouble fighting Nnoitra(#5) than he did Yammy (#0).

    As for Aizen…
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Lets just hope they don’t buy time with a training half-arc.

  2. Anyone notice how weirdly okay Hiyori looks in the preview? I know she still got stabbed, but she just looks like she’s hanging out in Shinji’s arms.

    LOL SHINJIXHIYORI. And nice job on the quality, animators. Really.

      1. There won’t be an anime original ending. They’ll keep going until the manga is done, even if it means more 30+ episode filler seasons.

        I’d imagine, unless Deicide ends shortly and provides a natural cut-off, that we’ll be seeing filler at around the point where…

        Show Spoiler ▼

        Sol Fury
    1. That just goes to show how important female characters are in Bleach. She was stronger than almost any other Arrancar and she doesn’t even show up in the picture that’s supposed to show all of them. Seriously they can remember Zommari but they can’t remember the Arrancar they gave a flash back episode to?


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