It’s not so surprising that the thing Zangetsu wanted to protect was Ichigo himself. The chapter showed some flashback of Ichigo’s training and there was a nice touching moment in his inner world as he got stabbed through but felt no pain because he “accepted” it. It WAS surprising that the Final Getsuga Tenshou is actually a merger between Ichigo and Getsuga; i.e. he becomes the attack itself. I have to change my previous view: this final attack might just finish off Aizen. With Ichigo actually sacrificing his shinigami powers with this move, he had better kill of Aizen or he’d be stuck using hollow powers. Aizen is at his final evolution (I wonder if he’s still going to use his bankai), and Ichigo as well has taken on a completely different form. His sword has vanished completely and the black Getsuga swirls around him, also turning his hair black.

Aizen knows that things are going out of his control, and he realizes finally that Ichigo has completely surpassed him. He rages and screams in vain as Ichigo uses “Mugetsu”. I honestly think he’s pretty much finished here, and if Aizen manages to escape this, he’ll probably have to slink away somewhere and recuperate for a few months. Of course, Ichigo still has to do something about that Hougyoku or we might be in for a lot more “wish-fulfilling” crap. This is a very high climax of the series and with the loss of Ichigo’s shinigami powers it seems like a good place for some closure. I wish that Aizen would just die, and there would be a resolution (perhaps a flashback of his past), then the end of the series instead of a new arc.


  1. I saw the merger comming with his zanpakuto and thus direct control over getsuga all the way back when he went full hollow, though I thought it would come in the form of a ressureccion(think thats how they spell it in bleach) like the espada, Most likely forming a sword out of pure black getsuga “Flames”. Well whatever. This is still completely bad-ass. Say what you want about Kubo, but noone can argue with his ability to make the most awesome transformations and character designs out there.

    Zero Hour
  2. seems unlikely though.
    the series is too big to end without it being a hugely announced event.

    Akamatsu recently made an interesting comment about Bleach ending though.
    he wondered what will happen to the industry if One Piece, Naruto, and Beach end.

    the industry has backboned itself on this handful of mega-titles.
    its a little melodramatic to act like the industry will die, but that’s a pretty big vacuum if any of those 3 (or all 3) end.
    and the manga industry hasn’t been very good over the past decade of supporting new talent.

    and this isn’t some little unknown or cult fanbase mangaka saying this.
    akamatsu is no small name himself.

    1. Um, whats the butterfly then? And the multi tentacle with mouth thing right now is not the resurrección right? Then there’s that faceless Aizen which i have no idea if its a resurrección or not. Currently he’s more Espada than Vizard

      So currently what does Aizen have left?
      If the faceless Aizen is counted, he’s at stage 3 resurrección, so he has shikai/bankai left and stage 4 resurrección if there’s such a thing

      Now if the faceless Aizen is counted as stage 0.5 resurrección, then he is at stage 2 resurrección, so he has the same things exceot that there’s probably a bigger chance of a stage 3 resurrección happening than a stage 4

      If faceless Aizen is counted as 0.5 and Butterfly Aizen is considered 0.75 then he’s finished his resurrección and has stage 2/shikai and bankai.

      Note that however, as resurrección merges the sword with the fella, whether there’s any shikai/bankai to do is hard to say

      Additionally he has shunko available if he managed to copy it previously. Kido is not useful other than a delaying tactic right now.

      Of course something could happen and get pulled out much like how Ichigo did. If my guess that the next arc being Ichigo regaining his humanity happens, then its going to be pretty urgh

      Zaku Fan
  3. reminds me of what happened with Ishida at SS when he was fighting whatshisname also his father knows the attack making it possible that his dad used that attack it also makes it possible that he learned of a way to get his shinigami powers back

    1. yeah ichigo’s dad got his powers back, took him a long time, but at least this explains how he lost them?….maybe ichigo will get it back slowly after like 10yrs, but for now he can live life as a normal highschooler, and then bleach ends!!!

      1. There is still something different between Ichigo and his father; Ichigo has a hollow form. He’s human, Hollow and Shinigami at the same time. His Shinigami powers are to be lost but what about his hollow powers?

  4. I wish that Aizen would just die, and there would be a resolution (perhaps a flashback of his past), then the end of the series instead of a new arc.

    wishfull thinking much? 😀

    I do hope we finally get to know what the deal is with his father and the king.

    Oh and lulz Ichigo is the strongest shinigami evah.

  5. oh gods!! i think bleach is coming to an end!! I DO HOPE FOR AIZEN TO FINALLY GET KILLED!! but you see, i still feel kubo has yet to reveal something REALLY UNEXPECTED– like what?? IDK! i mean even if i had foreseen that “JUST AS PLANNED” and that thing about GIN, i know kubo is one of the most unpredictable mangaka out so? err—*hides*

    PS: I WANT TO ‘EAT’ ICHIGO!!! *snicker*

  6. I think in the end aizen might die and ichigo will become zangetsu or something….

    wait, this might be like uryuu in his final quincy form and ichigo will lose his… nevermind, Oni already beat me to this theory


    Kubo really needs to finish this manga and go on to making a full blown comedy series. Bleach is now so excruciatingly boring now that even Naruto seems more exciting……and I’m not even a big fan of Naruto.

  8. hmm. assuming that ichigo’s dad lost his shinigami abilities due to using the final getsuga himself… do we get to blame the re appearance of his powers on his exposure to the hougyoku? I mean it was living in his son’s closet for quite a while.

  9. As much as I would like to agree for bleach to end here, I think we all know that’s not going to happen which is just crazy because I don’t see any other antagonist that can surpass Aizen. (Unless Kubo will pull something like Aizen and everybody else was just his pawn for his plans, Tessai perhaps? Crazy, I know.)

  10. I hope this is Ichigo’s last and strongest form, a form that can’t be achieved every time he wants like the mask or Bankai. The “I will lose my powers” is a good restraint for this form.

    Aizen finally has snapped and started the “WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!???” we all wanted to see, great!

    Lectro Volpi
      1. There will be a arc about the King Realm and Roal Guards. They have been mentioned too many times to just be forgotten. I do not really see what the final arc would be… Maybe a trip to hell?

  11. Nah, Ichigo weak Aizen that much. that someone from Inner Sanctum appear, and take Aizen there into Prison. Sealing him Of for some Time. Well, its not the Goal of Aizen? See or Enter or Conquer the inner Sanctum?.. Perhaps the time is now right. to display a Glimpse of it?

  12. assuming Kubo doesn’t steal the idea of Naruto’s Izanagi which turns imagination to reality to avoid death or power up, then I guess this should be the end i hope for…

    Aizen, i don’t care whether you have Bankai or not, just die pls xD

    1. Your comment emphasizes the worthlessnes of this manga. Ichigo is the only character anyone cares about in this manga. Also, the value of this manga is solely based on Ichigo’s new forms.

      I hope Bleach ends after this.

      1. Wait what? Did you say ichigo is the only character people care about? Idk, but most forums I have been on say ichigo is the most retarded character and his psudo-main character status brings down the manga.

  13. at least final means final you know until he urahara give ichigo the same thing he gave isshin. I’m guessing thats how isshin lost his power too. he used his mugetsu 20 years ago and urahara found a way to help isshin regain his powers.

    1. I think, Isshin. Not regain his Powers back… he just “burned/lost” the opposite powers as Ichigo’s. Yes. He lost his “Hollow Powers”. And Ichigo’s Mother was a Hollow Princess… Hey, i can dream

      1. my old theory use to be ichigos mom was a hollow and isshin sacrificed his own powers with the help of Hougyoku to turn his mom human. I was always wondering how she was able to protect ichigo from grand fisher. now they come out with a technique that makes ichigo lose his shinigami powers and his father has the same skill so I’m just gonna go the simple route now

  14. I really do not think that Ichigo’s inner hollow issue has been resolved yet. Kubo can always give the hougyoku its own personality and form. There is still a lot of bankai’s to reveal…

  15. Ichigo transform:
    Fake sword => A big sword => nazi sword => hollow white nazi sword => 5th crazy half/half holofication shinigami (still the nazi sword) and now the finally he changes his nazi sword for a black armor/cloth.
    That’s some crazy stuff i gotta say. Well anyways I just don’t want “It was all part of the plan scenario”
    FINALLY!! Hoping for more Bleach after 250 chapters.

  16. You guys are forgetting something…

    Ichigo is 1/4 Shinigami 1/4 Hollow 1/4 WhoTheFuckKnows 1/4 Human

    If he loses his Shinigami powers he’ll still be 1/3 Hollow 1/3 WhoTheFuckKnows and 1/3 Human…
    Thus there’s no way he can still be an innocent Highschooler… he’ll probably become a monster.

  17. I’m hoping the loss of his powers offers a reset for the series. Instead of spiralling out of control DBZ style it actually goes back to reasonable levels where his friends actually have some relevance to the action and you actually feel some dramatic tension throught the action.

  18. You know, I’m hoping Aizen does die here. Not because I downright hate the character, but because this fight has gone for long enough and this does seem like an adequate closure.

    As for the man’s bankai, well, Ichigo will probably meet up with Aizen again during his trip to hell…

  19. Aizen will survive the attack, go into his next form Ishinn will defeat him, Aizen will run to the King’s dimension, start new arc where Ichigo Gary Stu’s his powers back. In the end, Aizen redeems himself for some reason and Ichigo becomes head captain.

    You heard it here first.

  20. wow this is b-o-r-i-n-g… ichigo so strong! and aizen gonna like his ass soon… i understand a battle when both sides strong and the fight have a lot of surprises, but ” hey aizen I’m higher dimension fuck, you dead” (and he really dead[soon]) is really boring

  21. i just hope if Aizen really is going to die, he put up a good Fight with ichigo, everything we seen in this fight so far is, Transformation > Talk about it > Special Attack > Repeat. I want a good fight not one shot finish. A fight so cool that can be animated even more, Like Ichigo vs Grimmjow or Findor Vs hisagi

  22. “I wish that Aizen would just die, and there would be a resolution (perhaps a flashback of his past), then the end of the series instead of a new arc.”

    Bleach end? surely you must be joking right?

  23. I thought Ichigo would turn into a complete hollow if he said that he would lose all his shinigami powers. Stangely enough, much to my surpise, it seems like the oppisite; he doesn’t have at least 1 percent hollow on him, he looks 100 percent shinigami. Perhaps that would imply that he would be like his Father, being temporally an ordinary human.

    Well both Aizen and IChigo are looking a lot like some other characters. Aizen seems to be spider carnage from spider man and IChigo looks like someone from Final Fantasy VII.

    code fanboy
  24. Sorry this is a lot, please don’t be mad!

    So, I’m not at all upset about Aizen’s many transformations because we are watching him evolve as opposed to the Espada, who had already evolved with the “hogyoku treatment.” (Remember when we watched Wonderwiess?) What I am upset about, though, is that not only does he seem to already be in control of this power, but aware of many of its techniques. I guess I assumed that the Resureccion was like the bankai, something you needed to master before fighting at your full strength. But I think the fact that he is mastering his power immediately is worse than having a few transformations…

    Also, I have no doubt that Ichigo will lose his shinigami powers after this and I have no doubt he will get them back (what else would we do for 2 arcs?), but do we have any proof that Isshin lost his powers using the Final Getsuga? Simply knowing the technique exists doesn’t mean he actually used it.

    When/if Ichigo loses his powers, do you think Orihime will help to “heal” them. That is, if her power can reverse space and time, couldn’t she return his powers? Since he is not losing his soul (which can be considered one with Zangetsu based on this latest chapter), couldn’t she return it to its former state?
    My reasoning for this is as follows: Orihime is a main character who has not really fulfilled that much of a role. She did little to help in the SS arc and so far has done nothing else except get kidnapped (and, in essence, cause the divide in shinigami forces). As opposed to Uryuu and Chad who have both helped Ichigo to develop into a shinigami: Chad by fighting next to Ichigo before he was a shinigami and Uryuu by forcing Ichigo to understand and control his power when Ichigo first became a shinigami. Thus, healing Ichigo’s soul she would be fulfilling a purpose to his development.
    Continuing, TK clearly set up a relationship between Orihime and Ichigo (even if he doesn’t have the same feelings for her, as she said to Ulquiorra). Given that her powers are based on her emotions, wouldn’t she be able to perform such a great act for the person she has the strongest feelings for? She could have said goodbye to anyone, but chose him alone. Restoring his soul seems possible.

    Also, I hope the next two arcs are about Hell and the King’s dimension, too!

    I don’t think Ichigo was either Hollow or Shinigami, but both. He is not part human, part shinigami, part hollow, etc. Remember that he is human. Souls that don’t go to the SS end up becoming hollows who are “cleansed” by the zanpakuto and those that do go to the SS no longer have the ability to become a hollow (w/o the hogyoku). Therefore, I think that because Ichigo is human, he is the only one who is capable of both. As a human, he still has good/evil capabilities. He has not been constricted to one or the other. Remember, Ichigo even became a Shinigami in the World of the Living, not in the Soul Society.
    I think Zangetsu is so strong because Ichigo has mastered both realms, not simply one or the other. Unlike Aizen, who cannot master both, but can only be a shinigami who takes on a form of hollow (given the hogyoku). Tensa Zangetsu is both Hollow Ichigo and Zangetsu (does that make sense?). Thus, when Ichigo loses his power, he is losing all of it (both Hollow and Shinigami).

    Also, I hope that we see at least two more chapters of Ichigo and Aizen fighting. I don’t want this to finish in one swing as that would be a lot of build up for a short, simple climax. At this point, I’m not even sure why Ichigo is using the Final Getsuga. He has shown us that he can clearly defeat Aizen without it. He has attacked Aizen repeatedly and received little damage. He even attacked and wounded Aizen when he was surrounded by the “super-face-cero-circle!” Ichigo explained clearly that he was stronger and in the last chapter Aizen admitted to not even beginning to feel Ichigo’s reiatsu because he is so strong. So why use the Final Getsuga (except for wowing Bleach fans)?

    1. Ichigo may have used his final Getsuga because he got tired with of all the fighting & he wanted to end it as he realized how this affected everyone including Orhime….besides Ichigo looks so much hotter so I’m not complaining. You do have a good point where he says he will lose all of his shinigami powers but also his hollows in his new form because he is a special case as he was human when Ichigo retained his shinigami and hollow powers & maybe Orhime is able to help regain his powers? Because Ichigo is one of a kind, he gained both shinigami and hollow powers in the human world rather in Soul Society; as appose to his dad. Kudos Orihime will have significance, but it ruins the fact that Ichigo can get his powers back like his dad, makes the whole climax uninteresting.

      In a way, Ichigo lost his powers …twice. The first came when his butt got whooped by Byakuya when Rukia was sentenced in Soul Society and that was when Ichigo goes to Urahara and regained his powers back; while the second occurs this moment.

      My biggest problem, the manga has too many plot-holes that needs to fill in… the next few arcs should close some of them & I want to know Isshin’s past such as how did he knew about the final Getsuga? Why did he use it?? Because what point would his sword tell him just for the sake of random? (-_-) Did he obtain the technique like Ichigo??? Did he have a bad encounter with Soul Society???? Was he once a captain himself????? Likewise it definitely would be frustrating to see a whole new enemy being introduced >=( plus the Royal Guards were rarely mentioned in the manga so more information will be revealed especially the oh-so great “King of Soul Society”

      Also it would be great to know what happened clearly to most of the previous espadas’ deaths like Grimmjow, Halibel & Ulquiorra?

  25. Maybe it’s the autor’s way of saying… fuck DBZ lets focus more on our characters and story.
    Thus the greatest evil will vanish(pun intended) and now he can go to the Shinigami school like all “normal souls” and voila more 300 chapters!!!!!

    1. If you go back to the very beginning when Chad first gains his powers, the hollow’s soul (Shrieker) is sent to hell instead of the soul society. The zanpakuto can only cleanse the sins the hollow commitred after death, not the sins from life.

  26. Well, I think we’ll never know what Aizen’s bankai should really be after all. Kubo cheated with excuses like Kyouka doesn’t work on Ichigo and he’s in a perfect state between shinigame and hollow. But oh well, what could ever surpass complete hypnosis after all huh?

    Oh yeah, also Yamamoto’s bankai if he’s really dead. Wah.

    Also, it’s funny that Ichigo is using a godlike ability that will remove his shinigami powers although it’s heavy implied by past chapters that he doesn’t need it to destroy Aizen AT ALL. KT should really take a break on Bleach for an year after Orihime’s kidnapping to work on the script. Because it’s not like everything he did after it was shit but really needed time to work on the events and his ideas. Lots of things seems to be rushed from that point.

  27. Bleach this week is not at all bad. Directions are controversial and an audacious move that Tite Kubo is doing. There is something totally unique in the genre shonen, but still is not something I see happening now is a good time. ‘Does this formula still works with the public present. I will be clearer below.

    First, I liked above all the dynamism of the chapter. This time, Kubo was more than he was doing every week, when the flashback began with Zangellow thought, “dammit, damn, the story to pause and get a 3 chapters showing something that should have been shown.” Fortunately it was not what happened and only burned a few pages of chapter weekly to explain what the hell happened to fight Ichigo.

    Alias there is much debate both in Japan and the rest of the world that comics are not more successful than they were 10, 20 years ago. What is increasingly difficult to create a story that lasts many years and which pool of money income. Bleach this week shows, inadvertently, why this is happening. Somehow, manga today suffer from lack of originality, not on history but on the elements that compose it. Clichés and common elements of the genre are used in every single manga. You can not read anything without having that Deja Vu that “hey, I’ve seen something like this happen in other manga, and after years of market players and, of course insignificant. No wonder that the U.S. market for comic heroes keep changing situations and creating more and more absurd and bizarre, to take the same market, give ideas and new elements to comics.

    Returning to Bleach, Ichigo finds that place against Zangellow was not the solution, you can not defeat, a philosophical way, himself, and embraced his enemy within. Where the hell did that happen THIS YEAR? In Naruto, there at the scene of the waterfall. I’m not saying Tite plaji the idea, I’m saying exactly what I said above, depend on other manga of the same beliefs, perhaps that’s why I am so fond of One Piece, honestly never seen a manga so different as is the way the Eiichiro Oda creates both history and the universe in the series. Returning back to Bleach, Ichigo Zangellow not win, but accepted his power, understood what he needed and his sword and hollow explained to him what he needed to know. Great and good that Tite really held the game this time in history for a moment, which shows planning, which strikes me as something great.

    Meanwhile, Aizen is really unrecognizable. Maybe it was deliberate by the author, but someone could be thinking, “this monster of the chapter is really Aizen?”. I do not know, maybe the transformation has not been so good, because in my opinion took a bit of the character trait. We will not see Aizen being defeated, we see that he turned this thing is defeated. The Aizen this chapter I was like one of those creatures of Resident Evil, scary, but far from that being cold and calculating as before. Again, maybe it was intentional from the author of the manga, but I really wanted to see the face and feature the “other” Aizen and not of this creature.

    And, I saved the best for last, which everyone should be waiting I mention: The last Getsuga Tenshou is a transformation …! Putz, first, the look is awesome, and the style and quality throughout these years Kubo Bleach, even if he seems to stick with a character from Final Fantasy VI (who won a ground game on the PS2 and I forgot name, a red cape and such). And that Ichigo 2.0 it is still another cliche of the genre that I write the first paragraph. I could not stop thinking about Dragon Ball Z, Akira Toriyama was creating when those changes and upgrades in the physical characters such as Goku, Freeza and Cell, and so on. In Bleach villains had this concept of changing their shapes, the hollows, and even made sense within the plot, and now Ichigo does exactly what Goku did, to turn super saiyan, but Goku was more discreet, just changed the color of hair. At this point, I kept remembering the Yu Yu Hakusho, Yusuke Urameshi when creating a visual way, there in the last saga of the work of Yoshiriro Togashi, just in case it was demonic tattoos collar and the body. Ichigo now joins a host of mutant characters of the manga world. Now every fighting game has simple and Ichigo Ichigo Zangetsu.

    Look, I’m not saying this is bad, who did not like or not gostie, on the contrary, I found the visual as much, although if you stop to think, nothing like the proposal and climate of the manga, is a level of art and totally new situation. Out some of the standard series yes, but still, it remains a great situation to a climax shonen.

    And talking to the guys from the team that read Bleach, I agree in a way that Kubo did well to explain that Ichigo use this form, he would lose his powers to shinigami. What by the way, nobody will believe it, unless the manga will end after the fight, which also do not believe that is the case. Ichigo will not overpower you forever, will give their power declined, but then I wonder, do not we will see this as 2.0 of the protagonist? And you would not be angry if that happened? Akira on Dragon Ball after it created the Super Saiyans had to create other villains even stronger and more insane, it really left the troupe secondary Yancha as Krillin and there in the dust, unable to fight fair. This is the fate that Bleach reserves going forward? Tricky, no?

    Anyway, I liked the chapter, like the artistic direction that Kubo gave, and found the course members. But I do not know if the result of such change will be good for the manga. Dragon Ball Z lasted a little longer after the mega changes, but this was the decade of 80/90. Bleach can hold on to follow the same path? And one detail, I really wish I had seen the Ichigo a sweat to defeat Aizen, did not seem like everything is either too easy? That takes away the fun, right? And now I’ve been inconsistent, another old cliche shonen protagonist is the catch that no one convicted and in the end, when to throw in the towel, she stands up, gives a yell like your last breath and defeat the the villain. Cliche, but c’mon, is not as much when this happens? I think ..

    Mr. TAC
    1. Tl;dr

      -manga is in a decline, because of repeating tropes.
      -less original situations than in comic books.
      -accepting inner self is same as the naruto waterfall scene.
      -Likes one piece cause of more originality.
      -The new forms are annoying because they completely change the appearances and it doesn’t actually feel like the orange haired odd ball fighting the cold calculating Aizen we were hoping for.

  28. Bleach won’t end. Aizen is going to survive, pulls out a Bankai. Because Ichigo is stripped away from his Shinigami powers, he has to use his Hollow ones. Aizen’s Bankai takes control somehow over Ichigo’s Hollow and BANG!!! we have another arc.

    Nice troll though, Kubo.

  29. Not show Aizen bankai, Mugetsu the Hogyouku to cancel. “Decide 22” last page: “All returns to nothing…!”
    Final Getsuga Tenshou all to knock out “Mugetsu” the invincible.
    Hogyouku limit to weaken. Bleach manga final chapter: “Decide 24”!
    Final “Decide” series: Aizen died! Gin prostrate the Kyoka Suigetsu.
    2 week after the end Bleach manga.
    To announce Tite Kubo.

  30. This is my perdiction, I believe Uraharra is behind something bigger than Aizen and that he knew most of this would happen and that he himself is trying to get the King’s key, but this ruins my earlier theory I thought Aizen was trying to lure Ichigo into going as far as he did ;'( because why not kill him off earlier when he could have? I just figured Aizen was trying to get ichigo to release his final form because he destroyed the rock and allowed ichigo to evolve that far. Maybe this was what Aizen wanted???? but apparently not which sucks because that wouldve been so much better >__________< My current theory is Uraharra is pulling the strings to get the Kings Key because that'd make for a good story i still think Aizen pulling the strings in order to use Ichigo to open up the kings key due to his massive reiatsu would've been better :\

  31. The thing about bleach is even if the story is crap the battles are drawn in such a fashion that its almost always enjoyable. Best way to Take the 3 Mega Manga stories Bleach,Naruto, and One piece is waiting a couple weeks then being able to get a large enough injection of story/fight where you feel satisfied. Because except for epic fights like this the random easily forseen story isn’t really enough to keep Me at least happy week to week.

  32. Doesn’t Ichigo’s higher dimension of his reiatsu sound similar to the Soul Society’s Royal House being protected in another dimension? Seems like foreshadowing to me. I’m curious to see if Kubo has Ichigo destroy the hougyoku or if it bonds itself to Ichigo if Aizen dies. Would be rather uninteresting if it just ended up sealed away somewhere.

  33. NOT SPAM!

    Ichigo’s higher dimension of his reiatsu sound similar to the Soul Society’s Royal House being protected in another dimension. Aizen die after Byakuya to make the new villain.
    New villain: KUCHIKI BYAKUYA! Dark purple Senbonzakura attack. Kill the Kenpachi and Ichigo.
    Just this my fantasy…

    Karakura Town
  34. …I think Ichigo’s either going to
    A. Become his sword, the final attack– there’s NO WAY he’s just going to lose his Shinigami abilities after going that far. It seems to me that by saying that, he’s giving the impression his soul will die. No Shinigami has ever reverted back to being compleatly Human (Of course, none were really human in the first place).

    B. He’ll get his hands on the Hogyoku and use it’s power to keep his powers, destroying it soon after. (Or not. Keeping it for yourself? Hm… another arc.)

    C. Lose his Shinigami powers, as it implies, but keep his Hollow powers. Still be a Vizard, you know… (Of course, some controversy– aren’t Zangetsu and Hichigo really one being? He’ll lose both if just one, although it seems he’s just using Mugetsu right now.)

    OR, Tite has finally decided that the story is ending, and Ichigo’ll go back to having a normal life as a Human… It does seem he’s accepted the fact that this is it– his grand finale– but I don’t think he could live knowing that he couldn’t do anything about Hollow while virtually all his friends still have abilities. Perhaps he will just fade away. A sad ending, but bitter sweet. Aizen’s gone, and he’s finally saved everything important to him. =)
    I’d personally like to see it continue, but if it’s the Author’s will to end it, so be it. He knows best.

    1. E. it will b that because Hichigo and Zangetsu are one .. the reserves of Hichigo make it so he only half loses his shinigami powers

      F. he will lose his shinigami powers but…As we’ve seen with ishida’s training with his dad or maybe even ichigos father (seeing as he knew about it and probably has/has used this ability before) that its possible to regain what you lost to some extent, maybe not fully tho

      G. by lose his shinigami powers, it means that he know longer is a shinigami but a zampaktou in physical form and has complete control of it like the zampaktou had in the Muramasa arc filler. Meaning that because he know longer communicated with his sword, but fully merged with it so his powers not really that of a shinigami

      of topic .. but in a Bleach movie(i think memories of knowone or maybe an OVA) wasnt there some guy that merged with his sword?

    1. im willing to think so … seeing as its told us that Hollow Ichigo and Zangetsu are one in the same, so unless he can use both parts at once, it will be a 2 sides of a coin thing with shingami on one side and hollow on the other and you choose which way it lands


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