Byakuya and Kenpachi are fighting Yammy. They have a rivalry, and Byakuya releases his bankai. Yammy tries to attack them again, but is quickly overwhelmed. However he still has a lot of power left. The espada becomes angry at his injures, and grows even bigger.

In the fake Karakura Town, Aizen taunts Shinji and brags about his power and about how trusting others is for weaklings. Komamura and Hisagi fight Tousen, and they recall his betrayal. After Aizen begins to battle however Tousen reveals his hollow form, shocking Hisagi and Komamura. He cuts down Hisagi in one blow, and easily blocks Komamura’s bankai and beats him down. Komamura accuses Tousen of being corrupted by power and betraying his friends and subordinates. Tousen used to claim one should fear battle and not mindlessly seek power, but now he has fallen low. Hisagi traps Tousen in his chains and wonders what has happened to him, but Tousen stabs him through the abdomen. He states that he is afraid of dying as one of the shinigami.



Byakuya and Kenpachi really should have finished off Yammy while he was smaller, but instead they were busy with their showdown versus each other. Luckily Yammy still doesn’t look too impressive (he’s flabby now he lost the ultra-toned muscle he had previously) and will probably not be able to beat either of them.
After Gin runs his blade through Hiyori, Shinji’s completely changed demeanor was something else to watch. Aizen’s comment about how Shinji’s eyes seemed like a man who was alive for the first time in a hundred years was quite fascinating. I can’t help but feel that this scene could have been much more dramatic, but unfortunately the lack of a proper build-up and the poor quality of the anime (plus the censoring) in general takes away any possible emotional impact. Aizen’s speech about trust and values in the world also brought up some interesting existential questions, but the long-windedness was really unnecessary. Even though Aizen’s bragging was annoying, he is correct in that he is far too strong. I feel sorry for Shinji as there’s not much he can do against someone so godly.

As for Tousen’s battle with Komamura and Hisagi, the fight really highlighted Tousen’s skill, given the fact that he is blind. He is able to fend off Komamura and Hisagi (both sighted opponents) at the same time, which is quite impressive. Likewise on the flip side, the battle didn’t do anything to help Komamura’s image as one of the weakest captains. His only positive attribute is physical power, but even that isn’t really strong enough. His shikai swinging at full force was easily blocked by an unreleased Tousen. Granted, Tousen was sporting his new (and unsurprising) hollow mask, but the strength difference is sad considering he can’t see. Komamura’s bankai has insane strength as its only power, but still cannot do anything to Tousen who does not have particularly high reiatsu. Hisagi’s not doing too shabbily, and he is able to pin down Tousen and get a shot at killing him. Unfortunately he spent too long being emo and reminiscing about their past and got stabbed as a result. Again, this part could have had much more emotional impact given Tousen’s betrayal and their long history, but failed. All in all though, he isn’t a great character. His philosophy of fear and justice and battle is interesting, but thinking about it, this idea hasn’t worked for Ichigo at all.


  1. I thought that Komamura used Shikai during the fight and used Bankai at the end since his shikai is just a materialisation of a portion of his bankai.

    Anyways I am so going to laugh at next weeks ep and in the preview they had shown Komamura’s exact same facial expression as did Omni pick for that chapter’s spoiler.

  2. ahh i love when they bring in “animation team B” on certain episodes, everything just looks sooo much coooler! plus i didn’t know komura could wield the giants power without physically bringing it out “lotta good it did though”

    BROOKLYN otaku

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