Ichigo’s Final Getsugo Tenshou wasn’t quite enough to finish off Aizen because of the Hougyoku’s regenerative powers. To be honest it was a disappointing attack; all that was shown was a huge black streak. It seemed a bit anticlimatic and was just a bigger version of the regular Getsugo Tenshou. Given the cost of executing the attack, FGT should have been better. However, it did critically damage Aizen as much of his transformation was destroyed. To the very end of course, he doesn’t stop his crap talk, boasting (partly in desperation) about how he is rising above Ichigo. I think Aizen still might have had a chance as Ichigo lost his shinigami powers after using the attack, which would have been trouble him. It’s probable he was still able to use hollow powers, but that aspect wasn’t brought up. Luckily Urahara suddenly shows up, and reveals that he had placed a seal inside Aizen. After Aizen was weakened by Ichigo’s attack the seal is able to pierce through Aizen and the Hougyoku “betrays” Aizen. It determines he is not worthy to wield the stone and actually starts to disintegrate his sword. As he has lost his power now, Urahara’s kidou spell is activated and starts to seal him away. As usual, it was awesome watching Aizen writhe and scream as his ego is completely pulverized; the long rivalry between Urahara and the former lieutenant looks like it finally has came to an end, and Urahara has the last laugh. The fact that Aizen is only sealed though, brings up the possibility he will be back, something I would seriously rather not see. For now, I’m guessing it will be on to more information about the Spirit King and his dimension. Urahara seems to have some relationship to the Spirit King, and he reveals more of his own motives for working for the good guys. He really an extremely central character in the plot, something that wasn’t shown previously. Perhaps the reason the whole thing was so anti-climatic was because Urahara, who wasn’t really featured heavily in events up to this point, is suddenly the crux of everything. The whole twist doesn’t really lock together all the elements and so the story comes off as rather dissatisfying. The lead-up is very poor, and on the whole everything that happens just isn’t very smart. The only brain working is Urahara’s, and he shows up only at random points.

As for what happens next: if Aizen is down, there will probably be some flashback for him, then a new villain, and Ichigo will have to do something about his lost powers. There are also plenty of questions to answer, such as Aizen’s past, his relationship with Ichigo, Isshin , the status of many of the other characters (especially Byakuya, Kenpachi and Yammy). And of course, there are still too many other elements such as bankais and Squad Zero to reveal, so we’ll see where the story goes from here.

Sit tight for anime posts


  1. Just as I thought, shooting it early clinched its ineffectiveness. It’s official, Ichigo is now completely useless. He would’ve been much better off just not using the attack and continue to pummel Aizen with his quiet superiority. Hell, if he just stood still a little while longer all intimidating, then maybe the Hougyouku would’ve rejected Aizen a minute later. Once he started talking and explaining, everything failed. Final Getsuga Tenshou…just as lame as the name sounds.

    So, of course Kubo needs to pull some crappy “deus ex” to save the day with Kisuke. Even the Spirit King revelation is not that surprising.

      1. More like you just don’t know what are you talking about yet again. Same whith your other mistakes in the anime post, claiming Komamura’s Shikai to be his Bankai, and claiming that Tousen had no backstory while in fact he had. Nobody expects you to be Omni 2.0, but get your **** together in terms of lore, because the effort you put into your “articles” so far doesn’t hit the target quality level of this blog.

      2. …lolumadanonymous?
        calm your hormones O.O i thought it was a good post. Not everyone is like zomg bleach I’m going to know all the facts forever. It’s a little mistake. I’d like to see you write better reviews <,<

      3. “Not everyone is like zomg bleach”
        This is Random Curiosity, not random_anime_blog_342, and neither 4chan, you underage a**. If you think anyone can just write anything effortlessly everywhere on the internet, just because that’s what you are used to, you are mistaken. Some sites, such as this, are popular and well-accepted exactly because they keep a certaily quality of bloggers up who are (even if they are blogging about series they’d don’t particularry like, which has happened befoe too, and is not a problem) still do their researches perfectly, and form their opinions as objectively as possible, and realize that writing for masses is not an honor, but a responsibility. Though I might have just said too many words that you haven’t learned is school yet, I translate that down for you: It means that this site is not you trolls’ playgrounds. Get that in before you start thinking too much of youreself too.

      4. “…still do their researches perfectly, and form their opinions as objectively as possible, and realize that writing for masses is not an honor, but a responsibility.”

        You sir, are a stupid idiot.

        Please kindly throw yourself off the nearest building available to you.

        Idiots on the internet
    1. “form their opinions as objectively as possible” quoted from Anonymous

      Isn’t an opinion itself a subjective statement by definition? There is no point on asking for such thing as an “objective opinion”.

  2. kisuke appeared to be an average character early on. but as the story progressed, one would’ve not expected how he was so much tied to what had been happening from the very start. so far,kisuke is one of the bunch that i’m so interested to. btw,FGT’s result is a TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT for me.it was introduced like it’s already gonna finish off that effin aizen,and then BAM.ABSOLUTE FAILURE akin to a nightmare fiasco >=/ nwei, I WANT MY RUKIA BACK!!

  3. um, why did ichigo have to even use the FGT? he was winning before that….. wow, ignore that…

    ichigo: nevermind that i’m winning, i’ll use my powers to pull off a final move so that i can seem to defeat you and lose all my shinigami powers after that. yay!

    aizen: haha, even after the FGT, i’m still standing. now, prepare to die!

    ichigo: oops, i’m like shit now and i need urahara to save me

    1. Right! I know that Ichigo isn’t known for making great decisions, but this was way beneath even his intelligence. Why lose all of your power if you can already beat Aizen without the sacrifice? Unless he and Mugetsu know a way to get them back?????

  4. Of course, Aizen won’t be killed outright. As mentioned already, sealing him only means he’ll be back later on *sigh* Well a iguess a few more chapters to tie up loose ends from the previous arc, then on the a new arc. (Bleach’s futureprospects is looking good atm) lets hope the next arc doesnt fail as hard as this recent one.

    Kinda sad how Aizen is undisputedly supreme for over 70+ chapters, then gets owned, sealed, and written out of the plot (for now) in less than 5 chapters. It wasnt even like the chapters were full of content either(half the panels were just scenery or big panels with black)

    hopefully, the next arc will resemble the SS arc in terms of plot and story telling.

    ichigo losing shinigami powers = excuse for an even more ridiculous power up

      1. I’m glad Aizen was finnished off fast…
        All I read on this site was complaints how everyone knew FTG was going to be some long drawn out attack with a huge charge up all dbz style, and instead we get a quick attack that weakens him to a point that forced him back 3 transformations.

    1. Well, it depends on what you count as getting owned… I mean, Aizen took on the remaining of the Gotei 13 captains, Vizards, Urahara/Yoruichi/Isshin, Gin, and then Ichigo… While they might not have been dealing a lot of damage, they had to have been wearing him down a bit.

      But I do agree that the Ichigo vs. Aizen fight was incredibly anti-climactic… I really thought the FGT would have been better. Although, I do feel the fight definitely fit Aizen’s personality as it was mostly his crazy monologue and Ichigo dealing damage every time he swung his sword.

      I also don’t know if Ichigo will get stronger. I don’t doubt he’ll get his powers back (I predict Orihime for this), but I don’t think TK will make him stronger.

  5. Ya, the Final Getsuga Tenshou is quite stupid, I mean even though its suppose to fit the awesome but impractical trope, its not even awesome. He could have just used his powers and to a Mystic Arte fashion attack like Byakuya Senmetsuken and achieve the same effect.

    Suppa Tenko
  6. Wonder how many times Ichigo is going to lose his abilities throughout this series.
    As anti-climatic as FGT was, Aizen writhing and screaming was a pleasing sight.
    I want to say I’m losing interest in where all of this is going but …
    I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a sliver of hope that this could be what originally caught my interest.

    1. I was wondering the same thing. I wonder if Ichigo’s mom was not a human but a hollow and she fell in love with Ichigo’s dad and both gave up their powers to live in the real world as “normal” humans?

  7. Too bad, Aizen should have broken Ichigo’s arms then lecture him on “You WERE more powerful than me for a while but too bad you’re too impatient. Enjoy the pain yet? Next is your legs”.

    And if he wanted to seal Aizen away, shouldn’t Urahara had taken the Hougyoku out first? Kind of stupid to leave something that can make the enemy invincible along with him in prison

    Zaku Fan
    1. you should go back and read it again…
      Urahara did say that the Hougyoku rejected him because he had gotten weaker.
      and it was the Hougyoku’s will for him to be sealed.
      Ichigo’s FGT did force him back 3 transformations, thats a huge drop in power.
      So it looks like the Hougyoku was making the seal stronger, because Aizen didn’t think a seal could be strong enough to seal him.

      1. Ichigo lost his shingami powers, accessing his hollow powers (if accessible at all at that time) would be asking for trouble. So Ichigo =~normal person. Aizen still has his powers, note the time lapse between the remaining mask shattering with Aizen talking rubbish. If he attacked Ichigo at that time, Ichigo would probably be easy meat.

        As such shattering Ichigo’s limbs would
        i) Remove a threat
        ii) Make Aizen happy
        iii) Give Ichigo a lesson in tough love (or is it hate) on when you commit yourself, you damn well better be sure to complete the job

        Zaku Fan
  8. So the final GT was indeed a giant regular one… with a new outfit Kubo thought of after playing Dirge of Cerberus. Oh and Aizen didn’t kick the bucket, and Ichigo doesn’t have his powers anymore, and Kisuke can fix him with ease since he can come up with Deus Ex Machina kidou whenever he wants. Bankai is for pussies nowaday. What’s next?

  9. Note that Ichigo has only lost his Shinigami powers, so that pretty much infers he’s still got the Hollow ones. I’m guessing he’ll have to master his Super-Hollow form next and that’ll be the basis of his new form. He’ll “become” an Arrancar for a while I’d imagine. Hopefully Shinji and the others can teach him to use Visored grade Hollow powers to get by on.

    As for Aizen, I love how he claimed he was still evolving even when everything pointed toward him being completely exhausted and dying. His katana disappearing wasn’t evolution, it’s what we were told in the early days – when a Shinigami’s powers fade to the point of death, their swords revert to their original forms and crumble away.

    Sol Fury
  10. though I kind of find it a little unsatisfying that they didn’t show Mugetsu, the blade, in a proper view. Anyway it seems another arc will come after this. I would be surprised that there’s another bad ass character out there that is stronger than Aizen. It wouldn’t be much of a surprise if the next arc is similar the Muramasa arc, where one comes and frees Aizen from his prison, it would be really surprising if someone was really manipulating Aizen from the start.

    Still, bleach can’t end this way, Ichigo suddenly gets stronger and loses his power, he has to get them back somehow. What was the point of using the final getsuga in the first place, it seemed pointless if Ichigo was that insanely strong, he could just get his mask and BOOOOM beat Aizen and keep his powers, it seems like a waste. An even bigger waste is that Aizen didn’t even use bankai, it seems either his bankai can only be used if his shiki is was successfully used on the opponent or his bankai, like Soifon’s, is a bit risky to use. (sigh) I was hoping that the Break Down Sphere would choose Ichigo instead of Aizen, but it seems that didn’t happen. It would be amusing if the King of Soul Society would be the next big antagonist, or something unexpected like a anime crossover would come.

    code fanboy
  11. So I guess basically Kubo found out he had been slowly painting himself into a corner and had to cop out this way.
    Oh well, at least it’s solved… FOR NOW!
    Interesting to see where it’s all gonna lead now. The Hollow aren’t really a problem anymore (and with Yammi the only one not being seen killed it would be kind of an anti-climax to show it now after Aizen has been defeated).
    Something with the spirit king would be my next bet.

    Or just have a happy ending for the series and put it away till Kubo finally gets a good follow up together.

  12. Well what can be said that hasent already been touched on? 4+ years of build up is finished in a two chapters. I sincerely hope Bleach returns to it’s comedic roots. I started watching the show cause early on it was the best of the big three when it came to comedy. I hope now that Ichi has “lost” his powers, bleach will take a long needed break to sort out it’s plot. Personally I doubt Aizen is gone forever, I havent seen his flashback yet and personally I dont want to. I am a hundred times more interested in Ichigo’s parents and their stories.

  13. What is wrong with Kubo, the SS arc was fantastic but everything after that has been plot point, throw away the plot point, plot point, throw away that plot point, plot point end it unsatisfactoly and wow the whole aizen thing came to an end like that. Talk about dissapointing. Its almost like hes making everything on the spot to be honest.

  14. I’m having a fun time imagining what the dimension Aizen has been sealed in is like. Probably thousands of Urahara heads floating around him bragging about how smart Kisuke is, then interrupting Aizen whenever he tries to yell back.

  15. What a disappointing chapter. So in the end, Ichigo is still too weak to finish him off himself. And the penalty is now he is loosing his powers? All of that build up to this? I feel slighted..To all you chicks out there, DO NOT bang this author. I think you’d be very disappointed in the end!!! “Oh come on baby, Imma rock your world” — 1 hour later — “It’s because the Hougyoku has rejected me baby! Let’s try again”

  16. Wat the big F!!
    Just last chapter I wanted more bleach. And now its All Gone. The whole plot now Gone. Past 250 chapters was all for a 3sec flash of ending? Lamest Story Plotting and Ending ever.

    1. Now now, let’s not go there. For bleach to end like this, that would probably be the biggest disappointment in Shonen jump history. After all, in Bleach wiki, it said another arc, a long one, is coming soon. Plus, the way they just ended this chapter seemed to a worse than Full metal Alchimest, both Ed and Ichigo lost their powers, except Ed was able to defeat the Big Boss, while Ichigo just got lucky with Urahara. At the very least, Tite Kubo would at least end with WHO MARRIED Ichigo. Possible good candidates are Rukia, Nel, or Orihime.

      code fanboy
  17. Come on, don’t act surprised that the FGT didn’t work. Does the GT EVER work? Every enemy he faces simply slaps it away. Grimjow only got a light scar, Uluquiorra simply slapped it away, Hollow Ichigo slapped it away, Yammy was nicked by it…it doesn’t ever work. Needless to say the FGT wasn’t going to be that much different, and losing his powers wasn’t a good trade off. Would’ve been better to stay in his normal form and keep slapping aizen, or put on his hollow mask and end it.

  18. Is it not wildly obvious Ichigo’s powers will be restored by the Hougyoku? I am not quite sure that the spirit king is a Good Guy, most likely neutral and controls both soul society and hueco mondo.
    regarding quality of the post, I would like to see some improvements such as basic proofreading irony). Did you even use grammar check? You have sentences missing verbs.

  19. Kubo probably got hired with everything up to SS already on paper, unfortunately seems once presented with the deadlines, his wrok become more sloppy.
    I facepalmed when I saw Aizen regenerating, and face-palmed twice when Ichigo’s ninja form was disappearing, like friggin dbz and “I’ve been in ssj3 form too long!” after a few scuffles.

  20. And that, Aizen, is why you OHKO everyone the instant it becomes possible. If you hadn’t spent the last god-knows-how-many chapters spewing all the crap about how no one can touch you, EVERYONE WOULD BE DEAD NOW and you WOULD HAVE WON.

  21. somehow i see ichigo going from being a shinigami gaining hollow powers to being left with hollow powers and gaining shinigami powers and someone like grimmjow or someone show up to fill in as a teacher lol

  22. I’m not even going to read this week’s manga (>_>);;; but I am :/
    What happened…?!? Why Kubo, a BIG waste of climax and build up and you throw it away… seriously no one wants Aizen alive… (>_>)
    Again Ichigo looks like an idiot, Aizen escapes… WTF!?! Hearing from y’all, I had hope this would end this but nnoooo it doesn’t… I’m left no words to say much now… just bitter disappointment >:L
    I wish I could drop the series but my damn stubbornness won’t let me DX DX kill me dammit!!
    (not really though) (._.)

  23. I have to really agree… This felt very anticlimactic, and just all around meh. The big attack and all the training Ichigo did was for naught, and his entire coolness was nulified by the fact that it was Uruhara who delivered the final blow.

    Meh… And I was actually enjoying bleach getting good =/

  24. The FGT wasn’t that creative. But I’m glad it atleast damaged Aizen a lot. I’m not that disappointed with this. I kind of hoped Aizen would die in a better sense, Ichigo’s powers would atleast last longer with his fight with Aizen,but whatever. I mean of course all of your questions and wonderings will be answered throughout the next few chapters. Maybe Ichigo might not lose his powers? And a whole lot of other questions…

    1. I agree! I thought it would be some form of compressed spirit energy that would slice Hollow Aizen right in half! I mean how cool would that be? No way Aizen could regenerate from that… But instead, Ichigo’s power just looked like Ulquiorra’s javelin cero in his segunda form… Big, mildly destructive, and boring…

  25. This is good. If Kubo’s going to continue, he can allow some of the other characters to “grow” as Ichigo regains his powers. (Seriously, Kubo, have a heart. Let the other characters grow like Oda’s One Piece cast. Don’t fantasize over one character (like Sasuke, Madara, from Naruto).

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  29. وكان لبرمجة النهائي لا يكفي تماما لالاجهاز بسبب القوى والتجدد. أن نكون صادقين كان هجوما مخيبة للآمال ، وكل ما ظهر من مسحة سوداء ضخمة. ويبدو قليلا وكان مجرد نسخة مكبرة من العادية. ونظرا لتكاليف تنفيذ الهجوم ، كان ينبغي أن يكون أفضل. بيد أنها بالغة الضرر كما دمرت الكثير من تحوله. إلى نهاية جدا بطبيعة الحال ، انه لا يتوقف حديثه حماقة ، ويضم (جزئيا في يأس) حول كيفية انه يرتفع فوق برمجة. أعتقد لا يزال قد يكون له فرصة وبرمجة فقدت سلطاته شينيجامي به بعد الهجوم ، الذي كان له المتاعب. فمن المحتمل انه لا يزال قادرا على استخدام القوى جوفاء ، ولكن هذا الجانب لم نشأ. لحسن الحظ يظهر فجأة ، ويكشف انه قد وضعت ختم داخل من هجوم للبرمجة ختم قادرة على بيرس خلال “خيانة” . ثبت أنه لا يستحق للاستفادة من الحجر ويبدأ فعلا في التفكك سيفه. كما أنه فقد سلطته الآن ، يتم تنشيط الإملائي ويبدأ في ختم بعيدا عنه. كالعادة ، كان ممتاز يراقب تلوى والصراخ كما دمرت تماما غروره ، والتنافس الطويل بين والملازم السابق يبدو أنه قد جاء أخيرا إلى نهايته ، ووالضحكة الأخيرة. حقيقة أن مختومةفقط على الرغم من إمكانية إحضار سيعود ، وهو ما أود أن على محمل الجد بدلا لا ترى. الآن ، انا التخمين انه سيكون على لمزيد من المعلومات حول الملك الروح والبعد عنه. Urahara يبدو أن بعض العلاقة مع الملك الروح ، وقال انه يكشف اكثر من دوافعه الخاصة للعمل لالأخيار. انه حقا طابع مركزي للغاية في المؤامرة ، وهو أمر لم تظهر من قبل. وربما كان السبب في كل شيء وكان ذلك لمكافحة المناخية بسبب ، الذي لم يكن حقا ظهرت بكثافة في الأحداث حتى هذه النقطة ، يتم فجأة جوهر كل شيء. في تطور كامل لا حقا قفل جميع العناصر معا وهكذا القصة يأتي من الإستياء وإلى حد ما. الفترة التي تسبق فقيرة جدا ، وعلى كل شيء كامل ما يحدث هو مجرد يست ذكية جدا. العامل الوحيد هو الدماغ ، وانه يظهر فقط في نقاط عشوائية.

    أما ما يحدث بعد ذلك : إذا باستمرار ، سيكون هناك على الارجح بعض الفلاش باك له ، ثم الشرير جديدة ، وبرمجة أن تفعل شيئا حيال فقدان صلاحياته. وهناك أيضا الكثير من الأسئلة للرد على مثلالماضي ، وعلاقته مع برمجة ، ووضع العديد من الشخصيات الأخرى (وخاصة . وبطبيعة الحال ، لا يزال هناك الكثير من العناصر الأخرى مثل وصفر للكشف عن التشكيلة ، لذلك سنرى الى اين تذهب القصة من هنا.

  30. Aizen one big crap!
    Urahara fucking the seal Aizen it.
    Mugetsu nothing the beat, Hogyouku power lost.
    Urahara’s seal ass kick Aizen Kyouka Soigetsu ability in the end.
    Return of Isshin and Ryuken.

  31. If it were not for Urahara, this would have been the worst upheaval in the history of heroism in the manga. Gosh, how can Ichigo, after all that achieve fail? This last ability Ichigo used in a totally unnecessary way. After all, at no time since the confrontation with Aizen, Ichigo appeared to be weaker, however, always has been, or appeared to be at an advantage. He would beat Aizen in its final form? You can’t say, because the author simply did not let it go, Ichigo is out using his last trump card, a totally powerful blow, but that would result in huge risks if don’t work, which in fact did not work, and he lost his powers.
    That Ichigo, mega weird face of a “oh crap”, or “oops, I’m screwed”, is already classic. How many times have we seen his hollow mask to break the same way, just at the most inconvenient hours possible? It is now time to give a variety in these situations. There are so many different things that can happen in a fight, but in Bleach, it seems that in almost all of the important battles that Ichigo has, it always appears this weird face, and he’s always surprised by not knowing “dose” special ability.
    Fortunately this was not enough to spoil the chapter, which appears to end the whole Aizen saga. Of course all merit goes to Urahara, who developed the seal and use in the Kidou. Good Urahara! Don’t say it was an element of great surprise he has now appeared in the end, after all, if there is anyone in Bleach universe that could do something like that, certainly would be Urahara.
    But I think the best part of this week chapter was the talk about the Spirit of the King, intimating that Bleach will have a new saga involving the Royal Guard, the King and all that foundation and infrastructure that exist behind the Soul Society. For me it is encouraging that Aizen will no longer have to drive this new saga, whew. One thing I always said is that the Soul Society has always proved to fail, since the second saga of the manga, the rescue of Rukia, where it becomes clear that the system is not fair, easily manipulated and not all shinigami are satisfied with how made the division of the houses. It was that the I liked most in Bleach before that thing become merely empty of content. I always thought that Ichigo should be responsible for dropping the Soul Society as it is. And that’s probably what will happen. From this premise, I’m totally excited.
    Now when will we see this in the manga? There remain many loose ends in the current saga. What happened in Hueco Mundo, the fight against Zero Espada, Soul Society members in the fake Karakura (alias Captain Unohana, served for what? Just to restore Ichigo reiatsu?), and all that was missing be shown? I hope that doesn’t take another 30 chapters, since we know that the huge paintings and slow narrative of the manga does not help much. However, I do want all this to be shown.
    Bleach this week, while I angered the blunder of epic Ichigo, I was relieved to finally have finished this huge saga, Aizen finally dying (is he dead? I don’t think so, but whatever…) and the promise of finally having a saga that will stir the infrastructure of the Soul Society. Enough rescue meaningless fights and supporting others. I hope that from now on, the author can focus better in history than in fights.

    Thiago A. C - BH MG BR
  32. NOT SPAM!!!!!

    Bleach manga filler (my fantasy)

    Coming soon Rangiku birthday September 29th not for long a time.
    Happy birthday Matsumoto Rangiku!
    Gotei 13 surprise it very pleased.

    Funny BLEACH manga starring:
    Matsumoto Rangiku, Hisugaya Toshiro, Kira Izuru, Madarame Ikkaiu, Kuchiki Rukia, Abarai Renji, Kurosaki Ichigo, Inoue Orihime, Kon, Ishida Uryuu, Sado, Arisawa Tatsuki, Kurosaki Isshin and the daughters and not acquaintance character.

  33. NOT SPAM!!!

    Few question:

    To coming Bleach manga “Decide” series along?
    Urahara’s seal closed the Aizen. The continue “Decide 24”???
    Last “Decide” series to my mind the next week.

    Tite Kubo informations:

    A short arc will follow; (Decide series i take it) after that, a much longer arc will begin (I reckon “Enter the Royal Guards” Urahara open the Royal key. It come the longer arc…)

  34. I see that a lot of people where upset by FGT and the way that Aizen was defeated. I agree that “disabling” Aizen like that was anticlimactic but FGT didn’t seem to me that pointless an action after all. Ichigo knew that Aizen could regenerate after whatever was thrown at him and even evolve to a form that said attack wouldn’t work twice, so his only bet was a super strong attack that had high (the highest) probability to OHKO him. What felt irritating to me was Urahara’s “kidou within a kidou” attack, basically a deus ex machina out of nowhere, a lot like Aizen’s “I knew you’d do that so I…”. By Kubo not killing Aizen (that’s what it seems for now) I think that means that he’ll probably pull a Sylar or a Vegeta on us, the heroes will need his help to defeat a greater evil and he’ll be back on action again, maybe even turn good (deep down he did all these things for the right reason).

    1. I don’t know if Urahara’s seal was really a deus ex machina considering he has proven to be sly and cunning several times in the past. He tends to let others do the work and then step in last minute having had a plan the whole time. He really does reflect and rival Aizen quite a bit. I think this is really the problem many people are having with this series lately. We have two characters who constantly keep their plans a secret resulting in over the top twists and outcomes. While this usually creates a great series when one character has these traits, any more than that can be overwhelming to the reader.

  35. Anticlimactic? For what climax? Seriously, this whole battle was lame. Lame, lame lame. Someone has to tell Kubo that one side battles are shit. The new Ichigo and FGT was cool, but there was no drama to the battle and how he used because Ichigo just beat the crap out of Aizen like he was nothing. And the FGT was even more lame because the battle clearly indicates that Ichigo could have won without it.

    What happened to the guy that wrote all that cool battles until IchigoXGrimjjow.

    I want some dramatic battle like ByakuyaXRenji, RukiaXAaroniero or not even so dramatic but cool like IkakuXEdorad.

    1. Agreed that the battle was not dramatic at all and nothing like the battles you mentioned. I used “anticlimactic” to describe the way Aizen (apparently) lost; in a single battle that lasted a couple of issues, with the outcome obvious right from the start. This happened to the character that was portrayed with god-like qualities and stayed in the spotlight for what felt like the longest time in the series. It was like Kubo was in a hurry to end this arc for some reason – not that the fans mind. Storywise the worst arc in Bleach.

  36. sigh… i think, it was a huge downplay on ichigo’s “final getsuga”.. all we saw was just that big black thing.. turned small, aizen survived it. but oh not quite cuz here comes urahara owning aizen.
    my only question is, why does everyone look so freaken depressed??? i mean seriously, the older ichigo the only expression was just like, eyelids half closed, focused but depressed, and same goes with urahara. And i feel like aizen totally lost his cool, he was so chill before, but as he acquire more power that dude just went insane lol

  37. I was kinda hoping that Aizen actually succeeded in his “king’s key” plan and not just evolve 50 times from the hougyoku. Seeing the zero squadron, the king, and the world they live in would have been very interesting. Not that I don’t foresee some crazy ridiculous plot twist in the near future. Also would really like to know what Grimmjow is up to right now, being one of 2 espada still alive. Along with Neliel and the Yammy fight, there’s still a good bit going on in hueco mundo even if the karakura battle is supposedly over. Guess we’ll know more in the next few weeks.


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