This was definitely the fastest wrap-up ever in Bleach history. There’s a huge amount of content and information packed into the usual amount of pages, and as a result it moves a lot quicker than normal. The contrast between the usual slow-paced fights and the abrupt conclusion and transition is out of place; while a fast-moving story is certainly more interesting to read, I have mixed feelings about this chapter. It seems to be confirmed that Aizen is defeated (for now anyways), but he doesn’t get a flashback that is usually seen with the death of a character which is a bit suspicious. We didn’t get to see much of his King’s Key plan either, and the seal containing him has been transported back to Soul Society to be disposed of by the Central 46 (which I’m guessing was replaced since their massacre). Ichigo himself is getting a bit of victor’s remorse (as he did with Ulquiorra), and wonders whether Aizen just wanted to be a “normal” shinigami and was just searching for someone who was on the same level he was. I don’t really follow his point at the moment, but that is certainly something that could be addressed if Aizen gets his flashback sometime in the future. Of course, there’s still the nagging feeling that Aizen isn’t truly gone yet.

As for the other characters, most of the good guys seem to be fine, unsurprisingly. The vizard are all alive thanks to Unohana patching up their injuries, and even Hiyori who was sliced in half is stabilized for now. I think it’s a flaw of the genre in that the good guys seem to be invincible— they always survive no matter how critically wounded they are. Kenpachi and Byakuya have also defeated Yammy, though they were cut up quite a bit in the process. I was hoping to see more than just the conclusion of the fight, but regardless the result was expected.

The next big thing now of course is the cliffhanger; Ichigo suddenly collapses like he’s having a stroke, sending the story straight into the next arc. There are a myriad of possibilities right now, so I’ll leave the guessing up to you.


  1. Yeah…Aizen not being dead pretty much confirms that he’ll come back at some point. Either he’ll become the lackey for the next arc villain, or when shit goes down, he’ll be released and attempt to redeem his character by fighting with SS as a last resort of theirs.

    There’s also, Grimmjow, Nel and her crew, and the privaron Espada #107 hanging around still. Plus, Ishinn’s past as a Soul Reaper, and probably arcs worth of material to be used with/on the Zero Squad. And all the. Shikai’s and Bankai’s we have yet to see, and where the hell had Nanoe been?!

    …and yet why can’t I stop reading?

    (if there’s anything I missed, someone please point it out)

    1. I’v been wondering about Nel sense the last time we saw her!!
      The Shinigami are accepting tthe Visard as allies even though the Visard havnt completely forgiven them yet, so maby they will be going back to soul society.
      But, could Nel and the others become Hollow allies as well?
      When the visard showed up during the fight they said they where not the shinigami’s allies but Ichigo’s allies.
      And Nell and the other Hollow’s are Ichigo’s allies as well, so hopefully they will be following the same story path. Evnen if they stay in Hueco Mundo to make sure other hollow stay in check.
      That would be awsome.

  2. Aizen just got sealed away so he’ll probably be back with a proper flashback in tow.
    As for Byakuya’s and Kenpachi’s fight, I would’ve loved to have seen it. Too bad I guess.
    Also, I think there’ll be more of a wrap-up next chapter, like maybe some explanations about Ichigo’s and Isshin’s powers. Hopefully. Info on Urahara and the King would be an even bigger plus but even more highly doubtful.
    I still expect Isshin and Urahara to be part of Squad Zero or something like that.

  3. Ichigo’s heart attack obviously means that he’s been possessed by Aizen……. just like Aizen planned. The only question is whether he gets the pretty butterfly wings again.

    That or he’s becoming a hollow since he lost his shinigami powers.

    And Aizen is totally going to come back when its revealed that the Royal Palace is the final villain and that Aizen wasn’t totally in the wrong for wanting to destroy it. Aizen will be like (Naruto Spoiler): Show Spoiler ▼

  4. Well since Ichi lost all of his Shinigami powers he will transform into USSJ3 Hollow form or something. If i remember right Shirosaki (white hollow Ichigo) said it some long time ago that if he finds the smallest chance to take over Ichigos body,he will use that chance so who knows…..Kubo Tite supprised all of us a lots of times,so anything is possible at this point i guess.

    sorry for my bad english

  5. DAMN, i’m taking back whatever crap i’d said about bleach, FOR NOW! Man, i’m loving the story once more. Anyhow, for some reason, i felt a sudden sympathy for aizen when ichigo was musing about him.ah.. forget it.

    OH FAG!! RUKIA’S BACK!!! XDDD but i wasn’t happy that INOUE’S there too..drats, i hate it when she’s always like “Kurosaki-kun”.. I’m just hoping that she won’t end up with ichigo..

    and lastly, WHAT’S GOIN’ ON WITH ICHI????!!!

        but tbh, am still not sure if ichiruki might seems to me that kubo is leaning to an ichihime end..>=( or it’s just my pessimism.. i like inoue though if she ends up w/ ishida.the man seems to be in love w/ her..

    1. I thought that scene was really clever of Kubo. Notice, Orihime is the closest to Ichigo, but Rukia has the most prominent spot, in the center framed by the rest of the group.

      He’s subtly playing the two camps against each other, that scene was fanservice for both ships.

      1. yeah, i noticed that too. what’s good about kubo is that he isn’t bias when it comes to the 2 main girls. although his ichiruki approaches are rather subtle,but one can still see that they hold something deeper,stronger. but it’s possible that inoue is his lover,whilst rukia is his soulmate.i hold the latter stronger though. x3

  6. Bah, figure there was some sort of stupid consequence for using the true Getsuga Tensho aka Vincent costume. It’s a little bit sappy with the whole Ichigo understands how Aizen felt perhaps. Then again, perhaps having power to begin with will eventually distort a person to that point. I’ll say it again though, it’s like a wait after all of that, Aizen was waiting for something. Then again, if everything worked according to plan, life would probably bore him after some point. Even though Aizen was practically on the verge of craze of power, I’m sure he probably had the time of his life, whether he was freaking out or just truly enjoying that his plans were single handily destroyed by Ichigo.

    Now who would freak out if Urahara was the true villan this entire time, sealing Aizen for another experiment. Either way, seeing what happens to Ichigo interest me more at the moment. It’d definitely be shocking if Ichigo suddenly transformed hollow again. The look in his eye was either intense pain or perhaps something being released within. If anything, another twist is seeing the Hougyoku end up in Ichigo… or even the King Key.

    Sora no Kaze
    1. Or that he’s being crushed by the spiritual pressure of his friends seeing as how he lost all his powers (and although he said Shinigami powers, Final Zangetsu was BOTH Hollow and Shinigami powers rolled into one). Zero spiritual pressure means his soul can’t bear the weight of his friend’s presences.

      1. I actually thought of this very same thing. His reaction was very much like the reaction of the nobodies in the series to anyone with some type of spirtual pressure. But why didn’t he react the same way to Uharraa

      2. I was thinking that as well. It’s a plausible explanation. The only thing I can think of is that it came on slowly as the very last dregs of his powers faded.

        It’d be a pretty tragic way for him to go – saves the day but can’t be with his friends because being in the same room as him will crush him with their spiritual pressure.

        Putting odds on Inoue using her powers of rejection to undo it pretty soon. I did think her expression this chapter was at least a call back to the loveably dopey Inoue of old – hope she gets back to that soon.

        Sol Fury
      3. Actually that’s a good point. It could be that. I dunno if it was to that extent for anyone else, but it’s a very plausible explanation. It’s weird though, there just some things that don’t add up. I definitely don’t rmb anyone screaming in pain due to spiritual pressure. Unless he’s losing spiritual power to the point of being as infinitely close to zero as one possible could. I assume everyone exerts some sort of spiritual pressure to some extent, even if it’s small which is why they don’t get screwed to hell when Ichigo releases huge amounts of spiritual pressure in town. If he’s losing it to the point of 0 which means his body isn’t exerting any sort of pressure as a defense mechnism or rather a safeguard not to be crushed, then it’s very very plausible theory.

        Sora no Kaze
  7. Why make the scary healer the next evil boss?

    I am actually hoping that one of the weaklings like hanataro, Momo or Omaeda will turn out to be the next strong and evil boss that even manipulated aizen…

  8. aizen still got something aizen not so fast ko death only sealing it a shit thing won’t last forever!!!

    i think aizen already plan further how to get to king key and aizen is already waiting for ichigo to become powerful so that aizen is planning something not too simple and is very complex thinking.

  9. Biggest twist in anime/manga history incoming. Ichigo becomes the manga’s final enemy and with his death comes the end of the series.

    God I would hate that, but I have a feeling most of the bleach trolls would prefer it

    Zero Hour
  10. “Ichigo himself is getting a bit of victor’s remorse (as he did with Ulquiorra), and wonders whether Aizen just wanted to be a “normal” shinigami and was just searching for someone who was on the same level he was. I don’t really follow his point at the moment, but that is certainly something that could be addressed if Aizen gets his flashback sometime in the future.”

    I believe he is referencing the same problem that an ultra genius living in the current world would have. Everyone else would have the equivalent intellect of a monkey (put yourself where you only interact with monkeys).

    Perhaps Aizen double facepalmed so many times with the various things in soul society and the real world, he simply decided to take over.

    Zaku Fan
    1. No I think that Aizen ORIGINALLY wanted to have someone on the same level as him.

      In a sense it was his original desire and goal of life, TILL something changed his life. My bet is that that “something” was the moment when he saw the spirit king or learned something about him. Then he set up a goal to change whatever that was, in a sense to try to fight for his own ideals and in a progress, Aizen lost both his morals AND lost sight of his original wishes. He might not even himself remembered that wish, but Hogyoku did and thus the whole Ichigo situation happened.

      In a sense I see a great potential here – Ichigo is a sort-of-genius too. If the time comes for him to follow the goal of facing and defeating Spirit King, can Ichigo hold on to his ideals, heart and etc while trying to do a gigantic work of going against the foundation of Universe itself(since King is practically the roots of universe, and cutting those roots would destroy everything)

  11. The only character inmortal in Bleach is Rukia, that man (beleive me, Rukia have a frankfurt between his legs) Rukia soon will conquer the world! Tite with hope will murder that man and show to us more Nel’s or Tia’s history, oh yeah!!! Hallibell and Nel!!!

  12. I just hope they dont move on and forget Nell. Everyone loves her character and for the author to just move on like she didn’t exist any more would be stupid. No way Ichigo would just leave her there and forget all about her.

    Then again Halibel had a huge following of fans and even tho she didn’t lose her battle Aizen cut her down and didn’t even show her back story (the anime corrected that mistake).

  13. Remorse. Ichigo feels remorse. For Aizen. For the guy who pretty much set up just about every tragedy for the past century and he feels sorry? What next, are Mayuri’s crimes going to be forgott- oh wait that already happened. Is Rukia going to get over the fact that her older brother nearly killed her for no good- oh wait that already happened. Based on this I’d say next we’ll see Grimmjow join the group and they’ll all forget the fact that he led an attack on Karakura just to kill people.

  14. Ichigo dies and goes to hell. Thus the rescue from hell arc begins! Dun dun duuuuun!

    But seriously, I can see the Spirit King arc, but where is my long awaited hell arc? Why even bother introducing it? Didn’t Kubo say he wanted to do a hell arc or was that just a figment of my imagination?

    1. all the hell arc we are going to get will be the next movie in december, called hell chapter or something, ichigo and crew go to hell to rescue someone i think, is said that Tite Kubo is heavy involved in the movie… so yeah no official hell ark for manga, just Spirit King and Papa Kurosaki arc.

  15. Did anyone noted that when Ichigo friends arrived Urahara disappeared? even in the end when they show everyone running to Ichigo, Urahara was not there.

    Also Chad with a Crush? what the hell.

  16. I always thought that since ichigo gave up his spiritual pressure that all the others sp that were pretty high would have owned him….pretty bad; especially since he is no longer shinigami and i suppose just reg now 🙁

  17. turn to the daaaark side, Ichigo. but then again, this means another long story of BLEACH. sigh. i don’t know what i really want to see. urahara looked like he was uncannily quiet and suspecting, perhaps contemplating something. did he react in shock at ichigo’s sudden seizure? much as i love the characters in BLEACH, i’m hoping Kubo-sensei has a great POW story and conclusion up his sleeves, what with the abruptness of the recent chapters. i think he’s not just gonna end the entire Aizen business like that. he better not! lol.

  18. Ugh, where is Grimmjow? It’s been like two years real time since Kubo left him bleeding out in a ditch, and I was really hoping he’d burst onto the scene, proverbial guns blazing, to wreak some general havoc that would probably end up helping the good guys. And here I was, faithfully waiting to find out whether or not he was even alive, and there’s no conclusion whatsoever. Sloppy, Kubo. Really sloppy.

    I was hoping Nel would show too, but atleast I am fairly certain that she’s just fine.

  19. I noticed Uryuu has his arm back … probably the reason for the censorship of some of the hero’s wounds in the anime was due to the fact that they recover with amazing speed from horrific mutilation. Hiyori gets cut in half and survives, Uryuu has his left hand ripped off and then gets it back, Rangiku gets most of her guts removed and then still has the strength to flounce around and be useless 20 chapters or so later …

  20. Maybe the reason Ichigo is having a stroke is because Aizen somehow got inside him and released his bankai! Then Grimmjow gets a second release form and fights Aizen with it, then fails. Urahara stabs Aizen from behind, but it was Aizen’s bankai ability where Urahara gets stabbed instead. The hogyoku then eats his body some more so he transforms again into an ultimate transformation that surpasses both humans and toddlers! Aizen then summons Arturo Plateado from Bleach: Shattered Blade, and he’ll be known as the ”King Of Arrancar”, then Ichigo somehow gets his powers back and fight Arturo in his own twisted dimention. Pretty epic if that happened, right?

  21. ichigos hollow is trying to come out and take over since he doesn’t have shinigami powers anymore. once again ichigo is a little bitch…he gains all this power but still wasn’t able to kill aizen on his own..

    I remember a point when ichigo was fighting Ulquiorra, he said do you think that shes (inoue) the same person you remember? as if aizen did something to her..or maybe its just me remembering some random thing. anyway he also forgot the fight with tekken tachikaze the only vizard that went bankai. its so annoying when I hear that arrancar are suppose to be stronger then captains and yet some of them even took out a number on their own.

  22. You know I think kubo end it like this to stop our misery. That’s why it was so fast. Just to begin with something more interesting. all this crap about inoue being kidnaped make me sick.

    Even more because all this arc was a really bad copy of SS arc. She left with the bad guy to protect ichigo just like rukia, he was hurt trying to save her. aizen put her in a cell with WHITE CLOTHES like rukia(WTF). grimmjow is renji in every way, ulquiora is byakuya. If you compare the two arc you’ll see.
    as for the new arc more rukia, ichigo, chad….the fuck with inoue, the moment kubo use her the crap begin.
    And also what the fuck is this? isshin is a shinigami born to fight and when he loses his power what can he do, bullshit.

    About ichigo, what I think is even if he gains zangetsu and his hollow’s power and lost them. His hollow is still there. Like hell he’ll give everyhing to ichigo for free.

  23. Perhaps, Aizen succeed in casting a Illusion, and now his real hands are holding Ichigos Neck? … okay.. i just tried it 🙂

    His Yin and Yan, is off Balance. The “Horse” wants to thrown his Raider down.

    And Ichigos Final Attack. was a Combo of Shinigami and Hollow.. So. it can be a Illusion

  24. Ichigo’s lost all his spiritual pressure, which means right now he’s being crushed to death by the combined spiritual pressure of his friends. I thought it was obvious when I saw it…

    Remember how back in the Soul Society arc there were several moments where the pressure of the captains freaked the weaker members out? And how any normal soul that so much as touched Aizen ended up exploding? Same thing here, Ichigo is now officially the weakest character in Bleach with no power whatsoever. Until he gets some kind of power back, he’ll never be able to be around his friends again.

      1. 🙂 That said, when I posted the theory no-one else had even mentioned anything along those lines, a lot of people seem to figure that it’s a transformation or something. Ah well, we’ll see, if I’m right I’m right, if I’m not I’m not.

  25. Aizen didn’t get his back story so I find it hard to believe that he is dead/sealed whatever and gone. The main villian for thr history of the whole series is gone and gets no explanation of how he became who he is? Its very possible that..

    Aizen isn’t dead and everyone is still trapped in his illusion (that business works fine in Naruto quite often).

    Aizen is sealed and will break free and make a return some day.

    Aizen is sealed and one of the good guys is actually a henchmen of Aizen and will break him out 1 day in the future of the series.

  26. Ah, the calm between arcs. It’s my favourite part of shonen manga 😀

    I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the Hogokyo or the plan to create the Oken.

    My guess: The first arc took them to Soul Society. The second arc took them to Hueco Mundo. I think next arc will take them to the dimension where the Spirit King lives. They’re already covering Hell in that new movie, so it’s the only dimension that’s really left.

  27. (Sigh), yet another transformation, to be honest whatever he’s going to turn into, if it’s something powerful then Tite Kubo should have used that to fight against Aizen, unless Aizen somehow breaks out of there. If Aizen is forever defeated then I’m sure Ichigo would have another person in his collection of opponents that he regrets defeating. At the very least, this is a good sign that his powers are coming back, and no I don’t believe that Ichigo is going to be the next big antagonist. Though I would be surprised that the next big antagonist would be the entire squad zero, that would be worthwhile.

    code fanboy
    1. Squad Zero hunting Ichigo? Nice idea. Squad Zero can see now Ichigo as to Powerful “Villian” and try to hunt him down. Btw.. we dont saw the General yet. and the other Hurt Captains…

  28. It has to be his hollow overtaking him cuz Ichigo foreshadowed he was gonna use his own mouth to reveal his secrets to everyone — including his hollow until… it just came out.

    Curious how this will turn out but it might turn to the hell chapter Kubo was talking about.

  29. Oh, NO!! Ichigo just got a heart attack! The victorious hero fall just after defeating evil, how cruel of you Kubo, how ironic fate can be! I won’t be able to sleep for a week without knowing what’s going to happen to Ichigo! I hope a boy with a sword from the future will save him and it will turn out he is the son of Grimjow and Rukia! Wait a minute… I don’t give a f-

  30. What if Urahara used all his life force in the sealing spell on aizen?? that would explain his mysterious dissapearence in the last few pages… or maybe urahara is actually evil and infused ichigo with some poison, then dissapeared? i think this next ark will have a lot to do with urahara…


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