After Tousen releases his resurreccion, Grillado Grillo, and gains his sight, Komamura claims that Tousen cannot see as well as before. He doesn’t want to kill Tousen but says he has been blinded by power. Komamura realizes that Tousen actually hates the world because his friend died. He strikes him down, but due to high speed regeneration Tousen recovers and attacks again. He uses Los Nuevos Aspectos and defeats Komamura; before he is able to deal the final blow however, Hisagi comes up from behind and stabs Tousen in the head and releases his sword, defeating him. Komamura states that he also felt it was inevitable they would cross swords one day, and that through battle they would come to understand each other. Tousen thanks him and asks to see Hisagi’s face, but then suddenly dies, and Komamura screams at Aizen.

Shinji has released his shikai, Sakanade, which he claims can control the opponents senses. He reveals that it can invert the world: up and down, left and right, front and back are all reversed. However Aizen uses his own illusionary powers to alter Shinji’s senses and gain the upper hand.

Ichigo appears.



It is very ironic how Tousen says Komamura is ugly, as he looks much more disgusting himself. I’m not sure about all the talk about Tousen’s heart, which should actually be a huge hollow hole now. Komamura however seemed a lot stronger than he was in the manga and actually lands some blows, though to no avail as Tousen regenerates any injuries quickly. Tousen doesn’t really take advantage of his speed advantage here and so he feels a lot weaker. I feel that Komamura would fight better without his bankai however, since the power of his bankai in this situation can’t really do much damage. Regardless he performs alright… until after he manages to make a good hit he actually sheaths his sword and turns his back to Tousen, clearly way too early. This was obviously a huge mistake, and he gets his ass kicked by huge green shockwaves.

Luckily for him Hisagi jumps in to save Komamura, and releases his sword inside of Tousen. It was an impressive kill, and I’m surprised his neck was still intact at all. His death is a fitting end, and he does have his redeeming moment in the end, right before Aizen explodes his body into a pile of blood (gruesome by Bleach anime standards). It’s actually not clear from the scene whether he just died or if Aizen killed him telekinetically while in the middle of his own fight with Shinji, but Komamura seems to be blaming him nevertheless. I’d like to think it’s the latter, but that might not be true. As for Tousen’s character, it does not make sense for him to hate the world just because his friend was killed. Tousen’s hate is misplaced; it’s the bastard Central 46 that is to blame. I do believe that Tousen has indeed gotten drunk with power later on however. Before his betrayal he could easily dodge attacks he could not see. What I was confused about was the picture of Aizen shown after the picture of his friend; this implied that Aizen might have had something to do with her death, but no further information is given.

As for Shinji, his shikai is very powerful as it reverses pretty much everything his opponent sees. It is indeed difficult to process which direction the attack is coming from and how to react; the more experience one has, the more automatic his/her movements are. One gets attacked from one side when the blow is actually coming from the other. As is obvious though, Shinji spends way too much time explaining when he could be attacking and surprising his opponent. The fact that his powers are inferior to Aizen’s really finished him off; Shinji can only reverse his opponents visual senses, while Aizen basically controls everything around him. Indeed thinking back about it, Aizen could technically do the same thing he could, but also much much more.


  1. Nice post

    Koma’s my favorite character. Altough I predict he gets owned again in the next episode (we all know it’s gonna happen, it’s either the upcoming episode, or the week after’s )

  2. Did Kubo ever give any sort of explanation as to why Komamura is an 8-foot werewolf instead of a man? I’m guessing not, since I haven’t been able to find anything about it. Perhaps he’s some sort of spirit beast that took humanoid form and gained SHinigami powers.

    I liked the episode overall, I loved the Tousen fight and enjoyed seeing it get expanded. Go Komamura for actually getting to do some damage and kick a little ass, even though his unwillingness to kill Tousen while he was down led to his defeat. Tousen has no such compunctions but Hisagi got to keep his EPIC KILL (with a replication of the manga shot for ‘Reap, Kazeshini.’). Ichigo finally begins a very very long ‘battle’ against Aizen, or Show Spoiler ▼


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