Unfortunately, Aizen turns out to be immortal, supporting the notion that he will still be around causing a lot more trouble. You have to feel bad for Ichigo and his (now non-existent) powers. However, it is not clear whether Aizen will play a role in the next arc yet. Yes, he is sentenced to 20,000 years in the “Avici” prison, but from experience we know that sealing away a villain is just asking him to come back. As for the Central 46 chambers, they are the same egotistic kangaroo court from the Soul Society arc; supposedly all the old members had been slaughtered by Aizen, but the new ones are no more interesting. For once it was awesome seeing Aizen (who is back to his cocky self) trash talk them and as expected they are easily ruffled and will not tolerate dissent one bit.

There was a lot of random (and disjointed) development in this chapter, and the situation in Soul Society has been largely returned to the state it was in before the arc. Big surprise: characters not mentioned last time are revealed to be just fine; Yamamoto for one is back to his uptight self, albeit with one less arm. Everything that happened in the past few years has suddenly become almost irrelevant. Matsumoto is reminiscing about Gin (she probably loved him) and several of the other shinigami are busy training as they have realized that their powers are severely lacking, but otherwise, life is normal. Yet again, it is confirmed that no good guys will ever die. More and more of Bleach plot feels forced.

As for Ichigo’s collapse last time, it turns out it was simply due to the loss of his shinigami powers. After a month he finally wakes up, and just minutes later Rukia starts to disappear as Ichigo can no longer sense spiritual beings. This was one moment that should have been lengthened out a bit; everything in this chapter was so sudden. I thought it was an important point and could have been fleshed out nicely as opposed to the fights/arguments that get dragged out far too long. The moment they had together was touching and a bit sad. I’m surprised that he is losing all of his spiritual power since he still should have hollow powers, but I seriously doubt this is truly a farewell; Ichigo is likely to regain his spiritual powers somehow. Plus even if he didn’t, a gigai always allows him to see her again. Orihime’s hax time-reversing powers aren’t mentioned either, which could fix everything from lost arms to shinigami powers.

I felt that the end of this arc could have been made into a nice conclusion for the series; too bad this will not be so. Again and again, good guys pretty much never die and even the main villain is impossible to kill (I’m thinking Team Rocket or the Joker). This allows for a never-ending series and also causes more and more plot problems to arise.


  1. The one thing that wasn’t clear to me: Did Gin just disappear and go into hiding?

    And it’s a shame Rukia didn’t seem transparant or blurred, that would have given it more impact.

    Michael Chandra
    1. i’ve been wondering about gin too..i mean, did he really die when rangiku was crying over her amidst the battle? 0h snap! i hope not..
      and yes, i agree,DEFINITELY. it could’ve been better if RUKIA was shown FADING before him..and i thought that this ICHIRUKI farewell should’ve been alot more better in a whole single chapter..feels like rushed..

      1. LOL. yeah, KT just don’t tend to kill off characters no matter how apparent they are supposed to. XD
        man, i hope gin is just hiding somewhere around the corner..he must not die.RAN-CHAN NEEDS HIM.(and loves him) X(

      2. Hmm? Weird, I thought they made it clear that he was dead after all that drama. It’d be disappointing to see him alive again, but that’s exactly what I expect of a long-running manga. I’m a huge Gin fan though! But I dont let my fandom get in the way of what I think is best for the plot xD

    2. Good guys don’t die. Just bad guys… Tousen, Halibel, Stark, and all the other espada are gone now. I’m pretty sure it was said that Gin is dead.

      So many plot holes that just get dropped. Why did Aizen have those thugs beat and/or rape Matsumoto? Where is Nel? Whats going on with Ichigo’s dad? you could go on and on all day long trying to figure out the huge holes left in the plot by Kubo. At least Naruto, One Piece, and Nurarihyon’s authors follow thru and explain everything in their series. They are much better storytellers then Kubo Tite.

      Maybe when it gets animated they will fix this mess similar to what they did with adding storyline to explain Halibels past.

  2. Of course Ichigo is still alive so it could be possible there’s going to be a massive timeskip in which Ichigo dies of old age and replaces Yamamoto when he goes to the other side. Given that to the other Shinigamis the time of one life span is not that much to them.

  3. There is one problem, Tite Kubo doesnt kill the characters he is attached to, like all the soul society, and counting that Mayuri and Aizen are his favorite Characters, well… lets say that explain why mayuri and aizen are still alive.

    I just hope next arc will have Aizen sacrificing half SS to make the king Key, having a more competent team (i doubt so i cant see anyone else wanting to join him) and Good characters actually dying, (seriously we all be good if omeada die just for the sake of it)

    1. I’m thinking more training for ichi.. kind of like when Ishida lost his powers. And I think Kubo’s definitely going to introduce some new characters since this arc made it obvious that everyone that has been shown so far are way under ichi’s level (Which also means more training for ichi’s pals).

      I hate training arcs -.-

  4. Hah yes I seriously hated how this arc ended- Gin’s apparently dead for good, Aizen’s never going to die (shouldn’t they be able to extract Hougyoku from him now that it seems to have stopped liking him? they could extract it from Rukia >.>), and Ichigo’s powerless now. And the fact that pretty much every single participant on the good guys’ side survived really took a lot of impact the war had. If say the war would be won, but at the cost of most of Soul Society’s military strength then we could be looking forward to something in the new arc.

    Well I guess there’s still the matter of Ichigo’s power to deal with- that’s always something.

  5. Also if they do some time skip, i would totally love new captains, doenst need to be new characters i would be fine with Hisagi as a Captain heck maybe that they are in good terms with the vizard they might actually be re included into SS, and rukia finally being promoted to Vice Captain (he has the level of one, and i think Byakuya already realized that her being an unseated doesnt keep her out of danger)

    Also what the hell happened to Kensei? did one of Wonderweiss powers was to remove people from the manga?

  6. it’s official bleach has become boring imo guessing there will be a time skip of a month or so. Ichigo will be bored, miss being a shinigami, new “evil” , some way to get any kind of powers back (maybe hollow less)and then we take it from the top. Right shoulder slashed-> train’s->beats bad guys….and repeat. Again this is just imo

  7. This loss of shinigami powers could explain why Ichigo’s dad was never able to save his wife. Though it doesn’t explain how the hell he’s been able to fight since the time he appeared before Kon… This could mean Ichigo COULD get some powers back, maybe?

  8. I agree this would be a good place to end it, although I think we’re headed for a timeskip. Definitely what’s up next will probably be the Isshin flashback story though, and hopefully they’ll show how he got his powers back to show how Ichigo will pull it off when he’s needed again.

    I just hope that the training that everyone is now doing means we get some new and interesting powers. The cast lack abilities and the ones that they have tend to be a bit on the dull side after a couple of battles. Granted I’d just be happy to see them come up with different ways to use their existing powers though than piling in new ones.

    Sol Fury
  9. i find ULQUIHIME fading scene more dramatic and beautifully done..and i hated that fact..
    ichiruki’s should’ve had more impact,but it’s unfortunate.KT seemed not to do much about it..
    powerless ichigo? idk anymore x(

  10. Regardless, a shinigami need only stick his/her sword into Ichigo for him to gain shinigami powers…so Tite’s emphasis on Ichigo losing shinigami powers is clearly moot and unnecessary.

    Hopefully there will be character developments of the other shinigamis (Yachiru, etc.). It’s become quite dull for the same 6-7 characters to show up every time there is trouble.

  11. Isshin is sugested to know Final Getsuga since he came to teach Ichigo and remember waaay back when Isshin talked to Urahara about him being a shinigami again (bit vague, if you wanna check its chapter 188). Then later in chapter 241 Ryuken Ishida seems surprised that Isshin’s powers have returned. Ichigo’s getting his powers back and probably very soon (I’m betting those 2 chapters will be shown on black pages too).

  12. Like father, like son. Ichigos power will return like his fathers did eventually. might be even faster than his dad since Orihime is there to lend a hand. And of anyone cares Im changing my name from OtakuESA to Otaku_Brawler.

  13. Wait…does that mean Ichigo can’t call upon his badass hollow powers anymore or do you need the shinigami powers for that…or did everyone just completely forget about them O.o!?
    Someone needs to die dammit DDD;

      1. Wait, I thought that it was already given that Orihime couldn’t heal lost spiritual pressure/power? of the sort. It’s why his “clothes” didn’t heal, since it consist of his spiritual power, and that was why Unohana did it instead. Unless I misunderstood that completely. But I could have sworn that was already explained through that, hence it’s why it’s not an easy fix.

        Sora no Kaze
    1. Everyone is also forgetting that Captian Mayuri has the ability to restore body parts even internal organs. (go back to around the fight with the 8th Espada) Hell uses hes Assistant as a meat shield; he even melted himself once!

  14. People seem to forget that Zangestu and Hollow Ichigo combined into one being. Hollow Zangestu said goodbye not just Zangestu. Both his shinigami and hollow powers are gone. Also Ichigo always referred to his powers as a whole. When he said his shinigami powers he meant both.

  15. Ug. I still cannot believe how wretched Bleach has turned out ever since the Soul Society arc ended. I really quit caring somewhere around when all of Ichigo’s buddies were getting owned by the peons in Hueco Mundo. It always makes me ill in particular when Uryu and Chad go through a “power up” stage and then just get ground into the pavement by nobodies, yet crybaby Ichigo is always > than whatever threat they’re facing.

    I’m really grateful for RC in particular for these little updates that reaffirm my dislike for where KT has taken this series. The big bad is not suppose to survive you storming his castle, and killing all his men. Unless he reveals some hidden moral agenda, he needs to die at the end of [epic fight scene], not stick around to act *smug* of all things.

    Sorry for the rant but I hate how far Bleach has fallen. This was originally up there with my top 10 of all time anime. Disappointment ;_;

  16. well issin obtain the final getsuga tensou (cause he said he did) then probably used it (cause he lost his powers) and now he has all his powers back (he doesn’t know how). I can totally see ichigo going the same phase

  17. Bleach is getting repetitive. Ichigo lost his powers again! His the main character, of course his going to get his powers back or another type which is stronger than ever before. His appearance will change when he gets this powers and Zangetsu will have a different form.

    Well I still enjoy seeing Ichigo getting his ass handed to him, so maybe it’s not so–
    Nahhh, it’s gonna be terrible.

    Kit Kat
  19. Still waiting on Ichigo’s dad to give an explanation. I wonder why no one ever says anything about these post Arc comas. I mean sure Kon supposedly stands in for him. After a battle he is always banged up or comatose (or both) for x amount of time..
    they must not have health insurance

  20. Bleach? You mean that series that ended this past week? Yeah, it was awesome for 21 volumes, then just kinda fell apart after that ’cause its author has no idea how to outline or pace.

  21. (sigh) so no new villian showing up, if Kubo was going to take a break for the next two weeks, he could at least show us a new character. Now the only enemy Ichigo has to face is HIGH SCHOOL. A boring yet tough villian, the Soul Society could at least pull some strings on Ichigo’s grades, those guys were mostly saved by Ichigo and yet they do nothing to help his life.

    code fanboy
  22. ahh to me the chapter cuts too much for the last one, I wanted more drama xP
    I want to know what will happen with vizards!, where the left abandoned my GRIMMJOW!!
    and I can’t believe almost none one dies u.u…. but tite did kill ulquiorra >.>…
    that’s completely unfair

  23. Old Yama is now with the “One armed army” (repeat that quickly!)

    A lot of plot-induced stupidity, yes!

    Some guy at Mr. TJ’s blog talked about gigais so Ichigo can still talk to Rukia.

    Kubo, please clean up YOUR mess! hoho!

    Lectro Volpi
  24. Okay so…the thing that struck me as weird was…that…like…

    So Ichigo can’t see Rukia anymore since he lost his Shinigami powers, but everyone -else- still can.

    So when Rukia is fading away and Ichigo is saying goodbye to her…to Inoue and Chad and everybody, she’s still totally there.

      1. I suppose that’s one way to take it. I took it as kind of comical. I mean, to everyone else, Rukia and Ichigo are just standing there saying goodbye then not moving.

        And then how do you gracefully back out of that? Ichigo knows she’s there. Rukia can still see him. Did they just walk away from each other? INTO each other? Could Ichigo air grope her and she couldn’t really do anything?

  25. does the loss of spiritual power mean that Ichigo can’t see Rukia even when she’s in her gigai?
    so, she’s not totally lost then, only he’ll be of no use to Rukia and SS..*IchiRuki fan*
    -oh, and I love that Gin disappears. If he was there, he would be punished though maybe not as bad as Aizen.. I wanna see redemption story for Gin

  26. what the hell is up with that 20000 years sentence, I mean, hes immortal… so after 20000 years they expect him to just get out of prison and not do anything? I know hell definitely get out sooner for the plot but still… trying to think rational here

  27. yea somehow i cant see ichigo not having any powers for long … either Orihime is gonna reverse him using the move (and still have him as powerful as he was before he used the final move) or the shinigami have a traiing program like the one ishida’s father had ishida go threw to regain his abilities after the save rukia arc 😛 and lastly, if Ichigo’s father knows about the final move, he at least has it, or has heard of it … so theres probably a way to come back from it … but who would wanna ruin that drama point while learning it? lol

    and yea .. just get a human body form rukia ?_?

  28. Despite the gaping plot holes and way-too-rushed conclusion of a pretty bad arc, at least this chapter will pave the way for Isshin backstory. Also, it was pretty clear that Rukia faded away – you see her disintegrating from the feet up.

    I think Ichigo losing his powers could be an interesting bit of character development if Kubo actually tried. Remember that Inoue, Chad, Ishida, and even Tatsuki, Mizuiro and Keigo all have powers or awareness of some kind. It would be interesting if Ichigo felt isolated in his group of friends because of his loss of powers.

    Then again, we all know he’ll probably get his powers back within like 10 chapters. Oh well.

    Kubo has yet to explain what happened to the Vizards, Nel, Isshin, Ryuuken, etc. etc., so we have that to look forward to… maybe.

  29. I read somewhere the NEXT arc will be with Ichigo as the villian (more or less). His hollow side (Hichigo) is going to take over him and the arc will be about his friends trying to get him back to normal (and probably get his powers back too).

    1. Hmm, I hope that comes true actually. I was actually thinking that was a possibility last chapter. It’ll be so epic to see Ichigo become evil… I think… Who knows, Kubo will find someway to get hynoptize by Aizen and troll us.

      Sora no Kaze
    1. Oh god… if Aizen broke out of jail, I would just kick myself in the shin just to make sure it wasn’t a dream. Seriously… if that happen… I’ll see these exact lines.


      FML is that comes true.

      Sora no Kaze
  30. What cracks me up is that they sentence Aizen to hell where all the most evil beings dwell. Seriously? That’s not going to be a problem? Especially saying that Aizen has a habit of taking over realms faster than you can pronouce their names? Sticking him in hell is like giving him the keys to the treasure chest. He’s now just going to have a whole new army at his beck and call when he gets out.

    Another thing, since Aizen is more than likely not the ultimate bad guy, will he end up helping the good guys against the real big bady? Maybe become an anti-hero? Just some thoughts…

    1. I don’t recall them sentencing him to Hell… They sent him to the 8th prison “Avici”, the lowest underground prison level in the Soul Society. The ‘taking over realms’ comment gave me a good laugh though.

  31. What amuses me if that Aizen can be free after 20000 years and given the fact he’s immortal, he can still cause trouble after he’s released. Of course, he could escape before the sentence ends. As Aizen would say it’s just as planned.

    About Ichigo, I’m pretty sure that he still has his hollow powers but Urahara hasn’t told him that. And anyway, it’s Ichigo, he will get his powers back, there are two arcs remaining. I really have no clue how Kubo will continue the story, for me, this chapter could have been a fine ending.


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