「あくまでも妹です/ベイビー・ユー・アー・ア・リッチ・ガール」 (Akuma demo Imouto Desu / Beibii Yuu Aa A Ricchi Gaaru)
“I’m Totally Your Younger Sister / Baby You Are A Rich Girl”

I don’t know what Keima’s on, but who wouldn’t want a cutie-pie like Elsie as their younger sister? As a bonus, she’ll even join you in the bath to scrub your butt. Those demon cleaner girls seem to be pretty kinky with their magical pink garments down in hell. In reality, Elsie always means well with no ulterior motives, even though she can break up marriages by bringing a letter to Keima’s mother Mari and claiming she’s her husband’s illegitimate child. End result: The resurfacing of Mari’s former gangster self, which was a bit of a shock to say the least, but it’s always fun hearing Yuzuki Ryouka scream her head off. Incidentally, most of this episode was heavily driven by the comedy, and a lot of fun to watch with Elsie at the center of a good chunk of it. Itou Kanae takes cuteness to another level in some of her roles, and this week’s showing has made it clear in my mind that Elsie is one of those cases. In light of Keima’s short-fused character whom Shimono Hiro won’t hesitate to pop a vein to portray, her innocence is made even more apparent. Together, they prove to be a pretty dynamic and entertaining combination on screen and even make a scene involving feeding Keima some delicious yet repulsive-looking food a lot of fun to watch. Let’s not forget the way she bit his finger to try and qualify the blood-related requirement in his “BMW” criteria. (IMO, he just wants a free bimmer.)

As for the bath scene that depicted Keima with surprisingly defined pecs, I probably shouldn’t have been focusing so much on Elsie’s constantly changing bust size, but it was kind of hard not to notice in some scenes. In regards to their next escaped soul target once Keima finally accepted her as his little sister for the sake of his hellish contract, I like how they highlighted Ayumi briefly before moving past her arc. Leading up to the eventual introduction of the snobbishly rich yet apparently not so rich Aoyama Mio (Yuuki Aoi), I was completely smitten by how adorable Elsie was when she was profusely asking why a classmate of hers would read her note to Keima out loud instead of passing it own. In turn, it served to dig Keima’s hole even deeper, which isn’t a bad thing from my perspective since I tend to laugh at his misfortune more often than not. This of course includes him getting completely worked by Mio’s servant and being placed in a surfboard hold following his abrupt confession. However, more so than Mio’s brief addition at the end of this episode, Elsie’s flustered reactions to all of Keima’s practice confessions that he can pull off with an amazingly straight face were my favorite moments this week. Forget winning over these other girls. It’s all about Elsie here! There will be plenty of time for Mio next time. 🙂


ED1.5 Sequence

ED: 「コイノシルシ」 (Koi no Shirushi) by 神のみぞ知り隊 feat. 高原歩美 starring 竹達彩奈 (Kami nomi zo Shiri-tai feat. Takahara Ayumi starring Taketatsu Ayana)
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  1. a nice ep, on my list now

    I think I will check out the manga soon since its pretty long and ive heard that the anime wont cover a certain char and her arc was the best(yet)

  2. lol at “wonichan moe”. I can’t think of anything to fit into the “W” of BMW either.

    If the ending sequence is anything to go by then, I’m dissappointed they won’t cover the better heroines. But at least there is a confirmed second season so that might cover them.

    Ninja Penguin
  3. This is going to be contending with Oreimo as best comedy show…
    LOL @ BMW criteria : Blood-related, Memories and Wonichan moe….
    I am not sure what is worse, a real sister into incest eroge but not incest itself, or demongirl pretending to be your sister…
    Elsie is just too cute, and Keima seems to not spot that moe juggernaut in front of him…

  4. Animated Elsie is too cute to be allowed though looking past that she’s basically a disaster waiting to happen. It was pretty fun seeing her drive Keima insane with her actions and moeness especially the fact that she’s completely oblivious about all of it. The ending sequence was also pretty good featuring the girls that have and will be introduce later in the series though manga fans will fret to how much this adaptation will cover, well at least for this season.

    In other news, random question: Whenever someone is at the receiving end of either a lock, hold or a wrestling move, they always say (at least the translation is) “Uncle, Uncle…”? I’ve seen it in a lof of animes, the most recent I can think of is Durarara! and Angel Beats! , anyone know what it means?

    1. It means you give up… You have never heard of that expression? Wow…you are supposed to scream UNCLE and that is why you also hear them saying “I GIVE” when it happens.

  5. haha, this episode is certainly entertaining…
    love the mom’s reaction… although how did she take Elsie in that easily?? I wonder what the letter said…
    as far as the surfboard hold… where have I seen that before… maybe because of Keima’s voice, it reminds me again of Baka Test…
    and let me make a wild guess… maybe that Mio girl is indeed an illegitimate child here?

    1. probably she felt bad over the circumstances, she clearly pinned it all on the husband. even if Elsie’s “mom” cheated with the husband you can’t blame the daughter and the fact that the “mom” is dead makes Elsie a casualty of her husband’s “promiscuity.”

  6. This anime breaks away from the Love/Romance anime stereotype (the main character is always on the offense . Not one of those male characters who ALWAYS get swept by the flow)

    I hope this anime will set an example to the other animators out there. The usual love romance concept is old and is being over-used, or used 98% of the time

  7. This is the first ending, I guess if this season has more than 12 ep there is going to be a second OP/ED with the rest of the girls.
    About the classmate who read Else paper her name is Chihiro and I didn´t have an idea that she is going to be important later.

  8. i really like how her mother got angry in the anime. nice work anime. i think now i know why they didnt use Jun because if people gets used to jun other fans will crave for Jun and other seiyu will have less change to rise. i still have faith in Hiro in voicing Keima. i really like Hiro voice when keima gets comedic angry

  9. I seriously love all of the different animations Keima goes through in a single episode. Everytime he goes through a deformed look to express his emotions just cracks me up, especially when his digestive system had issues with some lovely homemade cooking XDDD

  10. hello everyone I’m curious about something on minute 8:49 elcea explain to keima about her sweep broom that she had that for 298 years but that will sound like this nihyaku kyuuhachi but instead sound’s like this hyaku kyuuhachi but that will be 198 right! or probably I’m wrong

    long island NY otaku
  11. hello everyone I’m curious about something on minute 8:49 elcea explain to keima about her sweep broom that she had that for 298 years but that will sound like this nihyaku kyuujuuhachi but instead sound’s like this hyaku kyuujuuhachi but that will be 198 right! or probably I’m wrong

    long island NY otaku
  12. huh. unlike everyone else, i didn’t find this episode that funny. i guess this kind of comedy is not for me. the main characters annoy the hell out of me. plus everything is just scattered. will they make use of what elsie did to keima’s parents in the future or is that thing just a one time bit? and really? they’re gonna make keima a “super logical” dude by using the variables in a game applicable to real life? *sigh* i just don’t get it. it’s hard to see the funny stuff when you’ve got those kind of things dangling in front of you. know what im saying?

    1. Honestly, having read the manga, I was dissappointed in the comedy as well, but epsiode 3 is out now and you definitely need to watch it. After watching it myself I am absolutely in love with this series. It’s this best episode of all the series this week IMO and I pretty much knew what was coming. I was extremely charmed. I already really hope they continue with this series past this season and attempt to finish the manga (which is still ongoing).

  13. yeah right… because joke about some giant robot smashing each other, joke some squid girl attacking land or joke about some masochist man is make sense or more logical than this.

    It’s anime… dealt with it !


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