Episode 469

「クマに起きた異変 イワさん怒りの一撃」 (Kuma ni Okita Ihen – Iwa-san Ikari no Ichigeki)
“Kuma’s Transformation! Ivan-san’s Blow of Anger!”

I’m sure it’s every man’s dream to have a woman as easy to please as Boa Hancock, who ironically, hates all men in general except for Luffy. After saving him from Smoker, Hancock rummages through her cleavage to find the key to Ace’s cuffs, and receives a bear hug after giving it to Luffy. Her body was practically going through a spasm from all the excitement, all the while with marines misunderstanding the situation as her being “beaten”. The show then goes off on a tangent with Hancock’s fantasy of marrying Luffy on her island, all of which had me suppressing laughter the entire time. Fantasizing Luffy to be a bishounen is just too ridiculously out of character to not laugh.

Meanwhile, Ivankov faces off against Kuma, which turns sour quickly. Apparently Kuma still had his humanity before the war, so this confirms that he sent off the Strawhats on purpose, given what he whispered to Rayleigh. But for what purpose exactly? Well, you’ll just have to find out.

After the hubbub, Luffy finds himself blocked by Hawkeye, leading to quite the cliffhanger. Well, we’ll find out.. 21 screencaps below!


Episode 470

「剣豪ミホーク ルフィに迫る黒刀の斬撃」 (Kengō Mihōku – Rufi ni Semaru Kokutō no Zangeki)
“The Great Swordsman Mihawk! Luffy Comes Under the Attack of the Black Sword!”

“I don’t remember the face of every insect I crush.” – The words of a man numbed by his own power.

Well, this episode certainly wasn’t shy diving straight into the action. Right from the cliffhanger last time, Luffy quickly activates escape mode, uniquely using his own landing force, and dashes out of Mihawk’s way before an attack could occur. However, still within his range (because Mihawk’s ridiculous like that), Luffy gets trapped within the wall rubble. Jinbei then comes to the rescue with his super slow Fishmen Karate, but fails and is slammed into the ocean.

If there’s any ridiculous physical representation of power, slicing the tidal wave Aokiji froze with a mere sword would have to top them all. Incidentally, the only one able to stand up to Mihawk’s monstrous power is Buggy. Sadly, he can only act as a “cutting” bag, but hey, it saved Luffy right? Buggy’s also rather good at giving laughs, albeit suffering horribly to be at the brunt of them.

Realizing Luffy’s danger, Marco calls up “Flower Blade Vista”, who provides a pretty good blade spar with Mihawk. He did better than Zoro at least, but that’s not too surprising considering how far back that was. Mihawk remarks that Luffy is the most dangerous being on the sea, due to his innate ability to turn very powerful people into his allies. I’d say that’s some Will of D. showing its head there. As mentioned quite a while back, Ace’s execution is pushed earlier than planned, and is only now being put into action. To prevent any form of escape or disturbance of the execution, Sentoumaru leads on an army of Pacifistas from the rear, destroying any forms of escape. Things don’t look good for the pirates, I’m afraid..

Note: Due to finding an increasingly difficult time in coming up with some interesting write ups, most likely because I know exactly what happens, I will be dropping OP’s anime. Another detriment that comes along with knowing how the story goes is noticing the slow pacing of the series, giving me little to nothing to talk about every week. I’ll still be watching the show, and the manga will still be blogged, but if you’re an anime viewer only, sorry for your loss. To make certain ends meet, I’ll be taking on Panty & Stocking as well as Kuragehime. As always, thanks for reading.




  1. I keep finding it hard to make comments just because I’m afraid of spoiling something. Like there’s one part of the last episode I wanted to make a comment on, that either wasn’t in the manga or was in the manga and I just overlooked it. However, commenting on it would spoil future events.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  2. Luffy as a bishounen…….hahaha ,MAN!! u better add lots, and i mean lots more twinkling stars and pastels to dat background scene to pull that ish off! i like how keen hawkeye is, immediately realizing that luffy has the most fierce ability of ALL “which is true”. next ep should be straight PITH!!! nice job catching up KIIRAGI

    BROOKLYN otaku
  3. See, SEE!! Mihawk cutting a mountain! Totally came first in the manga before Ichigo slicing mountains in Bleach. Kubo is a total copycat! lol, had to get that out.

    More on topic, this fight so epic. Maybe the anime will be clearer on everything happening more than the manga was.

    1. Heheh both Oda and Kubo are copycats- Toriyama’s Kuririn showed everyone how to cut mountains looong ago ;D
      That, and Gin cut a CITY in half- that’s way more awesome than all the mountain cutting combined 😀

  4. Kiiragi you should stop blogging panting and stocking or not blog kuragehime(seen it and it was just alright)and blog Otome Yokai Zakuro. That show is better then both of them IMO.

    1. (spoiler is only for how much they’ve gone through of the manga material)
      Show Spoiler ▼

  5. I don’t think a bishounen is such a far stretch. Chances are when he gets a little older he’ll look like that. Ace did. Except Ace wasn’t your run of the mill “Oh my god he looks like a girl” bishounen

  6. I was looking forward to seeing your thoughts on episode 474, Inoue’s back after 2 years and he’s doing that one. Also, people think 477 is being done by Tate and for sure the freelance animator that did the sketchy giant pistol would also be working on the episode. Kinda sad that you’re dropping the show just as soon as the more noteworthy animators are coming in. 🙁


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