「ドライヴ・マイ・カー/パーティーはそのままに」 (Doraivu Mai Kaa / Paatii wa Sono Mama ni)
“Drive My Car / A Party Like That”

So it turns out the secret to dancing (and how everything in the world works) is the infamous Konami Code, or at least that’s what any avid gamer will probably conclude. Between that and the big Zaku head bicycle carriage, I wasn’t sure what made me chuckle more like a big geek, but watching Keima work his magic on the surprisingly poor Mio as well as Elise whine about not being able to wear a cute outfit made this episode one to remember. There were also his “gamer physique” strutting its stuff in manual backbreaking labor and Elise not doing him a favor by slapping a motor on that bicycle of his, which I wouldn’t have had any other way for comedic purposes. I figured it wouldn’t have been a problem given how buff Keima turned out to be, though I guess hauling a locomotive train is in a league of its own.

Comedic antics aside, it’s kind of weird how I’ve taken Keima’s romantic simulation mentality to heart and can understand his systematic approach to winning over a girl. This includes planting the seeds early on and then figuratively watering them by increasing the number of encounters. Would it work in real life? I actually find it’s hard to say, as it would really depend on how one goes about it. Without a doubt, becoming a substitute chauffeur after learning that a formerly rich girl is now living a life a poverty following the death of her father will probably just creep her out more than anything else, but it’s probably a surefire way to keep yourself on her mind in one form or another. Granted, it would likely land one in stalker-ville in real life, with little hope of getting out of that rut forever, whereas in an anime it leads to some interesting results. Just be sure not to mix 2D with 3D, as Kirino will tell you.

Looking back, I can’t really say that Mio’s arc was anything special nor did it unfold all that surprisingly, especially in comparison to Ayumi’s one with the running shoes that Keimi slipped into the fruits basket. The first arc definitely had more of a romantic simulation/anime-like feel to it because of how far ahead he planned, while the way he handled this most recent one was actually a lot more believable, carriages notwithstanding. At the party for the rich and snobby that Mio was trying to avoid attending, the only aspect that was somewhat hard to buy was how she reacted to Keima’s advances. It probably would’ve helped to hear more of Mio’s internal thoughts and if his sudden confession from last time was still weighing heavily on her mind, as it was only briefly touched upon at the start. The fact that she only showed her genuine smile when she was about to whip Keima into shape, yet it somehow turned out to be the focal point of Keima’s game plan didn’t quite click with me either. I was well aware of the approach they were going for, so it just felt like a lot of the emotional build-up in Mio was lost in the screenplay.

Still, it’s always fun to see a tsundere’s tough exterior torn down — even if Keima used her attachment to her late father as a crutch — and it didn’t hurt when Yuuki Aoi made Mio sound very Murasaki-like. The kiss didn’t quite “wow me” like Ayumi’s one, but I get the feeling it’s because Keima was the one who initiated this time around. He didn’t have Mio helplessly in love with him like Ayumi was, which was more impressive in my books. In any case, with two targets in the bag (…or jar I should say), what’s caught my attention the most are Keima’s reactions to seeing the girls he’s worked tirelessly to make fall for him suddenly forget what happened yet still seem to have some feelings for him at some subconscious level. It’s hard to imagine that Keima doesn’t feel anything in the process, even if it’s all just an act from the beginning. I can somehow see that aspect becoming a focus later on in the series, albeit unlikely to be covered in this adaptation.

* It looks like we’re going to get the same ending theme sung by each of the girls. It isn’t quite as nice as Amagami’s character-specific songs and sequences, but better than nothing at all.


ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「コイノシルシ」 (Koi no Shirushi) by 神のみぞ知り隊 feat. 青山美生 starring 悠木碧 (Kami nomi zo Shiri-tai feat. Aoyama Mio starring Yuuki Aoi)
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  1. Didnt feel excited in watching this episode(already read the manga). but seeing that this chapter was animated made me feel a change in feeling in where the character feel more alive. yup konomia code is still famous. Kiddy Girl and has it, Kiss X Sis also did it in OVA. I wonder who will be voicing the next heroin.

  2. maid outfit was awesome + ending pic was awesome-er.

    Can’t wait to see the next girl. I was too impressed with Mio’s character. Considering the other Mio i know of is out of this world (kinda literal). XD

  3. Read the manga recently, but I have to say I like it much more animated. Its like it brings out the emotion/life of characters out better than my tired hald dead mind could ever do.

    Haven’t read it all yet but I’m curious how the story will develop. Apparently it gets much better in later chapters, how so, I don’t know yet. Hopefully it lives up to my expectations.

    And wow I didn’t even realize a difference in endings.

  4. Aoi Yuuki is on fire this season. SoreDemo, Pokemon, and not to mention she’s only 18 and is already on many of the shows I’m currently watching.

    Also, woot. Kana Hanazawa! Can’t wait for her to sing. Ofcourse, it won’t be Renai Circulation catchy, but, xD

  5. “Keima was the one who initiated this time around” – as you said, it would be more impressive if Mio could take the lead like the previous girl did…

    other than that, love the image where Mio blushes when looking at Keima after her memory loss… wonders how Keima feels about girls in 3D? It is a cruel cruel world for Keima to “win over” so many girls yet wins over no one…

    lol at the konomia code… so epic

    1. If a second season or more episodes come Show Spoiler ▼

      But also I loved the Heidi version, although i thought the appearance of the boy more than Heidi’s friend will be plausible but anyway it was funny to see.

      1. Not only that, but Show Spoiler ▼

        And lets not forget that Elsie is far from immune to Keima’s charm as shown when he practised confessions on her. She also shows some jealousy now and then.

  6. I agree with Keima that everything that happens in the real world -dating- have happened in the gaming world -date simulation game of course ^^- but only a few events in the gaming world have happened in the real world.

    1. “, what’s caught my attention the most are Keima’s reactions to seeing the girls he’s worked tirelessly to make fall for him suddenly forget what happened yet still seem to have some feelings for him at some subconscious level”

      Can’t believe divine noticed how buff the guy was. I totally missed that. Don’t know if i am in awe or disturbed 😛

  7. @Minmei

    They’ve forgotten about Keima and what he did. But like Kamijou Touma from INDEX, it seems that the memories of someone and the feelings you have for them, are two different things 😉

    1. OH YA HURAH! Kanon’s arc is actually very funny! I love Keima’s quote in that arc, “I Hate 3D Girls, but there is something I hate even more!….That Is! 3D Girls who uses Stun Guns!” Her arc is faily long as well and it might take 2 full episodes, since Mio who had a relatively short arc I believe 2-3 chapters had 1 and 1/2 episodes and even then they cut off a lot of the detailed explanation about Keima’s talk regarding the loose spirits, demons, etc… which would really shed light into why the spirits only choose to reside inside the girls. Show Spoiler ▼

      I thought that they shouldn’t have cut that off in the anime, IF they decide to make a sequel, that way the anime will have underlying main plot which isnt about just capturing the girls, but actually about the runaway spirits, demons, etc. Oh well, having this series animated satisfies me enough lol.

  8. There’s a second season coming next Spring (it was announced a day before broadcast of episode 1), so if you’re worried that the character developments won’t be covered, then you can rest easy.

    Also, seeing as how only 4 girls (excluding Elise) out of the supposed 7 girls (as seen in the PVs) are featured in the ending, I’m going to guess that they will have a new ending song half way through this season featuring the final 3 girls.

  9. Speaking about Heroines, will this series really only have 4? I mean from the OP, there is only Ayumi, Mio, Kanon, and Shion I believe? Come on, I was really looking forward to Kusonoki at least, since Show Spoiler ▼

    1. As Dusk stated and other sources have already confirmed, a second season is going to be made. So don’t fret that only four girls will be done this time around.

      I’m still glad that Shiori is in this one, though.

      1. @Phosphatide: Thanks for the info! Great news to me!

        @ponpon22: Actually there has no filler yet…since ep.2 is chapter 2 of the manga and half of the episode starts with Mio’s arc. If you actually look closely in the manga, each arc of the girls or in between the arc of the heroines there is always a filler, so after Mio’s arc there will be a filler arc (but of course this is still following the manga). Besides there are also these extra chapters that are quite funny (like with Elsee and Keima) and explains some character background (like Keima’s mom, elsee, etc.).

    2. Man I love how the seiyuu definitely captured Mio’s character 120% I really found her cute this episode, even in equal terms as Elsee.

      I really found Mio really cute after she starts complaining to Keima about being in the backyard and her being jealous when Keima was talking to Elsee.

  10. for someone who supposedly likes “challenges” it’s pretty hypocritical to cite the irrational behavior of 3d girls as why he dislikes them. though yes i do realize the comment was most likely made as an excuse for one’s social withdrawal. as for the episode, the zaku head definitely had me bursting out laughing

  11. what a great episode, i been chasing the manga ever since it first came out. Now that it have anime it was great as well. rarely i would read the manga AND watch the anime but this was great. my only wish that this have more episode.

  12. ahh…i must seem like such a fanboy…. KANA-TAN NEXT EP!! WOOT!! btw…this is only my own opinion, but i don’t think that Mio is one of the really good characters…but who knows?

    by the way, just asking, and you dont have to answer this, but do you live in Canada, divine?

  13. Divine, Elise/Elsie typo….

    Yay, I’m glad I’m not the only one who got the Konami code though I’m not sure if I should be proud of it when my friend asked me why I laugh so hard at Keima’s secret to Waltz. Anyway, next up Kanon and Shiori the latter being one of my favorite heroines and with Hanazawa Kana behind her voice, I couldn’t ask for more.

  14. For those of you wondering, this scene https://randomc.net/image/Kami%20nomi%20zo%20Shiru%20Sekai/Kami%20nomi%20zo%20Shiru%20Sekai%20-%2003%20-%20Large%2004.jpg is a reference to an old 1974 anime, “Heidi, Girl of the Alps”, based on the original Heidi novel by Johanna Spyri. It is a very popular cartoon in Italy still today, but I don’t think it’s known in other countries, also I checked out various reviews of this episode and I didn’t see anyone who spotted the reference.

  15. I have to honestly say, I haven’t felt this, I don’t know, “charmed” in a long while by an anime. Not that I haven’t been charmed at all, as the first episode was pretty charming itself, but I LOVED this episode even after having read the manga. It’ s so much better with the music and such and Keima has somehow become a whole lot cooler and likeable in this episode than in the first one.

  16. @Jaden… Shiori is one of my favorites too…only perhaps behind Mio. I always like the first girl for some reason and Shiori was not only cute but hillarious reading her thoughts in the manga. It will be interesting to see how they show her thoughts in the anime though.

  17. It’s funny. It feels like your reviewing a game. 😀

    This episode was pretty entertaining. But more in a comedic sense. I was also pretty bothered by Keima’s reactions to the erasure of the girls’ memories. He’s got some strong will and a heart of steel. I know I wouldn’t be abl- You know.. I always thought it was an amusing thought. Girls can pick and choose. But guys kinda take what they can get. It seems to be the other way around in this show. IIIILIKEIT!!

    Anywho, this show gives me exactly what I want from it: Comedy and Romance. And a lot of it too~ :]

    p.s. I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but I absolutely love the OP theme. It reminds me of Eden of the East’s OP & ED sequences.. (whichwerebeastbtw)

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