I probably would’ve been less suspicious of what was going on if the old man didn’t call Lag “Lugh”.

It has four eyes and it snatches children in their sleep!

「荒野幻灯台」 (Kouya Gentoudai)
“The Wild Phantom Lighthouse”

I’ve always described this series as “surreal” given the fantasy world it takes place in, but this is probably the first time that sentiment has extended to the supernatural realm. To that end, I just loved how this episode turned out to be absolutely nothing like I was expecting, beginning with Lag in the thick of things as a boy named Lugh living with his grandfather in a lighthouse. Amidst all my confusion of what’s going on and trying to make heads or tails on how on the whole “Lugh” bit, it didn’t even occur to me that the black, four-eyed, shadowy mass that was stalking Lag was actually Niche and Steak. Then there were all the bruise marks that Lag found on his body when he finally woke up, which weren’t from some evil spirit trying to strangle him but his faithful dingo trying to slap him to his senses. Things were never overly spooky, but the first half of the episode did have an unsettling atmosphere to it that I liked. There’s just something about the thought of a lingering spirit whose delusional memories get reflected upon unsuspecting visitors that gives a nice haunted twist, even if it wasn’t a vengeful one. Pointing a gun at Lag proved to be another good fake out too, as Lag’s shindan revealed that it was a ghostly impression of when the old man destroyed his journals and started pretending that his son and grandson never left him.

In retrospect, I felt they could have played up the creepiness more if they wanted to — particularly when the real photographs were shown — but Lag and Niche’s visit to Liquid Sand River was spared that horror flick route in the very end. However, part of me wishes they strayed from the Tegami Bachi norm by exploring that possibility, just to provide an unexpected dimension to this series. Aside from Lag’s obligatory tears, the other thing that caught my attention was how he still didn’t now who Jiggy Pepper was. Granted, he was unconscious when Jiggy brought him and Niche back to the Bee Hive in episode one, but I would’ve figured he’d have a face to the name by now. As for a bit of a nostalgic effect, there was mention of Jiggy’s sister back in Kyrie, whom viewers of season one will remember was covered in a two episode mini arc. (Nelli is actually his adopted sister.) In any case, this turned out to be a nice interesting change-up compared to the simply story seen last time and also had a big Gaichuu Korona around to boot. The next episode looks even better, as Lag and Niche look like they’re going to finally cross paths with some Reverse members.


A “disturbingly kind” old man in his study and bruise marks all over Lag’s body. This had the makings of a psychological thriller…

…especially when a ghostly figure appears with a gun mumbling regrets.

Let’s not forgot the illusion around Lag fading away and revealing the true state of the lighthouse.

Given how Jiggy’s motorcycle can go up stairs with ease, I’m thinking every Bee should get one of these heart-powered rides.

Gaichuu Korono gets a licking from Jiggy’s “Gunchou” shindan.

If Niche wasn’t busy slapping Lag around for not coming to his senses earlier, the whole ghostly figure fading away would’ve been much creepier.

Nobody really expects every abandoned building to be haunted right?

“Red Needle” or “All-Seeing Eye”? Lag’s shindan sure makes mysteries really easy to solve.

“Tragic” is probably the best way to describe how the old man spent his final days alone in the lighthouse, pretending like his grandson was still with him.

Jiggy has to look cool even when he’s giving an explanation.

Niche lends a hand in taking out the Gaichuu. What would Lag do without her?

It was a bit sudden, but given how Lag was caught up in all the old man’s lingering emotions, I’d say crying is warranted this time.

The two finger salute may be part of it, but the real reason why Jiggy is so badass is because he’s voiced by Nakai Kazuya.

Lag’s version looks kind of perverted.

Sylvette, Niche, and Steak seem to agree.


It’s the Reverse World!


  1. Jiggy’s so cool ~_~

    He even uses Lapis Lazuli ~_~
    I have that stone ~_~
    It’s so pretty ~_~
    The stone looks like a nightskye full og golden stars and a white clouds ~_~


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