After defeating most of the captain and Vizards, Aizen states that he won’t kill them, but will let them watch the battle as his plans unfold. Yamamoto then releases his shikai, but Aizen says it is too late. He reminds him of his hypnosis powers, but Yamamoto uses his experience with spiritual power to determine that his injury is real. He uses Ennetsu Jigoku to summon pillars of fire in order to kill Aizen and everyone else in the area, including himself. However, Wonderweiss appears from behind and attacks Yamamoto, extinguishing some of Ryujinjakka’s flames. Aizen reveals that he was created to seal away Yamamoto’s abilities, sacrificing his other powers including speech, intelligence, reasoning, and memory. Yamamoto uses his Ikkotsu and punches a hole through Wonderweiss, but he regenerates. He maintains his advantage over Wonderweiss however, and destroys him with his Double Bone attack. Wonderweiss then explodes with all the flames he has sealed inside himself, and Yamamoto seals the explosion to prevent destruction of the town, sacrificing his body. When Aizen steps in to kill him, he uses Itto Kaso to blow up his arm, and Ichigo, seeing a chance, attacks Aizen in his hollow form.



Yamamoto Genryusai is rarely seen fighting, but when he does, it is a real treat to watch. No doubt, he is pretty bad-ass: he’s got over a thousand years experience under his belt and he knows it. There is a lot of crap talk in Bleach, but Yamamoto’s is among the best, dissing his opponent’s age and naivety. Aizen is incredibly powerful, but it would be a pain even for him to fight the Captain-Commander. He himself admits that Yamamoto’s fighting power is greater that his own. I’d like to see more of him dealing with Aizen’s absolute hypnosis powers, but only a bit was mentioned. The Captain-Commander had also been doing some pre-planning himself, setting up his pillars of fire while the other captains were fighting.

Unfortunately though Aizen has prepared everything far ahead and knows exactly what to do, and events largely go according to his plans, perhaps in part because Yamamoto stepped in the battle far too late. Regardless of this disadvantage, I was cheering for him all the way. Even after Wonderweiss shows up and renders his shikai useless, he takes on the arrancar barehandedly in an epic boxing match. Wonderweiss’ multiple arms are not close to enough, and Yamamoto rips his limbs off before shattering him into little pieces with a double punch. After he contains the flames of the explosion with his own body, he finally falls. I wonder why he didn’t let the explosion run its course and destroy Aizen however; he was willing to sacrifice the shinigami to kill Aizen, plus they are still in the fake Karakura town. It’s understandable that he doesn’t want to sacrifice the innocent, but on the other hand, stopping Aizen also saves the lives of a lot of innocent people.

As Aizen steps in the finish off Yamamoto personally, he reveals that he’s still kicking, grabbing on to his leg and using a sacrificial spell. I do believe he is the first of Aizen’s opponents to successfully restrain him (on more than one occasion). Take that Aizen.

Aizen gets some credit too however for being able to defeat an opponent much stronger than himself. Ichigo too, makes a good use of his second chance to attack Aizen right as he is coming out of his previous fight. I rank this episode’s fight among the best, with the excitement maintained through every step. It was a good contrast from last week’s fights as this was no walk in the park for Aizen and it is always cool to see two powerful and experienced characters do battle. The inferno of fire is fun to watch as well, and Yamamoto himself got some nice shots.


  1. Aizen is such a genius, call me a lap dog lol. To say he planned wonderweiss and get the upper hand over Yamamoto, that plan succeeded when Aizen allowed himself to be trapped in Yamamoto’s Ryujin Jakka Aizen mush hypnotize himself to stay so calm waiting for the trump card to arrive.

  2. I still get angry with Aizen because of scenes like these. He spares people when it makes no freaking sense to do so and constantly has something come out of nowhere to stop them whenever they seem even remotely close to a win. It’s like this all the way to the end.

      1. And that’s the problem there. He keeps SPARING PEOPLE! He even Show Spoiler ▼

        How am I supposed to take him seriously when I keep thinking “Hello, common sense to Aizen. You can end this in under five minutes.”

  3. For me this is the best Bleach episode since the fight between Ichigo and Ulquiorra, even then this is better. It’s a shame we didn’t get to see Yamamoto’s bankai as it was so conveniently sealed by Wonderweiss.

    I was thinking last week, why Aizen doesn’t just use his complete hypnosis on everyone so either they kill each other or just make them so they’re standing still (in reality) so he can just walk up to each and chop their heads off. It would kill the plot, but seeing as how Aizen plans/planned for everything, he never gave that route any consideration.

    1. That’s the problem with hypnosis/illusion using villains in general. When you think about it they really should be the most dangerous kind of villain but they keep getting written as brief, over-confident idiots. When an illusion type like Aizen ends up being the Big Bad you really start to realize that there shouldn’t be a way for the good guys to win.

  4. As gay as this makes me sound, I still think Aizen has the sexiest male anime hair. Hands down. That pulled back look just looks plain badass on him. I still hate the guy though, but…he pulls of the “I’m The Pimp-ass-sexy-badass-mofo-antagonist, and then some!” look pretty well.

  5. There is one VERY important reason on why Genryusai decided to take in his own explosion.

    The explosion would have destroyed the pillars.

    And guess what then would happen? EVERYTHING in KT would get transfered back to there….

    right into a nuke-like-townbuster-flame-attack. Innocent humans and bystanders of karakura and surrounding areas get killed by the flame…

    Yamamoto is a man of honor. Captains dieing are okay, but bystanders are not.

    Yamamoto embodies the soul society and entire soul society is built upon the bushido code. Yamamoto just could NOT go against the very essence of his own existance, his own beliefs that shaped and created SS.

  6. yeah as I expected everything would look nice when Yamamoto comes by…

    and yesh, this IS a nice episode above some previous episodes man, and the kido is GREAT! man, I’m just seriously not gonna use that to kill anyone. even if I was lying down burnt. I rather act dead…

    haha next episode would be great, since… ARGH!!!!!!!!…
    Show Spoiler ▼

  7. When you watch Bleach you have to throw common sense out the window…

    Why didn’t Ichigo jump in and stop the shrimp from letting the wind out of Himamori?

    Why didn’t all the captains and the commander just jump in together and gang rape Aizen instead of just going at him 1 or 2 at a time?

    You could go on and on all day long pointing out huge plot holes to Bleach. Of the big 4 series (Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, and Nurarihyon) Bleach is the weakest written of the 4. It has a cool premise and great characters but the story line in riddled with inconsistencies, lack of common sense and poor planning.

      1. Just read this weeks manga and….

        Show Spoiler ▼

      2. @Karmafan
        >Why didn’t Ichigo jump in and stop the shrimp from letting the wind out of Himamori?
        Cause he is a failure of a main character, and emo!pissed his pants with fear.

        >Why didn’t all the captains and the commander just jump in together and gang rape Aizen instead of just going at him 1 or 2 at a time?
        I’m confused by this one. They did attack at the same time? Or did you miss last episode. Captain Commander stood back and prepared the super one hit attack so they could certainly finish Aizen incase the other failed. (Cause you know, massive city wide flames aren’t good to use when your teammates are right next to you and the Enemy can make you see illusions.)

        You listen two things only like 2 chapters apart, and only one of them is even valid. Go away.

      3. @Karmafan
        About the spoiler tag…
        That’s not even an inconsistency? That’s just you being a whiny bitch because they didn’t explain that stuff yet, which is really retarded because that is what the new arc is probably going to be about.

      4. Oh I hope Kubo doesnt make one of the new highschool kids into some new villain who is some secret mastermind behind some biker gang group. And then have him defeated as some filler villain and then forgotten

      1. Nurarihyon no Mago is a great weekly manga series (and great anime series too) about a teenager thats part youkai and part human and the grandson of the Supreme Commander of Youkai. Its very popular and various sites are now including it as the 4th big series after Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece.

      2. Please, you can’t possibly call that series one of the big 3 yet when almost no one knows about it. If you WERE to add one to the series, it would definitely be something that is already relatively popular like perhaps, Fairy Tail, Reborn, or something similar.
        + We all know there are plenty of issues with Bleach, but your issues with the aren’t even major. We don’t know much about Ichigo’s Dad yes, but that’s obviously something that we’re all looking forward to finding out more about later in the arc.

  8. “I wonder why he didn’t let the explosion run its course and destroy Aizen however.”

    If he had allowed the explosion to run its course, it would have shattered the barrier (they’re just pillars) and the explosion would have taken out much of the real world. It was explained in the episode when Aizen thanked Yama.

  9. Yeah you are right the damn bushido code, and the uptight morality of soul society is what brought on this disaster. The old man and the captain deserved this. So sick and tired of the main character being constantly bullied by these people because he’s not one of them even though they owe him. Ichigo should join Aizen and remake the world

  10. This episode was quite good all around. I wish Yamamoto had a longer fight but clearly he could beat Aizen 1v1 which is why Wonderweiss was utilized. Being the only person to actually injure Aizen I give Yamamoto mad props for showing that not even Aizen is invincible. Aizen sure is a smart bastard I will give him that much unfortunately.

  11. I’m not a manga reader, and I don’t what things to be spoiled, but the whole time I was thinking, “What the hell happened to Ken and why the crap is Wonderweiss not long dead?” Last we left Ken, he went Ban Kai and I was hoping that he simply won the fight on the spot. Ugh, I just hate that retarded Arancar and it’s a travesty that it brought the downfall of Yamamoto. I wouldn’t have taken it so hard if maybe Gin did the assist, but no….


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