OP2 Sequence

[flv:Ore_no_Imouto_ga_Konnani_Kawaii_Wake_ga_Nai_OP2.mp4 512 288]

OP2: 「irony」 by ClariS

We have a slightly updated opening sequence this time around, featuring the newly acquired Magic Hand and Kyousuke understandably pissed off.

Oh sure, Queen’s Blade and Samurai Girls get heat for clothes getting torn off in battle, but it’s all peachy in Oreimo when it’s “just” a fighting game. The tentacle excuse won’t even work here!

So apparently that super cute younger sister was just a figment of our imagination last week.
“Arigatou aniki” my ass you ingrate!

「俺の妹が夏コミとか行くわけがない」 (Ore no Imouto ga Natsu Komi toka Iku Wake ga Nai)
“There’s No Way My Sister Would Go To Stuff Like the Summer Comiket”

There’s bipolar and then there’s Kirino-level bipolar. Given the instant switch back to the Kirino of old, I’m starting to wonder how I was ever suckered in by that face. Damn that face. I can’t help but wonder if Kyousuke ever asks himself why he has to be the better person, because I sure as hell would be in his shoes. “Did you just call me a pervert when you’re the one getting porn secretly delivered!?” If that isn’t a surefire way to pop a vein, then being called an ero-gamer who holes himself up in his room on weekends should help increase that blood pressure. Let’s not forget that he already sacrificed every bit of dignity for this supposedly cute younger sister, after declaring himself as an incestuous pedophile to his father. At this point, Kirino’s gotten so good at coming off as a bitchy girl that it’s looking like this series is trying to brainwash some people into masochists as well. You know how some “smart people” once blamed the media for corrupting society? Anime may be one of the root causes in Japan!

In reality, I have no idea if there’s any truth to that, but did feel obligated to give a view on this series from the other side of the fence. i.e. The one that doesn’t like Kirino nor the incestuous relationship that this series appears to be subtly promoting. It’s pretty hard to deny that this series easily comes off as encouragement for average guys out there to start checking out their younger sisters; however, I’m sure there are those who are well past that promiscuous age and can see this as a comedic take on their own family experiences growing up. I for one don’t have a younger sister, but can definitely see the lack of appeal in one if she were anything like Kirino. At this point, the only thing she has going for her is that she’s pretty enough to be scouted as a middle school model. I dare say her plethora of negative personality traits has even offset that to a fair degree, and I’m not even talking about her interest in anime and eroge. Heck, that could even be considered a plus as far as I’m concerned. It’s that bitchy unappreciative attitude of hers that soars to new heights this time around, which has me quite conflicted as an anime viewer. I hear Taketatsu Ayana talking but I really want to see someone smack her around a little to shut her up. So um, hurray for good acting! -_-;

Anyway, that’s just my overall thoughts of the series based on this latest episode. I still enjoy every minute of it despite how Kirino’s not showing any redeeming qualities as of late, for which I’ll refer you to the captions as to why that is. I will say that Kyousuke is a trooper and if there’s anything that he should be happy about for all his suffering, it’s getting Ayase’s phone number. *cha-ching!*


The tendency is people being ruder online when they can hide behind the safety of their monitors, except when they happen to run an anime club (…or a blog).

Ah, Aragaki Ayase, an angel among disrespectful and selfish young girls. This is your true younger sister Kyousuke. It’s time for a remake!
Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kanpeki na Wake ga Nai! (TL note: “perfect”)

Kyousuke’s tolerance level sure is high. At least one cushion should have been plastered to Kirino’s face by now.

Kirino’s expression has “irritating” written all over it as she comes swooping in to steal the goods.

It’s amazing the lengths Kyousuke will got to for Kirino after she made him out as loser for being an ero-gamer.

It would’ve been really funny if Kyousuke just let go at this point.

As bad as this looks, at least his right hand didn’t get up underneath her bra. We’ll just ignore the knee pressed up against her crotch.

This must be a whole new take on the saying, “Nice guys finish last.”

I’m starting to think that it’s the lack of dyed hair that keeps Ayase as the nice and understanding girl that she is. I’m so on board for a Kyousuke x Ayase finish even though that will never happen.

It’s kind of hard to give Kirino the benefit of the doubt about simply liking younger sisters if she wants to see them defiled. She has the nerve to call Kyousuke a pervert too.
“Hey, I’m not the one with the loli porn in their hand!”

As cool as those cars may look at a comic festival, I can’t say the same about seeing someone step out of them in any other situation.

“Ugh, I think she broke a rib or two…”

It’s about time Kyousuke started looking down at Kirino with disgust.

“Ah my virgin eyes!”

The sight of Kirino stripping Kuroneko down had much more potential in the fan-service department. I’m disappointed.

Kyousuke’s actions may be working towards a better sibling relationship, but it’s at times like this when he should really question why he even tries.

We all know that Kirino isn’t any good at Siscalypse, but embarrassing herself on stage apparently doesn’t matter when her eye’s on the prize. I swear it’s like a moth to a flame when it comes to limited edition stuff in Japan.

Is Kuroneko the female version of Umehara Daigo!?

It wasn’t quite a FADC into an Ultra Combo, but she sure showed that staff member some tentacle action like he’s never felt before. I bet he never got it from that “angle” before.

The best way to rid yourself of a dishonest girl is to pair her up with another one and laugh from the sidelines.

Now if a normal girl like Ayase had a small secret interest in manga, that would be a real example of how a little sister can’t be that cute. Kirino? I never thought I’d say it, but she’s a bit too bitchy for my tastes.

ED2 Sequence

[flv:Ore_no_Imouto_ga_Konnani_Kawaii_Wake_ga_Nai_ED2.mp4 512 288]

ED: 「白いココロ」 (Shiroi Kokoro) by 早見沙織 (Hayami Saori)

Hayami Saori graces us with that “angeloidic” voice of hers along with some nightlife footage.


You gotta love how the warning that this is a piece of fiction was added to save the creators from any moral criticism. Talk about covering their own asses.


  1. I actually very much enjoy Kirino’s bitchy attitude and it just wouldn’t be Oreimo without it. Oh crap…that must mean I’m somewhat of a masochist without even realizing it. I guess being too much of a “tsundere” is more than most viewers can handle but I hope it gets even worse in the next episode lol.

  2. Im starting to get annoyed at Kirino with they way she interacts with Kyousuke. She deserves to be laughed at https://randomc.net/image/Ore%20no%20Imouto%20ga%20Konnani%20Kawaii%20Wake%20ga%20Nai/Ore%20no%20Imouto%20ga%20Konnani%20Kawaii%20Wake%20ga%20Nai%20-%2004%20-%20Large%20Snapshot%2005.jpg

    I find myself liking Kuroneko more this episode. She looks better with her coat off and have this amazing skills at arcade like me 😀

    Kate Starry Night! XD


    KyousukexAyase? why not? that’d be awesome 🙂

  3. I gotta add that I’m loving the misconceptions viewers keep getting about this show. After Episode 3 ending so many viewers kept saying “see this proves this is just a show about a regular brother and his annoying sister, no ecchi at all”. Unfortunately for them they were slapped in the face with a rather suggestive scene in Ep 4 that probably made some of them stop watching the show at that instant. And now so many are looking to Ayase as a savior/angel that should the true heroine of the show. I’m so looking forward to the reactions from “fans” when Ep 5 airs = D

    1. I wonder what is the use of show spoil if people is tempted to push it. hahahahahaha. its like “Oh What does this spoiler do”(Dexter’s Laboratory revised). in the end you will end up like this (~o ̄▽ ̄)~o
      to (╯ಊ╰)

      Croosboy シ
  4. If that isn’t a surefire way to pop a vein, then being called an ero-gamer who locks holes himself up in his room on weekends should help increase that blood pressure.

    Why does the act of locking holes sound so dirty? 😛

  5. I for one, love this episode’s subtle detail, thus effectively revealing my OCD.

    -Kirino going silent when her friend starts critiquing Kyousuke.
    -Ayase’s hands shaking slightly from her hidden passion when talking to Kyousuke.
    -The wallpaper changed for the computer in the OP
    -We know that this anime occurs in 2011, because the FOUR calendars they have in their house had August 1 fall on a Monday

    Btw, look at all the reworded logos on Saori’s bag in this pic :D.

    1. I realized the first three but LOL wth dude at the other two. T

      hough honestly nice spotting, these are the kind of things that make comment reading fun for me. Truely great quality stuff OreImo is.

  6. I’m pretty sure the show is just building up Kirino’s bitchiness so as when she goes into cute mode, there’s a far bigger contrast.

    I must say I’m enjoying this series a lot, the consistent high production and good voice acting coupled with an interesting premise really pulls me in – a refreshing change from the vast majority of the shows that have aired this year.

  7. Can’t wait till next weeks ep, and when we find out about the whole deal with Ayase. I’ve heard bits and pieces, so I can’t wait till ep 5 to see it into more detail.

    Honestly Kirino’s attitude doesn’t bother me as much/at all as it does for other people. Maybe its because I’m a younger sister who probably had such an attitude in my younger years…but I just can’t take her insults with any speck of seriousness. It comes off to me more like a habit and that right now she’s probably still more comfortable to talk to him in the manner she always does ie.bitchy/bratty. And I guess she’s just following that mentality of “If I like someone/am happy I have to do behave like the opposite” as seen in the Kuroneko winning scene.

    Again I REALLY want to see ep 5. And honestly I hope a second season for this gets green-lit, assuming they have enough VN for it.

    1. Okay after having spoiled myself for the next couple of volumes or so…I feel I need to actually go take some real Japanese classes just so I can read this in the original form. Honestly OreImo just gets better and better D: and I should REALLY be studying D:

  8. I love how Ayase comes into the picture and everyone’s already gunning for an Ayase x Kyousuke ending and saying how Kirino is a bitch, blah blah. Like it or not guys, Ayase x Kyousuke will never happen. They will stick as close to the light novel as much as possible. Furthermore,let’s face it…. if we didn’t have a “bitchy” Kirino, then this anime would not have a whole lot of potential to begin with, therefore less viewers. Tsukasa Fushimi planned this from the get-go.

  9. Kuroneko scores mo(r)e points for being ultra l33t g4m3r!
    Expect bitch-slugfest next ep:
    Ayase: Kirino, why do you befriend such weirdos?
    Kuroneko: Why do you look down upon us you stuck up arrogant bitch?

    1. We all know Saori is probably pretty. Just take off the glasses and let down the hair like Naru from Love Hina.

      Everything seems to be pointing at Ayase being nice but this is anime, where two people can fall into impossible positions. On that note, I’m fine with Kirino’s current attitude. This is a comedy anime after all.

  10. Why is Kirino getting thumbs down now,..I’m enjoying every bit of that (what you called that? Bitchy) attitude she is showing off to his oni-chan! I’m laughing hard at her antics and all 🙂

    I believe in what others said, this can’t be OreImo without that attitude of hers, and they aren’t suppose to become really close to each other right (at least for now), because they are siblings, and this is what siblings should do…, couldn’t get enough, more OreImoto pls….

  11. “Ah, Aragaki Ayase, an angel among disrespectful and selfish young girls. This is your true younger sister Kyousuke. It’s time for a remake!”

    My thoughts exactly. Fuck you, Kirino.

  12. Lol, last week it was “HNNNGGGH KIRINO MOE~!” now its “fucking bitch…”
    I wouldn’t be so quick to jump to Ayase or Kuroneko just yet, it’s only been one episode after all, and we don’t know where they’ll be going either. Although I admit Kirino annoyed me in this ep.

  13. Ayase an angel? well kinda…

    Show Spoiler ▼

  14. I think the problem isn’t that Kirino is TSUNdere (too much tsun and not enough dere).
    It’s that Kyousuke is too normal (and also not a romantic interest… so far [oh please don’t turn this into incest]) to be able to deftly draw out the dere side.

  15. Surprised that they revealed Saori’s real name earlier than usual (written on the package), though they still went to lengths to make sure we still can’t see the pretty face behind her goofy otaku specs.

    Seeing Kuroneko’s tsundere-ness cancel out Kirino’s tsundere-ness sure was funny like hell, like Kyousuke and Saori, I found myself giggling uncontrollably. Kuroneko <33

    I see the guys at 2ch or 4chan has made a hilariously NSFW photoshop of Kyousuke "raeping" his sister. lol It's somewhere in the corresponding episode post over on Sankaku Complex in case you're interested.

    Kinny Riddle
  16. Ayase busting Kirino’s secret just had that “oh shit” moment, reminds me of that scene in the live-action J-dorama Densha Otoko, where our hero also got found out by his love interest at Comiket of all places, dressed in his full otaku glory to boot as well.

    A good song by Hayami Saori befitting of her seemingly angelic character. Next week you’ll see how angelic Ayase can be when having to accept the fact her best mate’s a “creepy” otaku. I’ll look forward to seeing Saori’s performance just for that.

    Kinny Riddle
  17. BTW, great production values by AIC.

    Looking at the credits, I see real software developers were behind the graphics for the fictional Siscalypse game, while real doujinshi circles were responsible for Kirino’s Meruru ero-doujins.

    Kinny Riddle
  18. The one thing I’m not happy about is the part where Kyousuke accidentally groped her breast. I’m preeetty sure that in the novel, he had his left hand behind her head to protect it and there was no groping. Just an exposed body. Just goes to show how a scene with potential fan service would be used and twisted with unnecessary close ups.

    Anyway, about Kirino, she is supposed to be a bitch (at least towards to Kyousuke and her otaku friends)by design. Even though it’s annoying to see her diss them and insult them at times, if she was like Ayase I don’t think there’s much story to it.

  19. Think this ep wasn’t as great as the first 3 but it was still good xP Saori sounds awesome on the internet and irl~ xD

    Btw, somehow I still can’t access random curiosity…it’s still showing:

    Site Temporarily Unavailable

    We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact the webmaster/ tech support immediately to have them rectify this.
    error id: “bad_httpd_conf”

    I can access it on my brother’s computer, but mine just doesn’t work. Does it have anything to do with me being on wireless or something?

  20. It’s rare to see a legit scene where the character fall on top of each other. I’m so used to seeing the boy and girl get blown over by wind, or trip over a rice, or rather just trip for no good reason just to be tripping! xD I love the situations in this show. I was laughing so hard at Kuroneko and Kirino’s conversation at the end. It felt even more natural when I saw Saori and Kyousuke laughing too. (What a charming moment that was.)

    **Oh and Kirino’s attitude [when she was getting the prize] is what they refer to as tsundere, right? (-shot-) It just seemed to be something a tad bit different. I thought there was a different word for someone when they are being dishonest like that.**

    Anyhow, I’m down with Kyousuke and Ayase. If they aren’t gonna pair ’em up, give us a little tease. They seem kinda cute together. :]
    I can definitely see Kirino’s annoyed face popping up again and again later on in the series over the matter. 😛

    One week?! Kill me now..

  21. I dunno about wanting a sister like her…do you really feel that? Wouldn’t you much rather have a sister that admired you and was friendly to you? Kirino is definitely set up to be a point of attraction for guys watching the show. However, I’ve noticed that a lot of guy bloggers with sisters are pointing out how they don’t like the relationship she and her brother have. And why would they? She treats her brother poorly 95% of the time, and grudgingly well the other 5%. I like Kyousuke doing what he does, and I like Kirino as a character, but I would NEVER want a sister like her. Ever.

  22. Well i dont like to rush things. Since the novel hasnt ended yet. Well first Kirino way of telling things is quite the opposite. Like for example “Well if you insist, I’ll take it off your hands. be great full ” which mean i think “Really, Thank you very much. I’ll treasure it”. also Kuroneko is also not honest(well you’ll get what i mean when the other episode is created i guess). I think Kyousuke already understand his sister at this point(Still hasn’t realize that he is a ******. he will realize it next epi i guess) ^_^
    I guess next chapter will be Ayase and Kyousuke talking about ______’s h***y ( to be continued. don’t want to put spoil command).Not 100% that this will appear
    w0w that was long.

    Croosboy シ
      1. lol. yeah,saori’s awesome. and yeah,i actually find it hard not to tell something about a matter i already know to people who doesn’t yet know about it.uggh. you see them making theories, assumptions and it’s kinda frustrating that you can’t tell since it might ruin the show for them.XDD
        but i’m still hopeful for a non-incest end.X3 KURONEKO!!

  23. I knew better than to scroll down to the comments and even more so to not click “show spoiler”, but I couldn’t help it. Even though I unwittingly read volume 7 spoilers (but not v.1-6), I was expecting something completely different in regards to Ayase. Yay for me ruining the cliff-hanger ending for myself. >_<

    I'll quickly shut friends up whenever they're about to spoil something for me. Online however, one of the few things I can't exercise self-control on is spoiler tags /sigh. I always end up kicking myself over it too.

    1. I know what you mean. Those spoiler links are so damn irresistable. Besides, in situations like this (where Ayase’s personality can develop in two general directions), the presence of the spoiler link is a spoiler in itself.

  24. “encouragement for average guys out there to start checking out their younger sisters”. Until they start kissing or more, I cant agree with that yet. I never saw this show as encouraging incest. I also do consider myself average.

  25. Kyousuke is a GREAT trooper. I would have been ticked and shouting already at Kirino. As you mentioned, I didn’t see anything this time around which redeemed Kirino’s attitude. I’m at this point in awe at Kuroneko and glad to have Ayase introduced. Both girls are awesome and fill in the fun spot Kirino could have brought in.
    LOL D, you are right. Whenever I hear Kirino being annoying, I try to picture Azusa….Nyan. Makes it all the better xD

  26. Although I sure as hell noticed Kirino’s regression to her previous behavior, it’s only after Divine’s post that I realized not only that happened, but also an ascension to a higher level of bitchiness. However I must say I wasn’t nearly annoyed as much by that, if at all.

    Oh yeah, Kirino was really contradicting herself there by reading the doujinshi (which I assume is ten times worse than the actual eroges) – though I can already imagine her saying how she does it for the nice looking artwork. ^^

    Has anyone else noticed just how much cuter the OS/software looks in this anime? If only websites and chatting programs looked that neat…

    The end of the episode promises a nice story development. In on the Kyousuke x Ayase train.

    Also, lol @ Kate/starry night: Unlicensed Blade Works.

  27. Ah, I knew Siscalypse looked familiar after the magic circle and “Stand By Ready”

    I’m starting to like Kuroneko more after each episode passes by. Every time she talks, I just hear a smartass Kanade.
    Also loved the Fate/Starry Night Mini and the….I.have.no.idea.what.anime FD RX7 and Meruru Legacy Wagon.

  28. Infinite reasons to love this anime, since Kirino is my real 3D life sister (excluding the eroge, anime fetish, and other otaku stuffs)

    —All of the events happened in real life
    (1994) I give my younger sister innocently her first kiss.
    (1995) The year my younger sister found new friends which left me jealous for not having any more good time with her.
    (1999) My younger sister got infected by a disease that requires blood tranfusion, after that she changes completely.
    (1995) My younger sister have a college boy friend at fifth grade that makes me furious.
    (1994) The last time we both taking a bath together.
    (1997-2006) My younger sister is showing her tsundere side to me, which left us both in a word war.
    (2000) The only time my younger sister ask me for some help towards her studies.
    (2005) The first time my younger sister left the house and sleep to her friend cause she hates me for something I didn’t even do.
    (2004-2006) Like Kirino my younger sister participated in modeling and even featured in FHM.
    (2003) My younger sister’s debut where is the only time I have a glimpse of the past.
    (2010) My younger sister gives me all the recent gadgets (excluding IPAD and Blackberry) so that I can enjoy myself while leaving in another country.
    (1996-2006) My younger sister loves to rub her foot on my back whenever she watches TV, on the other hand I enjoyed it a lot since its free massage although my t-shirt ends up having dirt from her foot on it.
    (2000) My younger sister wants me to have a girlfriend, so she decides to bring her friends to sleep over in our house, much to my discomfort.
    (2001) When I have a relationship with one my younger sister’s friends, she do everything just to break us apart of her friend, like blackmailing her and revealing my weaknesses.
    (1998) My younger sister protects me so much that she even attacked the one that dislocated my finger through a brawl.
    (2005) My younger sister loves me so much that she even wants me out of my stupid hobbies (Watching Anime and Online Games), clings to me and huggd me despite we already old that brings me to tears.
    (2006) My younger sister worried so much that she even gives me a good list of companies where could I work for.
    (2003-)My younger sister never got engaged despite having many boyfriends, maybe she wants me to get married first.
    (2004) The year my younger sister surpassed me in terms of everything.

    I have two other younger sisters, but they are in my Father’s custody.

    irony of life
  29. I wish Kirino could be a little nicer to Kyousuke, but at the same time I find Kirino’s bitchy additude entertaining. And maybe she will be nicer to him as more episode come and go. It would be a little boring if kirino started to be nice and good to her big brother. Save it for some other time

  30. I suppose it’s all subjective, but I never once was irritated by Kirino. Maybe it takes having a sister to understand, but that’s what brothers and sisters do. To me it’s even more hillarious cause I can totally relate (ok, minus the whole incest thing obviously) because there is no better real life example of tsun dere (whether it’s on a incestual level or not) than brother and sister. As much as we fight, brothers and sisters are pretty close. I’m surprised some people don’t understand that.

    1. So true. I can kinda relate to Kirino as I have an older brother and we’d often have fights but in the end we still care for each other. And every time we did something for each other we’d go all tsun tsun.

  31. It could just be me, but I swear I saw a “Fighting Games” subplot in this EP.

    To start with Kyousuke is getting pounded by a game, so he asks his *friend* for help and the *friend* suggests checking @wiki. Pretty standard stuff in any game. Since this is a fighting game, and Kyousuke is pretty much a gaming virgin (he doesn’t even have his own computer) so he can’t make head or tails as to what @wiki is telling him. Seriously, just go on any random fighting game site, and look through the guides. Most of them say stuff like “CHECK THE GAME GLOSSARY FIRST BEFORE READING”. So, he ends up asking Saori for help and she does so directly (probably without game shorthand).

    Then this subplot is mostly ignored until the vs. pro segment. In particular, Kuroneko’s match is a ditto, meaning that any sort of character advantage is null. Therefore, Kuroneko is apparently better than the Top 50 player by a wide margin (according to health bars anyways).

    …yeah, I like fighting games.

  32. Well Kirino always had this bitchy girl aura for me. I like tsundere characters but she is way too much arrogant for be likeable. It’s not about being tsundere or not, is being grateful to her brother for saving her hobby. On the other hand, Kuroneko is awesome.

    On a totally unrelated note, the funny thing is that my little sister who recommended to watch this. I can’t keep wondering how weird would it be if I was a guy: “My little sister is hinting me to watch a show about a little sister who plays eroges about little sisters”

  33. I have a younger sister myself and there no way no how she can act that bitchy at that age to me, I will and have slap her silly before, my family is not very strict but strict enough to show respect to those whos older than you, if you feel you are right and the older person is wrong, you would keep your mouth shut let them vend their anger first then slowly and calmly explain your reasoning.
    I am not saying I still slap my sister since we all grown up but at that age in middle school or grade school, if my parents and myself don’t straight her up when she was being disrespectful to older folk, god knows what kind of upbringing and trouble she might cause when she grow older.
    Kids like Kirinos age need to get whack and slap when is necessary, is not call abuse but discipline. The problem with america kids today is teenage drug addict no good parent don’t have any right to have kids let their kids run amok robbing stores stealing item, and having a criminal record before they even reach the age of 18.
    I have a big family with 20+ cousin none of us ever been in jail, or commited any crimes, and majority or us graduated from college, thats because we have our strict parent to thank for that who for one is not shy of using belt on us when acting bitchy or disrecpectful.

  34. Kirino’s not a tsundere, she’s just a bitch. Nevermind that her brother just took a punch in the face and was disowned by his father for protecting her hobby, with only a mumbled ‘thank you’ in return. She spends this entire episode being insufferable even after Kyousuke narrowly saves her from opening a big box of porn in front of her best friends. If I’m supposed to be sympathizing with her as a character, she needs a major personality shift.

  35. It’s quite pleasing to read that someone knows the difference between a cute tsundere and a bitch. Kirino for all her cute, model, otaku self was quite the latter in this episode. I was surprised Kyousuke didn’t just let her have the box back. All that was needed was parting words, “Don’t scream at me once you find out what’s inside.” That’s what a real brother would’ve done because helping out family is one thing but once she goes to kick you in the package, all bets are off.

  36. Don’t get so attached to Ayase just yet. =/ You have to keep in mind that this series has a lot to do with a appearnces being deceiving. I doubt Ayase is any exception.
    I guess Kirino is being somewhat of a bitch in this episode, I am HOPING that they will further develop her character and show her sweeter more adorable side in future episodes, seeing as they show this a little more in the light novels.

  37. I think Kirino will probably warm up in future episodes! That would be good to see.

    But that groping scene was fail. It wouldn’t be anime if they didn’t have at least one of those scenes. =(

  38. Argh they completely skipped out Minami’s arc from the manga, that irks me to no end, and then there’s the Kyouske x Kuroneko scene that they skipped over in this comiket arc. Anyone know if this is how it goes in the novel? Kanji hurts my head.

  39. It took me a 3rd time of watching this episode to realize that this is seeing Kirino 2 different ways. The episode starting with her normal friends, I started to wonder what Kirino evil slander was jealousy. Then Kirino with her otaku friends with such a huge crowd 2d > 3d? she is just happily brainwashing her brother. I wonder if this series was blogged more analyst like perhaps Kirino wouldn’t seem so Tsun tsun.

  40. Ah divine, if only you knew the truth about Ayase 😉
    On another note, they skipped quite a lot out of the light novel this episode, the good news is it didn’t really affect anything so no problems I guess.

  41. that bitch reaction of Kirino is just as expected from a REAL little sister, this race is always depending is his older brother and thinks that the world belongs to them…

    for me, I really love the Kirino behaviour!

  42. I have to give this series props for depicting Comiket extremely well, even better than Genshiken, Haruka or Lucky Star in terms of realism as we got to see other areas of the Tokyo Big Sight other than the convention halls. Not to mention, I believe that this was the only series, amongst those that I have mentioned, that managed to convey the sense of how huge the halls were.

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