Although Luffy has the “dangerous” power of making allies, it seems like his own crewmembers can be a little charismatic themselves, what with Perona (the new outfit is dazzling), Weatheria, Heraclesun, Ivankov’s okama group, and of course, Boa Hancock all helping them in their own little way to escape the marines. I suppose all hopes of any of those people joining the crew are dashed, but I’m only sad that Perona isn’t joining them. Hancock would be a mess, but Perona could have actually worked.

Anyway, the entire crew has now come together at last, and Luffy’s reaction to Franky was completely something I called several chapters ago. Sanji took the award for “most hilarious of chapter 602,” with nosebleeds to every woman he sees. Man, I feel sorry for him. The meeting itself wasn’t as teary as I thought it would’ve been, since only Brook cried. Robin doesn’t say anything, as usual. I guess they don’t have the time for it? Maybe it’ll hit them in the next chapter huh? I just like some emotion in my One Piece, is all, and this seems like the perfect time to exploit it. The crew is like the main source of emotion, so why wouldn’t Oda take advantage of this situation and make some nice scenes?

For the coating, I assume when the bubble expands, the air pressure inside the bubble which includes the ship and everyone else is less than the outside pressure. Due to this, the boat will sink. It’s pretty cute how the bubble wraps around the sails, and yet provides enough of a bubble on the deck for people to come out. How ridiculously convenient to sail underwater right? Earlier I didn’t understand how the hell they were going to ride the underwater currents with sails when there’s a giant bubble over them, but I guess the bubble is just that awesome.

I’ve been wanting the crew to have a deep chit chat about what’s been going on in their lives for the past two years, and was a little sad to not see it this chapter. However, Luffy mentions it near the end, so my face lit up in hopes for it to appear in the future. It’s kind of like, a gap missing from the crew that you just have to fill up before the New World you know?


  1. I have waited SOO long for sanji to find out that Luffy got sent to the island of women. Unfortunately i have to wait even longer for him to find out the Empress is in love with him… that will be a excellent chapter 😛

  2. I think each character is gonna have some sort of extensive flashback when it’s their chance to fight (a major enemy probably). It’s more likely than them just chatting about it, but I guess that can happen too.

  3. The thing with Perona not joining them is really a bit disappointig. Seems like she and Zoro became friends, which is really rare for a character type like Zoro. Maybe we’ll see her in the future though. Only because they didn’t get any new crewmember right away it doesn’t mean they won’t get any at all. Personally I have the suspicion, that they’ll get a new crew member on fishman island, but we’ll see about that.

    I’m wondering now, if the journey will continue or if Oda will put a big flashback part between where he tells us, what happened to all the crew members during the past two years. I’d prefer to get the story going though, he could still release a special manga like the tales of the pirate crew or something. Now we have a nice flaw in the story again, a flashback would most likely crush it~

  4. -“And now another detour before Fishman Island!”

    Please, Fishman Island already!!!!

    -“I just wonder if they will curb stomp the enemy of this new adventure.”

    They should.

    Lectro Volpi
  5. It would be a bit hard for them to detour Fishman Island. I mean… what’s the likelihood of them running into anyone else while actually sailing underwater?

    Oh and… <3 Perona <3… you always were my favorite female character in One Piece.

  6. what do you guys think are the odd of jimbo taking revenge against luffy for the sharky?
    i think it’s pretty high, he probably say something like we’re friend but we need to settle the debt as well. maybe there’s even a battle of nami with sharky. :p

  7. Yup sanji is the most hilarious in this episode. seeing him get tons of blood and getting fired up when he knew that luffy was in the amazon island. i wonder what the next chapter is all about

    Croosboy シ
  8. What a great title lmao!!! I love the wink with the * cracking!!!! It’s funny, Luffy gets sent to an isle of beautiful women and he doesn’t even know what to do with it. Sanji gets sent to an isle of….. well read the story and he is PISSED!! I love it!
    Great way to send the crew off. I look forward to the new adventures.

  9. I think I actually like the characters after the time-skip more than before (not that I didn’t love them before, of course). The only problem so far is that the Fakehat crew was annoying, which dampens things.

    Was kind of hoping that Perona and Heracles’n would join the Strawhats, but it’s good to see them set sail, as well. They’ve been teasing Fishman Island for over 100 chapters now, and it’ll be good to see Jinbei again. If they pick up a new member at the isle, it’ll probably be Hatchi. Personally, I’m still hoping they manage to find/rescue Jewelry Bonney (methinks she’s probably like Whitebeard’s daughter or something, given her reactions to the war at Marine HQ).

  10. Common Kiiragi. .the marines were chasing them.. they had to escape as fast as possible.. no time for emotional reunions or chitchat, it will probably happen in the next chapters. .as u said..

    i dont get what so AWESOME about Perona that people want her on the crew.. really? Perona as a SW? .. god.. shes totally loyal to Moria.. we will probably see her again with him in the new world

    dammit.. i really really will miss Rayleigh .. hes one of my favorite characters, and one of the most badass in OP..


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