Time skip to 17 months later, Ichigo’s life is relatively normal and uneventful now. He’s a senior now, Rukia hasn’t been showing up, and Ishida handles the hollow fighting. Most of his friends seem to be aware of his past as a shinigami, and perhaps due to the loss of his powers, his sister Karin’s spiritual power has been increasing. It would be very interesting to see her gain shinigami or hollow powers and fight alongside the other characters and if this arc will focus less on opponents with insane powers, it is viable. It’s also nice to see some of Ichigo’s classmates again, and I wouldn’t mind if they played a bigger role in the coming arc, especially Tatsuki. As for Ichigo himself, he still has his fighting skills and is bad-ass as ever, bare-handedly taking on a mugger with a knife; this real world side of him hasn’t been featured for a while, and I don’t mind seeing it at all since the whole show of one-upping each other with new abilities is definitely getting repetitive. Luckily the introduction chapter here seems pretty open ended, so it could still go in any direction. While the new character does have a sinister aura and gives off Aizen vibes, I’m not going to put him as an antagonist just yet — it is possible he’s affiliated with Zero Squad (which still has not shown up in the story) and is around just to size up Kurosaki. Him aside, there’s not much else to say here, but I do have high hopes that this arc could be a refreshing one. It would be good if Ichigo does not get back his powers and there was a more complex plot and character development as opposed to the normal battle after battle before the big final fight. I want to see Ichigo deal with the problems he faces without using his spiritual power and with less involvement from Soul Society.


  1. I agree with what you said there Prooof.
    Plus, what I was surprised with was that Ichigo is apparently really smart.
    I don’t know if it’s just been a really long time but I don’t think that Kubo ever mentioned this. Even if he didn’t, I can’t believe that he has some brains in him after some of the stupid stuff he’s done.

    Irational Promise
    1. It was shown back in chapter 35 that Ichigo is pretty smart despite how he looks. He scored as high as being ranked 23th out of the students in his year group. I remember feeling rather shocked because main characters in Shonen manga are normally the stupider ones among their friends. Ichigo does explain though that he has to have a good grade, otherwise teachers would bug him since they already have their eyes on him for his orange hair.

      Truth be told, I prefer the early days of Bleach. It was rather refreshing compare to other manga in Jump, and I thought that Ichigo made a casually cool main character. I don’t know if Kubo would ever manage to bring the story back to where it was…

    1. I got the impression that the new fellow had one in his black duffle-with-a-sling, which Ichigo returned to him, while Ichigo’s would have still been in his case (considering he placed it back in from earlier), which he had handed off to Mizuiro before taking down that thief.

    2. nope..he didn’t steal ichigo’s shinigami representative badge..that guy with the sling bag had his badge attached to a chain and wore it like a necklace…well anyways, can’t wait for this new arc to start!!i thought after aizen was down, bleach would’ve ended..but i gotta say ichigo’s fight with aizen when ichigo had his new power was kinda short..wish could’ve seen more of it!

  2. Did he take the badge from Ichigo? Kubo was never clear with how he got the badge and it is possible that he got it from soul society.

    I hope there is more Tatsuki, she’s the only female character in the show that a strong personality that isn’t annoying.

      1. To each their own, yeah … I wanted to see what Inoue was up to, personally. I think I’m in the minority, tho, since much of Bleach’s fandom seems to love Tatsuki for some odd reason. She’s nothing but a source of the ‘violent bitch’ humor so prevalent in anime slapstick, and characters like that universally irk me. I can’t even *watch* Rumiko Takahashi anime 😛

        Orihime can be annoying but, well, she definitely is fanservicey 😉

  3. This new Arc seems really open ended from the start. I’m still wondering when they are going to explain why Aizen knew about Ichigo since he was born and who are what his father is.

    1. We do not know anything about Aizen because it most likely ties into Ichigo’s family history, which we do not know anything about too.

      What we know ist that Ichigo’s shinigami powers have “noble” origins(due to the whole blue eyes resolve thing).

      From last arc we also know that Isshin and Ichigo share sword types and other things, that is common in noble families or families of higher caste.

      Now Aizen – he too has “getsu” sword, knows everything about Ichigo and is uber powerful.

      I’d say Aizen is/war part of Kurosaki family, till he decided to wage his hopeless war against Soul King and was disowned.

      In fact I do not see Aizen going “ima badguy” again. I see Ichigo needing to break into prison to free him himself. I also see Aizen dieing in the battle against Soul King.

      1. What the hell does having blues and resolve have to do with being noble?

        And sharing sword types = higher caste wut? Rukia is actually in a noble family, and her sword and her bothers look nothing alike.

        Where is there even a single indication of Aizen knowing Getsuga Tensho?

        Aaaaand the rest is speculation so who knows? It could happen.

      2. [i]’And sharing sword types = higher caste wut? Rukia is actually in a noble family, and her sword and her bothers look nothing alike.'[/i]

        Because Rukia WAS NOT BORN INTO THE FAMILY.

        Martial techniques, customs, lifestyle, clothing style being passed down from generation to generation in higher caste families, were the usual methods of separating themselves from other lower-caste families.

        Ichigo and Isshin so far share the same type of the sword and technique, also Ichigo is a firstborn, so it makes sense, according to traditional customs for a firstborn to “inherit” the whatever specialty the family is passing down from generation to generation. Therefore the “-getsu” sword type is in his blood. Maybe Yuzu and Karin can also inherit the -getsu type of sword, but thats not known yet and I doubt any of them will be turned into shinigami.

        Rukia on other hand is only adopted into the family. Going by the fact that Rukia was not forced to marry into the family, we can deduce that Kuchiki noble family does not have bloodline traits passed down the generations and instead has something else that separates them from other divisions (For example Shihoin family is tasked with taking care of special forces, with a branch family serving under them in special forces).

        [i]’Where is there even a single indication of Aizen knowing Getsuga Tensho?'[/i]

        Where is even a single indication of him NOT knowing it?

  4. Most of the manga series seem to clash onto each other.
    Now in this new arc,many of the characters are grown up with new looks (Karin,Yuzu,Tatsuki) and I won’t be surprised if Inoue has one too.It’s just like how the characters got a new look when Naruto Shippuden started!There are lots of similarities between these two series.

    And Prooof,what did you mean by “before the big final fight” ?
    Do you think that Aizen will escape again and he would be the final enemy?
    My guesses are that it is possible as we are still yet to know about the King’s Key and King of Soul Society.

    I very much agree that the story could go in any direction.And it was nice to see Karakura once again!Ichigo missing Rukia is typical.I guess she will make an entry in some battle as she did in the Bount Arc in the anime!

    Btw this is Fai D Fluorite 🙂

  5. btw…how old is Ichigo meant to be now? I’ve lost track…if there was actually ever a track to begin with. At least now I know for sure that he’s not STILL 15.

    I’m actually anticipating how Kubo will take the story. I did always wonder what’d happen after they fought Aizen and how he’d end it.

    That aside I love the return of the bad ass human Ichigo. He was so much cooler at the earlier stages of the series.

      1. Thanks C: Aha that was convenient I haven’t actually read the chapters in scanlation form for a while now. Only summaries here and there.

        Man even though its expected its kind of weird how I started reading Bleach being younger than him but now I’m one year older :\

  6. I agree with Prooof, this new character is likely from the zero squad. He doesn’t look weak, if you ignore the fact that he got robbed. Though, there were plenty of people with a sinister atmosphere that later became good allies in Bleach, such as Shinji and Kenpachi. The one thing I’m worried about the most is that there are new idiot judges for central 46. Personally I think that Genryusai should stay as the judge, due to many of central 46’s foolish judgments: death sentence to the Vizards over a 100 years ago, getting Toshiro to kill his best friend, not allowing Genryusai to investigate the Kasumiōji clan which caused the death of Shin’etsu Kisaragi, not executing the killer of Tosen’s best friend, and not executing Aizen when he did a bigger crime compared to Rukia’s petty transferring of powers. To be quite frank, I’m won’t be surprised if they send some assassin to kill Ichigo if they labeled him as a “to be threat.” Heck, I won’t be surprised if the Soul Society becomes the main enemy again.

    Code Fanboy
  7. As I said in this weeks Bleach anime thread after this time warp not a single mention was made about Ichigo’s father and what went on there with his dad. I hope we get some backstory on all that in this arc. Would not put it past Kubo to just ignore the situation like it never happened and kinda move on like they did with Nell. She was so important to Ichigo and now its like she never existed?

  8. I hope the future scenario is not like….
    1) Big evil opponent comes!
    2) Beats Ichigo and threatens to kill his loved ones!
    3) Ichigo goes to urasawa asking if theres anyway he can get his powers back so he can save them!
    4) Alas! There is a way to gain his powers back! But its a difficult one where Ichigo can Die!
    5) Nonetheless Ichigo survies and gains his powers back!
    6) Ichigo defeats Evil enemy

    End of arc…NEXT!


    1. If he was a hollow then normal people wouldn’t be able to see him. I know, he died, etc. etc. but either A. Kubo fucked up or B. We missed something or C. It will be explained at some point

      1. Actually it’s choice B. The reason it showed The hollow and Zangetsu fusing was to point out they were fussed. So when when the fussed being vanished due to FGT, his s hollow and shinigami powers vanished. Due to them being fused, which means they were connected

        This is what I call a bull shit cop out, but Kubo did cover this, with the hole fusing thing.

        P.S.: Never will I say Bleach is written well, but OMG. I am getting tired of people complaining about plot holes, and just saying somthing they didn’t pay attention to.

        Bleach sucks because of moronic pacing and a failure to actually deliver something to match the Hype Kubo builds. He actually fills all the plot holes pretty well.

  9. “Ishida handles the hollow fighting”

    ISHIDA handles the hollow fighting? The guy who, at the very start, we were told should be the absolute LAST person to kill a hollow. The guy who destroys them forever instead of purifying them. The guy whose method of killing hollows causes a cosmic imbalance. THAT GUY is handling the hollows? W.T.F!?

    Kubo, climb back into whatever hole you just came out of, and rethink this.

      1. Well, it’s good to know it’s not Kubo being completely stupid, but…Ishida’s been doing it for 17 months, and SS hasn’t sent a competent shinigami yet (or Isshin/Yoruichi/Urahara haven’t done anything)?

      2. The war in the back-story started because tons and tons of Quincy were attacking tons and tons of hollow all around this world.
        This is a single due killing a few in a single city. Th scale is different enough for SS to not care.

        PS: Oh look, another not plot hole.

  10. well if ichigo doesnt get his powers back by halfway through this arc, i’m betting that we’ll be seeing some spirit sensing eye contacts/goggles and a spirit gun in ichigos arsenal sooner or later in this series

  11. Well, for Ichigo’s power to return, he will have to… go into a pit and turn into a Hollow/get shot 3 inches to the right of his heart/get secret training from somebody who is stronger than him for the moment. In Bleach, they seem to lose their powers all the time. It’s just that this is the first time that they’ve bothered to timeskip (which felt a bit weird, incidentally).

    Well, whatever. It’s just good that Aizen is out of the picture. I was getting annoyed by the whole arc.

  12. I find myself bored beyond belief with this new arc stuff. I was really wishing that the fight with Aizen would put an end to this manga, and it had the potential to be a good one too… but it would seem that this will turn into some sort of never-ending story 🙁

  13. dang it! tatsuki looks kickass! love her new hair.she’s hawtt!xD and albeit i don’t care about karin,her new look fits her well.yuzu was rather cute x3. keigo, l0L. the man’s gotten a make-over! XDD

    funny was the first part though.but i sensed some subtle incest yay there.L0L.xDD

    new character,can’t say much about him,.hmmm..so,i look forward to where this would go..and pls kubo,i need rukia!! XD

  14. This new chapter has left me with a bunch of questions.

    Why is Ichigo still able to see his badge? Doesn’t he need spirit powers to do that? He was surprised back then, when Tatsuki was able to see it, but why is HE able to see it now that he lost the powers?

    What happend to Rukia? At first I thought it might be a way to give off some vibes between Ichigo and Rukia, to show that he obviously lied about “I like my boring life”, but it may be something bigger, maybe something happend in Soul Society?

    Who is that new guy? He looks a LOT like Aizen, but also a bit like Isshin, or maybe like someone of the Shiba family^^ I think he stole that badge from Ichigo, if I remember correctly, Ichigo placed it on his table in front of him, maybe he forgot it there.
    If the translation of the chapter was correct, the new arc is called “Lost Shinigami representative arc” – sounds like it’s stolen.

    And of course, where is Kon? ;P Though I don’t really care for the guy^^

  15. well I at least hope ichigo will recover his powers much later so it ca focus on the other char….
    I also want karin to be a shinigami like ichigo or at least be part of the action now that ichigo cant

    1. Its just you, I did think it looked odd, but a big toothed zipper would look that I guess up close. Also people stop getting confused and think Ichigo had his badge stolen, it was in his bag (was shown) and he gave it to his friend before he chased after the thief

  16. Hmmm…looking at the past story and characters ichigo has met.
    Having shinigami powers => soul society;
    Having hollow and shinigami powers => vizards;
    Having no shinigami powers => zero squad?;

    Meeting with people who once had but lost their powers…that sounds possible.

  17. i’m only thinking about three point:
    1 = ichigo’s father has lost his power ” certainly ” du to his use of final tensuga that’s why he wasn’t able to use his shinigami power but WHY and WHEN ?
    2 = aizen said to urahara ” so you saw the king urahara san and you don’t give a damn ” :p
    that’s mean that the king is something dangerous or evil ou too weak
    3 = how could aizen know about ichigo’s father and why he as testing ichigo from the begining
    i hope i didn’t miss anything 🙂

  18. now this is the arc that I was looking for. I hope Kubo continues this path and not try to keep going over the top like the last arc was. The human-side of Bleach was always complex with lots of angles like Karin and Ichigo’s friends and it would really feel good if it was about this

  19. after 2 weeks, I’m missing Rukia already.. and Ichigo must have felt more than what he says. I just wanna know, did Ichigo ever talk to Isshin about all that had happened. Oh, and Karin looks superb-the ponytail gets me :3 and maybe Kon followed Rukia nee-san to SS or Uruhara took him back-he is no use to Ichigo anymore rite?

  20. Chapter was great. like the new character designs. to bad ichigo has his old haircut.
    He looked awesome with longer hair.

    @Meerypooh. when i saw tatsuki i thought the same (i think we watch to much Supernatural)

    1. Ahah, well, Tatsuki *is* pretty bad-ass. I’m hoping with Ichigo’s powers down for the time being, at least the early part of this arc can be used as a way to build up some of the support cast. Actual involvement as a group, again, please.

      Yumichika! He best have visited a salon sometime this last year or so, too.

  21. Aizen knos isshin is a shinigami. He lost his power 20 years ago. But before that he was in soul society so of course aizen knows him.And that’s why central 36 leave ishin on earth, he was a mere human. As for the badge it’s “lost representative badge arc”. the new guy took it when he ask ichigo if he wanted something. And yeah tatsuki is annoying. you know the kind of girl who think they’re better. when inoue disapeared she hits ichigo, her childhood friend, like he is some kind of monster. In the color page kubo draws heads, inoue is among them if I remember.

  22. lets be REAL here….any bad guy they introduce is a FAIL after that whole aizen debacle. by what leaps and bounds must the NEW bad guy grow in EVILNESS to position himself as the NEW badman?????………… I’m not sure, but it probably involves decapitating ichigos little sisters and friends and mounting their dead bodies on BBQ spit’s while a systematic RAPE & PILLAGE event is happening in kakura town….and of course NONE of that will happen..so FAIL…but of course I’ll read till the end

    BROOKLYN otaku
  23. I don’t really remember how time works in Soul Society, but I think it moves faster than in the real world? Like a day in the real world is three days there or something? So Rukia’s really been away for years hasn’t she?
    I enjoyed the chapter though, it was like letting out a loong breath i wasn’t aware i was holding, it felt rather nice and relaxed. Orihime’s absence was probably a huge contribution as to why I enjoyed this chapter though.

  24. they left soooo many questions with characters
    i mean where the heck is GRIMM?!,twhat happenes to the VIZARDS?!, ichigo didn’t ask his father about being a shinigami, etc….
    cruell of kubo killing in the WHOLE ARC nnoi and ULQUI ; x ;
    but I hope orihime returns to her normal, silly, happy personality, that way I like her. tatsuki rlz and karin looks cute and more girly know without lossing the tomboy image xP
    I will stop reading bleach at least until january…hate the only 20 pages >.>….

  25. When I first saw Yuzu, I could have sworn it was orihime. I’m surprised it skipped 17 months, I mean Kubo hasn’t shown ichigo asking isshin anything at all! The guy at the end looks like an Aizen-Renji hybrid.

  26. I don’t like spirits, I like boobs!!!!! Where is Orihime????????????? With luck the annoying short man fuckrabbits (rukia)will not appear unless 200 chapters! Where is Orihime? And the Wizards? And Grimmjow? And Hallibel?

  27. There are tons of loose ends running around in bleach right now, it’s kind of strange that they would start a new arc without even taking a glimpse at some of the things that happened in those 17 months. Grimmjow is still alive and Neliel is too, I can’t possibly believe that her extreme obsession with ichigo has stopped her from taking a garganta to the real world. We’ll just have to see if they want to bring them back later on I guess.


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