I figured Sylvette was hopping on the opportunity to make a fan of hers really happy, but making a doll on time had much more sentimental value than that.

「少女人形」 (Shoujo Ningyo)

For a seemingly episodic showing, this Sylvette-centered one quickly proved to be much more relevant to the overall plot than it initially appeared. Starting with a doll that looked very similar to Sylvette herself, the unexpected adventures on Lag’s day off work had him working as her dingo and crossing paths with a random, cross-dressing thief named Autobahn, who will be as quickly forgotten as he was introduced. In his place, what I will remember is Lag’s wild bed hair and Sylvette displaying both her doll-making and wheelchair skills, along with a very cute Lag x Sylvette moment when she fell asleep next to him after staying up all night to finish the doll for a girl named M. Croce in the town of Dogra. All of that eventually led to the use of Lag’s shindanjuu to retrieve Sylvette’s doll, revealing her memories of Gauche contained within them.

From a viewer perspective, none of what was revealed comes as too much of a surprise at this stage in the story; however, it’s always nice to be reminded of the very foundation that the series is based on. It also showed exactly why Sylvette was working so hard to get this doll finished for M. Croce, since she was unable to hand the get hers to Gauche before he left to become a Head Bee. More importantly, those visions should help Lag write a letter to Gauche, which he’s done nothing but struggle with since receiving the letter bullet. Based on Largo buying some information on Noir’s whereabouts, Aria being asked to look into it, and most of all Noir himself showing up in the preview with a gun to Zazie’s head, it looks like Lag may get his chance to use that letter bullet sooner than I thought.

Regardless, it looks like we’re in store for some flashbacks on memories of Roda, who shares the same name as Gauche’s dingo, but has yet to give any indication that they’re one in the same. As such, that’s one part of the story I’m hoping to learn more about next time. On a completely separate note, Niche was left behind but was cute as usual and made her timely arrival when it mattered. Lag wasn’t too shabby of a dingo when he protected Sylvette with his own body, but Niche is still the tried and true partner in deliveries.


Both Sylvette and Lag burn the midnight oil, but only one of them really gets anything done.

The wild bed hair says it all on who didn’t.

Poor Lag has to chase after Sylvette’s wheels, as if that was humanly possible to begin with.

Largo does some investigating of his own in the Reverse organization, making me wonder if he was already onto Garrard and Valentine last time.

Lag’s been noticing exactly how cute Sylvette is already, but just give her a few more years and she’ll be totally irresistible.

Stealing a doll from kids when they’re sleeping and attacking them as well. That must be the new lowest of lows.

Don’t mess with Sylvette when the hat comes off. She means business!

Nocturne #20 delivery anyone?

I figured using Niche’s hair would’ve been an easier way to retrieve the doll, but I guess this works as well.

Firing a shindanjuu puts on more a of a show, that’s for sure.

After seeing more of these touching moments between Gauche and Sylvette, I can’t wait to see what it’ll be like when they’re reunited.

To Sylvette, finishing the doll on time was her indirect way of making up for how she couldn’t for Gauche.

Random thief thwarted by Sylvette’s hip slider attack. That’s a powerslide… in a wheelchair!

It looks like Sylvette’s made one little girl super happy.

Getting down to business, Largo tells Aria to look into the information on Gauche’s whereabouts. Let’s not forget that she probably still loves him a lot.


The man that everyone’s looking for makes another appearance. Will Lag have his letter bullet ready in time?


  1. I wonder what Niche will do if Lag and Sylvette become more than just friends. *gulps*

    I’m getting the feeling that we’d have to wait until the final episode for Lag to fire the letter bullet. Hopefully I’m wrong and that’s not the case! The episodic nature of the series is fine but… I’m HUNGRY for some main plot! 😛

  2. Zazie nooooo!!
    Oh yeah, there might actually be two Rodas…. I was just wondering how they managed to humanify her, but simply replacing her is probably more logical… if this wasn’t Tegami Bachi. Well, we’ll see how it turns out.


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