Unsurprisingly, the delinquents are taken care of pretty easily in martial-arts-movie action. I assume “Yoko-chin” was a punk Ichigo beat up early in the series, but like Ichigo I don’t remember him at all. Of course it hardly matters, since he (along with the rest of the gang) are dispatched with the arrival of Ichigo’s employer. What was surprising was the revelation that Ichigo’s boss was actually a new character that was introduced in this chapter. Unagiya “Unagi” Ikumi will not be a character easily forgotten with her snazzy looks, loud mouth, big chest and fighting skills at least on par with Ichigo’s. Her work fits into the “miscellaneous” category that Urahara does, though she focuses on random tasks and missions for customers. Her son Kaoru is also introduced, though he doesn’t do much in his appearance other than telling Ichigo not to hit on his hot mom.

On the whole, this chapter still felt pretty random as the last one, with bits of humor here and there. Characters go off on random tangents, such as Ishida mentioning he was exterminating hollows for Urahara (not for Soul Society) and “flashbacks” going through Ichigo’s head. There is still barely any movement plot-wise, although at the end the ramen dude does show up and there may finally be more interaction with him and perhaps he will reveal his motives.

On a side note, the art and fighting are cool in this chapter, but I always found Kubo’s style a bit confusing during the battles in general. It is hectic and can sometimes be difficult to discern what’s going on in black and white.


  1. New character was nice. Interested to see if she holds any real significance, or was just for fun during this interlude per say. At least it looks like everyone was wrong when they thought the foot at the end of the last chapter was ramen guy.

  2. Totally thought Unagiya was Kukaku in a gigai.

    Yeah…nothing happened in this chapeter. Not a damn thing. Then the mystery guy comes in and offers ramen and I’m like WHAAAAAAT.

    And how considerate was it of that thug to have a grill with the chapter numbers on his teeth! Talk about etiquette!

    1. You forget Kukaku had no arm. Or you may just be confusing her with the anime version.

      This chapter was all right for a new story, but yeah, kind of random. Ikumi will surely appear many times again since she’s too cool, and the fanboys definitely don’t mind. I want to see her in color. Wonder what kind of relationship she had/has with Kaoru’s dad for Kaoru to know what “hitting” on someone means! 😉

    1. I remember him as the guy who captured Chad. Ichigo ended rescuing Chad and taking out Yoko-chin and the cronies. Ichigo was even kind enough to call ambulances for him and his cronies in advance.

      It’s pretty sad though that I remembered such cannon fodder.

  3. We get to see Ichigo’s new boss.
    Another new character gets introduced….I wonder how the plot is gonna progress…
    It feels as though we’re back to square one!
    Ah and there’s a new villain too (he seems like a villain to me)

    Fai D Fluorite
      1. Well for one thing, the reset is making the manga feel just like the way I remembered it when I first started reading it. Ichigo and co. exterminating Hollows, being yankees while living out their school life. It’s refreshing for me.

      2. It’s like a reset plus chapters provide so little by little like one chapter expanded to three.

        Mankaga must be out of ideas. I’m still following this for the sake of time wasted. I just want to see the end.

      3. Bleach just turned into a street-fighting manga with shitty side characters -.- It’s even worse than the action-oriented-dragonball-Z-clone-everyone-powers-up-every-chapter-Aizen-plans-everything-but-then-gets-randomly-beaten-and-ichigo-just-loses-his-powers MESS that it was for the past year -.-

        Bleach sucks shit. Kubo’s time as a “good” mangaka has been over for years. He’s been bullshitting his way week after week, and it’s about time the editors at Shounen Jump realize that the wreck that is now Bleach should be cut from the magazine.

      4. Well clearly he is making enough money. They would have forced him to end it last arc if he wasn’t. They do with comic books, novels, and manga.
        So in the end, it is like the Twilight dilemma. You can complain about how the novel sucks. But the person is making more money than you. So in the end, who wins? The writer and the writing, our you and your internet bitching.

      5. Jump might not accept that the writer ends the manga either. If you read Bakuman so will you learn that the publisher isn’t exactly fond of the idea of authors ending successful series.

        Either way so is anything an improvement over dragging out a single fight over several years of manga.

  4. Remember when Bleach bleach was episodic and it took 4-5 for the mini-arcs to get resolved. Apparently no does, silly me. This must be a new for the manga, with slow pace and plot lines taking a long to to shape and resolve.
    This manga is clearly ruined.

  5. Is it me, or does the new guy look kinda Like Aizen? Maybe its his long lost son out for revenge. Of course, Aizen already planned that Ichigo would beat him so his son would come and get revenge for him (the only reason why he had a son in the first place). Just as planned.

  6. Just when i thought that Ishida would be again the Loner and the guy with the colder look, meh.
    Also dont Urahara have Tessai and the Kids(who the Girl herself had power Comparable to an Arrancar) to deal normal Hollows?

    Also Need moar Yuroichi

  7. I’m genuinely surprised how polarizing these last few chapters have been for people – especially considering this is the best Bleach has been since the end of the Soul Society arc.

    Bleach was built on down-to-earth hijinks, man. It was once goofy and fun and very entertaining. This is channeling that so well. The only thing that’s missing is Rukia.

    1. I read the trigun manga after watching the anime… One of the most horrid punches in the face I have ever read.
      Especially since the manga has a lot of the same character development/plot development moments as the anime, except done in an infinitely stupider manner.


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