OP5 Sequence

[flv:Ore_no_Imouto_ga_Konnani_Kawaii_Wake_ga_Nai_OP5.mp4 512 288]

OP5: 「irony」 by (ClariS)

Meruru makes the opening sequence, so it’s probably only a matter of time before Maschera characters do.

In Japan, it’s all about the uneven hands in the air for the startled pose.

「俺の妹がこんなに小説家なわけがない」 (Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Shousetsuka na Wake ga Nai)
“There’s No Way My Sister is That Much of a Novelist”

You know how you sometimes get into an discussion with someone who seems to be beyond reason and start wishing for a gun so you can either shoot them or yourself? Well I felt sorry for Kuroneko this week as she had to deal with just that in Kirino, the self-proclaimed best novelist that has yet to be discovered. Those weren’t her exact words, but that’s pretty much how her confidence came off when she was convinced that short paragraphs filled with Internet lingo and emoticons was the way to go about it. Only in the blog sphere can you get away with that trashy incoherent crap! wwwww, bwaaaka bwaaaka.

Anyway, I’m still surprised Kyousuke puts up with babysitting a couple of 14 year-old girls that Saori arbitrarily volunteers him for. I guess I could call him a “real trooper” for being the better person, but it’s kind of hard not to look at it from the other side of the fence and call him a “real tool”. Regardless of what I care to label him, the comedy that results from throwing Kyousuke into the thick of things never seems to get old, especially when these girls resort to imitating one another to show their absolute disdain for one another. It’s saying a lot when they want to kill each other for writing a fanfic where there’s a character who fits their description perfectly and she either gets violated and killed or hmm… violated repeated. What can I say, other than that girls are vicious to one another. At this rate, someone’s going to slip some drugs into the other person’s drink and we’re going to have some real casualties in this series! Okay maybe not, but Kirino and Kuroneko have a very interesting hate-hate and hate-some-more relationship, which we all know is pretty much the best you can expect when moe and plot collide in the anime world. It almost always spells trouble and some fans will never reach some neutral ground, despite how much others will insist that we can all just get along. 🙂

Comedy-wise, this episode delivered much more than prior weeks. I’m seriously glad I wasn’t drinking something when Kirino realized that Kyousuke was surfing for porn on her laptop, because that would’ve been pretty darn messy. As a nice follow-up, the latter half of the episode focused on Kirino dragging Kyousuke around to do some research for a novel that supposedly got noticed on some online site called Book Up. Given how her stories all center around younger sister characters (…entire planets of them), I gather there’s a market for that in Japan (see this series) but I’m more inclined to believe she made it all up to get Kyousuke to spend Christmas Eve with her. After all, she took some drastic measures to get him to stop complaining about their “date” and start taking care of her instead, plus made him buy a present for her under the guise of needing it for her research. To me, it all played out as a pushy girl wanting something from Kyousuke to remember the day by, which is rather cute in the grand scheme of things, if she weren’t his little sister. It’s no secret that there’s a running joke that Kyousuke is a siscon; however, I question whether Kirino is aware that her own brotherly complex is what’s bringing that about in him. I gather the answer is no — at least not right now — to which I say, “Fight the urge Kyousuke!”


Kuroneko’s last boss pose warranted a, “Kyousuke, I’m your real little sister…”, line.
Saori on the other hand had to babysit to get them into the same house together.

They say imitation is the biggest form of flattery, but really? Can anyone really say that here?
Kyousuke was flipping out over the prospect of another Kirino and I was secretly cheering for Kuroneko for saying it like it is.

“She just said a bunch of stuff and I have no idea what the hell she’s talking about. Just smile and nod. Smile… and nod.”

Imagine waking up to this every morning. *rawr*

I would definitely read Kuroneko’s novel over Kirino’s one. Even though her impersonation was pretty spot on, it wasn’t nearly as obnoxious.

Personally, I don’t see the problem. A section devoted to images followed by a wall of text. It works wonders here!

You think you know someone, then they start acting like a kid who can’t sit still at the sight of a little girl flying around with tentacles after her. “She’s possessed!”

Power to the uncensored magical girl transformations. It’s the only thing that DVD releases have left!

Well this must be awkward, sitting in a room with two underage girls and watching a naked loli on the big screen while someone on the other end of the line could be recording it all as evidence.


“Someone give me a gun! It’s her or me! We can’t coexist in this world!”, is what Kuroneko should be thinking after realizing there’s no reasoning with Kirino.

What a rookie mistake. Someone should have taught Kyousuke how to clear the browser cache or use private browsing.

That’s close to 90 degrees, but it’s hypocritical how the little sister maniac is giving him heat as the “Porn Movie Hunter” when one is arguably more healthy than the other. I said “arguably”!

Kyousuke may have lost a lot of respect as an older brother, but I question whether he had any to begin with given the kneeling position he’s always in when talking to Kirino.

Beegle? There isn’t enough siscon brainwashing in that!

“Go get hit by a truck. Buy me this ring.” Ah, what a beautiful sibling relationship. Kyousuke is both whipped and has to buy Kirino things.

What kind of store puts a 30,000 yen ring out in the open for customers to look at?

I’m kind of amazed that Kyousuke still bought Kirino some earrings, seeing as he didn’t pick up on any of the signs that Kirino wanted a Christmas present from him.

She took some drastic measures to make him comfort her too, right in front of good ‘ol Sister Mart. It’s where incestuous relationships are sold!

Stopping at a hotel just for a shower. Teen models sure have money to burn.
Remember what I was saying about damning evidence over the phone? Straight to Manami right here.

This was a Christmas date no matter how you look at it, all brought to you by Kirino herself.

ED5 Sequence

[flv:Ore_no_Imouto_ga_Konnani_Kawaii_Wake_ga_Nai_ED5.mp4 512 288]

ED5: 「Masquerade!」 by 花澤香菜 (Hanazawa Kana)

Kuroneko’s already got a Maschera ending theme? I’m completely sold on her original work now.


Can Kirino get anymore anime-like than she already is? The world might implode on itself.


  1. 30,000 yen…Really? Who has that kind of money to blow on a freaking ring? I was surprised he was even carrying around 18,000. Someone lend me some money.

    Like the captions Divine. They turned out great. And the modified OP (and ED) to boot (again).

    1. Even if that’s like $180, the only way you would catch me carrying that amount of money would be around a convention weekend! Though, their family does seem well-off since they can afford an HD TV set.

    2. Man, Kyousuke just needs to dish out some tough love. It’s not as much fun when he just gives into everything. It might make Kirino happy, but I think more tough love would make their relationship more interesting as well.

  2. L0L. i’d rather read kuroneko’s work than kirin0’s.XDD and dang,kuroneko’s so hAWWTT! in that ED seq. *drools* XDD

    anyway, the rest of the episodes are going to be interesting..XD MAWWRR KUR0NEKO!!! *shot*

  3. Im starting to really like the jexta between Kyouske and Kirino. I love how no matter how perfect Kirino is, she is never as well rounded as her brother. He has a real talent at maneuvering through life’s many obstacles that she seems too embarrassed to admit.

    And the fact that Kyouske is never jealous of Kirino’s success adds fuel to her own embarrassment when having to ask him for help.

    Oh and that Kyouske door block was awesome, it would be great if he started countering her unprovoked attacks all the time with that same nonchalant look on his face lol.

  4. Oh come on, nobody caught the…
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Really? Or maybe Divine just phased it out because he doesn’t want to believe it 😛

  5. Brownie points to Hanazawa Kana and Taketatsu Ayana for impersonating each other as their characters trash-talked each others’ novels.

    Meruru is pretty much the Nanoha in this series, it’s even got Nanoha’s trademark “befriending technique” – i.e. blow your prospective friend to smithereens with a pwnage magical cannon. Not to mention its main character is even voiced by Tamura Yukari herself.

    LMAO at Manami potentially hearing her crush spending Xmas night in a hotel with his sister over the phone.

    I would totally watch a Maschera anime if AIC ever decide to make one, just for Kuroneko’s sake. Even better if its main character is voiced by Hanazawa herself.

    Kinny Riddle
    1. I thought it was funny he wouldn’t just explain Kirino got dunked and had to clean up, she’s only his sister after all….incriminating response! Also….do they just leave buckets of water on the side of the street in winter in Japan???

  6. I am starting to think Meruru is a direct reference to Nanoha. Reasons:
    1) “Hajimarimasu” in the episode opening (preview)
    2) the risque transformation sequence with the body-wrapping ribbons and the pony-tail-swipe move near the end of it
    Other than that, the rest of the reasons are obvious.

  7. Damn it did they really did change the story for her light novel? Its a bit of a shame if they did, I really loved the original one and the probably unintentional pseudo-allusions to Koizora. I hope they left most of the scenes in though even if it is altered a bit.

    Glad to see they included the previous missing p0rn scene. A bit confused where AIC’s direction of the story, seeing as things are increasingly being changed/taken out/put in, I’ve noticed more in this episode than the others.

    Damn I have to wait until Friday till I can watch it…and this was the episode/arc I was anticipating.

    1. I’m pretty sure Divine meant “vicious” Unless he’s making some double entendre I’m not aware of. Viscosity and yuri do go hand in hand or… um… yeah, I’ll stop now.

      Also, “What kind of store puts a 30,000 yen out in the open for customers to look at?” I think you’re missing a ring somewhere in there.

  8. I thought the animation of her singing along with the Meruru OP was really cool. The way she was swinging and then popped a KIRA☆. Also, nice intro. I bet you’ve been in that situation quite recently XD

  9. viscous => vicious in the post Divine…

    Also, I think there’s some development in the way Kyousuke predicts Kirino’s attacks. Did you see the way he blocked that door attack with his hands? I hope this becomes a running gag :P.

  10. I liked the 1st part of the episode but the shopping part got creepy as if it was a date between brother and sister. I’m hoping they don.t go there but it more and more seems like this series gonna open that door (brotherXsister).

  11. Jeez. Now I’m convinced. I’d definitely watch this show if Kuroneko was the heroine, but Kirino seems like so much of a spoiled little b!tch that I can’t bring myself to like her.

    Thanks so much for covering this series! <3

  12. So basically, Kirino has a horrible attention span and can’t properly create paragraph structure, and is challenged by the concept of an entire page full of words?

    Wow. Next, they are probably going to show us that Kirino is also a horrible fanfiction writer creating self-inserts and wish fulfillment left and right, oh wait, yes they did.

    Well this episode, almost didn’t want me to punch my screen due to Kirino, and I admit some scenes were at least cute; until near the end of the episode, where she bloody pours a bucket of water on herself to prove to her brother is wrong that her novel isn’t just some self-gratification project. What the hell, man?! The shit Kyouske has to put up with.

    Gaze of Providence
  13. https://randomc.net/image/Ore%20no%20Imouto%20ga%20Konnani%20Kawaii%20Wake%20ga%20Nai/Ore%20no%20Imouto%20ga%20Konnani%20Kawaii%20Wake%20ga%20Nai%20-%2007%20-%20Large%20Snapshot%2005.jpg


    Great episode. Although I find Kuroneko’s elitist attitude a slight bit annoying, Kirino is clearly the most annoying. She knows nothing about writing or what a great story is (not that I mind mindless comedy once in a while, I do enjoy K-ON! and stuff) and accuses Kuroneko for being a bad writer because she has a great vocabulary and uses knowledge and terminology relevant to the series she’s writing fan fiction for… At least Kuroneko admits that taste is a matter of opinion and, well, she actually has some expertise at what she’s doing…

  14. I think all the dialog from previous episodes stating; “you guys don’t look alike” or “you guys can’t be bro & sister” types of statements is just setting us up for the inevitable of Kirino and big bro at the end. They’ll probably throw something in there like, Kirino was actually adopted, or taken in, and she isn’t really blood related or something.

    Whatever the case, I still love this series, and have a reason to look forward to Sunday nights.

  15. Pretty good episode imo. I wouldn’t have blamed Kyousuke for not noticing Kirino’s x-mas date plan with him, given how much shit he has to put up with his imouto, in his mind probably “There goes my Christmas eve… I must remember to delete caches next time!” XD Pretty great observation skills Divine, as I also didn’t notice Sismart. Also wtb Kaori with the Otaku look.


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