Gin reminds Ichigo of the first time they fought, when he cut Jidanbo’s arm at the gate. Ichigo states that he can’t read Gin’s heart and motives as he normally can with his opponents, and Gin calls him an interesting and creepy kid. He claims that his bankai, Kamishininoyari, can extend 13 km, and releases it. He literally cuts the surrounding town in half, but Ichigo is able to block and counterattack. He is surprised by the speed Gin retracts his sword however. Gin then reveals that Kamishininoyari is not the longest zanpakuto, but the fastest one. Ichigo becomes very nervous when fighting him, afraid that he will extend his sword.

As Isshin fights Aizen, Aizen states that he has reached his limit as a shinigami, and the Hougyoku is transforming his soul. He claims that the Hougyoku has a will of its own and that he is the master. The true power of the Hougyoku he says, is the ability to manifest the desires of those around it. That was why Rukia and Urahara, previous holders of the Hougyoku, and those around them had their deepest desires granted, but only those desires they themselves have the power to achieve. As Aizen begins to transform however, Urahara arrives and atttacks.

Nearby, Matsumoto Rangiku wakes up and murmurs Gin’s name.



Gin is a really interesting character; for one there is how he called Ichigo creepy (he’s certainly one to talk). It was also funny how Gin just went on rambling about facts about his sword and after each one Ichigo just went “don’t care”. It turns out it was part of Gin’s plan to mislead Ichigo, but he seemed to catch on quickly. Either way though, his bankai is boring and seems to only be good for cutting the town in half. They seem pretty evenly matched in this battle, although Ichigo did not release his hollow mask yet. There was a few black and white scenes in the fight, which gave off manga vibes. While everything seemed very intense however, the animation was crap, with the same images interlaced quickly over each other to give the illusion of Gin and Ichigo exchanging strikes at a blistering pace.

After screwing around with Ichigo last time, Aizen turns to messing around with Isshin as he spews loads of bullshit about the Hougyoku. It’s a good thing Ichigo did not hear Aizen’s explanation this time, or he’d probably drop dead in despair. Instead, another failed comedic moment was inserted featuring Isshin and Ichigo bickering. They did it last time in a middle of a fight as well; it’s no wonder Aizen looks down on them. Anyway, the whole Hougyoku desire-granting ability is poorly explained, has plenty of holes, and all around is just a cheap plot device pulled out of nowhere. With the evolution of Aizen’s soul beginning, we are also in for a lot more super-villain overpowered-ness.

Fillers next time.


  1. Did anyone notice that these chapters were the first ones Prooof wrote for when he joined? And only seven months later!

    But “murmur’s Gin’s name”? Wouldn’t it be better to say “calls for Gin”?

    1. But his “attacks” are laughable. if he can catch Aizen by surprise (judging by Aizens face), Urahara should have gone straight for the head. wtf is shooting someones shoulder gonna do??

  2. lackluster……on another note, there’s NOT enough “good” rukia Dojinshi’s…or am i looking in the wrong places? figured there would be TONS by now, i guess shes not that popular a character…and that’s a SHAME too because you could only take so much of nell

    BROOKLYN otaku
  3. The whole ‘Hougyoku granting your wishes’ thing might make some sense if it weren’t for the fact that I think we can safely say that Rukia didn’t have a single wish granted. As for the filler…that’s actually where I’m going to start watching Bleach again. I’ve read through the manga, watched up until the part where Aizen beats up people (like he should have done from the start) and decided that I would start watching again when they got to filler. I actually want to watch the filler more than this.

    1. Rukia’s wish was to lose all her powers, which she did an gave it all to Ichigo. She wanted to atone for her sin of killing Kaien. Aizen explained that. It was the reason why he sent her, of all people; it was expectable.

      1. It’s on the page of Aizen explaining the things the Hogyouku helped granting as wishes.

        But you mix things there a bit. This is about Rukia giving all her powers to Ichigo, at the start. If you reread that part, the very first chapter, she really only intended to give him half of her powers. She was surprised too that she lost it all.

        What you’re talking about is that Urahara’s gigai didn’t let her ‘regain’ her powers after that, and was supposed to degrade her into a simple human soul after a while. She weren’t in it for that long though, because Renji and Byakuya came and took her back to SS.

    1. Because it’s a promotional thing for the Movie that is coming out. Plus one way or another you are going to have a filler arc. There is not enough material for the newest arc in the Manga to do much for the Anime.

  4. ” It turns out it was part of Gin’s plan to mislead Ichigo…”
    “…his bankai is boring and seems to only be good for cutting the town in half.”

    With these two quotes, i will just let you figure out the rest PROOOF.

    1. ”his bankai is boring and ‘seems’ to only be good for cutting the town in half.”
      Proof is trying to pretend that he hasn’t read the manga for anime-only type-of-people, so he doesn’t spoil what will happen later on for them.

  5. (Spoiler)
    Gin is just testing Ichigo out to see whether he is fitted to defeat Aizen. Such a nice guy. 😀

    And the next 2 ep is a fillers.. The story is about acting/preparing for the 4th Bleach Movie.. 🙂

    Claire Phoenix
  6. I love how these days I can skip over the flashback and recap and still have time for work in the evenings! Thank you Bleach.

    Each time you mention how uncalled-for the bickering scenes are, do you ever realize it may be Kubo’s way to preserve some of the humor from the first season?


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