Just as Ichigo is pressing ramen guy (who reveals himself to be Ginjou Kugo) for more answers, Ikumi interrupts and tells him to leave right before he says too much. Her sudden action is rather suspicious, and either she is wary of Kugo or she’s trying to withhold information from Ichigo and she will have a bigger role than just Ichigo’s “employer”. Kugo himself could be swinging either way at this point as well: he is trying to seed doubt in the mind of Ichigo to poison him against against Urahara. While Urahara has been a good guy for the duration of the series, it’s not impossible for him to show his true colors and become the new super villain either, which would be interesting as hell. Kugo has a Substitute shinigami badge as well, which could mean he had the same status as Ichigo (human who gained shinigami powers). Either way though, Urahara and he are probably at odds with each other.

After Ginjou exits the shop he meets two new characters, Riruka and Kutsuzawa (who looks a bit like King Bradley, with his eyepatch and all) dressed in butler/maid clothing. They are obviously intrigued by Ichigo as well, as evidenced by their disappointment at not meeting him. Back in the Urahara shop, Karin gets a bunch of crap from Urahara, supposedly to be used to protect her brother, though it doesn’t seem she has any real powers yet. Kugo however hints to Ichigo that Urahara will be a threat against his family, and as usual Ichigo is the only clueless one around here. And ironically, this chapter is titled “The Known”.

With the release of another Bleach movie in early December, there were nice several color spreads and also a special Hell arc chapter, which I’m guessing it’s some sort of prequel or preview for the film. The two “bad” arrancar Szayel and Aaroniero have ended up in hell where they are as idiotic as ever. The movie-only character Shuren seems to want to use them and Super Hollow Ichigo to break open to gates of hell. Him and his underlings look pretty strong as well, able to take on two arrancar. Shuren looks like a pretty generic Bleach villain however, and has a similar feel to previous movie villains and even villains in the Bount arc and Aizen.

As with the previous movies, this one will come out in theaters only, and outside Japan, fans will probably have to wait until the dvd is released.


  1. If Urahara becomes a main villain in this series, I may just become a full-time fan again.

    However, as it stands, Bleach has been losing my interest since Aizen’s fight with Ichigo.

  2. This reminds me of the vizored when they first came for Ichigo, same pattern;one guy makes direct contact and then we have a chat with some of the new characters about Ichigo :p

    Oh and that new chick looks like some masochist type :>

    1. @Anon23: Not really. I just happened to choose my lurker handle when I started to get into the series. That was just after Naruto started up again from the time skip hiatus. sigh…

      @AznCoffee: Psyren’s far from a piece of crap. It had some pacing problems but at least it knew where to focus on in the story. IMO One Piece is the only of the big three that actually kept up its quality.

  3. Bleach has a global following. I fail to see the logic in only releasing the movie to theatres in Japan. I’m tired of being treated like a second class fan. I have to wait for the dvd to come out, then wait for someone to translate it. And almost for certain, at that point, I ain’t buying no dvd. I’m going to watch it online, in less than stellar definition and be satisfied. BUT.. If the movie were to be released in select theatres here in the US, I would not mind driving up to NY, paying the 20 or so bucks and enjoying an animated feature or two..
    I just don’t see the logic. Don’t they want our money?

    1. Bleach isn’t massively popular to the point where a movie would do well in the US. Most people would rather just watch it subbed online anyway.

      Besides, its rare that I see an anime movie that’s actually worth the hype. A few of the One Piece movies were excellent and the third Bleach movie was pretty good, but they’re exceptions.

  4. Is it just me or do Riruka and Kutsuzawa have that filler arc feeling to their character designs? I mean, when I look at them they don’t like people that belong in the main storyline.

  5. juz wondering, why is it that in the trailer of the new movie, we see Ichigo and Ulquiora’s fight again? (and i gez wid sum additional scenes) not that im complaining, i wud luv to see that part again, but im juz wondering, what’s the connection of that fight with the whole movie?

    1. Kubo said it on his twitter that the movie starts with the recap of Ulquiorra’s and Ichigo’s fight. That’s just it. It is where the hell movie plot starts, as the villain guy here in this chapter were seeing that fight in his lantern.

  6. Well Kubo’s back to his old strategy of “when in doubt: make new characters”. We didn’t even get 1/3 of an arc before this started. Chad hasn’t made a single appearance so far which either suggests that he’s either so unimportant that Kubo left him to fade away or that he’s unpopular in Japan. As for the movie, why on Earth would they use two unpopular Arrancar who probably shouldn’t even be in hell? We didn’t see any gates opening to drag them away when they were killed. Seriously they’ve got Halibel, Ulquiorra, Starrk and Barragan and they choose those two?

    1. This isn’t seem to be taking place in the present. Aaroniero and Szayel were the first two Espada to die, and the hell villain guy just got the image of full-hollow Ichigo in his lantern, meaning this is probably around the time when Ichigo went berserk at Ulquiorra. The Top3 were still alive and fighting in Karakura at this point.

      1. Unless you saw something in a trailer that I didn’t I’m fairly sure it’s happening in the present. Yuzu gets kidnapped and Ichigo makes a big deal about how he’s going to rescue her.

      2. At no point did we see any of the dead Arrancar go to hell. There was no point during the entire Hueco Mundo arc where Ichigo could have conceivably gone to hell. If we want to look at it logically then the only halfway decent explanation is some kind of time warp that could be used to justify the presence of any of the Arrancar and not just two of the least impressive, but we have to remember that these movies aren’t canon so they don’t follow the timeline of the manga. In other words they could have just as easily used any of the Arrancar and decided to use those two.

      3. Saying “If we want to look at it logically” doesn’t make you logical.

        Szayel and Aaro died, got to Hell, got beaten up by the Hell mob, then the Hell mob leader witnessed Ichigo’s full hollow transformation and decided to lure him to hell. Which all took place when all these things happened, logically. Logically: they were watching the progress of the HM Arc to see is some dead guys end up in Hell, and see if they can be useful or not. Logically: there was no point is fiddling with Sz and Aa if they already knew about Ichigo. They didn’t. Things are happenning real time. Sz and Aa died, proved to be useless, but no problem because Monster Ichigo just appeared on LanternTV, on live.

        And I think this was quite obvious for about 90% of the people reading this chapter.

      4. Alright, lets see if I can figure out what you’re saying. If I understand you correctly you’re arguing that this is taking place roughly at the same time as the Hueco Mundo/False Karakura Town arcs.
        So I will say again. Those two did not go to hell. The gates never opened (something they did rather blatantly when the criminal Hollow early on was killed). There were witnesses to Szayel and Aaroniero’s deaths who would have seen them getting impaled on that giant blade.

        Now, even if we accept that the gates and all that happened off screen (Kubo’s done worse) that still doesn’t explain how they could kidnap Yuzu. At this point in time she would be in the real Karakura town in Soul Society where we clearly saw there weren’t any disturbances.

        Lastly, even if somehow they did go to hell and Yuzu did get kidnapped off screen that still doesn’t explain that Ichigo somehow gets there when he should be fighting Aizen and why the description released states that Rukia and Renji were dispatched by Soul Society to investigate a portal to hell opening up (if this is taking place during the False Karakura Town arc those two are stuck in Hueco Mundo).

    1. I have been saying all along that they just dropped Nel as if she didn’t even exist. Ichigo was ready to die to protect her and they were even closer then his own sisters and then POOF no more Nel?

      I’m hoping they saving her for a future arc and either Nel show up in adult form as a villian (because he left her behind) or he getting his ass kicked in a bad ass fight against some super villian and she show up to save his ass!

  7. wow I like the title of this post Prooof-san, and it’s true: that’s why the “audience” ALWAYS get the full perspective…

    we’ll get more of the 4th movie next week on anime anyway (besides the manga), and I’m just praying Urahara isn’t the new bad guy. at least let us fans know about what things Urahara did within the century?

    please, Urahara-sensei must NEVER be the bad guy…

  8. uh… just a random observation… didn’t Kugo take Ichigo’s SS badge? cause the arc IS called the lost substitue shinigami badge arc or something… or is that my mistake?

    Rise~N Seraphim
  9. Yet another senior citizen and a cute girl with a spunky attitude. I have a feeling, like the vizards, that there is a lot more of these …… whoever they are people wandering around somewhere. It’s hard to say why they suspect Urahara, seeing how he’s the person who had helped Ichigo multitudes of time, though Urahara did try to destroy the hougyoku using Rukia.

    Mmmm, Karin is getting free stuff, that sounds sort of fishy.

    code fanboy
  10. Urahara becoming a villain would be so huge. It seems so unlikely given the way the story has gone so far, but I wouldn’t put it out of the realm of possibility. I wonder if Urahara being a villain would indicate Yoruichi as well. Either way, the ending of that chapter seems awfully suspicious.

  11. The gates only opened once, then haven’t been opening since then, even though Ichigo and the other Shinigami have slain countless Hollows on screen since then. The statistical probability of none of them being assholes before they died is close to zero. Kubo sinply just stopped making every hollow death that dramatically important, similarry, none of them are shown getting to SS either, and they haven’t been performing Soul Burial either lately. We just left to assume those things happen off-screen. It obviously happened for Aaroniero and Szayel offcreen too.

    Anyhow, the problem is that you are completly mixing up the continuity there.
    For the third time I say, this happens ‘before’ the Movie. Ths is a prequel event. This is the event that leads up to he plot of the movie. This is where they see what Ichigo is capable of and decide to get him. Okay? Even the Movie itself starts with the recap fight of Ulquiorra and Ichigo (Kubo said tweeted about the Movie already), Karin isn’t kidnapped yet. They kidnap her about 10 mins into the Movie.

    1. Hm… Reply didn’t seem to work somehow, anyhow Grant, the continuity is:
      Ulquiorra-Ichigo fihght & this scene -> end of the war, where the movie goes alternate continuity and Karin is kidnapped. There is time between this and the movie’s start.

    2. You use strong terms for something inconsistent to the core. Logic and Statistical significance are only valid on real sample spaces. OTOH, Statistics does tell us that the bleach movies excepting the OVA had nothing to do with the Main story arcs. The movies were always made from time inconsistencies, or exploitable ‘breaks’ the characters/plot.

      For example, are you even sure this even happens after ulquira is defeated by ichigo?

      That gist mentions nothing about an already established event. What’s to say it isn’t the first time he’s gonna go Super-hollow? 😉

      In fact, going on with your story, how do you explain, Ichigo having no “superior” control over his powers, as he underwent that training with his Father. (since he’s evidently displaying his at-one-time shinigami/hollow/vizard powers)

      You just have to face it that there’s no grander picture here, and like with all previous movies, the events in this movie will never be brought into the Main Bleach world.

      Anyway, nice story. 🙂

  12. Man, Bleach has taken a big turn of events. I don’t think that it’s the same Bleach I used to read especially when Ichigo turned into Ninja form. And now, a new villain shows up and claims that he knows more of Ichigo’s father than he is. What the hell.

    What happen to Karin? Why is she taking free stuff from Uruhara shop? Is she taking over her brother’s Shinigami job?

    Lol…………..Just need to wait and find out more.


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