Kuugo is looking less and less like an antagonist after he supplies information and a credit card to him (perhaps something that will give him some power). Of course its still far from certain whether he has any ill intent, but my guess is that he isn’t so evil. Ichigo’s family however definitely knows a lot more and are hiding things from. Underneath her bro-complex, Yuzu also shows a slight unease for Ichigo, likely to be related to Isshin and Karin as well. Both Ishida and Inoue are seriously worried as well, with both of them heading for Ichigo’s house to investigate the mysterious presence surrounding him as of late. Inoue uses a very roundabout way of trying to figure Ichigo out however, again leaving the latter in the dark and finding out no information herself. The excitement was also stepped up slightly in this chapter, as Ishida faces off against a new character who looks like a tall thin version of Zangetsu. Unfortunately Ishida gets his arm messed up again, this time completely cut off; the poor guy is out of action already.

There is little else to be said with this much mystery and cliffhanger still in the plot. The phrase “welcome to our xcution” is left unexplained, and Isshin has been missing for most of the day. On the whole it just raised a bunch more questions and wasn’t all that interesting. As I say so often, hopefully it gets better next time with more development. The drawings also did seem a bit worse in this chapter, but there was some more cool hell arc hollow Ichigo art at the beginning for some eye candy.


  1. Go Ichigo! Go use that in a telephone box and you will be teleported to a futuristic world where you can learn PSI and bankai level Nova’s to make up for those lost Shinigami powers. Come to think of it, I know why that manga was cancelled now!

    Bleach : The Psyren arc!

    ark noir
    1. That would make me laugh so hard, yet it seems so likely that I’d probably cry too -_- Heck, with that random guy supposedly using some power that supposedly wasn’t reiatsu, and Ichigo’s reiatsu being gone (for at least a few years) you’re not exactly going to get something other than PSI or at least something similar if supernatural powers show up again.

      1. I’m getting the vibe that the guy w/o reiatsu is like how Ichigo was in the last stages of the Aizen fight. Like how Aizen couldn’t feel anything from Ichigo either. If that is true, then that means there is probably another Vizard like group of monster power haxxors of the Royal family illegitimate children or something.
        That would mean all power levels just be upped one more peg and everybody else introduced so far is pathetically weak for the new arc. Just when we thought the Super Saiyan evolution had stopped. lol.

  2. Inoue will just magic bubble his arm back together… Bad things that happen to good people just aren’t even scary or exciting anymore. If he reallllly loses his arm are dies off, I would be so happy, and I would actually be intrigued by the threat of bad guys again.

  3. I’m enjoyng this arc, it´s nice to finaly see some story again, but I hate kubo for taking Ishida out of action so soon. Some times Bleach is just like Saint Seya: it´s all about the main character, everything else is garbage…

    I fear that, in the end, this arc will be all about Ichigo recovering his powers and fighting a lot of bad guys in a row…

  4. I’m thinking this xcution or something is a group of former substitute shinigamis or shinigamis who lost their powers. And I bet they’ll give off a Veizardish vibe. It’s kinda getting repetitive seeing Ishida get owned. That guy has lost his hands a few times now.

    Oh yeah wonder what happened to Chad?

  5. bleach is just like dragon ball afther freeza new enemies will come out of no where without any kind of foreshowing one afther another.
    Seriously bleach should had ended with an epic fight between Aizen and Ichigo.

  6. I want to see Inoue and Ichigo become a couple. I know this is a shonen action series and thats the main focus but cmon… the dude has a beautiful girl thats so in love with him and he isn’t trying to get with her? Even Naruto has a storyline with Sakura/Hinata going on (moving slowly but still its moving).

    1. IchigoxRukia is the main couple focus for Bleach. I mean she slept in his closet, that’s pretty obvious.
      Of course, Inoue has her “assets” appeal, but that’s kind of a standard in Shounen series while the flat-chested girls are the main girls.

      1. So if you sleep in someone’s closet, it’s bound to be? xD Don’t let stalkers listen to you!

        Just to lay down some points, Bleach’s pilot chapter was heavily IchiHime, with Orihime wanting to confess and Ichigo always dodging Rukia’s questions if he liked Inoue or not… Also, in a interview this year, Kubo stated Ichigo and Rukia have only a strong friendship.

        Besides, I agree with Karmafan… If Rukia’s bound to be with someone, it’s Renji, who always supported her, either it meant sacrifices from him or not, like her adoption.

    1. Well your problem here is you think Proof is a professional. Proof doesn’t get paid so it’s a hobby, not a profession.

      Also it’s not like Proof’s opinion is some how less valid because Proof reads the mangastream version.

  7. Well, I personally like lots of questions in the beginning, but the problem with Bleach is that they either a) are never answered or b) given some sort of shitty answer that tells us NOTHING WHATSOEVER. X(

    And Ishida got his arm ripped off. Again. Ha. Ha.

    1. Normal Ichigo (from before the Hecco Mondo arc) has realized how precious family and friends are and how close he came to almost losing everything. He still has that air of cool and indifferent about him but I can see him becoming excited for his little sister’s score because she was excited and it was important to her.

      1. When Ichigo acts like that, he has problems.

        This happened back then in the substitute arc, at her mother’s death anniversary. He puts on a faked smile to conceal what he’s thinking about. That was when he went to school all “happy” and Orihime asked Tatsuki what Ichigo’s problem is (she’s seen through it) then there we got the flashback of his mother’s death.

  8. Everytime Kubo creates a new arc it’s like he’s creating an entirely new story. There is no connection at all. Doesn’t seem like he has a plan in where to go with this, just hope the slow pacing of the story will give out a good story this time unlike with Aizen’s neverending immortality.

    1. I think I read somewhere once that Kubo said he had no idea how to end the manga. To be clearer it was like he said he didn’t know how to end it and was just focusing on the current arc of the time. (I read this like two years ago so I think it was during him writing the whole invasion into Hueco Mundo arc.)

    2. I’m pretty sure mangaka’s will map out most if not all of the entire arc beforehand, or at least the main features of it, e.g. this guy gives Ichigo this, ichigo goes here, urahara is a traitor, etc etc. But past that, meaning future arcs, I think most mangaka’s don’t worry about that until the time comes. Except for Eiichiro Oda. He plans stuff 500 chapters in advance.

      1. That not really saying that much though considering how many chapters spends on a single arc.
        Also, name dropping a random character and then figuring out how to fit them in at a later date isn’t exactly in depth planning.

  9. Well, the arc is starting a little slowly, but I suppose that isn’t a bad thing. I would love to see Ichigo do something that isn’t usually done by the hero. Karin vs Ichigo fight at some point would be crazy. Seems completely unlikely, because Ichigo hasn’t really had any personality changes. I’m just ready for this arc to really get started now, after giving us a little bit of a slow beginning.

  10. The card said something like “welcome to your Xecution” right? Maybe they kill Ichigo, sending him off to the spirit realm, where, guess what happens, he regains his shinigami powers and saves the world.

  11. So Chad is either totally forgotten or MIA, Ishida can’t catch up even with Shinigami gone, Ichigo fails at hiding anything from anyone and can’t figure out when it’s time to tell people what’s going on and the only event worth mentioning is Ishida getting beat up to keep us guessing about who’s on what side.

  12. You know that’s why shonen sucks some times. It’s not every one whom can do it. It’s not the first time we see this, a good story but many flaws. I read fanfiction better than this. Kubo biggest mistake, a lot of useless characters. He should focus more on the first one. Like I already say say bleach should be a seinen.

  13. Sad. Ishida’s been relegated to “character you kill to show you’re powerful”. At least last time he was “sidekick that fights the small fry”, though i guess that should be expected since its normal for shonen that the smart fellows and big fellows are always 2nd tier or below

    Zaku Fan
  14. Sucks that Ishida is already taken out, but I don’t think he completely lost the arm. The story keeps picking up more every chapter. It’s just a matter of time, with all these new characters, more of Ichigo’s friends presumably being taken out, that there will be some good fights lining up. Like the return of Ryuuken and Isshin.

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