This chapter continues to drag the plot on at a ridiculously slow pacing. A lot of space was spent on uninteresting panels of Inoue swooning maniacally over Ichigo, and there’s little information shown we don’t know already. Karin, Yuzu, Ichigo, and Isshin still seem to be in mutual lack of information. The deficiency in communication is seriously causing problems among the good guys, including Ishida in this chapter who suddenly clams up and snaps at his friends after he gets injured. Without letting each other know information, the situation is looking worse and worse. Ishida’s father is quite harsh to him, but I can’t say his behavior isn’t justified given how it seems Ishida seems to be angry at having his ego burst. As for poor Ichigo he still doesn’t have a clue about what’s going on.

The last few pages do make it clear there’s a new external organization (“Xcution”) involved, but their motives and goals, aside from an intense interest in Ichigo, is still unclear. There’s also the person who attacked Ishida; from Ryuken’s analysis, they are probably some type of being related to Ichigo, and probably Kuugo the same since he had the shinigami badge. I’m guessing that they are going to be involved with giving Ichigo new powers or getting his old ones back, much like the vizards helped him control his hollow powers. The mystery is starting to build-up, but hopefully it’s not going to be a letdown.

Sorry about the delayed Bleach posts, I’m trying to find time to catch up.


  1. Actually, Ishida wasn’t so much clamming up as he didn’t remember anything about his attacker. His dad explained that later in the chapter.

    Granted, Uryuu could’ve just said ‘I don’t remember’ but I’m glad to see him acting like his usual overly prideful self. The character development has been good lately imo, people were complaining about the non-stop fights and now they complain about all the talking.

    Also loved that someone actually finally asked ‘Where’s Chad?’ 😀 He must be busy, wherever he’s working at. He’s been a giant Mexican blank space in the roster.

    1. I agree, I actually sort of like the pace right now. I like how the situation is slowly becoming more and more suspenseful. And yay Chad! I hope we get to see him next chapter.

      I also like how Ichigo is frustrated even more over not being able to help. Probably makes him appreciate his time as a shinigami more. I hope he now knows how his friends felt when he used to tell THEM to just stand aside. Like you said, interesting character development.

      I just hope this doesn’t turn out like the vizards arc did, because so far it has a similar feel. If the new characters somehow turn out to be yet another “race” of spiritual beings that were chucked out of Soul Society for some reason or another, it would feel redundant (especially since some of the fillers in the anime seem to revolve around this concept).

  2. Damn it, I really hope it doesn’t turn out like:
    “OMG FRIENDS IN DANGER” *rushes to scene*
    *friend takes care of enemy and gives corny speech*
    “You guys….” *tears up*
    *after three friends are saved, Xcution shows up and stabs 4th friend through the back*
    “Now, join us, KUROSAKI ICHIGO”
    *Ichigo is blackmailed into joining after long explanation*
    *insert training arc here*

    although I liek training arcs….

  3. You keep going about Kuugo’s badge… but isn’t it really Ichigo’s, only stolen by Kuugo? Mind the arc name, and the fact that the trace of spiritual force around Ichigo vanished, as was noted by Ishida and Inoue.

    1. 1) Kuugo’s badge is Kuugo’s. The badge we see Ichigo with earlier in chapter 424 is worn and seemingly well-used. The badge we see hanging out of Kuugo’s bag is comparatively new-looking, and is attached to a chain, which Ichigo’s lacks.
      2) If you are referring to Binktopia/Mangastream’s translation of “The Missing Substitute Shinigami Badge Arc” at the end of 424 when you say “mind the arc name”, that is a mistranslation. The correct title of the arc, from the last page of 424, is “Shinigami Daikou Shoushitsu Hen” (死神代行消失篇, literally “Shinigami Agent Disappearance Arc”) or the “Missing Substitute Shinigami Arc”. No “badge”. It’s even accentuated by the title of the chapter, “Lost Agent”. It’s referring to either Kuugo (a “disappeared” substitute shinigami?) or the disappearance of Ichigo’s powers. Probably both.

    1. Likewise confused, until I remembered the pretty normal scene about a little sister being bummed that she had a fight with her bigger brother. If that’s sufficient to qualify as incest, we’re up for a whole lot more lawsuits in our real world.

  4. What I found interesting in ch.430 was Karin assumption on p.7 that Ichigo was cold to Yuzu when on on p.7 of ch.429 Ichigo was anything but cold. It shows that Karin doesn’t actually know her own brother anymore even as she protects him. This alienation between the various family members would also help drive Ichigo into Xcution’s hands. I am curious to know what Yuzu was going to ask Ichigo in ch.429 on p.8-9.

    I also agree with what Guardian said above about the character development. I like the character development and the pace of the story suits it. The thing that originally attracted me to Bleach during the “Agent of Shinigami Arc” and “Soul Society Arc” was the different characters and that even when the characters were at their shallowest, the environment itself had ‘character’ enough to carry the story. The story has always been interesting to me because the mythos of the story and environment felt so complete. I’ve always felt that the story and goings-on in Bleach were much larger than Aizen and Ichigo and also that Urahara was tied to much larger undercurrents in the Soul Society. It will be interesting in the arc after this arc to see how the Soul King is handled based on Urahara and Aizen calling the Soul King a “thing” in ch.421 pp.18-19.

  5. I like how the arc “seems” to be planning in getting Karin more involved, but I think it would be interesting to have Yuzu play a more important role as well. Yuzu always seems to be sensitive to what everyone says, so I’m a little interested of what can be done with her character.

  6. The “Xcution” card reminds me of Psyren… mebbe now that it’s ended, Kubo Tite is liberating a few of the ideas.

    I didn’t think it could GET more boring than the Aizen arc, but this is really giving it a run for its money.

  7. no, no, no guys Xcution isn’t an “evil orginization”! kubo oreshadowed their true purpose early on in the start of this arc. ichigo’s job kept getting mentioned, and how he’s been changing jobs alot. See, Xcution is actually…

    …this! ichigo’s new job! it’s so obvious! 😛

    1. Not so much a vibe as it was EXPLICITLY MADE CLEAR. Seriously, why do we need this now, of all times?! All of the characters have either been derailed or made it very clear that they learned absolutley nothing from the last arc (which, despite taking years and years and years to print, only took place in the course of A SINGLE DAY. HOW THE HELL DOES ALL OF THAT HAPPEN IN ONE DAY?!).

  8. Actually I liked that scene with Orihime’s silly moment… it left me a smile, remembering the times before and my reason for liking her personality. I agree with Kwerboom because I liked Bleach being a shonen but having relate-able situations such as school, friends, family — a teenage life basically.

    I still have to wait and see… there’s more the plot could show because I like the enemies being people who are like Orihime and Chad. They were left out entirely in the second arc well except Orihime, but she was really useless so this works for me. Finally, a well deserved spotlight for a time especially for Chad if only he was there…

    Though,Yuzu’s random incest vibe was sure damn random and a worry for me personally (_ _;;)


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