Well as predicted last time, the Xcution is indeed aiming to restore Ichigo’s shinigami powers. I didn’t really enjoy this development as I was hoping there would be something different and that it wouldn’t be almost a mirror situation with the vizards (Ichigo gets desperate and has to go to some external organization for help with his powers). Like the vizards, I suspect the Xcution is not working for Soul Society, and it doesn’t seem they are affiliated with Zero Squad either. If Ichigo does get his shinigami powers back however, Zangetsu and Hichigo might show up again and we might find out more of the mysterious “Final Getsuga Tenshou” and no doubt there will be flashbacks. With the way Bleach has developed over the years, his super powers (FGT and SSJ3 hollow) will probably come back and become overused, losing their awesomeness. That’s just being pessimistic though, so maybe things will go differently this time.

Not much else happened in this chapter aside from the revelation of the Xcution’s goal; they certainly are very shady and we don’t even know if they are affiliated with any other group or not. The intrigue continues to build however, as both Isshin and Chad seem to be missing and I suspect Ryuken is correct in that they will be attacked as well. The way the story is going, Ichigo will probably have to train up and save his friends/family yet again, and of course it will end with another mega-boss fight. I’m hoping the other characters will be able to put a good fight this time and accomplish something important towards the story other than being objects of rescue.


  1. Kinda 😐 how they’re gonna bring back his powers. sigh D: but that means Rukia will come back! YES

    The Xcution cards remind me of the manga Psyren. Anyone read it? 😀
    and the bartender guy reminds me of Shelly de Killer in Phoenix Wright (DS) series lol

  2. I’m still hoping this gets a lot better but this chapter more than ever had me… angry? Someone NEEDS to tell Kubo to use more dialogue bubbles, and less of that “ne dialogue bubble in a giant empty panel” thing. It gets very annoying and I feel like he’s wasting time and space. I mean how long is this arc going for? A half a year? I don’t remember but I hope he picks up pace with the exposition and revelations soon.

  3. Ah indeed we all did see this coming, but were hoping for something else. Seems to be the nature of this series, but it feels like Kubo is never satisfied with his current set of characters and always needs to add more. I’ve loved some of the characters he’s added in, but then they get SO downplayed for the new “character of the moment”. Looks like we have another group of like 4 characters we will see for awhile before they are killed/downplayed.

    I think it would have been more interesting if xcution had been some organization bent on saving Aizen, and they wanted Ichigo to help out or something. Ichigo being somewhat sympathetic goes along with it and has a showdown with Karin at the end. I’m ranting now but Kubo really needs to shake things up a bit in my opinion.

    I suppose there hasn’t been a reason for why they want to get his powers back, but I am not getting my hopes up.

    1. My thought exactly, what do Kugo and Xcution hope to achieve by restoring Ichigo’s powers? I doubt they’ll do it without benefiting from it.

      Well I doubt Kugo will end up being the bad guy though as no bad guy would ever like Ramen.

  4. What’s always bothered me is that Bankai is supposed to be a pretty awesome form in and of itself–it takes decades of training and only a select few people are capable of using it, so Ichigo being able to use Bankai should be such a big deal that it should at least have been useful if not a game-winner for a very long time. Getting punched by Luffy still hurts, everybody freaks out and runs away from a Rasengan, but opponents just shrug off getting hit with a Bankai for the most part.

    Obviously this being a shounen manga I’m not surprised that other forms have popped up, but I was always kind of annoyed with how Kubo would throw away the last ultimate power in favor of a new one instead of making Ichigo learn to use his last power more effectively, or just plain fight smarter with it.

    I guess what I’m most worried about is that if Ichigo does get his shinigami powers back (he will), then what’s next? Every time he’s about to fight somebody he goes into Mugetsu mode? His super ultra Hollow mode? Buildup would be nice, honestly.

  5. damn who the hell in this world is still not letting ichigo off? his hollow? cumon, let ichigo be some pure shinigami, can?

    it wouldn’t be bad to restore ichigo powers (he’s the main guy anyway), and more like he would have more time this time to learn more about zangetsu, hopefully…

    kinda bored next chapter’s… quite a few weeks away. i’ll be bored here…

    (haiz hope kubo’s thinking would be more flexible… and if people didn’t know, it’s been rumoured that anime would stop next july, which means after aizen is… prosecuted…)

  6. I doubt Ichigo would use Final Getsuga unless he wants to lose his powers again unless… I hope that Kubo now doesn’t invent something crazy saying that after the first one all other doesn’t make you lose your powers and then he make that technique like Ichigo’s bankai: overused and boring.

  7. The first thing i thought of when i started reading this chapter is “Crap, all these redialing is gonna drag a hell lot of pages in the typical Kubo style…” Thankfully it just skipped through the process. Hopefully sooner or later there is a reason for this procedure, otherwise it just look more like a prank call…

  8. I just want to know Isshin’s backstory. Ever since they revealed him being a Shinigami in so many hundred of chapters ago. Where does he fit in the Shinigami world? How did he lose his powers? How did he came to meet Ishida’s Dad?

  9. Well, right now. Bleach is in stand still for me. Dunno, if Ichigo learn to control his Dark Side, or regain His Shinigami Powers, or he dont realized that his Powers just “exchanged”.

    And, i bet my Post here. the Guy how slashed His Friend, was the Leader of these Xcution. Just a “push” in their direction they want.

  10. Sheesh, comepared to the Vizards and Urahara, their hide out is the bomb. I’m guessing this is possibly the one place where Ichigo would get some good relaxing training to get his powers back.

    Code fanboy
  11. I think the main problem with Bleach is that Kubo wrote the SS arc way too well.
    I’m sure everyone will agree that was the best Bleach arc. Its like Kubo went all out in that arc, and has run out of fresh ideas after it ended. Having read something as epic as the SS arc, it’s hard to get used to the current plot/pace.

    In essence, we were spolied by SS arc, and everything now seems dull and redundant in comparison.

  12. “Wow, 5 minutes early. You must be serious.”


    Here’s a question: WHO THE HELL CARES?!

    And all that overly-complicated dialing passcode BS did was make me imagine how many times I would mess up trying to get it right before just giving up entirely. Which is exactly how this arc should’ve ended.

    Ichigo (hangs up): Man, screw this.
    Isshin (walks in): Hey Ichigo, I know this is kind of late, but want me to explain the whole ME BEING A SOUL REAPER thing?
    Ichigo: Sure thing, pops! But later, can we get family therapy to help stop Yuzu’s random incestuous fantasies and this whole family having communication issues? Seriously, you ditch your kids for an undetermined amount of time and Karin starts hanging out with weird old shopkeepers, and I clearly haven’t learned a damn thing from the last arc because when a new situation comes up, I keep it all to myself, because I ALWAYS KNOW HOW TO HANDLE RANDOM PEOPLE WHO LURE ME BACK TO THEIR LAIR SO WELL.
    Isshin: Okay!

  13. Honestly, I really expected ichigo gaining new, human powers like chad and orihime, just going back to being a shinigami is lame, it seems too predictable and easy now, i kinda lost my thrill for this arc.


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