As Ichigo fights Gin, he uses his hollow mask and Getsuga Tenshou to break through Gin’s zanpakutou, but he blocks the attack and breaks Ichigo’s mask. He taunts Ichigo for his lack of strength and willpower and states that he will never be able to defeat Aizen, causing Ichigo to become distressed. Gin tells Ichigo to leave and that Aizen would be disappointed with him.

Urahara, Isshin, and Yoruichi continue to attack Aizen, but they are unable to injure him. Aizen admits that Urahara was more clever than himself but asserts that their power level makes their attempts meaningless. However, Yoruichi manages to crack Aizen’s armor using Shunko and Urahara attacks with Benihime and Isshin uses Getsuga Tenshou. Aizen still emerges unharmed, although his cracked armor reveals an unknown purple mass inside, and Isshin states that he cannot feel Aizen’s spiritual pressure at all. Aizen begins to transform again as he sheds his armor, and defeats all three of them easily. He leaves Ichigo and heads to Soul Society along with Gin. Inside the gate, Aizen destroys the Kototsu and states that they will go beyond reason. Isshin gets up and tells Ichigo to open the Senkaimon and that they will go to protect Karakura Town. Although Ichigo states that it is impossible, Isshin realizes that Ichigo is the only one strong enough to understand Aizen’s reiatsu . Inside the Gate, Isshin notices the Cleaner is gone and decides to take advantage of the separate passage of time inside the Gate to teach Ichigo the “Final Getsuga Tenshou”. At the real Karakura Town, some of the residents begin waking up, and Aizen approaches.



Like last time, this episode was pretty fast paced and kept up the excitement throughout. The plot is building up to the climax and so luckily there isn’t too many dragged out scenes. Aizen’s overpoweredness continues and he easily deflects anything Urahara, Isshin, and Yoruichi throw at him, which is actually quite a few tricks. Really though Aizen isn’t using much skill in his fights, but rather just relying on the Hougyoku to negate damage. He doesn’t even use his bankai, though the same goes for Urahara and Isshin/Yoruichi (my assumption). Regardless though they really are quite strong and it’s a shame that Kubo reserves the big action for Ichigo. Their attacks are pretty cool too, from Urahara’s skilled kido and Benehime’s powers to Isshin’s Getsuga Tenshou which feels a lot strong than Ichigo’s. That would make sense though as he’s probably had far more training and experience than Ichigo.

Ichigo, who has been sitting on the sidelines with Gin, got depressed and distraught — reasonable given Aizen’s strength, but as Isshin reminded him he did forget that all his family and friends would die if Aizen got to them, and he has no choice but to try. The whole time freeze thing borrowed from DBZ inside the Senkaimon was of course pretty lame, but at least hopefully we’ll see Ichigo’s new ultimate attack in action soon, especially if the current pace keeps up. Aizen obviously expects it though as he didn’t destroy the Cleaner for no reason.


  1. Actually thats the problem with Aizen. He, with active hogyoku, is a basically reality warper.

    If attack has even smallest chance to miss, it will miss.
    If attack has even smallest chance to not damage him, it will not damage.

    If he has potential to increase his power, he will increase his power and so on.

    Hogyoku can negate anything according to the possibilities of its owner. Just being as strong as Aizen means nothing. It only means that after your first few hits, Aizen will be stronger than you are.

    All Aizen did so far is copy Ichigo’s progress. AIzen currently is at the style and evolutionary level Ichigo had after his Vaizard training (hence the eyes and etc), however considering Aizen was way stronger than Ichigo when he got there, his stats scale accordingly after.

    Aizen is like that final fantasy boss who has a huge regen and can regen 100% health in one turn.

  2. Oh no, who will save poor Ichigo, the shonen in distress? Will the cries of help from Ichigo be able to alert Rukia? Will Ichigo be surrender meekly and crushed like an ant or will Orihime come to his rescue?

    Tune in next time to see the new shoujo anime Bleach!

    Zaku Fan
  3. Like I said in the last post, this episode covered 1/3 of volume 47. In 10 episodes max I say that whole Aizen thing is over is they keep that pace.

    Then I’d like to see the series end for one year and come back after with something like Bleach 2. I know it’s silly, but let’s face it, there’s no way they will stop that cash machine.

  4. We really arent that far behind the manga. They gotta be making an anime filler arc as we speak. They should make an arc about Nell and what happened to her after the Hecca Mundo arc moved on to SS. The whole arc can be about her and leave Ichigo and his friends out of it. Maybe she gets her real form back and rules Hecca Mundo?


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