Isshin tells Ichigo that in the Precipice World, time flows 2000 times as fast as the outside world, meaning that he could train 2000 hours inside and only have an hour pass in the real world. Isshin then seals the Restrictive Current, using his reiatu to give about three months for Ichigo to get the answer to the Final Getsuga Tenshou. For the first time, Ichigo uses “Jinzen” to meditate and communicate with his zanpakuto outside of battle. He enters his inner world which has been submerged in water, and meets a hooded figure who says he is Tensa Zangetsu (in bankai) and attacks Ichigo. Isshin states that Zangetsu, like his own Engetsu, will not teach him the technique willingly. Zangetsu states that he will not teach him the Final Getsuga Tenshou because what he wants to protect is different from what Ichigo wants to protect. He shows Ichigo the city representing his inner world, which has degenerated from one full of skyscrapers to a small town, showing how Ichigo has lost hope and willpower. He states that he will rip out the despair, and draws out his hollow form.
In the real Karakura Town (which had been moved to Soul Society), Keigo and Tatsuki wake up to find everyone in the town seemingly asleep. Tatsuki finds Chizuru and Michiru asleep and they move them to the school. She has also deduced that the town had been moved to another place, probably something related to Ichigo. Unfortunately they meet up with Aizen and Gin and although they don’t lose their existence, Tatsuki is frozen in place due to her proximity with Aizen’s reiatsu. She tells Keigo to flee, and suddenly another person arrives.



This week’s episode was just as intense as the last few as the plot steamrolls forward. Aizen is obviously aware that Ichigo will arrive soon with new powers which takes some element of surprise out of it, but again villains’ ego and overconfidence has always been their downfall. At this point however Ichigo is pretty out of it as his inner world visually portrays— he’s in utter despair. It’s clear where this is going of course, as Zangetsu/Hollow Ichigo will whip him back into shape and he’ll be back in the fight all charged up and ready to use his new powers. However as Isshin mentioned, there is a reason Zangetsu does not wish to teach Ichigo the final technique (manga viewers already know). Luckily Ichigo does have 3 months to try to force it out and the only problem I see is Isshin getting very bored waiting around.

As for Zangetsu, his younger form looks cool, albeit a bit androgynous; with his hood on he felt a bit like the Satan from the Passion of the Christ. I’m glad to see him around though as he is making things exciting. He is keeping a lot of pressure on Ichigo (as usual), even ripping right into his chest to pull out Hichigo in the full hollow transformation, which I inferred to mean that was the “source of his despair”. Back in Karakura Town, Ichigo’s friends are finally seen. It’s fairly clear they won’t be able to do anything to Aizen however and will just have to hold out until Ichigo arrives to save them.

Fillers next time again, as the anime is getting pretty close to the manga.


    1. By now you should expect fillers…Sooner or later when this arc finishes the manga arc still wouldn’t have enough content to start it on the anime. So you’re need to prepare for that too or you will go crazy.

      1. I realize now that a mixture of Byakuya and Ulquiorra is kind of fitting as Ichigo’s final inner battle, since both of them were very crucial fights in his career as a Soul Reaper.

        But I also have no doubt this was accidental. Freaking Kubo. And his Fringe Brilliance.

        Anyone else putting off reading the manga until the anime catches up so they have more to read?

    1. I’m guessing its a combination of them not being close enough yet to Aizen, them being around Ichigo and his posse in the past so they have some slight resistance to spirit pressure vs. the average person, and conveinent plot armor.

  1. For quite a while now the manga writer has been milking the series in terms of large panels that have very little going on. The whole manga weekly can be 10-12 pages long and full of huge panels of people looking at staring at each other with a few lines of dialogue thrown in. So the anime series is very quickly catching up to the manga. Im guessing once this Aizen vs. Ichigo business is resolved (don’t want to spoil it for anime only folks) we are going to have some huge anime only filler to give the manga some breathing room.

    Has anyone heard anything about what the new filler arc will be about?

  2. Yup not only closed but probably the end of the anime, for now, as it been said that Tite Kubo is planning to do the manga for another 10 years being only halfway done with the story he wants to tell in Bleach.


    Good to see the animation was of HQ and it clear for me at least why only train for the 3 months since I miss that part in the manga. 1st post but long time reader.

  3. Alright, I was waiting for this epicness in Bleach to come and then the fillers…well let’s just say I can’t complain if it has Hitsugaya and Ishida’s dad in it (you know it will be a funny episode with him in it). IMO I was more :O (shocked) to see Tensa and Hichigo than Aizen’s new look. Good episode~

  4. 2000- “Hey, Studio Pierrot! Let’s pick up a shonen manga that takes 10 years to write an entire story arc in, and adapt it into an on-going anime that cannot stop production whatsoever! What could go wrong?!”

  5. haha fillers are great, gets my sister watching some rukia…

    the episode is good, at least it flows well, and yeah we’re gonna see more sidekicks, and sure I forgot some people are coming to help drag time, like…

    is tensa zangetsu’s voice familiar (to shuren?) or is it just me?

  6. ummm I thought isshin said only those on Aizen’s level could feel his reiatsu, you sure it wasn’t Gin that was being felt. I hope that’s the case because there’s no way Tatsuki is anywhere close to Aizen. I don’t even think she can handle Ichigo in Shinigami form.

  7. I can already hear the bitching starting when the fillers start after this arc. Trust me, it’s only get worse after this last filler. As for the episodes, i can’t wait to see Mugetsu.

    Alex Dino
  8. Whoa, the anime is already here?
    The anime is actually better than the manga in terms of background drawings. Too many damn white/black/words-only panels and shitty backgrounds in recent volumes/chapters.

    10 years more of Bleach manga?? Seriously? Chpt 423(vol 48) was the perfect ending to the series


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