I really could not stop laughing at Riruka’s reaction to seeing Ichigo. Her reaction makes it seem as if she has been extremely deprived of pretty boys to squeal over and although this isn’t a shoujo manga, I’ll admit Ichigo does have his bishounen moments. Regardless it was completely unexpected and out of place, and the result was actually very humorous. As for the actual bulk of the chapter this week, Ginjou spent most of it explaining more information about their identity. Chad is allegedly also one of the Fullbringers and I assume the powers he had developed previously were part of this status. Their purported motive seems believable enough — wishing to get rid of their powers much like Ichigo is often at odds with his hollow powers. Chad tells Ichigo that he knows that Ichigo powers to protect his friends, but the whole interaction in that scene felt rather stiff to me and wasn’t believable. It’s also not very clear how giving Ichigo the Fullbringer powers would also restore his shinigami powers and there’s a few jumps in logic (in Ginjou’s explanation), but if it does work, Ichigo is in for a major power-up, likely to be far beyond his pre-loss ability. If they are telling the truth, the deal is pretty much a no-brainer, and Ichigo doesn’t have anything to lose.

I’ve often ranted about how Bleach just seems to be getting very formulaic, repeating the cycle of new characters followed by new powers followed by defeating some enemies; it really is getting repetitive after so many years. However here I’m actually pretty interested in seeing how this turns out for Ichigo and seeing the potential of extremely powerful set of abilities. Of course, it would still be better if the story didn’t settle back into the same old plot with Ichigo powering up then having to go save his friends and fight a couple baddies of increasing strength.


  1. …but knowing Kubo, those powers will get cancelled out somehow when Ichigo gets back his shinigami status and Chad will keep his powers for the sake of not disappearing from the manga/given the role of hostage all the time.


  2. repetitive cycle, but somehow we are slave to them, i said i lost interest before and yet somehow i can find some time to read again( geez my weak self ) anyway what a weird way of getting power back, then does this mean orihime will give up her power as well? and i suppose he keep gathering more of this “fullbringer” as some sort of power up pill. i guessing the next plot will be smoking several more “fullbringer” and some sort of shonen story attached, there you go another arc. P.s. where the hell does rukia gone off to, to think he risk everything to save her before , it really cruel of her to just went away and not even coming back to say hi.(i know i’m few chapter late, but i was actually thinking she might appear before something like fullbringer came out, oh well)

  3. Hahahahahahaha, Well, Ichigo is REALLY doing a good job getting his unwanted harem. I can make a list of the girls he attracted: Lirin, Senna, Orihime, Nel, and now Riruka. But anyway, this deal sounds too good to be true. Something’s up. Especially Ginjou, who hasn’t even shown Ichigo his badge, which makes no sense. They already have someone who is both a shinigami and a human. Man, a plot twist is going to come.

    Mmmmm. I wonder what would happen if Fullbring was use on Kon?

    Code fanboy
      1. But Ichigo’s strength over Aizen was only momentary. He cut him in half with the Final Getsuga Tenshou, and Aizen still survived and started evolving. If not for Urahara’s seal, Ichigo would have lost that battle either way, with or without the FGT. Aizen was only getting stronger and stronger after each defeat, Ichigo couldn’t have beat him without the FGT; it was only a matter of time until Aizen evolves beyond him; wearing him out or damaging him enough on the long run was not an option for victory there, because on the long run his Hogyouku and his regeneration only made him stronger and stronger. The bet was on giving him a damage large enough to kill him in one shot, and even that failed.

      2. Yeah in the end FGT is useless. Can’t even beat Aizen without Urahara sealing off Aizen. Which makes me think, Aizen is still alive and could any time escape and Urahara is getting suspicious every minute. Urahara might be the real “Just as planned” guy.

      1. Nah, the FGT wouldn’t destroy Aizen, he would just say “Just as planned.”, and then his sword takes action and reveals that what he destroyed wasn’t Aizen: It was someone that Ichigo loves. Seriously, Kyoka Suigetsu is overpowered, this arc could’ve been an illusion all along.

  4. “It’s also not very clear how giving Ichigo the Fullbringer powers would also restore his shinigami powers”

    I only read scanlations, not understanding Japanese and all, but I was pretty sure that they needed to restore his powers first, in order for him to be ABLE to take their powers.

  5. haha Ichigo is hot 😀 that made me laugh
    I would just like to point out that I KNEW she was gonna say that. Call it a woman’s intuition but seriously I practically said the words before she did.

    But does anyone remember those day when ichigo had scary eyes and no one liked him? Yea those days before he became bishi-fied and was practically a gangster (not that I’m complaining but I recall at one point that was one of his over exaggerated features…)

  6. I like the hint on page 14 about a previous shinigami/human hybrid. Being as Aizen created the Hōgyoku before Urahara, Aizen probably created shinigami/human hybrid before Urahara created Ichigo. I say: ENTER KUBO’S NEWEST CHARACTER, THE SON OF AIZEN!

    1. Judging from Kubo’s past as a writer, it’ll probably be an old character with a new background that completely contradicts the story before. It’ll be something like, “Ichigo’s dad wasn’t originally from Soul Society… yeah, he was actually a human!” or some other bullshit Kubo will inevitably pull again.

  7. Mabey its just Post-Aizen syndrome but I am actually a little excited about this arc. I mean ya we have the *power-up* formula going on but just because Bleach goes about it in a rather standard way its not like it is unique to the series. Everyone knows whole shounen genre is chalk full of Dozens, hundreds of manga have followed the same path its a requirement of the genre. Bleach has a special place for me since it was really what got me interested/addicted to this whole anime thing and what really caught my attention was the distortion between what was considered “good” and what was most certainly evil and Ichicho the small initially insignificant piece of debris caught in this never ending storm between these two cosmic forces.

    At least with this arc it feels as if Bleach is attempting to recapture the whole *mystic* of it’s own world without the use of some omnipotent, ever-present villain to turn the wheels and perpetuate the dastardly deeds behind the scenes.

    I honestly hope that they explore ichigo himself a little deeper. Mabey discuss the possible mental trauma of being half hollow, of literally DIEING and returning a full blown engine of destruction. Lol may sound kinda shmalty but I hope this is an “Ichigo” mini arc.

  8. To me, the whole “manipulating the soul of an object to max its potential” thing kind of sounds like the “talking to your sword’s soul to realize its full bankai powers”. Mix of shinigami and hollow power origins? Or is it just revamping of an old concept. I just think Fullbring powers would let Ichigo talk to Zangetsu better as the end result. If Bleach turns into fight scenes where Ichigo starts picking up spoons and pencils to fight, then that would turn out really freaky (or turn into MAR/Mixim).

    1. LOL, look at “Yoruichi”, “Nell” or “Yachiru”. They’re all not very common names.
      But Riruka will never be the new female lead. Neither will Orihime. It’s Rukia, always Rukia. she’ll come back – no doubt about that.

  9. This chapter reminds of those book of the fallen ones from the Book of Bantorra anime. It seems Kubo will finally adapt labu-labu conquest mode(it’s about time for Ichigo to get raped by any Bleach girl) for restarted Bleach and how Piccolo absorbs Kami-sama, except Kubo let Ichigo gain all techniques and powers from the one that give it to him.

  10. LOLed at your title

    but WHAAAAT?? Chad’s and Ichigo’s interaction didn’t seem believable to you? Wow. I found it very touching. Chad is Ichigo’s oldest friend (except Tatsuki) and was always his closest until Rukia popped up, until Ichigo became so strong that those two couldn’t fight side-to-side anymore. Even though Chad could (now that the gap in power isn’t there anymore) grow closer to Ichigo again, he rather gives up his own powers for him (and we know that he needs his right arm to protect as well). He is also THE ONLY ONE of his friends, who dares to speak the truth: ichigo is a mere shadow of himself, it hurts to look at him in this state. While EVERYONE ELSE acts as if they believe his denial, Chad actually tries to help him. I can’t believe this left you completely cold. Chad is a man of few words, but when he says something it’s true and comes right from hus very big heart.

    You may rant about Bleach getting repetitive. But I rant about people who lack understanding of characters.

    1. *de-lurks just to say*

      well said about chad’s character and reaction to what ichigo has become. in the history of bleach, we can count how many lines he had said in this manga. very little. but some of it didn’t lack meaning or quality. it really revealed what his character is all about. now, after a long absence in the current manga chapters, he shows up and we get to see how helpless he feels to see ichigo a mere shadow of himself.

      what he said in this chapter may look cheesy, forced, sudden to people, but kubo had given us yet another proof how insightful, observant and selfless chad is when it comes to his friend.

      *de-lurks again*

  11. ANd yes. ITs free cheese in a mousetrap.

    Ginjou still conveniently made sure that Ichigo does not get the chance to ask about Ishida’s attackers and conveniently forgot to mention the shinigami badge he has, not to mention countless of “smiling in shadows” faces per chapter.

  12. So.. We all know ichigo is gonna get his powers back, but on of the xcution members is a bad guy, so he’ll absorb all the other powers and become immortal and ichigo will go to aizen for advice (aizen is like hannibal at this point) …then he must go to that king guy where he will meet his mother and afterwards stop the new SUPER BAD GUY.

  13. There’s a chance Ichigo won’t get a power-up after the Fullbringers give them their powers. Ginjou clearly said they needed Ichigo regaining his powers so they could get rid of theirs by giving them to Ichigo.
    This new girl will prove to be a strong rival for Orihime. I wonder how Orihime and Rukia will react when they find out a loudmouth Fullbringer’s got a huge crush on Ichigo.

  14. Well, we need to have Patience. The Story needs time, to raise the new Villain after all. Why he need his Powers back to Protect his friends? Did we saw a glimpse of the New Villains? Well, you know. If you want to Protect someone, then you need a reason for doing that.
    Or they are playing with hidden cards, they need his old Powers for other reason, and just “give him a hand” to get it back…

  15. Don’t get your hopes up. Ginjou (aka Shifty McSmirksmirk, aka Not-Aizen, aka Squall Leonhart) is so obviously the next villain it’s not even funny.

    Every major villain in the manga and the anime has been a charismatic leader who has gathered a group of strong people together for one purpose and then betrayed them and revealed their true purpose which includes none of them. It would not be shocking at all if Ginjaw Kujajocks were to, say, not really want to get rid of the powers that make him stronger than ordinary humans and stole all their powers for himself.

  16. First, Ichigo will only return to being a shinigami, probably not what happened before, when he defeated Aizen.
    Second, the Fullbringers can only give him their powers once he’s a shinigami again. So, they still haven’t said a thing about Ichigo will get his powers.

    This all also means this arc is still going to develop a lot with Ichigo powerless, since getting his powers means the end of it, with all the fullbringers becoming normal and living happily.

    Before it happens, lots of stuff are probably going to happen, with the Fullbringer that’s attacking other Fullbringers.. considering the Quincy themselves could be considered Fullbringers.

  17. is this means ichigo will learn something else other than Getsugas tenshous im all for it, time to see that cookie cutter learn some new tricks for once. (due to his inability to control reiatsu)

    i cant imagine ichigo saying, brazo izquierda del diablo, la muerte! while in bankai with hollow mask on.

    that would be a nuke.

  18. Well, newest Bleach not out yet. So…

    New Sword? Nope.
    Why they bring Ichigo’s Sister into Focus? Just to forget her afterwards? I think Ichigo, hast still his “Big Sword”, just the Color would be turned inside out. White body, black edge.

    Yes, the “Horse” is still inside. We need just a Key Sequence, to drain his Powers out. Right now it just “easy going”.


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