After battling hollows and getting severely injured, Ichigo is resurrected as the Frankenstein monster. When he meets Rukia dressed as a succubus near a castle, he realizes it’s dream like his previous Arabian themed one. In the castle, they find Ishida dressed as Dracula, Rangiku as a witch, Inoue as a ghost-like creature, Renji as a mummy pirate, and Hitsugaya as a werewolf. They discuss the arrival of monster hunters who are looking for the Yuuki Crystal, which has the power to turn monsters back into humans. When Ichigo tries to go fetch it, the hunters arrive and they are revealed to be Ryuken and Isshin.

Isshin battles Ichigo and Ryuken fights Ishida and Renji. Although they are overwhelmed at first, Ishida uses Sprenger to trap Ryuken, Isshin and Ichigo (who was accidentally caught in the middle). Matsumoto, Renji, and Hitsugaya do a combined attack, but Ichigo survives by using his hollow mask. However Isshin and Ryuken emerge from the smoke and they are forced to flee to the room where the crystal was hidden. When the hunters break in however, they realize the crystal is missing. Ichigo states that he will make a stand to protect his friends, and the hunters decide to leave. Rukia states that she is the crystal, and it is revealed that the dream actually belongs to Komamura.


ED26 Sequence

ED: 「Song for…」 by ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D
Watch the 26th ED!: Download, Streaming ▼

The new ending sequence was pretty nice; it showied various scenes from Ichigo’s past, making it a bit sentimental. There isn’t much action but is still enjoyable to watch. The song is by ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D, which I actually only know from Durarara, but the song fits very well with the animation and overall this is an ED I’ll probably watch every time.



This filler episode was actually even better than last time’s. It parodies elements from previous episodes and plays up personality quirks and I found it to be really funny. The episode seems to be based off the Halloween spread that Kubo drew but it also links with Ichigo’s previous filler dream and the Yuuki Crystal. There was a lot of stuff thrown in that results in random fun such as Byakuya dressed up as seaweed and Rukia’s obsession with her brother. The scene in which Ichigo pulls a hammer out of nowhere to fight his father was also really amusing, as was the screwed up versions of each characters’ powers (e.g. “Daiurufu Hyorinmaru”). The scene after Ishida’s Sprenger attack was hilarious, with the combination of the cheesy music and the soap opera acting, though that card does seem to be used quite often in fillers. Regardless, the final battle was even funnier watching Ichigo’s heroic speech and hearing Number 1 playing in the background. Thinking back, it was pretty much a parody of Ichigo’s early fights which was what made it interesting. Adding everything up, all the exaggeration and gags made the episode fairly enjoyable, and hopefully the following fillers will not fail.

Sidenote: It’s the 10 year anniversary of Bleach, with a special eyecatch to commemorate.
Also, I would mostly ignore rumors that Bleach is ending anytime soon, as that is very unlikely.


  1. And once again, the Naruto fillers end up being more enjoyable than the Bleach ones, which come out of nowhere and are placed in the most random spots. At least this one had more point than the next seems to. Oh, well. The story seems to pick up again after that.

  2. You’re right, the ED is pretty nice. Better than the usual Bleach ones IMO. I like how it shows things from Rukia’s perspective and stuff.

    Anyhoo, I’ll watch the fillers when I have nothing else to do. Just waiting for the manga storyline to be picked back up, I guess.

  3. I don’t read the manga, but some say the anime would apparently catch up to the manga in 10 or so episodes. Therefore people are speculating Bleach may end, at least for a short while. I highly doubt this will happen because the studio execs know how much of a cash cow Bleach is, so the most logical step is for a long batch of fillers, maybe 30+ episodes.

    1. People are dumb. The anime would get this arc done with in 10 or so episodes, then still another 10 episodes coud have a go in the new arc. Not that we’ll dive into that though, because that’d really be close. But looking at some scenes of the new ending the finals of this arc has already been animated so no worries there.

  4. YEES! I was waiting for you to blog this 😀

    The episode was so funny! Rukia was so sexy and cute and LOL at the fact it was Komamura’s dream

    The ending was so bitter sweet and romantic with everything being from Rukia’s view. Was a fan of the band since they played for Durarara

    And about next week’s preview. Not a fan of Shuuhei x Rangiku. Shuuhei’s feelings were never shown in the manga (only in omakes and fillers) so I find this couple weird

    And yeah, from what I heard someone seems to have misunderstood a certain blog saying Bleach was going to end and people started making a huge deal out of it when the writer of the blog meant something else. It’s already confirmed Bleach won’t end in anime soon.

  5. I really like the new ED. It shows Rukia’s point of view of her life after she meets Ichigo. Hence she was not in any of the scenes. I love that she remembers Ichigo forehead jab.. and Ichigo’s solemn face when the gates closed.. IchiRuki FTW!

    1. You can tell that it’s Rukia’s POV by the first scene, where she’s walking near Ichigo, you can see his feets and her shadow. The ED also contained a few spoilers, like long haired Ichigo and the last scene. (THAT last scene, now we get to see it from Rukia’s POV)

      Wonderful idea. I like Ichiruki too..
      It’s a love song, isn’t it?

      1. Forehead jab (unfortunately) did never happen in the manga. But it clearly shows that the animators are huge IchiRuki-fans xD
        The ED was incredibly touching ;w; especially the very last scene… d’awww -sniff-

  6. kuchikicest is bleh.. L0L. yes, the episode was actually based on the halloween color spread w/c i really like. renji and rangiku’s were nice..XDD

    and man, the ED!! hell yesshh!! ICHIRUKI FTW!!! (albeit something tells me it’s gonna be ichihime DX)

    and about the show ending, the staff denied it already. X)

    1. I think Bleach will end with no specific pair. Ichigo saying “I love you”? That’s too out-of-character – I think he’d die out of embarrassement. The closest thing to a confession of his deepest feelings are lines like “You made the rain stop” 😉 As long as he’s not saying anything like that about/to Orihime, I don’t think she will ever be more important than Rukia and I highly doubt IchiHime will happen.

      This was a really nice episode (HALLOWEEN SPREAD! YAY!), but it was the new ED that really made this watch worthwhile x3

    1. It would be better if Pierre Studio put on a hold Bleach after this arc ends. The anime is pretty close to the manga so they must make fillers, but there are some problems if they follow the same route as Bount arc, unless they do like Amagai or Zanpakutou. Personally I would like a Pierre Studio to wait a year or two before continuing with Bleach.

  7. “Also, I would mostly ignore rumors that Bleach is ending anytime soon, as that is very unlikely.”

    The “leak” was from a fairly reliable source and I really want to believe it; say they end Bleach after the Aizen arc and wait a good 3-4 years before doing Bleach 2 or something. That would be the best option.

  8. i use to think that it sucked that animes like hellsing ended with so few episodes. But the thing happening with bleach is just sad. Its not just these fuckin fillers, even the main story just drags on. Its boring to me now.

  9. I kno it was just a filler ik but i think there was a major hint in this ep. if u look at ichigos dads back wen his back is turn near the end u see a captain symbol it the manga u can’t see the symbol. it was the squad 10 symbol, Unohana said the captain before Toshiro died but wat if thats a lie.

  10. I laugh at you bleach fans. You whine and complain about the bleach fillers. Now you say you’re willing willing to wait 3 years? you won’t last a month before complaining for Bleach fillers

    Alex Dino

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