「2年生」 (2-Nensei)
“Second Years”

Having everyone join together in the same class again for the new year seemed a little coincidental, but it figures it was really Ayane pulling the strings. Every romance anime needs its bros to carry the mains, and with Kimi ni Todoke, there’s two to keep everything going. One is Sanada Ryuu, who just knows everything, but doesn’t act unless extremely necessary. He’s the god tier bro. The other is Yano Ayane, a more naive bro, but tries her best nonetheless.

Ignoring Ryuu, Ayane’s the only one with knowledge of Kazehaya and Sawako’s feelings while also rooting for them. Due to her implied long history of relationships, she is completely frustrated over the two not doing anything, perhaps strikingly similar in thought to many viewers. Getting ahead of herself, she decides to nudge Kazehaya to accepting help, but he aptly turns her down with some pretty noble reasons. Hanging her head in defeat, she returns home with new knowledge. Sorry bro, I feel for you, but live to succeed another day. Barring that, the more scenes she gets with Pin, the more my heart sinks feeling this is some subtle message that they’re going to get together. Don’t do it Ayane.

There’s definitely an interesting dynamic with Miura Kento thrown into the equation, and with his forward nature, Kazehaya quickly becomes worried, which was fun to see, but it didn’t last long. Despite his resolve to take things slow, he can’t help but stress over the possibility that if he doesn’t make a move soon, he may lose Sawako to someone like Kento. This leads to the meetup afterschool, and he moves in for what I assume to be a confession, but quickly backs off. While Sawako’s monologue tells us she wants this, she’s way too flustered to say anything, leading Kazehaya to believe his words may scare her off. What a damn shame, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t holding my breath the entire time. “A confession already?! It’s going to happen?! What is she doin- ..oh cruel world.”

And so will begin the regression of their relationship. Kazehaya is afraid to keep going, Sawako is stuck with uncertain feelings, Ayane has backed off, and Kento’s found out about everything. Kurumi hasn’t even shown up yet! Shit just got real. A well done episode to setup the arc of what may be full of drama, crying, and high emotions like never before, which might possibly culminate into the best confession I’ll have ever seen. If there is one. ;_;




  1. Despite the calm atmosphere I swear I’m at the edge of my sit during the final minutes of this episode. It’s about time things go forward. I’m now curious on what impact that blond guy will make for the progression of this rather slow moving series.

  2. “Barring that, the more scenes she gets with Pin, the more my heart sinks feeling this is some subtle message that they’re going to get together. Don’t do it Ayane.”
    Oh that’s too bad, cause you just KNOW that’s gonna happen. It’s gonna be one of those “Well yes he IS an idiot, but he’s my idiot. I guess us idiots just gravitate to each other” situations.

    Stephs a Geek
  3. Wow, The blonde dude isn’t so bad as I thought he would be. Him and the dude voiced by Touma in Kaichou wa Maid-sama are the only love rivals I kinda like. Oh and Pin had some cool lines too. This is getting gooooooooood!

  4. dealing with extremely shy girl = extreme confidence… Kazehaya, that is your lesson…
    Kento is a bit overconfident to me, maybe it is the nature he inherited from certain galactic pretty boy? XD
    nonetheless, hope someone, no matter who, to push our main love birds together.

  5. “Shit just got real”
    It certainly has! Definitely looking forward to some new drama, especially with Kento’s bold nature in the mix. That said, I think this scene pretty much sums up how most of us feel about the whole situation. Nice post Kiiragi, can’t wait for next week!

  6. As I am still keeping up with the manga…

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Dammit, I wish they made this season 24-26 episodes…

  7. The pacing is still painfully slow here. In comparison to the first season, not a lot has happened over the first two episodes. But there is a lot of tension. I’m looking forward to the next episode.

    I was kind of hoping that Kurumi was going to be in their class. She has a unique balance of honesty vs. dishonesty that really makes the air crackle around her.

    If there eventually is a confession (before they end up in a nursing home) it will probably be great. But it will have to be really impressive to surpass Senjōgahara’s or Fumino’s. But I guess they’ve done a good job in setting expectations.

  8. Really looking forward to the coming weeks…
    Although I would have preferred 26 episodes, this 13 episode run would most likely make things happen faster (well at least a tad bit faster than last time around…)


  9. Same as last episode it gave me rage vibes and rooting vibes. This series just gives you the essence of “GO FOR IT SAWAKO” yet you know its gonna go really slow. Another solid episode for me. If something as simple as Kent briefly talking to Sawako manages to get this level of awesome (Kurumi hasn’t even appeared to failscrew Sawako), I have a feeling I’ll have a really great season.

  10. Argh my weekly sugar high just turned into this bittersweet (but still awesome) coffee brew. Kinda glad I got spoilt about the oncoming plot otherwise the direction Kazehaya and Sawako’s relationship is going would’ve killed me with tension.


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