Hisagi kills off a hollow in Soul Society, then goes off to his job as editor in chief and approves a team budget sent by Kira. In the evening, they go to a bar and meet Unohana and some other female shinigami. Later as they drink, Kira teases Hisagi about trying to get Matsumoto’s attention, but Hisagi says that working hard can get the attention of anyone.

The next day, Hitsugaya sends Hisagi, Matsumoto, and Isane to investigate the disappearances in Rukongai. As Hisagi and Matsumoto are out in a field, Hisagi begins to fantasize about spending time alone with Matsumoto. They meet a woman who runs an inn nearby, and Matsumoto drags Hisagi to spend the night there. Hisagi offers to make the tea, but Matsumoto tells him to let the innkeeper do it, and he begins to think Matsumoto is jealous of her. He thinks Matsumoto is interested in him, and cannot focus on his mission especially after she goes to take a bath outside. When she invites him in, he struggles to decide what to do, getting very flustered. However it turns out the Matsumoto had just been wary of the suspicious , explaining Matsumoto’s actions all along. It turns out she is the hollow responsible for the disappearances and Hisagi manages to defeat it. Matsumoto explains that the hollow attacked handsome men so she brought him along as bait. By stroking his ego however, other shinigami take advantage of his “talents” to do their work.




I always wonder why are all the jobs in Soul Society are done by shinigami. They are death gods responsible for maintain order in several worlds but they all seem to have their own businesses, day jobs, etc. And why do they have to eat and sleep if they are just souls, and what happens when shinigami die? Maybe I ask too many questions and should just ignore this non-canon filler material, but a well-thought out and intricate world is much more fun to watch.

Anyway, this episode was not that good, not really funny or exciting, which is what I usually look for in filler episodes. Quality was pretty iffy too, and in general it’s just an average generic Bleach filler. The main point was Hisagi misunderstanding Matsumoto’s intentions and most of the humor comes from how he’s interested in her and thinks she reciprocates his feelings. For once, she actually is focused on the mission though instead of being her usual lazy self, while Hisagi is too desperate to get laid to pay attention. Matsumoto with shoujo bubbles was funny, but the whole episode was rather dull and I would prefer to read it as a manga omake rather than sit through 20 minutes of animation.

Next week finally returns to the main storyline, and it looks like we’ll be right back into the action and hopefully things will be more interesting.


  1. Yeah! Canon! “Come at me bro!”

    You’re right- I felt like this was simply an expanded omake instead of a filler episode. The preview had me hoping we would get to see a developing dynamic between character not previously explored in canon material, but of course, the episode relied on established jokes that went right back to where it started! In fact the omake in THIS episode could’ve just substituted for it all together! Goodness.

  2. This episode was not too funny but I won’t go as far as saying it was bad. I say this because I think Hisagi is a good supporting character for bleach (and he used Kazeshini in this episode – I don’t know if we will see that again in the main storyline.) Plus, IMO this episode was a fan-service for those who like Rangiku as well.
    Anyways, what happened here? Did I miss something here?

    random viewer
  3. “And why do they have to eat and sleep if they are just souls, and what happens when shinigami die?”

    There was some explaination way back in the rukia rescue arc about beings with high reatsu (sp, too tired) becoming hungry and needing sleep. I forgot the full explaination. As far as when I die I think it’s been explained that they are just recycled and born as humans again.

    1. Nope, they become “soul particles” and thus become one with soul society/their surroundings. That’s why Kaien told Rukia to never die alone. It was explained chapter 268 or 269

  4. For eating and sleeping:

    Normal souls can survive without eating.

    Those with more than average reiryoku get hungry and need to sleep and the more reiryoku one has the more “human weaknesses” he has. Thus Stronger souls can get sick, need food , must sleep and so on.

    As for day jobs – most of more-infested towns have a shinigami or two assigned to them for patroling.

    Vices, captains and seated officers rarely go into real world due to the need to limit their powers and etc. Most of high-ranking ones might not even care that much about what happens in the human world or outside the “center” of soul society.

    AS for shinigami jobs, most of divisions have certain tasks – first oversees everything and is led by the captain commander, second is primarily responsible for covert ops and the leader position is inherited by the heirs of shihoin family(now led by Soi Fon, a successor of branch family and will be led by branch family till the main family gets a successor), fourth heals, 9th is arts and internal security, 11th is primarily melee division, 12th is primarily science and so on.

    It is also implied that 13th Division led by Ukitake holds a special meaning and that Ukitake is responsible for something important. Might have something to do with him giving Ichigo shinigami badge(which quite clearly is not “to show that you are substitute shinigami”, because no one apart ukitake even recognizes it)

    For most instances only shinigami with nameless swords are dispatched into the human world.

    Now as for those whining about fillers – grow up. Especially since those fillers we had since new year are not just there to be fillers. Its special episodes made to celebrate the 10th anniversary of bleach and new years. Most of them (excluding this one) are based on covers, gags or taglines from manga. Next week is return to manga storyline and we most likely will go through it till the end of this arc, when we get another filler arc(i am really interested on how they will do it, considering the situation after this arc, it could be the most interesting filler arc ever)


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