It seems both Karin and Yuzu have some sort of brother complex, and Yuzu especially tries to play it off and vehemently denies it, but in the end it’s pretty clear that they are both very worried about Ichigo who has been gone for days. Their simultaneous agreement to Ichigo telling them to go to bed was really cheesy, but it gets the point across. He still hasn’t told his sisters what is going on, and it could be a problem when they get more deeply involved into the mess that is no doubt going to happen soon.

The chapter then cuts to Ichigo starting his training to get his shinigami powers back. He gets his usual method training– a.k.a. getting thrown into a fight and forcing out his abilities. This time, he is miniaturized and placed into Riruka’s dollhouse to duke it out with a giant stuffed pig gladiator style. The monster pig was definitely the highlight of the chapter for me and is a refreshing change from the usual enemies Ichigo gets. Its doom look was really funny and reminded me of the giant gingerbread man from Shrek. The monster’s purpose apparently is to force out Ichigo’s Fullbringer powers, and I’m sure nobody is surprised he has them, because as far as we know he had a human and a shinigami parent.

There was also some more development with the other new characters this week, giving hints of their personality. Rukio especially looks like an interesting guy and I especially want to see what his powers are like. At this rate however, I think this arc is just going to settle into the normal pattern again, with strings of battles involving the various characters then culminating in Ichigo’s climax boss fight. I am definitely not happy with the direction this is heading.


    1. On the other hand, it’s less than 5 minutes for brainless entertainment.

      I would however have no problem if RC stopped covering Bleach, perhaps only covering actually interesting chapters.

    2. Stop watching? yes. Stop reading? Not so much. I’ve been watching bleach for years, and I finally got so sick of its pacing I stopped a year ago. Once I heard they finally finished Aizen in the manga, I decided to pick up the manga starting at the final battle, and I’ve been entertained with this new ark. This is also my first manga ever, as normally I just wait for the anime.

      1. first chapter ever… that explains everything since this chapter just hit a ton of manga cliches. ie: training arc for the millionth time, girl that likes everything cute, “look behind you” cliff hanger >.>

  1. Ya nothing new here. Kubo is just following his usual pattern, then rinse and repeat for a new arc. Then drop the old ones with no explanation and move on. We don’t see the SS princess any more, nothing about Nell (she was so important to him he would give his life for her), and after the last arc nothing about his dad’s past.

    1. True that. To be honest, I absolutely LOVED Bleach and I’ve gulped/watched most of its run in one long vacation I had (that was way back) but with the manga really pulling on my nerves and the ongoing fillers here and there within the anime run, I just dropped it awhile back. I don’t read nor watch Bleach other than Prooof’s posts.
      When I thought something really interesting was going to happen, Kubo just dragged out so long I’ve lost interest and maybe I’ll be even harsh and say disgusted. It’s one thing to stretch a thinly written story, it’s another to just take your readers for idiots.
      Now, this new arc may be interesting (more so than the recent year or so) but after reading the comments from here and there, not too sure anymore. I think I’ll just keep the good memories I had of Bleach when I first started watching and reading it.

  2. I can’t imagine how this love bonding/training is going to get Ichigo’s powers. I was expecting something more like Uryu, but this is a 180 degrees different. Hahaha, if Kon was here then I would love to have a fight with IChigo under these conditions. Well it looks like IChigo is going to gain yet another power. Well, this power doesn’t seem to be as fancy as the other type of powers Ichigo has so far. At first it seemed lame, but since there are different types of powers, then I’m sure Ichigo’s power is going to be wicked.

    Code fanboy
    1. now now, you never know. The fact is, Aizen is still alive. Despite the fact that he’s stipped of his powers, he still has his brain, which is the most scariest part about him.

      Code fanboy
  3. Not trying to defend Bleach but you people over here hating and telling people to stop reading Bleach or how you yourself stopped reading are so full of yourself. It’s one chapter a week, takes 30 seconds to a minute of your life to read. Whether you chose to read it or not will have almost no impact or interference with wahtever else your pass-time interests are. Point is, despite being good or bad, people are still gona read it, because they dont lose anything out of it.

    1. I’d much prefer if each Bleach chapter took at least a minute to read. i mean, the chapters pages themselves have fillers. Many of the pages only have several panels, with lots of excess art, and barely any dialogue.

      in other words, each chapter holds very little actual content

  4. “I am definitely not happy with the direction this is heading.”
    The same as the kid psychic that used video games as a medium in Yu yu hakusho chapter black saga.

    I honestly think it is pretty obvious.

  5. wats up with the title. abit disappointed on the manga waited for 2 weeks for 1 crap chapter y didnt just made it a combination of 2 chapters to make up for the other 1 miss.
    Dont tell me hes tired cus im pretty sure u got lots of help about the manga chapter

  6. Read new Bleach chapter -> 2 minutes, seeing filler and, again, yet another (who would have guessed it!?) training arc.

    Read new One Piece chapter -> 10 minutes, enjoying the amazing designs, continuity nods, and developing new plot and characters.

    1. Don’t bring One Piece into this, that overzealous piece of crap manga, the art style is overwhelming, making it difficult to differentiate between a tree and someones head, the plot is ENDLESS, and the assortment of characters are way too many for the reader to remember, which leads to parts of the manga when they mention a certain character, and your like “who the hell is that?” (cough..Dragon…cough)

      1. OMG THIS.
        soooo much padding… soooo much exposition of shit Idgaf about.. only 55% interesting content. And wit this new ark 1/2 the time I don’t even know what I’m looking at. And the sad part is that it moves so slow that we’ll be dragging thru this underwater arc for the next 1yr & 1/2 at least.

      2. LOL@ people who think Bleach is better than One Piece. And while One Piece does have more characters than Bleach, when is the last time any major Bleach “good” character has had a permanent negative effect (i.e. DEATH) happen to them?

        And if you want to talk about wasted time and padding, look at the past ten chapters for Bleach – all leading up to Ichigo finding out he could regain his powers! That was a SHOCKER. If you want to talk about things IDGAF about, then it’s Ichigo making the same sacrifice as Ishida did. And then learning that his sacrifice could be retconned.

        But you guys just keep thinking Bleach is better – people like you keep Bleach alive, and I like a reaffirmation of how bad a manga can be.

      3. You just said One piece going slow and and being padded is fine because Bleach is slow and padded and worse.

        Well, according my superior opinions, I say that bleach is better because both move at a snails pace, but Bleach only takes 2 min to read.

        Also. “when is the last time any major Bleach “good” character has had a permanent negative effect (i.e. DEATH) happen to them? ”

        >One piece
        > characters having permanent negative effects
        >only 1 ever, too 10 years for it to happen.
        >he only died because of plot induced stupid, and having temper tantum instead of running from the battle to not waste his friends sacrafices
        >you are idiot.

      4. Don’t put words in my mouth – I never said that One Piece moved at a snail’s pace. I merely said that Bleach’s did – and Bleach is moving nowhere, for that matter. There is no overarching story anymore. No direction.

        One Piece is great because each character has direction, has character, and is unique. The author doesn’t pointlessly drag things out, either – he merely likes giving context to this marvelous world (backgrounds in more than one panel per page! Can you imagine it?) and, to begin with, he has so much of the story and its constituents already planned he doesn’t need to drag things out. Better than meaningless dialogue about nothing, and unexplained, unappreciated story twists.

        TL;Can’t read? If am idiot, you are Bleach fanboy who continue cling to pointless emo boys look off into distance.

        But I’m done deciphering your retarding – go learn to read and write a bit more and maybe you’ll get the point a little. You can keep making do with bleach’s run of the mill storyless graphics till then.

      5. I never said bleach was my favorite or anything. It is a 2 min read, and mildly amusing.

        If you think something can only be good if it has super deep and complicated story, you should stop thinking a game of thrones is light reading.

    2. I actually drop one piece.
      One piece goes so slow, and unlike bleach. I need to read like 20 min cause every chapter explains so much pointless shit.

      I ditched it after a chapter when they spent forever explaining howthe coating works in the wordiest way possible.

      Also, if the chopper/luffy going full an retard and mixing identities wasn’t to length the chapter artificially, then derps to you.

      No I don’t care if one of those pirates helps them out a bit 200 weeks from now.

  7. Why are people complaining about Bleach’s new arc? Like not being able to see the direction it’s going. It’s Jump. You get like 19 pages a week for goodness sakes. And how certain things seem like rip-offs from other shounen manga. Excuse me but there’s no such thing as originality these days. Things /have/ been done before. And even if they have, it doesn’t mean someone is “ripping” people off. Yes, Kubo’s being repetitive. Is this really news? If you’re going to be all “omg I’m going to stop reading it now” because of that, you honestly should’ve just stopped reading after the first couple of arcs.
    Don’t like? Don’t read.

  8. Does she want Ichigo to use fullbringer powers to kill that stuff monster? But he doesn’t have them yet, does he? I thought they want to transfer their power into him, so why do they throw him into the cage without doing anything?

  9. Lol at brother complex! Bleach X SIS?
    Also another funny note Ichigo just got up in RiRukas lil box… do with that what u will… lol
    I still don’t get what the Hell is going on.. I don’t get how/why he is just gonna be able to absorb everyone’s powers. And why would he even want to take Riruka’s Ichigo is gonna put Aizen in a box that he thinks is cute? Is that just as planned?
    Also chad’s folks where attacked by hollows? I though Aizen’s iPWN button gave Ichigos lackeys power.
    So Chad can manipulate matter too? Is Orihime a full bringer? AND WHO THE HELL IS ICHIGO’S DAD?

    1. Yuzu ALWAYS had that brother-complex. Why whine about it now?
      And that panel in which they were welcoming Ichigo back wasn’t an expression of their bro-con… He returned to his old self. He doesn’t have that miserable aura about him anymore, because he has hope to get his powers back now. That’s why those two were so happy that they even forgot to scold him! Also I really wouldn’t say Karin has a bro-con. She rather has the same urge to protect, although she is way too proud to show that openly.

  10. Really? Kon was perfect for this chapter it would answer where he had been and it would serve as his triumphal return, and kon would absolutely had no problem on having to fight Ichigo, a golden opportunity missed.

    i really love bleach, and im gonna get through everything to see what happen in the end with Aizen (by many the best villain ever), but i really cant go on if KONpachi isnt there. Kon is Bleach period.

  11. This chapter was ridiculously…….boring!
    Now that we think about it,Ichigo has trained with
    1)Urahara-To learn about Zangetsu
    2)Yoruichi-To learn about Bankai
    3)Hiyori-To learn Hollowfication
    4)Tensa Zangetsu-To master Final Getsuga Tensho
    Now….doll house game 😛

    Fai D Fluorite
  12. The pacing is awful and the plot is quite bad but at least I only waste like 5 minutes or less of my life reading the new chapter each week. I’ll continue this way instead of watching the anime and wasting like 20-24 minutes with each episode. Interested in the many ways Kubo will continue ruining Bleach.

  13. I agree with you on the Rukio front. He barely had any panels at all and yet he’s the most intriguing thing to come outta this chapter to me. Yuzu and Karin’s love/worry/brother complex over Ichigo was cute, but felt cut short.

    And yeah, no niceties this time around. I am flat-out pissed that Kubos storytelling has devolved to this beat-a-dead-horse routine. For chrissakes, man. Mixed it up a bit! At least point I’d even be marginally happy w/ him borrowing some shoujo or seinen cliches, ANY cliches as long as they weren’t of the shounen tribe. You feel me? Anyone?

  14. I thought the beginning was pretty cute. Seeing his sisters so worried when he’s gone then getting all giddy when he returns was hard not to smile at.

    I like Bleach and all, but it’s sad how far it seems to have fallen. The whole Aizen arc was great for a while, but it started to janky in some parts nearing the end. This arc however is just starting off bad. I feel like I’m watching Lost again, except the writing is worse(I liked Lost by the way).

    At this point, like Naruto, I’m reading Bleach out of loyalty. I’ve stuck with it for so long that I feel like I would be wasting hours upon hours of my life if I gave up now. The only difference being though is that Naruto found it’s footing after a few rough stumbles. Bleach feels like it broke both arms and both legs and fell into a ditch.


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