After Tensa Zangetsu rips out Ichigo’s hollow form from his chest, he explains that the mask his hollow form is wearing is the form he used to defeat Ulquiorra. They then merge into one and attack Ichigo together. He has trouble fighting against their combined power, but resolves the force the “Final Getsuga Tenshou” out of him to protect his friends. With his newfound willpower, he attacks viciously, but outside, Isshin is beginning to get exhausted.

In Karakura Town, Kuugo and Tatsuki encounter Aizen and Gin, and Tatsuki is trapped by their reaitsu. Don Kanonji suddenly appears and attacks Aizen, but Tatsuki tells him to leave. Kanonji refuses to run however and attacks Aizen again, only to be saved by Matsumoto. She tells Kanonji to take the girls and leave, and she stays behin. Gin takes her away to another part of town, and Matsumoto asks him why he betrayed them to work under Aizen. However Gin stabs her with her sword then leaves. Tatsuki and Kuugo continue to flee and the latter picks up a katana, but Aizen closes in on them.



As the series finally returns to the main storyline, it also loads up a lot of action, and this episode developed pretty quickly as Ichigo continues his battle for power-ups routine. The course of the fight was very predictable as usual, with Ichigo building up resolve through the need to protect his friends then suddenly becoming stronger to defeat his opponent. I think his fight really symbolizes his inner struggles and is literally a manifestation of what’s inside him. Tensa Zangetsu merging with SSJ3 Hollow Ichigo (his two most powerful abilities) was pretty cool too but his hyper aggressive behavior makes me worry what would happen if Ichigo really got killed in his inner world; I suppose his antagonistic attitude is really just for the good of Ichigo and his methods are his own way of expressing that.

As for Don Kanonji showing up to save Tatsuki and her friends, he just ended up as an annoying bitch and got some well deserved hits from Matsumoto and Tatsuki. There is a fine line between heroism and idiocy. Speaking of Matsumoto, she finally gets to meet Gin again but unfortunately gets taken out immediately. However their interaction did reveal some friction between Aizen and Gin, and the preview gives some bit hints at what is going to happen next. While this episode wasn’t exactly terrible, the fact that the manga material wasn’t too good is making me more apathetic towards the anime.


  1. Man there was a time when bleach was at the top of my list. As soon as they set foot in hueco mundo, its like it began to start killing me softly its left me not caring as much for the rest of the plot its just something to read and kill a few minutes now.

  2. Both Naruto and Bleach’s stories are getting so convoluted, drawn-out, rehashed, and reconned I just don’t know how much longer I can make myself CARE.

    I mean, this is really sad. I should be giddy over new material being anime-ted and for the newest volumes speeding out to print, but instead… it’s just so exhausting to keep everything straight within those 2 worlds, y’know? I hate to say it… but I think it’s very likely I’m running out of steam to chase after these juggernauts for much longer. ;_;

  3. Well that answers my question from last episode’s post. Yeah it was pretty awesome (time saving) to see that they merged two strong opponents to fight Ichigo instead of prolonging two “one versus one” battles. But still nothing new to the training routine he takes on. When Tensa merged with Hollow-like Ichigo I thought now he looks like Ulquiorra. I couldn’t take the Rangiku “tradegy” too serious in this episode because of last weeks filler. i.e., When it looked like Gin was going for Rangiku’s breasts…umm I mean necklace, I thought he was going to get killed by her. Then, you know screen blackens and what not. Aside that, I hope she’s still alive (given the opening shows her importance…more screen time). I’m glad it’s not a filler pause next week.

    random viewer
  4. Really feels like you’re getting bitter about this one Prooof …

    It seems to me you were much less cranky when this part in the manga rolled around. I’m just thrilled to see the manga material back again.


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