When I saw the title of the chapter the first thing I could think of was the band Panic! At The Disco. It would be cool for me if Kubo was a fan of American punk rock, but even if the reference was just a coincidence, it does sum up the gist of this chapter pretty well. Inside the dollhouse, Ichigo is left with no clue of what’s going on in his standard ultra-high-tension training featuring some crazed Yakuza pig fighting him to the death for the right to stay human. I assume he is a normal human soul placed inside a stuffed animal though, so I’m surprised Ichigo is having trouble against him; I mean he’s basically a giant Kon and with his skills Ichigo should do fine even without shinigami powers.

Now apparently though he needs the full-bringer powers to get back his shinigami powers. There was the dreaded long (non)explanation by Riruka right in the middle of battle; and I assume either time just stopped or Mr. Pork decided to take a break so she could finish. I felt all the talking was pretty pointless and Riruku ended up being pretty annoying, and as a result the story didn’t progress very much. There was pretty much just one main point in this chapter: as has been hinted before, his shinigami badge is finally brought back when Chad tells Ichigo that the badge is probably the key to the powers. Just as that is revealed though, Mr. Pork goes into Mad Beast Mode; while I found it pretty funny, it also just feels like a recycling of Yammy’s “Getting angrier, getting bigger” routine. This guy will probably get taken out pretty soon anyway.


  1. AAAAAHHh, damn, for some reason I still get the same feeling of being unsatisfied. I was really hoping that Kubo just get Ichigo to use his fullbring. Or at least give Ichigo his powers back again. PowerLESS Ichigo just seems so off in Bleach. I hope Kubo would give a logical explnation why Kurosaki is, just for no reason, is going to use fullbring.

    code fanboy
    1. Well, the only conpensation Kubo seems to give, for fans that like a guy and girl relationship, is to give more Riruku and IChigo bonding. It’s nice to see a new supernatural cute girl added in Ichigo’s harem. Like adult Nel, with her hugging, I predict that Riruku will do something ecchi with IChigo.

      code fanboy
    2. I was expecting Chad to open the dollhouse to Ichigo standing triumphantly over the pig already. It totally would’ve happened in any other manga in order to tell a good story and not waste time. Nope, not for Bleach, not for Kubo, milking Bleach for all its got.

  2. wait, i thought they wanted to get rid of their full bring power by transfering it to someone who doesn’t have it? if ichigo is going to learn how to awake his own one, then what was all those nonsense about?

  3. I actually felt like for a chapter with a lot of talking, it actually represented time pretty well. Ichigo was doing a lot of running around while yelling at Riruka, and apparently 15 minutes passed in all that time (long enough to go into Mad Beast Mode). It was pretty fucked up that she grabbed some guy’s soul and stuck him in a doll though.

  4. I must admit I thought the same thing when I saw the title. Good eye, sir.

    Riruka: I use stuff I love in my Fullbring! If you can’t figure it out, you can just die even though you’re the main character and I have an insanely huge and unrealistic crush on you! Good luck!

    Ichigo: … -_-;

    Chad: oh for the love of…*opens dollhouse roof* USE YOUR DAMN BADGE.


    Ichigo: oh shi-

  5. Who cares about Riruka’s power? Who cares about homosexual looking guy with the giant sword? Who cares about Fullbring? We all KNOW that these powers will be COMPLETELY USELESS against the next big boss, so everyone becomes pwned and useless while relying on Ichigo to save the day. Yes yes its the journey not the end that matters, but if the journey is soooo f-ing long because of Kubo drawing pointless no advancement chapters then the journey is stupid also.

  6. Yeah I’ve loved bleach with a passion but doll houses and giant teddy bears……….the only reason I watch bleach now is for the swords and the fact that the powers are pretty good.

  7. This arc started off very well and built in the suspense but it’s really not maintaining it well.
    Actually Show Spoiler ▼

    Fai D Fluorite
    1. Shortest running of the three, if I’m correct. Even if One Piece and Naruto have some overall goal, people get fatigued of essentially the same story.

      But despite that, yeah. Bleach should’ve just gotten a good epilogue after the last arc. And perhaps if the publishers really wanted to milk this for all its worth, maybe a new story with new characters. For example, I wonder what happens OUTSIDE of Japan. Or perhaps with the kids that Ichigo and his entire love-harem will end up having.

    2. people get fatigued? .. thats applies to bleach as far as i know

      tell that to the breaking records sales One Piece is everytime a volume is released..

      lol… u clearly dont know wtf u are talking about..

  8. Wow. Bleach is really starting to die for me. I mean it. No matter how much I love the art and the vibrancy of the old cast, and regardless of whatever joy/nostalgia I’ve garnerred from the original story arcs, this series might seriously be dead to me.

    I just can’t “full bring” myself to give a flying rat’s hind quarters anymore. It feels so tiresome and recycled and like Kubo just Does Not Care. And those feelings are hitting me too.

    Thanks for covering the chapters so well, Prooof. I mean it. <3

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