Things start to get dangerous for Ichigo as he’s stuck in the box but even with the action, this chapter felt rather dull. Giriko’s power seems a bit too convenient, as if they were created for this purpose of forcing Ichigo to stay in the box, and I am not impressed with the idea of the “flames of time.” The full-bringer powers are very unique and seem incredibly powerful, but unless they are developed a lot more in the story they will continue to feel odd and out of place. Giriko’s ability especially has a lot potential, if we are reminded of a certain other arrancar with time-related powers or even movies.

In the end though, Ichigo is finally able to activate what looks to be his full-bringer powers. I thought it was interesting that many of his powers seem to take the form of a swastika but I don’t know if there’s really a reason for that. Bleach powers do seem to heavily rely on emotions though, as Ichigo’s powers really seemed to depend more on his determination and brute force rather than skill. This one ability is no different, relying on Ichigo’s “pride” in relation to his shinigami badge. An additional set of powers in his arsenal will no doubt be handy and if he is able to combine them with his other abilities once (or if) he gets them back, things should get exciting. For now though the story crawls as usual and there doesn’t seem to be any clear direction to this arc aside from Ichigo training.


  1. Giriko’s powers are rather scary. It makes me wonder if theres some sort of limit to them because if not he would probably have the most godly powers of any characters to date since he could just place a time limit with a rediculous condition that wouldnt be fulfilable.

    1. when you think about it, he did mention that everyone in his Time situation would burn to ashes, that would include himself. So if he were to fight an enemy and say “if the enemy doesn’t defeat me in 1 seconds” he kills himself and the enemy.

      code fanboy
      1. Not really. The danger he mentions being to himself is if he tries to mess with the settings once they’ve already been decided. If what you said were the case he would be dead by now.

    1. The buddhist character “卍” (regardless of which way it’s facing) IS the swastika – “svastika” is sanskrit, roughly translating to a good-luck charm or talisman.
      Western pilots were wearing swastika as good-luck charms as late as 1912, BEFORE the Nazis came along and perverted the symbol with their fascist garbage.

    2. I think what you’re all forgetting is the “卍” character is first character in the word bankai(卍解, Final Release) and was first seen when Ichigo released his own bankai. The “卍” character means final or ultimate and represents the peak of something. The character could even be compared to the Greek character omega(Ω). My theory is the swastika was originally just a symbol to remind us this was Ichigo’s bankai state, the pinnacle of his power. Over time the symbol became more tied with Ichigo himself and that leaves us with what we have today.

    3. Other bankai’s don’t take that shape; the point holds that Ichigo has a unique set of powers that seem to be related to the swastika symbol (or manji or wan depending on the language)

      1. I’m not disagreeing that the swastika is related to Ichigo’s powers. I’m just proposing the theory that initially that wasn’t intentional. Like I said before, my theory is that Zangetsu’s guard was initially just to represent the state of bankai; maybe to even suggest that Zangetsu had achieved the “truest” state of bankai. Maybe that’s why Zangetsu had the swastika and others didn’t. To reiterate, I am in total agreement that by now the symbol represents Ichigo’s power. I just don’t think that’s what it originally meant.

      1. “Ichigo! Use your pride as a Shinigami!”

        “But I have so many prideful things to choose from. Maybe my fights? Saving Orihime? My bond with Rukia? That time we purged the impure blooded non-Japanese from Soul Society? THERE WE GO! PURGE THE HOLLOWS, CLEANSE THE HERETICS WITH HELLFIRE, ALL GLORY TO THE KING OF SOUL SOCIETY!”

  2. His powers aren’t swastika shaped its a manji (the swastika is a flipped version that came later). It is also one of the characters that spells out bankai (卍解). If you think of Ichigo’s bankai handle it has a manji as the guard (ban) and a broken chain at the end representing release (kai).

  3. The manji’s been on his sword hilt the entire time he’s had a Bankai. Look at the last screenshot of the recent episode, cause its the most apparent there. The swastika was a corrupted manji.

      1. Actually there is a reason for Swastika being his symbol.

        Swastika, generally is one of the “sun” symbols in occult, others being circled dot(hogyoku) and sun cross(winged-aizen has circled cross on his chest).

        All the sun symbols usually symbolize divinity in different meanings:

        Hogyoku, “the circled dot” – represents the closest form towards god one can take without becoming a god. It also represents chaos, divinity and possibilities. It also represents the “part of god” in a sense if the whole universe was god, then the measurement unit(1) would be the ircled dot. That connects quite nicely to soul king and soul king being the “foundation” of the reality, possibly hinting at Hogyoku being similar in nature or part of soul king itself.

        Now what is interesting, its swastika and sun cross:

        “Sun Cross” is the symbol of the “Sun” as one trying to achieve the divine. It represents a cycle of life, from the simple begining to the the advancement and the end. Its a symbol, used by many human civilizations going from east to the west around the world and it actually pre-dates christianity. The sun cross reperesents directions one can take as well as the earth itself.

        “Swastika” is basically a “well being” or “divine good/divine purity”. It is also used to represent the wheel of reincarnation, events repeating and the direction one’s choices give to the universe.

        So in a sense, Swastika(Ichigo) and Sun Cross(Aizen) have similar meanings and similar role, possibly hinting to possible common goal in future and(or) connected/shared noble bloodline(which would explain on why Aizen ALSO has -getsu sword, just isshin and ichigo)

        Apart form that, there’s ANOTHER cross in bleach, the quincy cross, which…yep, guessed right, yet again represents sun, wheel of life and reincarnation and divine will.

        Bleach has been very high on symbolism lately whats with Aizen(his forms being designed around the concept of Seraphims, with long hair, tall lean figure and 6wings and his goals being similar to Lucifer, one of the most famous seraphim) and now fullbringers(fullbringer introduction chapters have a very strong motif of cross and moon and the xcution has a strong motiff of 3, both of these have yet to be decoded for their meaning and at least for latter, Ginjou implied that 3 is very important)

  4. A lot of times I rather dislike Kubo’s dialogue, or maybe it’s the translators? But Chad’s moment in this chapter, as a Mexican myself, made me feel rather proud. lol All that aside, I still hate that nothing much really happens in these chapters thanks to Kubo’s tendency to make big panels filled with nothingness. I want more movement of the freakin’ plot (applicable with Bleach?) already, jeez.

    1. as a former san diegan, your comment makes me crave carne asada fries. i’m not mexican myself but i think it’s a really positive thing that such a major character is of mexican descent. i also find the inclusion of spanish words to be really interesting as well

    2. That seems to be a problem shared by the likes of Soul Eater, Arago, and Bleach these days. Their respective author love to feature splash pages full of well drawn attacks but skimp on the storyline because of that.

    1. Its more than likely that fullbringers do not care about the whole aizen or hogyoku stuff and have their own very goals. All this karakura war did is for them to take note on Ichigo.

      Lets not forget that not everyone has the same goals, Ryuuken(who i see as potential enemy in future) pretty much chilled the whole war somewhere else)

      1. Mr. Djale is right! show more respect for the nazis Mr. Epic Game!

        Bleach is for nazis, Kubo is a nazi, not reading this anymore!

        By the way, Mr. Prooof too is a nazi. k’thanksbye.

        Lectro Volpi
  5. I wonder if they’re going to relate Quincy powers to fullbring, although it would seem odd for them to all have the same abilities and weapons but maybe that could just be from the source of their powers being ‘Quincy pride’ so they all end up conforming.

  6. Ichigo’s powered up mode (from the latest Bleach episode) has the same hilt design, does this mean that he is going to get his Shinigami powers back next chapter? lol. The one thing though, that really bugs me about Bleach is how Ichigo seems to have all the powers, or the ability to obtain them, of the friends or foes that we are introduced throughout the story. Firstly we meet a Shinigami (Rukia) then Ichigo manages to get Shinigami powers. We are then introduced to Hollows/Vizards(?) and Ichigo is able to obtain their powers (in some shape or form) and now we are shown fullbringers and Ichigo (conveniently) has this ability within him…sigh… I am by no means a Bleach hater, I am in fact the contrary, but it is just something that, even if Ichigo is the main character, shouldn’t happen as often as it does. That being said I am looking forward to the next chapter ^_^ and sorry about the length of my rant xD

    1. He can’t quite do everything … he’s got no kido training at all, for one thing, so he lacks a skill pretty much every shinigami has (even Renji who sucks ass can at least do it). Nor does he have any Quincy abilities. Though yes, he does have a habit of acquiring new power sources instead of fleshing out the ones he has (like learning kido or learning to control his Resurrection).

    2. isnt fullbringer powers come from people who were attacked by hollows? its not quite far from ichigo since he already has hollow ones in him.
      and yeah like what he said, ichigo doesnt get everything, he only gets new sources of power. besides, he only seems to know getsuga tensho.

      1. “getsuga tensho”

        which he still uses quite more creatively (strengthening blade with it, doing slash, ranged, direct attacks, releasing it close-point and so on) than certain other hero uses his scribble ball.

        What I liked about GT and Ichigo was that ichigo, as time passed, got more and more creative with it. At firs tit was “kaboom”, bu t then he started to variate the attack in various ways, which means that he is mastering and refining it (just like swordmasters used to refine one or two techs for their entire lives).

        His mugetsu form though, showed that there’s a lot more possibilities with Getsuga Tensho and Ichigo might get variations of attack like Byakuya has done with his petals.

      2. yeah, he is creative in using it but he still has only one move. he doesnt get new abilities, he just gets new power sources and diff variations of using getsuga tensho and just powering up his attacks.

        he cant deny reality like orihime, he doesnt have a bow like ishida, his arm doesnt grow bigger like chad(except when hollow mode). he cant use kido like the average shinigami and he cant use cero like the vizards(again only his hollow).
        in fact I bet that when he uses his fullbringer powers, he will use getsuga tensho or something familiar to it. but he might finally get a new ability as well.

  7. Wow, time powers seem so OP. “You’ll die if you don’t say my middle name in 5 seconds,” but you don’t even have to tell them the condition so they may not even be aware and then they die

    1. In the manga Pyscho Drivers, the main character’s ability Chrono Diver allows him to manipulate time in which ever way he wishes which means, he can Za Warudo without limit, revive anyone that was killed, revive himself if he was killed, and manipulate the space with the time… Basically, he can turn time into files on Windows Movie Maker. Say you were to attack him, he can have you run towards him, but cut out the part where you attacked him, so you would run at him meaninglessly. Isn’t that even more OP?

      Suppa Tenko
  8. I dont think his time power is OP.
    if you think about it, he just said the house will burn if they leave under 30 min and the pig will get bigger after a few minutes. the house burning wouldnt really be able to kill the other characters since they have abilities that can help them escape like cut a hole or extinguisher the fire, unless your a “normal” human and a stuffed toy…

  9. Most of these Fullbring abilities seem like they belong more in Hunter x Hunter than in Bleach. They have the similar activation requirements and maintenance conditions.

    Not to mention, there is a minor character in Hunter x Hunter (forgot his name, but he worked briefly with Kurapika), who has nen powers almost identical to Giriko, basically if you do not follow his set conditions you will burn.

  10. I’m not disagreeing that the swastika is related to Ichigo’s powers. I’m just proposing the theory that initially that wasn’t intentional. Like I said before, my theory is that Zangetsu’s guard was initially just to represent the state of bankai; maybe to even suggest that Zangetsu had achieved the “truest” state of bankai. Maybe that’s why Zangetsu had the swastika and others didn’t. To reiterate, I am in total agreement that by now the symbol represents Ichigo’s power. I just don’t think that’s what it originally meant.


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