After Ichigo wounds Aizen, Aizen teleports a short distance away and Ichigo asks him why he backed away. Aizen becomes furious and his body cracks as the Hougyoku transforms him again. He fires a large attack at Ichigo which scorches one of his arms, then grabs him and attempts to make the finishing blow. However Ichigo breaks free and uses the “Final Getsuga Tenshou”.

In a flashback during his training inside the Senkaimon, Ichigo feels that Tensa Zangetsu does not intend to withhold the technique and was only feeling sadness. He then discards his blade and allows himself to be stabbed through, realizing that that was the only way to acquire the Final Getsuga Tenshou. Tensa Zangetsu then reveals that what he wanted to protect was Ichigo himself. To use the Final Getsuga Tenshou, Ichigo becomes Getsuga itself in an attack called “Mugetsu, sacrificing his shinigami powers in the attack.

Aizen is shocked at the possibility that Ichigo may have surpassed him, and Ichigo uses the technique, enveloping and disintegrating Aizen in a heavy black veil. However Ichigo’s powers begin to dissapear, and Aizen survives, declaring that Ichigo has lost. At that moment a seal within Aizen begins to activate, and Urahara shows up and reveals that he planted the kido inside another kido attack during their battle previously. The seal finally activated when Aizen was weakened and the Hougyoku stopped recognizing him as his master. Urahara says that he continues to work for the Soul King because without it, Soul Society would fall apart.

Around Karakura Town and Hueco Mundo, Ichigo’s friends realize the war is finally over.




After so many years, we finally get to the finale of the war against Aizen and I have to say it’s as good as Bleach can get. Within three episodes, Ichigo turns the insanely-powerful Aizen into a complete fool, albeit an invincible fool. It was cool seeing Aizen’s face of demonic rage, but it’s too bad that even after powering up then sacrificing all his powers in an all-in attack, Ichigo still failed to kill him. However for those who state that it was Urahara who defeated Aizen, I would say that Ichigo technically did defeat Aizen, because his attack caused the Hougyoku to turn against Aizen (perhaps also disintegrating his blade) and weaken his powers, which in turn allowed the seal to take effect. Even without the seal, it still seems like Aizen would lose all the abilities the Hougyoku gave him.

It was nice seeing the fight animated though, as the manga was a little hazy about the nature of everything. Mugetsu especially seemed a little unclear in the manga, but it turns out it’s just a huge black blade with incredible attack power. I also noticed the fight used a different soundtrack than I’m accustomed to, but seems suitable for the climax and gives off a different atmosphere. Art quality I feel is still lacking however, and a more detailed environment could contribute so much and enhance everything. It’s fun seeing things getting smashed and blown up but the animation is too simplistic to enjoy.

This episode wasn’t quite the end of the arc, as there are still some conclusions and loose ends to tie up. Although so many things are left unanswered, it’s still unfortunate that Bleach has a long way to go before ending. As I stated before Bleach has dragged on for too long and here is a good place to conclude it, but instead fillers have been lined up.


  1. i really hope they stop bleach now it would be ashame if there is a filler (which is still okey but…) and not show the new bleach after 30+ epsiode it not enough time for the manga to be ahead and will be like this year where there are many boring filler between!!!

  2. People flame me for not watching this. I’d rather read your posts than watch it. I also think this show needs to get a life. Not to bash it or anything but, it’s friggin’ LONG! Wrap it up, already, sheesh.. I’d have kept up were it not for me getting tired of watching it. -_-”

    And what’s this? Ichigo has long black hair? (VERY tempted..) How does Orihime restrain herself? D:

    1. 4 year olds.

      One day I’ll catch up. It’s not like I wasn’t entertained when I decided to first watch it. :] At least now I know I can watch it knowing there’s an end. (Well to the arc.)

  3. lol. Tetsuga is tsundere for Ichigo.
    I’m expecting 1 more ep for the epilogue to the arc then lots of fillers
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. The problem is that Kubo has changed his storytelling over the years and his manga is full of huge panels with very little going on. This ssstttrrreeetttccchhheeesss things out and then when its animated it quickly gobbles up lots of chapters.

      Compare his storytelling to Naruto that has tons of things going on in each episode. Lots of action as well as talking. Notice that Shippuden anime has a huge gap between where the anime is (Danzo arc) and where the manga is (WWW).

      1. The only reason why Naruto is so ahead right now is because it just got over a ~20 episode filler arc. Both series suffer heavily from filler as they progress through the manga at a faster pace than it can dish out chapters.

      2. Better than CLAMP with their TRC where they spend like 50 chapters on something that takes 3 seconds to actually happen. Every chapter a character says like 2 words and thats it.

        Suppa Tenko
  4. Sadly there is one flaw in this. They never once show Aizen either using his god-mode hypnosis powers or his bankai. I realize that there wasn’t much they could do but it still irritates me.

  5. It’s hard to believe you’d be flamed for NOT watching Bleach! I thought it was supposed to be the other way around in the elitist anime community!

    Anyway, yeah. This could have been a nice place to end Bleach, but all the plot holes (Soul King, Ichigo’s dad, Aizen’s fate not to mention Bankai)… yeah. 🙂

  6. Pacing is STILL shit. They still have like 6 episodes left with this plot-specific OP, and 5 of them are going to be pointless filler.

    This whole show is a trainwreck.

    It was awesome to see Aizen get pwned at the end, though. Even if it didn’t make a lick of sense.

    1. Be careful — Naruto Shippuuden was sure to stretch its pace to fit, and it was utterly unbearable to watch at that molasses speed. At least Bleach is watchably paced. No train wreck there. And considering the backgrounds when it started airing, it’s leagues better now than it was then.

  7. This is the pinnacle of awesomeness and epicness. And then it’s going to be a long slide down. It could be fun until you hit a dirty mud pit. I stayed with this anime for this episode – conclusion to Aizen and the mess he started since the beginning. I mean is there going to be another chance Ichigo will be this powerful again in Bleach? Maybe in a few more years. I’ll just hear it from those really committed to this anime. For now, I’m thinking of just waiting it out and dropping this. No doubt I’ll repick it up again but this is my last comment on RC for Bleach posts. Not on a sad note – I feel satisfied already to seeing Ichigo like this and Aizen’s fate. I was hoping for better screenshots of Ichigo’s transformation here too. O well, great action, but the story dragged too long. Still good and a recommendation to those in for a marathon of anime.

    random viewer
  8. ok, the uber awesomeness of ichigo’s god mode was unquestionable and the past three episodes were the best i can remember since the soul society arc and the whole fight more than made up for all the crappy fillers i had to put up with through the past few years and made me forget momentarily how pissed i would sometimes get because of bleach. I mean, Aizen was the main antagonist of the story and defeating him was the main point of it right? So it would be kinda great it they answered all the questions that need to be addressed (about ichigo’s parents, soul king etc) and then just drop the show cause there will be no better time to do that than now…If not, then make a break for a year or two and then continue with these xcution, fullbring or whatever, cause i don’t think anyone will be able to stand any more stupid fillers…

  9. So, from an irritating sequence of no-sells from Aizen, we finish with a bunch of no-sells from Ichigo. /rolls eyes

    At this point I’m positively looking forward to the filler, as it can’t be any worse than this garbage.

    panda monium
  10. Eh, this part of the whole series in my opinion epitomized everything that was retarded about Bleach. The big bad villain and the good guy constantly going through ludicrous power ups, all the while the only conceivable way for the good guys to win a flawless victory is for the villain to be become an absolute retard and forgo the cunning and intellect that made him a good villain in the first place.

  11. interesting tho i pick this up in the anime and not in the manga when azien at the end said ‘you workshop that thing’ is it possible the soul king is an object and not a human??? very interesting 🙂

  12. Aizen will return, sealed away doesn’t mean dead.

    Prooof, are you still going to carry on blogging this show with the potential that the fillers will last for a long time?

    The popularity of the show will drop to it’s knees, unless the fillers are very good, which is highly unlikely.

  13. They should have done a time skip and have Ichigo married to Inoue and maybe have a son of their own? Or in college or something. Not start with the fullbring almost right away.

    It still pisses me off that there has been 0 mention of Ichigo’s father or Nell either. Nell was so important to Ichigo he would fight to the death for her and its like she never existed. How could Ichigo just leave her there without a second thought?

  14. amazing! the final fight ended in 1,5 episodes!!!It never happened before. Just to remind how boring it was this arc also for the animators. But hey!? and the arrancars? jammy yammi? and Neliel Tits Oderschvank? and also have grimmjow died in the end? cause I only remember Nnoitra hitting him and then nothing more…mattaku.

    duk3 fleed
  15. This may very well be the last time we’ll see Aizen, unless he breaks out somehow. He lost both his Hogyokou and his Zanpakutou now (notice how it breaks along with his Hogyokou armor/skin) so we probably won’t be seeing him or his bankai anytime soon in the manga.

    Btw, hope the first fillers will be about the Espada complete back-stories (including when they were human). That’d be pretty interesting.

  16. wow, this fight lasted 1.5 episodes!
    very good. i was expecting at least 5 episodes
    go bleach!

    now, could we plz have fillers about ulquiorra? my favorite character in bleach.
    why was he so dedicated to Aizen?
    why was he the only espada with a 2nd resuraction?
    why was he so interested in human’s behavior?
    so many unanswered question…!

  17. Well interesting enough, Aizen showed his REALLY angry face in this show
    So that’s how he sounds like when super enraged. I can’t beleive that Aizen didn’t have a backup plan or this like he ussally did. Well if Urahara diddn’t help then IChigo would have likly lost.

    (sigh) I can’t imagine any other villian Kubo could make that is more bad than Aizen. Aizen is pratically rank 1 in my villian book. There is no villian that can beat Aizen that’s for sure.

    code fanboy
  18. the scene where Aizen is talkin’ ’bout “how the world should be not the how the world is” was just full of win. the frames, the animation, the speech, was just so great!
    +1 to Aizen

  19. there’s been a lot of talk that bleach will end after the next episode and might come back like Naruto did with Shippuden and Dragonball did with the Z era. Hopefully the next go round will have more balanced fights instead of one opponent (normally the villains) dominating most the time until the other weaker person devises a clever trick to beat them. It’s been proven that when fighters are nearly even things are more enjoyable am I wrong. I pretty sure most agree that animated wise Ichigo vs Byakuya was one of the best fights (no insane powerups necessary) Nnorita vs Kenpachi was another good one. I hope Tite presents the characters better like Chad who got no love at all. He really should have shined in Hueco Mundo with his hollow based powers. Orihime was the typical damsel in distress like Rukia was in the Soul Society Arc. She was suppose to have these wicked powers able to defy fate and whatnot. Yet due to cliche plots was helpless to help Ichigo when he got that hole in his chest but could restore a hollow’s entire upper body (after Yammy splattered her like a pancake?) They never explained where Orihime powers derived from either when I think about it. Renji and Rukia were the most pathetic of allies to have from Soul Society. Rukia’s Ice Attacks are so stupid vs Hitsugaya’s (who has slightly less lame attacks that barely hurt the enemy.) Renji gained the worst bankai out of everyone and always needed saving most the time. He was the Vegeta of Bleach, strove to be Ichigo’s rival only to get left behind with each main character power up. Ishida should just be replaced with Tatsuki whenever she gets her powers. She is a natural fighter like Ichigo and did pretty good in the superhero filler. Well most likely I will have out grown anime like Bleach, Naruto and One Piece whenever they catch up but it was a decent ride for the most part. I’m not going to watch the final episode. Thx Prooof for continuing to blog the anime after Omni left. You did one hell of a job in my opinion.

    1. TRUE DAT MAN! i hear what your saying, balanced fights are good, but of course sometimes you need that total overpower mode or tricky/sneaky mode win/lose…….i guess its all about the
      “balance of the balance” lol…if that makes sense. unfortunately THIS along with Pacing problems are what bog down this anime. but like most it keeps me watching because of the occasional super high quality episode moments with AWESOME WEAPON BASED ACTION! BTW- NO MORE ONE PIECE BLOG??????

      BROOKLYN otaku
  20. Isn’t this like Ishida’s final form. Rofl, he will regain the power soon through training.Damn lame.

    By the way I have supass Azien and Ichigo cause I am the real 3 dimensional being.

  21. I was kind of hoping for the same kind of unexpected explosion of a fight as ep 270 & 271 with Ulquiorra, but Ichigo basically kicked his ass. Although if it wasn’t for the Kido Aizen would have killed him, which is also a little disappointing.

    I definitely agree, a little more balance would have been good.

    Lets just hope latest manga doesn’t turn into another Bounts story line.

  22. the show should end at this arc. In fact I hope they just redo the entire anime and leave all that filler alone. Better animated fights, faster pace, and maybe a change of several aspects from the manga would make it great!


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