I’m a little confused as to what a flange is, and the dictionary didn’t really help aside from telling me it’s some sort of frame. Regardless it has the same swastika shape as his old zapakuto’s hilt guard (as the title points out), although much like a sword hilt, it doesn’t have much of an attack aside from pushing back the opponent. It’s a little difficult to discern exactly what it does, but it does seem to be more of a defensive tool than a four bladed scythe. I don’t think he has gotten back his reiatsu though, as the power seems to be bound to the shinigami badge, which apparently has storied all of Ichigo’s experience and memories. In the end he seems to fire off some black circular reiatsu which “feels like Getsuga Tenshou” and finally brings down the five-eyed Mr. Pork. As a full bring power, I assume his shinigami badge would also be able to pull out other forms and abilities, so that is something to look forward to.

For our weekly cliffhanger, some punk Shigawara shows up with intentions of killing Inoue, just as expected. The timing is right around when Ichigo gets his new powers, but I hope it doesn’t fall into the regular pattern with Inoue as the damsel in distress needing Ichigo to be the white knight. Good alternatives include
1) Inoue kill Shigawara
2) Tatsuki pulls out secret abilities and kills Shigawara
3) Shigawara kills Inoue


  1. I’m guessing its gonna be the usual Ichigo (or someone else from the Scooby Squad) show up and save her. A better alternative would be her destroying the guy and showing that her powers have advanced.

    1. Exactly what I was about to say. The whole “flange” thing really threw me off. Why not just leave tsuba? It isn’t like people who had read this thing don’t know what a tsuba is.

      1. If you’re translating something, why leave any non-proper nouns untranslated if they have fine equivalents in English? This has bugged me for many series. The word to use here would be hilt. Or guard.

        Also, Orihime had better be a Fullbring. If they’re adding another class in when this explanation would work just fine, I’ll be very sad.

      2. Hasn’t Inoue always been described as “something else”. Or her powers “encroach on the field of a god” or something.
        Im betting her time will come when the King of Soul Society appears…

  2. LOL, option 3) Shigawara kills Inoue, cannot happen, remember that in bleach nobody significant dies XDDDD, be either bad or good guys, especialy good guys, so the posibility of inoue dying converges to 0 XD

    1. Orihime being killed would be pretty funny. Considering if Orihime did die she would just be sent to Soul Society her death wouldn’t carry that much drama behind it.
      Orihime: (coughing up blood) Ichigo I’m dying.
      Ichigo: Just hold on you can make it!
      Orihime: (dead)
      Chad: (pops out of no where) What’s the big deal? You can just visit her in Soul Society.
      Ichigo: Oh Yeah! 😀

      1. she isnt sent to SS, she is born again in SS, no one would know she is orihime not even her, thats why ichigo never thought about looking for her mother in SS. so the Drama aspect is still there as her dead would be permanent.

  3. I agree with you with the idea that “shinigami badge would also be able to pull out other forms and abilities.” When you think about it, Inoue’s power pratically spells out Fullbring. So aside from attacking, IChigo may get some bonus ability, aside from his usual Getsuga Tensho.

    code fanboy
  4. I hope over the few months Inoue did some serious training and is able to kick butt and not be a fail character like another other character that could be mention.
    *cough Sakura, cough cough from Naruto, cough cough cough*

  5. I certainly hope Tatsuki finally does something, she’s the kind of character which you’d want something impressive to happen to. And I believe Orihime’s full bring is her hair clips

    Rise~N Seraphim
  6. I guess we can finally give a rest to the Manji = Swastika.

    I tried last post to make people understand that but they were too immature for it.

    That, however, does not make you less nazi.

    And that was one hell of a super Nazi-Rasen-Shuriken.

    Lectro Volpi
    1. Hitler took a symbol from a church he went to as a kid and turned the Swastika into a sign for his murderous regime. The Swastika will forever be a symbol of geniced. So I can see why it may make some people angry. I wonder if Bleach is even shown in Germany?

      1. Bleach IS published in Germany, at least the manga is. The DVD is available, too, in Germany (with German dub), but it’s not broadcasted on TV.

        “One of the kanji used in “bankai” (卍解) is “manji” (卍) or the swastika, so every time that a character says “bankai” in the manga, “manji” or the swastika is on that page. “Manji”/swasitka also appears on some anime Bleach TV commercials (usually when Ichigo says “bankai”, of course).

        As well, the swastika is the guard for Ichigo’s Tensa Zangetsu, so it makes sense that the symbol would appear for Ichigo’s Fullbring. The swastika symbol in Bleach is nothing new.”
        by qwirky on livejournal

        and it is true as well that Hitler did not invent the swastika. We actually learned in class that it was the Celtish rune for “sun” and that inspired him. But honestly, does it REALLY matter?

        I’m rooting for option ONE, because Inoue has to prove that she has balls. And I want to know what’s up with her hairpins :O
        And yes, I don’t want her to die, even though I’m a hardcore IchiRuki-shippper. Why is that? because the presence of Inoue is in no way a “threat” to the IchiRuki-pair. Rukia was, is and will always be Ichigo’s most important person who changed his world. Funny that even without her in the manga, Inoue was/is not able to become that person for Ichigo. Chad is the one who helps Ichigo getting back his powers. Talk about IchiHime-fail…

      2. Well, Inoue not help Progressing Ichigo? “As Ichigo fallen to the ground with a Hole in his Chest. How, pushed his Will/Mind to the “Darker Super then Darth Vader Side”? She is not active pushing him, but passive. Believe me, even if the Writer wanted to put deceive tracks on her “Bodyguard”, her “Karate-champ” GF is there

    2. You should put yourselves in the place of a japanese reading this manga, wich is intented to. The swastika is a buddist sign of infinity if I remember well, long before Hitler took it. And probably in Japan and other oriental countries, the original meaning of the swastika remain intact or has not the same meaning to occidental countries. All depends of the context.

      1. Missed the point, and that was very unlol from you IexpectawrittenapologyMr.LoLyoutaintedyournameandGodwillpunishyouforthat.

        In Japan where swastikas are not nazi related, they edited it from Whitebeard’s flag yet nothing here in Bleach. As I told earlier, funny fact.

        Lectro Volpi
      2. Remember that opinions are opinions and they are worth the same, but my opinion is better k?

        One Piece and Bleach are both published in Shonen Jump in Japan/America and by Viz Media in America. Now that we know that: Why Whitebeard’s flag was edited?

        Lectro Volpi
      3. What i said is not opinion. It is fact. It is in use as a buddhist symbol in asian countries. Try to challenge that as an “opinion” if you can.

        As for editing the flag, let me ask where is the symbol outlawed? America?

        Zaku Fan
    3. in case, you all dont noticed it. Jump-Comics is made for Japan/Nippon readers. There this Symbol has other meaning. And we know Bleach only because Fans translate them for us, for Free (donation). So, Is your own fault, if you see the strange things

      1. Zaku Fan: No, the higher-ups at Shueisha told Oda not to use the swastika (manga), that was for Japan.

        If in Japan the Swastika is a buddhist symbol that holds no bad meaning for them, why in Japan, In Japan, in Japan, In Japan, In Japan, they edited (for their own Japanese version of One Piece from Japan in Japan for the Japanese that lives in Japan… that country that is an island) Whitebeard’s flag was edited?

        You are just not answering my questions!

        Lectro Volpi
      2. You know what Mr. Zaku Fan? you are beyond hope! I am going to give you the most possible answer:

        In One Piece the swastika was used as a flag and as a tattoo (Ace’s back). Maybe the higher-ups thought it was a wild thing to try to appeal to the reader’s clean mind with the swastikas in bodies and flags and decided the safe route: Oda, don’t use that thing even tough it is not bad at all. Let us avoid any possible criticism.

        In Bleach the swastika (maybe Kubo was not thinking at a swastika at all but just a “flange” for the sword, beats me) it is just a part of the sword that, by itself, holds no meaning and will be (and it is) overlooked. Unless you are joking about it.. oh, that was me hoho~

        There will be no Gansitos, Choco Roles or Bubulubus for you because of that! and don’t come crying to me for them! no~thing~ for you~

        Lectro Volpi
      3. What? I am not trolling, you guys took my comments (that at the beginning have absolutely NOTHING to do with you at all, yet for some reason you feel the urge to stick your nose where it does not belong) way too seriously. At the end of the day YOU replied to MY comment.

        Lectro Volpi
      4. @Germanguy
        He’s not a troll. He’s just someone who thought he knew something everyone else didn’t until he corrected with the “fact hammer” hence his argument that “you started it, bwaaahhh” 🙂

        @Lectro Volpi
        “the higher-ups at Shueisha told Oda not to use the swastika”

        You do know you just admitted to my point that the publisher is the one editing it? Seriously, have you actually been to japan and visited their temples? Go do that and come back and tell me that the symbol at those buddhists temples is not a swastika 🙂

        Zaku Fan
  7. Flange has a myriad of definitions, one really, really, super old definition is of the sword guard or hilt guard. I think the scanlation team just didn’t know what word to pick so they went with flange. Sword Guard would’ve been much better methinks

  8. Has anyone seen Inoue’s hair clips lately? In the chapters she’s been in so far (that I’ve seen), I don’t think she’s wearing them…maybe I’m not paying attention closely enough?

  9. they actualy used the word flange to refer to the hilt of zanguetsu, you figure it out by seeing how a flange sticks out of a pipe just like the hilt does from the sword, second you guys are failing to remember that inoue never ever attacks anybody, half of the time she got in trouble is because she never attacked anybody

    1. Inoue is just like Krillin, they both have and absolute attack that can defeat any being in the universe, yet they never use it on anything. At least Krillin dies for the sake of plot development and having Goku go into Super Saiyan, but Inoue is just weak sauce.

      Suppa Tenko
  10. SEIG H@!L!!!! ,SEIG H@$L!!!!!!!! kidding…… but seriously, i used to be bugged out when watching classic kung-fu flicks, wondering “WTF!?!? are the shaolin monks DOWN with Hitler?!?!” later learned that its this whole yin/yang type thing

    BROOKLYN otaku
  11. So the weapon is like a giant swastika blade. Looks incredibly hard to use, will most likely be unpopular among the fanbase, and be seldom used once Ichigo inevitably gets his Soul Reaper powers back.

      1. Unqualified comments? Look who’s talking Mr. I use redjuice999’s shinobu picture because I have some kind of either vampire or loli fetish. When did RC become elitist central?
        ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

    1. The swastika is just a symbol. Its meaning depends on who is using it. The nazis used it, true, but that doesn’t mean everyone else who uses it is a nazi. Know what you’re talking about before you post please

    1. Well, did you notice until yet. These Fullbringers, has (until now) only 1 Ability. Just pre-Bankei… So there is still much “time” to go “Fullbringer-Bankai”. Let me Guess. It will be a combo off Hallows and Shinigami “Bankai” form. Or like Cads “growing” Armor

  12. I’d go with
    4) Shigawara holds Inoue to trap the Vaizard, maybe beats her up pretty bad too. Ichigo finds out and goes to rescue her (same old). Has a flashback to Aizen. Instantly murders Shigawara using his hollow bull-horns through the heart, and is uncertain whether it was just the power responding to emotion or whether it was his true intention, but decides it was for the best. Inoue becomes estranged from Ichigo cause of some “love and peace” mentality and leans on Chad. Becomes estranged from Chad cause he doesn’t say much and supports Ichigo. Runs to Tatsuki but Tatsuki convinces her that it was justified, which triggers Inoue to a massive character change. (Or she wanders off from the group and is killed eventually anyway) Fast forward a couple of years and Ichigo is missing while Tastuki is a fullbringer and Karin is a shinigami, both under the indirect training of Soifon.


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