Ichigo can add “tsundere” to his growing harem (I don’t think he had one before) as Riruka eagerly sneezes on him in order to deactivate her dollhouse power. He may want to think twice before going for a girl who soaks him in snot with such a happy face though. Speaking of girl troubles however, the big revelation was hearing Rukia’s voice momentarily through the shinigami badge. I know people have been disappointed about the lack of Rukia after Ichigo lost his shinigami powers and it looks she’s finally going to be involved again. Rukia can still see Ichigo obviously, and she could also use a gigai, so I’m not sure why she hasn’t visited Ichigo in so long (over a year?); it really shouldn’t have been goodbye at all. As for the snippet of her voice, it is possible it’s just a bit of Ichigo’s experience and memories leaking out from the shinigami badge or possibly the badge is acting as some sort of trasmitter, but Ginjou seems to know more than he’s saying. I still constantly doubt that he has revealed his complete intentions.

As for Inoue’s situation, none of my three hopes from last week were realized. I had gotten excited when Inoue turned around and Shigawara got stabbed through the chest, but was disappointed to find out that that was a fake-out as he had simply been knocked out by her “godly beauty”. I got excited again when Inoue suddenly darkened at hearing that he may have been the one who attacked Ishida, but unfortunately Shigawara’s bishounen boss Tsukishima arrives and the chapter cuts off there. Luckily there’s still a chance next week that she will either get killed or kick some ass herself; she seems to have the will to fight those who hurt her friends.


  1. here we go again. Remember, ishida lost against this guy so there is no way in hell than inoue can win.This guy is definitly strong. Kidnapping ,AGAIN. All we have to do is to bet on who will come to save her ass, AGAIN. Ryuken, maybe, he warned her about this. Or else isshin. Oh even better RUKIA. Fuck, kubo didn’t learn anything with the past arc.

    1. If you think more logically, Uryu was just careless. He was kind of distracted when he first saw Fullbring, then sliced nearly to death. Couldn’t blame him, since he was the veteran who came back fighting arrancars, it would be reasonable for to be careless since he would never expect to find a human, that is not a quincy, to be so strong and fast.

      code fanboy
    It’s super effective!

    guh, hurry up and win a goddamn fight already, Inoue. Apart from that one Hollow at the very beginning of the series I don’t think she’s succeeded at anything…

    1. Ichigo-Knight

      Inoue isn’t meant to be a fighter she’s primarily there for support. I think Urahara even mentioned as such. She has one method of attack and it’s grown pretty weak as enemies have gotten stronger. I mean she could reverse time to reopen the wounds of an individuals but I don’t Tite wants her to have such an awesome power.

      1. Beware the nice ones, they say…
        I certainly got shivers when she got more serious when she thought that guy attacked Ishida, but yeah…that bishie guy had to spoil it all…
        Besides…Unohana is also a healer and she is one of the strongest captains.

  3. My my, why didn’t Riruka simply kiss Ichigo. That would have been more gainful for her.

    I too am disappointed that stab on Shigawara, turned out to be some fake-out. I was hoping that Orihime would turn a little colder and attack people the moment they try and attack her. At least show Shigawara’s fullbring.

    Well, I wonder if Orihime is going to be hold hostage.

    code fanboy
  4. I’m dying for anything to happen in this series right now. Remember how everyone was complaining that Lost just kept bringing up questions instead of answering them?

    This is like that, but worse. it’s just more and more “who, what, when, where, and why?” week after week. I wouldn’t have a problem with this if the plot was going anywhere, but it’s like it’s just been stuck. And I don’t think Ichigo getting some powers back counts as moving the plot forward.

    We all knew it was going to happen, but it only raised more questions. “What now? and still wtf is going on?”

    I wouldn’t be as mad if this was almost any other series. I like Bleach, but it’s track record of innovating its story isn’t very good. I feel like Kubo is setting all this up just so he can feed up the same ol’ story he’s done before.

  5. Well to be honest, the way Ryuuken helped Uryu, it looked like he just helped him out of pity. He was really cold, calling him a “failure of a son” after he gave Uryu his powers back.

    code fanboy
  6. Inoue I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!! Fuck!!! Why Rukia appears so soon? That drakqueen (Boy who dress like a girl no?) Tite ruined that new ark shown his macho shinigami so soon, even is only his voice, Tito turned bleach into a fight between Ichigo and Renji to see which is the most gay and go out with the macho shinigami (allias Rukia). And for those people who calls damsel in distress to Inoue, the firt damsel in distress in bleach was Rukia!!! The worst shinigami ever (she win over Aroonero with a miracle, and the yells of million of fans who screamed in fear with the loss of his loved macho shinigami). I don’t understand the people what see in Rukia, I see a short and short-tempered boy who stalks another boy.

      1. It’s something, better than nothing, for god’s sake. If she is so repetitive, Inoue what’s would say? “kill that idiot Ichigo?” “See my boobs moving?” “I’m boooooored?” Tite can draw her without no text for express her feelings. Better tree thousand “Kurosaki-kun” over the lines of Rukia, an superintelectual shinigami who always knows whats happening and she know and can do nothing.

    1. Rukia = dead turnip head that cannot have kids and has someone already in love with her (Renji).

      Inoue = Beautiful and clearly loves Ichigo, has same hair color, is alive and able to have kids.

      There is really no comparison. Ichigo needs to wake the hell up and snag Inoue before Kent shows up (from Kimi Ni Todoke) and starts hitting on Inoue.

  7. Sorry by the doble post… But I hate the yaoi and shows like Naruto (and his million of naruto/sasuke fans) and Bleach (ichigo and rukia (HE, Rukia is a boy)) ruins this mangas, yaoi, bishounen etc… It’s so sad.

  8. By the way Prooof, just incase you forgot. I don’t know if this counts since she’s an anime exclusive, but Ichigo, right now, already has a tsundere, namly Lirin the mod soul.

    code fanboy
  9. Uryu was careless but still a guy who jump from roof to roof is not normal. Damn after ulquiorra that’s all he can do. Don’t tell me this HUMAN is stronger than ulquiorra. I don’t think so.

  10. Go kidnapping the girl and then someone has to save her ass. Same stuff over and over. god damn it. I wish she could just defend on her own and not just playing stupid wondering and got owned~~

  11. now that I think about it, my asumption was correct. Central 46 now sees Ichigo as a “to be threat.” Rukia sounds like Ichigo is going to be attacked by the soul society soon enough.

    code fanboy

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