After the battle, Mayuri attempts to uses the Tenkaiketchu to transfer Karakura Town back to the world of the living, but his squad members beg him to wait until everything is ready. In the fake Karakura Town, Unohana finishes healing the Vizard, including Hiyori, though she says Hiyori will need the will to live to pull through. In Soul Society, Byakuya, Kenpachi and Yachiru return from Hueco Mundo after defeating Yammy. In Karakura Town, Urahara tells Ichigo that his friends had gone home, and Ichigo states that he will explain everything to them later. However he is a bit reserved about his victory over Aizen and questions whether the Hougyoku really rejected Aizen, and whether Aizen possibly gave up his powers willingly. Because Ichigo reached the same level Aizen was on, he could feel his opponent’s emotions through their swords, and he felt only loneliness. Ichigo theorizes that Aizen may have wanted to just be a regular shinigami.

Rukia, Renji, Chad, Inoue, and Ishida find Ichigo, and Inoue begins crying in relief. When Ichigo tries to comfort her however, he suddenly collapses and begins spazzing. Ten days later, he finally wakes up in Rukia’s home, and Rukia tells him that Urahara had explained his situation. Ichigo had begun to revert to his original self and will soon black out again, losing all his shinigami powers, but he does not regret his decisions.

In Soul Society, the Central 46 sentence Aizen to the Muken prison for 18,800 years, but Aizen mocks them. Elsewhere, the captain commander berates the captains for losing their hayori and becomes irate when they don’t seem to care. In the research center, Matsumoto attempts to visit Hinamori, who is still injured, but is not allowed access. She then visits Histugaya, who is frustrated at not being able to protect Hinamori and is training with his bankai in a cave. She reminisces about Gin and how he left nothing behind for her.



This episode wraps up the whole arrancar arc, and indeed it actually ends the main storyline of the war against Aizen which has been the main focus since the beginning of the series (remember that Aizen planned it all from the time Ichigo gained his powers). Content-wise I don’t have much to say that I haven’t said before in the manga posts. I can’t say I’m satisfied as even though the fates of most of the characters are cleaned up (none of the good guys died), I think many questions and loose ends are purposely left unanswered so that the series can continue on into infinity. It seems that as soon as Aizen was defeated, every other thing was just abruptly cut off in a very faced paced conclusion. It is a little ironic that the only character I really wanted to live, Gin, was killed off even though he wasn’t completely a bad guy.

The most life changing moment here was Ichigo beginning to lose his shinigami powers, though his sacrifice doesn’t seem all that great if he’s just going to get them back. It’s not so bad living normally for a while though as I think Soul Society can handle any problems as they normally do now that Aizen is gone for the moment. I can’t say I’m looking forward to what’s coming next though.


    1. you read that in the manga? I think that in the anime it’s pretty obvious he died. With the wounds he sustained it would be hard to just run away, plus wasn’t Rangiku with him all the time?

      1. Yeah, Maes Hughes never died! He was just sleeping in that coffin, like Elisia said! It was so he wouldn’t have to work. And even if they found out, he’s a Brigadier General! He could just fire their asses.

      2. @Grant: Even if you’re only joking, that’s pretty much my thoughts. Gin is dead, but if Kubo needs him, he will bring him back with a strange plot twist. It will be easy to bring him back since he didn’t disappear/turns to ashes and Rangiku’s line can also more or less means that Gin simply left SS.

      3. I felt all the flashbacks and the reminiscing is a pretty strong indicator that Gin is actually dead, but it is true that there is no actual confirmation + there could be a plot twist, though that is very unlikely.

  1. So they delayed Ichigo losing his powers so the fillers will fit into the continuity? Well that’s pretty logical.

    That is, if they bothered to do that any of the other times they needed a long-ass filler arc.

    1. logical, sure. I’m a bit dissapointed though. It would have been really cool to take the focus away from the (overused) main character, and have a series of 5-10 episode arcs starring some of the supporting cast. how long has it been since we saw Rukia do anything useful, for example? And there are tons of good and interesting characters in the Gotei 13 whose backstories it would be cool to see – and let’s face it, Kubo’s never going to get around to them in the manga.

      panda monium
  2. What surprises me the most is that the 1st commander only lost an arm in his self-destruction act with Aizen. This episode was a good wrap up for Gin IMO, but with Aizen’s punishment it’s a little disappointing to say it isn’t as good as when Mayuri (12th Cap’n) “slowly” killed that Espada (# and name escapes my mind, but recalls face). I hate Aizen which makes him a good villain to me. Ichigo will keep hanging on with his gang there with him.

  3. ok I think we’re in for at least a whole year’s worth of fillers seeing how close to anime has gotten to the manga…I hope this one turns out to be like the Muramasa arc which was surprisingly better than the actually storyline

  4. Now that this is out I can ask a question that’s been bugging me for some time. Why, why, why in the world of all things rational and sane don’t they kill Aizen!? What is wrong with these people? What, they’re willing to wipe out most of the Quincy to protect the world but they won’t kill the guy who overpowered every single one of them, has hypnosis powers and clearly isn’t going to just give up? Old man Yama-genocide was willing to enforce a dubious execution order for Rukia because she gave away her powers but not a traitor who nearly ended everything? I refuse to believe that they can’t figure out a way to kill him. If they can imprison him they can kill him.

    1. If anyone so much as poked him with a sword, it’s not Aizen they’d be destroying first, but his seal. Once they bust his seal, it’s all over for them. So yeah, 20k years vs death sentence is one thing, but risking him breaking free of his seal is much scarier than letting him rot in prison.

      1. Really? Aizen looked pretty down and out after Ichigo used his final attack. And frankly I can’t see why they can put a seal on him but they can’t kill him. In fact that sounds like something I would have had Mayuri and Urahara working on the moment I knew he was a traitor. Of course I also would have brought actual medics to the battlefield instead of relying on a single former member but I get the feeling that tactics in Bleach is roughly made up of ‘Attack, attack, attack, rely on someone to get a sudden power-up’.

    1. I’m fairly sure there’s nothing in the series to suggest that, especially not after he lost his super shiny stone. Besides, even if he was there’s no reason to just give him 18,000+ years. Why not give him a life sentence- or afterlife as the case may be?

      1. the hougykou has permanently altered Aizen like Orihime, it was stated she gained her powers from the object based off her strong desires to protect her friends or whatever. Aizen may still be capable of the transformatin but Urahara put that seal on him which is why the hougykou abandoned him. So most likely Aizen will live on until Urahara or someone smarter devises a means to kill him.

      2. In re. to Kaine: again, where is it actually stated, as in Word of God or in which chapter, that he’s actually immortal? And if he is immortal then why did they give him a limited sentence?

  5. Clearly this was all part of his plan to get some time off since shinigami don’t seem to get vacation time. The real mystery here is exactly how many days have pasted since Ichigo entered Hueco Mundo until they beat Aizen? All this couldn’t have happened in less than 24 hours.

  6. There are 2 things that really pissed me off about the end of this arc and as of yet THEY STILL have not been talked about or resolved (even in the manga)…

    1. What happened to Nell? Ichigo was ready to die to protect her and POOF never another mention of her or any scene at all to show what happened to her or whats she is doing?

    2. Not a single mention about his father showing up and being a former Soul Reaper?

  7. is it me or were the character drawings at the ending a bit sloppy. ugh im going to hate another filler and another random arc. hopefully they get to the newest one current in japan. I want to see some action

  8. F**kin’ pissed now…

    Why couldn’t they put Bleach on hiatus so we don’t have to watch some crap of fillers for another year?? Wouldn’t they save more money if they didn’t animate some fillers and instead use the money on the new f**kin’ arc..??

    The Muramusa arc was alright but they better not be like Naruto where there was a filler arc for every five to six episodes… honestly I wouldn’t want fillers at all but no the animators want more fillers…

  9. I think that Jin had to sacrifice himself for the author cause it’s a common way of thinking in japan that the good guy that make evil acts for a while have to be purified sacrificing himself in a final futile manner. It was like this since the death of Zardoz in voltes 5.

    duk3 fleed
  10. bleach definitely needs a hiatus for real. Tite and the producers of the show should have realized this based off the pacing and much needed fillers. That is what annoyed me the most about bleach, naruto finds peaceful periods and incorporate their fillers. Bleach just cuts in the middle of a fight to show some random crap then goes back to the main story. They didn’t show how Yammy was defeated just Byakuya and Kenpachi standing triumphant over him. Harribel and Stark’s deaths were just wrong. Nel and Grimmjow just fell off the grid or Nel at least since it’s hinted that Grimmjow is dead based on the memory thing (but Renji had the same thing and ended up becoming Ichigo’s new ally.) Anyway seeing that a preview featuring Ichigo in some Gatchaman costume isn’t making things any better. This should have been where they focussed on the new replacements for Gin, Tousen and Aizen in Soul Society. Then they could have went on the the Zanpakuto Rebellion which is still the best of all the fillers so far. Things are only going to get worst if they don’t learn to wrap things up probably and know the limits of their pacing. One Piece and Naruto are already considered the best and Fairy Tail is coming up in the world too. Bleach is going to get left behind most definitely.

    1. The problem isn’t the show. The people who write for the show don’t have much choice in the matter, they can’t adapt manga chapters that don’t exist yet. The problem is that Kubo really needs to work on pacing* and long-running series like these experience problems. Maybe we should suggest that they take notes from the two Fullmetal Alchemist anime series.

      *Although I suspect that’s really because he either wasn’t sure what would happen next or it was deliberately done to keep the series going and rake in the money.

  11. Anyone can tell Bleach is entering into a long long period of fillers =.=
    The manga is only a few chapters ahead! =X
    Anyway, in the beginning of the arc, there was a hype about how powerful Orihime’s power was and she even revived Grimmjow’s arm in record time. How come no one invites her to do that for Yamamoto?
    No matter what, I’m glad that the arrancar arc is finally over!! The new arc in the manga seems quite interesting for the time being. I hope Kubo sensei can keep it up. He also needs to put more content into one manga chapter. I can finish reading a Bleach chapter in less than 3 min. That says a lot about how much content a chapter has.

    I also wish that Bleach can go on hiatus rather than throwing us with fillers.

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