「あきらめちまえよ」 (Akirame Chimae Yo)
“Just Give Up”

Kent gets no pity. None at all.

Before people start calling the series “Rage ni Todoke,” if not already, the path to recovery for our lead couple is well on its way. Okay, maybe a little stalled due to Kent’s uncanny ability to make any situation worse, but the other characters have been making it quite obvious that our mains have effed up. Ryuu’s direct as usual, but the compounding, “you haven’t said enough Sawako” from various sources finally got through to her. Finally.

A lot of people hate Kurumi, but I don’t see how you can now. She’s shown to have respect for, at the very least, Kazehaya’s feelings, and with Sawako thrown into the picture from last season, she’s accepted hers too. As a rival, I’ve been expecting her to do something at this crucial point, but sabotaging isn’t really her way of winning anymore. Even if she were to confess to Kazehaya again now, neither character is shallow enough to just use each other (at least in this story), and it would actually be too negative for the show’s tone. Honestly, I think Kurumi’s a done deal. Perhaps the episode title, “Give Up” was more alluding to her instead. If she is over though, I’m curious to what her character can still provide to the story.

The episode itself was simply following up the tragedy that was “the different likes,” but I’m still continuously impressed how they manage to juggle comedy and drama constantly between scenes, sometimes in mere seconds. From Pin’s hilariously knowledgeable but idiotic teasing to Ayane’s veiny eyes as she seethes with rage at Kent’s poor control in knowing when to shut up, the laughs almost override the frustration. I get this mixed up “I really shouldn’t be laughing so hard because I’m supposed to be angry at the show,” and then a serious moment starts to occur and my smile drops worse than a kid at a clown convention. Messing with my emotions, man.

The backdrop of the school festival was a nice glue to tie all the events together, and it gave the feeling that the drama wasn’t the ONLY focus (even though it is, but that’s great story-telling!). Also, their classmates are incredibly nice people. Like seriously, other countries should have these kinds of school festivals to promote unity in classes. I had watched this documentary on how children are brought up in their elementary schools in American, Chinese, and Japanese cultures, and it seemed the Japanese focused more on connections between peers rather than the student teacher focus. Japanese children taught each other things, older children took care of younger ones, and when there were issues, the children were told to resolve it themselves. It’s not to say all Japanese high schools have extremely friendly people in every classroom, but it may be more prominent.

Getting back on track, the series seems to always trick you into thinking it’s going to fall into another trope, such as dragging out Sawako’s recent lack of assertiveness. But like Sawako’s fall into depression, shattered before it could even span an additional episode, the next title, “To You,” mirroring the show’s own, seems like things will be changing soon once again.




  1. Kent just decided to mess with the wrong people at the wrong time. He’s also got this “like me” complex to him that makes him keep sticking his foot in his mouth. I do feel SOME pity for him… not enough for me to not slap him over the head for messing with Sawako, though.

    1. well the slap wasnt really for messing with sawako. it was for him assuming that shes the type of girl that will directly interfere with the guy she likes relationships to get with the guy. even though she started like that, the most she will interfere now is like the whole vday chocolates situation.

  2. what this season did to me so far is that it made me hate Kurumi less and less… I actually like her now.
    though I am still frustrated with the situation they have here, hopefully our cute female lead will finally make a move she should have a long time ago next week.

  3. I actually like Kent poor him 🙁 He just doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut. As for Kurumi I never hated her she was a pretty good antagonist on the first season and I like her more now!!

    1. People are not considering that maybe Kent really does like Sawako and was making a move for her. She is smart, pretty, super considerate, has mad wife skills (cooking, sewing, etc…) and would be a catch for any guy. We all just want the guy that snags her to be Kazehaya.

  4. Ryuu’s bro-ness knows no boundaries. He has leik, Shota-radar er something.
    Kurumi’s liquid awesome slapping speed is frightening. Ayane and Chizu’s expressions said it all. D: -shivers-

    I’m curious as to how Sawako is going to grab hold of Kazehaya again. It doesn’t seem hard yet I can’t see it being done very easily. D’x (For some reason, I feel like that happens a lot in this show.)

  5. You’ve got to remember this is a romance story and not real life. Bullying is a major problem in Japanese schools as I understand it. For the downside of the school culture watch Shigofumi episode 6.

    Kurumi is underneath a good person. Rewatch the episode where she talks about how the other girls were jealous and backstabbing. Many of her actions were just cynical responses to her hurt. Once she knew that Sawako was different from the girls she knew she treated her as an equal and a rival, but she treated her fairly. What’s making her angry is that Sawako has Kazahaya’s affection but is wimping out. Especially since Sawako was the one who got Kurumi to confess. Now Sawako is being a coward and Kurumi is outraged (and she has a right to be).

    1. lol, do you honestly think I can’t make the distinction between real life and anime? Seriously? I’ve been through high school myself, I know the downsides better than I want to. The general idea that school wide activities such as preparing for a festival can still bring a class together. In psychology studies, the way for enemies to avoid fighting is to give them a common goal to work on. The class of KnT merely represents what a great class could be like, and the documentary seems to point towards why these kinds of classes might even exist.

      1. If I thought you couldn’t make that kind of distinction I wouldn’t even bother commenting. Even documentaries may have a particular viewpoint they espouse that doesn’t tell the whole story. They way Japan organizes things has positive and negative consequences just like every culture. That was all I was trying to say. If you find my way of expressing it insulting to you feel free to delete my comments.

      2. Well yes, I don’t blindly believe Japan’s way is without fallacy, but the peer focus might benefit in places where I feel other cultures don’t really have. It’s just an aspect which I admire, and that’s the point I was trying to get across. Ignorance is, while preferable in some situations, something I try to avoid.

      3. I’ve been fascinated by Japanese culture for a long time and I admire many aspects of it. U.S. school culture has gotten away from that shared effort ethic and is the worse for it. Even the way they require the students to keep the school clean sends a positive message about responsibility. Some things such as college entrance test hell I wouldn’t want to be subject to though.

  6. Omg! This show is getting ridiculous. I mean the entire premise of the show is hanging on misunderstandings…. EVERYONE is MISUNDERSTOOD. KENT, SAWAKO, KAZAHAYA! Sheesh… And the smartest person in the entire show speaks the lease. I guess wise men really do listen when fools speak. Nonetheless… How is this scenario considered even mildly entertaining? The title should aptly be named Rage no Todoke. /rage

  7. Ayane and Kent would make good couple. They seem to be the only sane persons in this anime.

    Also dropping this anime. At this time after the first season and all it would be much more enjoyable to see these two (stupid-kun and retard-chan) as a couple.

  8. I honestly don’t see why some people are raging so much. There are some other romance series out there that take even longer for the couple to get together. Kimi ni Todoke is doing a decent job since it’ll get somewhere by 38 episodes. I mean, at least it’s getting somewhere. Shows like Ouran Host Club and Skip Beat didn’t even have a chance and even if they did, it’d probably be 50+ episodes.

    Manga-wise, Kimi ni Todoke’s chapter 40ish is a lot quicker than Ouran’s 80+ chapters and Skip Beat’s 170+ chapters ~_~

    Of course this doesn’t apply to everyone. I just noticed lately that there are some people who would sit through so much more than this and sing praises but they start freaking out over 30-something episodes.

  9. Ok I feel it was right for Kurumi to slap Kent because: 1) for Kurumi to shut Kent’s loud mouth; 2) for her to get rid of her frustration in some way; 3) for her to put some sense into what Kent said as being a stupid idea; & 4) it proves that she had nothing to do with Kent’s meddling actions. (I think there’s more to that, but for now that’s all I can come up with). This episode served as a highlight to all the secondary characters IMO. That is to say,… getting Kurumi’s point of view on the issue, Ayane giving a reality check to Kent (he should know where he stands at this point of the situation), Chizuru’s house gathering (and her getting cheered up by Sawako’s words made it clear what Sawako needs to do too), Pin knowing the truth but decides to tease Kazehaya instead of helping him, & Ryu speaking up for Kazehaya. I’m not sure if Sawako is still trying to keep Kazehaya’s image from being ruined by disagreeing that he “likes” her. But the next episode will definitely focus more on them now that the others had their pitch in this one. Eagerly waiting for more.

  10. Geez, why people bothers so much with this kind of things? if you can’t stand this kind of suffer just need to stop watching the series until reaches the end, then you can enjoy it~ i’m happy cuz it’s following the manga soo well, unlikely other shoujo-like series =_=! and poor Kent, I use to hate him, but after reading the manga just stop it, the same with Kurumi :3


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