Boy, the cover story of Rika sure brings me back to when the crew was just Luffy and Coby. Remember her? The girl that made onigiri for Zoro? They seem to be protected by the marines now, and she, not surprisingly, looks older. Nostalgia tripped for several minutes.

After quite a while, Robin and Franky finally make their appearances, and they’ve been busy. I’m surprised there’s actually a poneglyph on Fishman Island, but when you’ve got something as ancient as the “Sun Tree Eve” being the reason Fishman Island can even exist, it makes sense. Franky’s meetup with Tom-san’s younger brother brought to light that having babies as a fishman/merman is like playing the lottery. Add in one more culture difference to remark on the curiosities of human society. Franky simply smiles in silence.

Fights don’t usually come to mind first when I think of One Piece, but we’ve only been getting skirmishes so far, so it’s hard not to get excited as the combatants take their places. The stage doesn’t seem to be set yet for a full on scale battle, as the reasons for the crew to fight still aren’t clear for them as a whole. I’m pretty sure the following fights will end prematurely, but we’ll get some well needed power level testing. Decken should be reserved for Mansopp, but it seems like Luffy’s going to get a taste first. Will Decken get owned? It’s hard to say. And their date was going so well too.


  1. So it seems that once again, the Luffy vs Boss fight will take place elsewhere from the main crew. I can’t imagine Vanderdecken winning without using some crazy underhanded tactic like collapsing the bubble so Luffy is submerged in water.

    1. he would die to. maybe… thats actually a good question, would his life get sapped from him due to the water or would he just have to walk along the bottom of the water with no devil fruit powers?

  2. The part where Franky was asked if he was born from a robot was a LOL moment for me. Maybe the Sunny-Go ship will look different enough that it won’t need a bubble coating no more. Brook’s imagination of how the princess looks like after knowing her size was funny too. I couldn’t tell what Nami was up to but Zoro was like “oh more people to fight against (beats them up). The Straw Hat crew doesn’t know that the castle is under attack by other people aside from them. I hope Jimbei will be fighting alongside Luffy again.

  3. The only people who could fight Hodi and his crew in the castle would probably be Zoro and the other StrawHats.. But I’m not sure if Zoro would even fight unless Luffy orders/decides it, because of Jinbei’s 2nd message.

  4. What are the the chances of Franky getting to fight Decken? Seeing as how He is at the Sea Forest too and Luffy, the Princess & Decken in tow are heading there.

    Remembering that each crew member needs to show they can now stand on their own without needing saving, to show that they are strong enough to handle the New World.

  5. Decken’s power doesn’t look like it’s made for direct combat. It’s more of a…. sneak/surprise ability.

    Unless he lied about his two hand limitation and his four feet can memorize targets. ^_^

    1. Well, he’s a fishmen, so he would have the strength of ten men, this is evidient when throwing his battle ax to the princess’s room. Not to mention, if he were to throw luffy, he could Luffy would end up bumping into Hachi.

      code fanboy
  6. In theory, Zoro should be more than enough for Hyozu or Hodi. Still, not enough for both of them, and the rest of the crew.

    I know it can’t be but: Hodi vs Usopp would be awesome.

    Sanji should be strong enough to fight with Hodi too, at least on equal ground.

    And Luffy… beat the crap out of Decken!

    I know Luffy knows Haki. Zoro probably (Mihawk must know Haki). Sanji is a 50/50 (Ivankov never damaged Akainu), correct me if I’m wrong. Chopper and the rest… naw, logias are still a power-house for them. Maybe they know some tricks. They can’t enter the new world with just 1 Haki user.

    Hahaha… I confused Rika with Moda. Damn you traitor! they killed Ace!

    Lectro Volpi

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