Not much happened at all here, so I don’t have that much to say except that the story is heading in a very predictable direction. The first third of the chapter was just cleanup of Ichigo’s fight with Mr. Pork back to normal, and he is so ugly, stupid, and weak that I could hardly care less about him. He is quickly intimidated into submission by Riruka again and will probably remain an irrelevant character. As for Ichigo, he’s gained his full bring powers but won’t be able to use them extensively for a while and is sent home to rest.

Trouble of course is quickly brewing for Inoue and it looks like she will end up being the in distress yet again. I’m not too impressed by the new character Tsukishima, who looks like a cross between Aizen and Byakuya. He even acts an awful lot like Aizen with a very similar attitude and personailty, along with all the cliched villain attributes. I suppose it’s not too surprising he has fullbring as well, in the form of a bookmark that can change to a katana. I’m glad that Inoue is not just “protecting the enemy” this time by blocking Tsukishima’s path, instead opting to find out what exactly is going on. But unless she puts her powers to use, the story is right on track for her to require saving again. With her reiatsu taking a turn for a worse, hopefully next time we’ll find out exactly what happens to her. I’m still hoping that either she dies or kills her opponents.


  1. I think Inoue’s reiatsu going ‘weird’ (from a scanlation) has more to do with her either preparing to fight or already fightingl. Not necessarily that is has taken a turn for the worst.

    Too bad that this arc is moving so much on already paved, treaded and worn roads. I vote Ichigo dates Riruka to get rid of the predictability of the manga.

  2. ohohoho, that book-power is extremely sexy *w*

    I’m hoping for some Chad-action next time x3 I’m only afraid that Ichigo will somehow save the day =w= Please, dear Kubo, let him feel powerless and unneeded for a while. That will show him how the others felt in his presence and cockiness.

    1. How? Really, how is a bookmark turning into a sword sexy? It seems all sorts of useless and cliche to me. Unless the book itself has some power like head Spider guy in HunterxHunter, I think his power would be something stupid like Aizen’s hypnosis.

      Also, Ichigo would never take the back seat, the series is named after him.

      1. Because when his bookmark is his fullbring, he must love reading books. And that makes him hot. A guy like him reading a book is even sexier than Josh Halloway jumping down the cliff in the Davidoff Cool Water commercial.

        Yes and no. Rukia actually did manage once to make him simply watch her kick some ass. Of course Ichigo has this hero-complex and saves the day way too often, but he gets rescued himself by Urahara a lot, too. And Inoe shows a new, determined side. I hope for some development since the DOME.

  3. Inoue is going to be Ichigo’s squeeze (they are slowly heading in that direction) so probably Kubo has no plans to kill her (not yet anyways). Sadly as was already said she will be using her powers to try and stop the villianofthearc from killing her.

    Kubo storytelling seems to have developed into a certain linear path that just repeats over and over. He needs to do something to shake things up.

  4. Would be interesting to see her use her powers again, think it’s been at least a year (actual, no manga storyline).
    I can’t really remember, but did anything special happen with her in the other world, she was kinda roped in with the Arrancar in a way I’m still not very sure about.

    I really hope all this is going somewhere soon, because that curiosity/hope is the only thing that keeps me reading rather than enjoyment.

  5. I think its likely the guy might just beat up inoue to shake up ichigo or something.
    but I do want her to beat the guy or kill him, I dont want her to die as im still a ichigoXinoue shipper.

  6. first time I saw him I thought AIZEN! He came back!
    lol. hopefully it doesn’t go into another boss kind of fight where we have this one big manipulative character and ichigo will become stronger with twenty episodes of training and another twenty episodes with just one character fighting the same character! I hate how shounen animes drag out fight scenes…

  7. I really don’t know why this is still so popular when it’s so trite. Can’t the editors at Jump act more like the editors in Bakuman? Get Kubo off his stupid plots.

  8. Let me guess… Ichigo gets back all of his lost shinigami/hollow/ssj powers plus fullbring,going to save Inoue while fighting a bunch of enemies and become more stronger with each fight,he gets beaten each time but the last moment he stand up and beat the s**t out the enemies with just only one powerful attack. Finally the boss battle against Tsukishima. He’ll be like Aizen with 9000+ power-ups and transformations but Ichigo use the super-hyper-mega-shinigami-hollow-fullbring-final-getsuga-cero-tenshou and beats Tsukishima…oh and of course Ichigo lost all of his powers AGAIN. End…??? \o/

    1. Close but this isn’t the end boss. He will be the kinda boss that ends up becoming Ichigo’s friend (like Renji, Rukia’s Brother, Kenpachi, Rangiku, etc…) to help him kill the real end boss.

  9. I think this guy’s capabilities is to absorb fullbring powers like Chad and Inoue has, he thought Ishida has fullbring but surprised its his own power. The guy would attempt to kill Ichigo but Chad is there to the rescue.

  10. When I finished this chapter, I actually went back and read it again because I couldn’t believe nothing happened.

    And is it weird I just always thought that bad guy had a sword? When he pulled it out, I said to myself “what’s with the full page? Didn’t we already know he had a sword?” Then it dawned on me that everything is really so predictable that my mind started filling in story elements haha.

  11. its me o allays is that

    bla bla bla spiritual power bla bla RUKIA IN PROBLEMS

    bla bla hueco mundo blabla arrancar ORIHIME IN PROBLEMS

    bla bla fullbringer bla bla ORIHIME IN PROBLEMS AGAINS

  12. All of a sudden, everyone has fullbring, seriously how did they pull this out of nowhere? At least Arrancars have existed in the past and is acknowledge by soul society, but how the bloody hell did they miss out on the fullbring?

    Suppa Tenko
    1. When you think about it, fullbring seems to be an insignificant power. Basically they’re humans who can use their environment to their advantage, and they can only change the shape of an object. If you look at it another way, Soul Reapers and Arramcar don’t need such an ability with the raw power at their disposal. So it’s possible Fullbring was just a forgotten technique that most people find out of date or useless.

      code fanboy
    2. Its basically a “human power”. has existed since the start chapters:

      – Ichigo breaking out of Rukia’s kido.
      – Chad hitting a hollow he can’t see with a telephone pole.

      It was just not explained or named.

      Not to mention that, FULLBRINGERS LIVE IN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT CITY AWAY FROM KARAKURA TOWN, so yeah, most likely they knew nothing of Ichigo till stuff started exploding in Karakura.

  13. Tsukishima is definitely like aizen, he talks in the same needlessly complicated way, does plans that make no sense (send your goon to kill a girl, then show up and threaten him to go home. in the process reveal yourself and your power to potential enemies. all while accomplishing nothing!) and threatens the damsal in distress. sheesh, give him a few chapters and he’ll tell ichigo he’s been watching him sense the day he was borne :/

    1. IMO, Tsukishima group and Ginjou group are working together, manipulating Ichigo towards some sort of their goal(which is bad goal).

      THAT, or Tsukishima is a good guy trying to stop Ginjou and Ginjou is manipulating Ichigo by using Tsukishima as bait of “enemy”

  14. 30something comments, most of them negative…allow me to not upset the balance….”fullbring”..huh? @chapter 439….does kubo really expect “buying customers” to start ALL OVER with THIS? this LATE in the game??? and i stand by what i said, after that whole un-killable Aizen arc it is near impossible to create a NEW BAD GUY that can top what already transpired. ichigo must have family members killed off/ his mother resurrected or maybe lose an appendage or two to be taken seriously at this point.

    BROOKLYN otaku
    1. – Villain to top Aizen? Soul King, Royal Guards, Zeroth Squad, full-powered Quincies.
      – Fulllbring has been there since the start of the manga. It was just not named.
      – The so called “too late” for you is a midway point of bleach.

  15. I’m convinced that Tsukishima is Aizen’s anorexic son. Seriously, the guy looks like he could be defeated by telling him how many calories are in a bacon cheeseburger.

  16. Ichigo training for new powers, Inoue’s in trouble, cool enigmatic dude with rash underling appears! I’m pretty sure this happened at least twice, right before a 20 volumes long boring arc…

  17. how convenient Ginjou, eh? 🙂

    – YOU make Ichigo distrust his allies cutting him off from Urahara.
    – When Ichigo still does not trust you, Tsukishima conveniently attacks Ishida, making Ichigo run to Ginjou.
    – Oh and look once Ichigo develops fullbring, Ginjou conveniently lets him out back to Karakura town JUST AS Tsukishima is threatening Inoue…

    I am calling it: Tsukishima and Ginjou are allies working towards some sort of goal and manipulating Ichigo. Tsukishima plays the role of a “Threat”, fueling Ichigo’s trust towards Ginjou who is playing a role of “Teacher”., leading Ichigo towards the common goal of Ginjou and Tsukishima.

  18. why does tegami bachi reverse have a different layout on this blog? i mean there are several pics posted on each entry(ie.SuperRobot,GOSICK, Stratos..)except the manga recaps and tegami bachi which only have a single image per blog post. why the different treatment for that show?

    just curious..
    oh, this is the bleach thread..gotta say something bleach-y.

    “Kubo,don’t go that path for the nth time plzzzz.”

  19. I was watching/reading some Bakuman and learned how hard it is to be serialized and then keep being on the top 10. Otherwise you are out.

    I have seen good mangas being left out (Mx0 or Ane-Doki) because they did not reached enough votes.

    A lot of fresh ideas are being trashed thanks to the past popularity of mangas like Bleach that are just now stalling to their heart’s content? you judge!

    Lectro Volpi
    1. Not sure if that is what is happening with bleach or not.
      At the very least, it not being forced to end after Aizen’s defeat means they don’t explicitly want it over.

  20. Probably end up being a huge grup of people who could use fullbring, was a Coup D’etatthe group divided between the ones Ichigo met and the ones that are trying to kill off Ichigo’s friends. The Coup D’etat was probably started by someone with a powerful fullbring and promised the others the same thing the group that is currently helping Ichigo declined while the dude with the bookmark and some others agreed. Thus a group break dissolvement. Though just my theory.

  21. Chill out guys. I see TBPA part deux coming soon with maybe Yamamoto explaining how Fullbring was used by substitute shinigami and bla bla Aizen bla bla new bad guy is back. Of course there has to be an explanation as to why the badge was made, why it was given to humans and who had it before Ichi (new bla bad guy of course).

    BX Shinigami

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