「届け」 (Todoke)

Kimi ni Todoke finally reaches the golden milestone of all romances, the confession. Like literally, she only reaches the confession point. Most difficult cliffhanger ever.

The school festival treads on, as some final conclusions are made by the characters before entering a montage. Kazehaya believes he’s only been selfish up to this point, and basically takes the passive “I’m not really sure what to do anymore so I’m just going to do nothing” approach. Meanwhile, Sawako actually questions why she liked Kazehaya in the first place, something I didn’t expect to ever come to light. A goosebump inducing montage follows, using the full opening song, giving the idea that sometimes, only time can bring true understanding. To be honest, I’m not sure the lively song is exactly fitting for the plot at hand (because I do a little jive everytime it comes on), but it works nonetheless.

Everything, and I mean everything, from Kent to Pin to a New Year’s fortune from her box of Kazehaya, tells Sawako, rather blatantly, that she needs to tell him her true feelings. The gist of the problem is, she simply didn’t try hard enough. That comes to no surprise, and we’ve all been waiting for her to realize this. However, with Kent’s terrible attempt at “support,” she actually comes to realize she hasn’t been all that honest with her feelings. While Kazehaya’s reasons for liking Sawako aren’t something I haven’t thought before, the way he explained it was incredibly endearing, the words of a man that still pines for his rejector. Hell, him being the admiring one might even be mind blowing to some.

I’m not sure if I’m too happy about this sort of conclusion that Sawako came up with. I think I expected a realization on a deeper level than just, “oh snap, I should just tell him what I feel, I’m an idiot.” She threw away all emotions and feelings that we’ve had to go through with her the past several episodes, and said screw it, let’s do this. She even questions it herself. Maybe love is just that simple. Perhaps it’s because it was such a simple solution that we were all frustrated with the misunderstanding in the first place. Could this inevitably be a sign of bad writing in my perfect Kimi ni Todoke love story? I won’t believe it.

Since the actual confession hasn’t happened yet, the deeper emotional development I want may come through next episode, hopefully providing a much more satisfying close. I’m half expecting Kazehaya to say something weird again, but if they do become a couple next episode, my life will have become just a little brighter.

Sawako in a cloaked robe made me think they should make an OVA RPG parody with all the characters. Sawako can be the healing mage. Kent and Kazehaya can fight over who’s the better knight. Ayane is the black mage of course, and Chizuru a clumsy rogue. Ryuu is the lazy Archer. Kurumi will be the villain turned good.




    1. I wouldn’t say that… Show Spoiler ▼

  1. From the title, I was expecting a confession to happen at any moment, so when I saw that the episode was nearing the end I was yelling at the screen not to end yet, but it just had to end at the, hopefully, best part. No more misunderstandings please.

    Oh, and I loved the little moment between Ryuu and Chizu during the montage. I half-expected a confession to happen right there.

  2. I was thinking that Sawako was going to open that door and see Kazehaya, but it ends there. (RAGE!!!) Finally, though, Sawako realizes that she’s just over-thinking about her feelings for Kazehaya. The fact is there and she should just tell him ASAP. I love the opening song; it fits right into the story like a glove. (listening to the full version now…) I’ve prepared a box of tissue for next week. Can’t wait for the peak of greatness in this anime! Really!!

  3. I wanna see Ryuu and Chizuru become a couple as well. Even Kent and Kurumi would be a nice couple. Poor Ayane would have no one decent in the cast to be her love as there really aren’t any other characters worth mentioning at school (except for maybe Pin and he is such an arrogant clueless ass that would be a bad match for her).

    1. I can’t decide whether I like the idea of Ayane and Kent or Kent and Kurumi more. Kent going with Kurumi might mean Ayane gets stuck with Pin, and that’s simply an unconscionable fate. In the end, though, Ayane and Kurumi can both handle themselves perfectly well I’m sure.

      Of course, I’m also conscientious of the fact that having everyone end up in nice, perfectly sorted couples would pretty much destroy any authority the show actually has.

  4. Man I feel really sorry for Kent after seeing him try to make himself be “available” to Sawako. I mean get a hint buddy she’s not in love with you so you should give up on her. That’s what I would have said to him before I saw how pitiful it is for him now. Sawako totally ignored what he said after he gave her a clear idea of where the problem was between Kazehaya. Aside from that…GO SAWAKO!~ <3

    random viewer
  5. Earlier Ayane said that Sawako had to reach a point where she felt that she was equal to Kazahaya or their relationship would be a disaster. I think that that was what caused Sawako’s decision. She no longer thought of him as a god, as she said, but just an ordinary guy. Kent, amazingly, said the exact right things to her in the fortune telling booth (he really is a good guy even if he is a raging egotist). She finally realized that she had built the wall between them and she had to break it down regardless of the consequences (Notice she still thinks he likes someone else). Our girl has grown up (sniff).

    The scene with her passing Kurumi at the school entrance was great, putting a closure to the Kurumi/Sawako story line. Even Ayane reacted with concern when Kurumi passed her.

    Amazing how everyone knew what she was going to do, even Ryu and he hadn’t even heard her conversation with Ayane and Chizu.

  6. Only issue I had with this episode was the music they used at the scene where she goes to look for Kazehaya… I dunno why, but in the manga which they followed almost exactly, it felt…… more… I dunno… it felt different though than how the music made it feel…. maybe because I was clicking the pages so bloody fast or because it was my first time seeing it but I dunno… it felt different haha

  7. Sign of bad writing .. watching this series really gets you into the emotions that are constantly being twisted, I myself tend to forget Sawako has grown in a solitude type environment. Things would be so differently if Sawako had a sibling, which makes me think there should be a Maru episode where she can see that even a dog can express a loving emotion. ( Hopefully that didn’t seem like a bash to the series.) Btw if the next episode turns out to be rage at least there will be one comical skit to look forward to =)

  8. As the show was ending with Sawako running back to their classroom, I was terrified. There’s no way this series will ever get anywhere, I thought. They’re just building up my expectations in order to make it that much more painful when they crush and burn. What horrible scene will Sawako witness when she opens the door? Kazehaya kissing another girl? But kurumi was seen leaving the building, so maybe kissing another guy? or perhaps pleasuring himself? or, most likely, in the act of mutual pleasuring session with Pin? I was scared shitless.

  9. Is it wrong when I say my mind aches for Sawako to don a black robe put on red contacts and start riding on that hell’s chariot for the costume festival? They even have the same seiyu and all, it pains me!

  10. the anime is getting pretty close to the manga right now.. im glad the anime made it to this point.. but people would most likely rage next episode, then be happy after that episode. so if you’re the type to hate cliffhangers don’t watch until episode 10 or 11. im still waiting for this season to end for a marathon ^^

  11. I really loved the montage (that part with Chizu and Ryu was especially cute) and I thought it fit with the song. (It’s nice the single just came out too) . I’m also really enjoying the animation. I noticed it had improved in episode 6 and there were points in this episode as well that were well done. However I disliked the CG’d people.. that really ruins it. :p

    KnT is my third favourite anime this season (after Star Driver and Madoka)… This episode really enforced that, but that cliffhanger was ridiculous!


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