A plus girl in Karakura Town is attacked by a hollow and Kon (“Karakurizer”) arrives to save her, but before he can transform the kill is stolen by an unknown flying character wearing a cape. He returns to a cave where a female arrancar (one from previous filler arcs) commends him as her own creation and reveals that she plans to take over Karakura Town. Kon returns to the Urahara Shop where he meets Tatsuki (“Beast”) and Ichigo’s other classmates Keigo and Chizuru. Urahara has ordered them to investigate the female arrancar. They discuss the new character, “Michel”, who is revealed to be an extremely popular “Spirit Master”. He is apparently using some sort of mob control to make everyone fall for him, hypnotizing people with his smile, including Chizuru who is suddenly no longer interested in Inoue. However they are unaware of this and believe that Michel is a nice guy who is in Karakura Town to investigate the arrancar, and as a result set out in hopes of meeting him.

They meet him on the streets with a bunch of his fans but Kon is pissed at all the people fawning over him, and when a hollow arrives he quickly transforms and attacks it. His punch is ineffective however, and Michel quickly defeats it. Still disgusted, Kon leaves the group and finds that everyone in the town is wearing Michel’s capes. He sees Michel on TV praising the Karakurizers for protecting the town and gives them a “special” flying cape. Even in Kon’s fantasy, Inoue and Rukia abandon him for Michel, and Kon admits that Michel may be better.

However Michel tries to turn the rest of the Karakurizers against Kon, and only Tatsuki realizes that something seems to be wrong. Keigo, Chizuru, and Ururu suddenly collapse, and Michel reveals his hypnosis and true intentions of taking over Karakura Town. The capes drained out all their spiritual energy, leaving only Kon who jumps in to fight him. At first he has trouble, but with Tatsuki’s help he is able to land a punch, knocking out Michel’s reflective hypnosis tooth. The spell is reversed, and Michel transforms into his true minotaur hollow form, but Kon defeats him anyway. Back in her cave, the arrancar rages at Kon for ruining her plans



The Karukizer fillers makes Bleach feel like a children’s show, and maybe it is. However, these episodes could be seen as a parody of super hero shows like Super Sentai so maybe it’s interesting in that way. Takumi Usui also makes a cameo, again as the perfect guy complete with the roses. Too bad he turned out to be just a trash villain. The random arrancar scheming in the background doesn’t seem to be a big deal either, as Urahara’s scheming is clearly superior.

The whole episode was awfully predictable and the fight is formulaic as well: it features the hero as the underdog against the arrogant villain, overcoming the odds and defeating the villain in a big final attack. I didn’t find it completely boring, but it’s definitely not worth watching unless you are interested in seeing more of the less featured characters.


  1. This episode was dreadful. Probably one of the worst I have ever seen. I was ashamed to be a Bleach fan watching it. Its like I was watching a little kids cartoon like Dora the Explorer or Sesame Street. Remember when this series had action scenes and blood in it?

  2. Uh…I’m pretty sure this episode was SUPPOSED to be a parody of super sentai shows, so the formula is to be expected. I’m surprised anyone here actually took this seriously. C’mon guys, it was at least funny.

  3. If it was meant to be a parody of sentai then it was done too seriously. In fact I don’t think there was that much parodying being done, instead it had some mixed efforts to be humorous before sliding over to trying to be serious.

  4. This episode was so bad, i think it gave me cancer. *Gets MRA* Yep cancer.

    Kidding aside, this ‘arch’ looks like it’s going be jumping around more then a hyper active kid. With a Pop rocks IV drip. Meaning that trying to cage, WTF is going it…That is considering if it’s meant to make sense in the first place.

  5. I heard a few times that Michel gives off Aizen vibes. I’m not seeing it, but mocking Aizen by introducing a filler character as an exaggerated expy would be HILARIOUS!!! They should’ve just gone all the way with that!

  6. Mike seems to be a really weak hollow. He wasn’t even an arrancar. What even happen to that bunny arrancar? Did she seriously kill herself by destroying her base.

    code fanboy
  7. Apparently some people can’t take in and understand a parody.

    Maybe it requires some inside knowledge, maybe it requires for viewer to be old(having grown up with Saban’s first power rangers series), but this episode makes a whole lot of sense.

    Karakuraizen fillers always seem to take, magnify and parody the super sentai genre as a whole, down to ridiculous villains, outfits and so on.

    Having grown up with the first power rangers series, german kamen raider dubs and devilman manga, this episode was hilarious to me.

    1. I understand what you are talking about because I grew up watching all the same shows. If I really think about it I can see what they might be trying to get at. But it fails. You can’t go around changing the fundamental flow of an show after people have been watching it for over 300 episodes. There’s a reason people love BLEACH, and this just isn’t it.

  8. I can’t even watch this drivel. I got about 10 minutes in and was disgusted. In fact I had no idea what was even going on until I read this synopsis. What to the makers think they are doing. I enjoyed the other filler shows, even if they were kinda dumb. This just makes me feel like they got someone else to write. I mean it’s nothing like it used to be.


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