Omaeda wakes up from a dream and realizes that he overslept. In the forest, a hollow purses a kid Ryuzaburo with a purple ring, but Omaeda falls off a cliff and lands on top of the hollow, and he retreats. When the kid thanks him for saving his life, Omaeda blurts out that he is the captain of the second squad. In Rukongai, the residents thank him and treat him graciously as a “captain” and “hero”, and Omaeda decides to keep up the act to continue receiving the generous treatment. Ryuzaburo talks with his friends and reveals that he went to the hollows cave to retrieve the ring as a test of courage.

In the middle of the night however Omaeda suddenly remembers that he needs to get back to his squad barracks. He attempts to explain to Soifon, but she doesn’t care and puts him to work cleaning Sereitei. Near the gates, the kids try to get in to visit the “captain”, but Jidanbo refuses without permission. Ichigo and Yourichi happen to pass by and they decide to let the kids in. The kids don’t know Omaeda’s name and attempt to describe him, and Ichigo theorizes it’s Kenpachi. However they recall that Omaeda said he was the second squad captain. When they find him, Ichigo and Yourichi attempt to bust his act, but Omaeda begs them not to reveal it. Yourichi agrees, hoping to have some fun messing with him.

When they encounter Yumichika and Ikkaku, they bring them into the game. Rangiku and her underlings come along too and they end up taking all of Omaeda’s possessions. However, he then bumps into Soifon who starts lecturing him. The three kids then start yelling at Soifon for disrespecting the “captain”, but Yourichi and Ichigo pull her to the side and get her to play along as well and she starts following Omaeda’s orders. However the kids soon find out about the truth, and Ryuzaburo runs off, disappointed that his hero was a liar. The hollow he stole from finds him and gets his powers back with the ring. Omaeda arrives in time to save him. He battles the hollow, but the hollow uses his powers to suppress his movements. Omaeda attempts to run, but then decides to turn around and fight when he realizes the kids are still watching him. He defeats the hollow and redeems himself, but Soifon beats him up afterwards for his behavior.



Do hollows chasing civilians always end up cornering them against the wall, and the savior always arriving in the nick of time? The setup never differs much, and the fights were as formulaic as ever, but this episode was actually humorous in several parts. When the kids gave the description of the “captain” I burst out laughing, because it was pretty clear who the “big and pointy” captain was. It was pretty funny when Yourichi and Ichigo found out about his act as well, and it’s hard to feel sorry for Omaeda as he’s getting exactly what he deserves. His only redeeming traits really are extreme loyalty and stubbornness. I didn’t expect Soifon to play along as she doesn’t really need any more reasons to kick Omaeda’s butt; it was probably only due to her idol Yourichi that she agreed.

Yourichi is pretty awesome though, helping Omaeda dig his own grave while the fool enjoys it until the horrible end.

Moral: Lies snowball quickly


  1. i dont recall them doing the scene from the manga where
    Show Spoiler ▼

    i think that would have been a better ending instead of the spoiler coming in right after cause then it would make more sense for the time skip forward thing and also would be a more memorable ending

    1. Probably because they don’t have anywhere near enough chapters to start a new canon arc already. Hence the filler. Eventually they’ll get back to the canon stuff, assuming they don’t go Rurouni Kenshin’s route.

  2. I was really hoping for Omaeda to go on a “I saved your life like six times against that giant death cloud arrancar so I think I deserve some goddamn respect” speech to Soifon, but I guess he’s doomed to be the comic relief forever.

    Also, why does Soifon still have her right arm?

      1. Well by the end of the fight against Aizen it looked like Ichigo was already losing his powers; he still had some spiritual power but I’m not sure if he could really do his shinigami stuff anymore. It’s not that clear in these episodes, but Ichigo still seems fine and as pointed out Soifon still has her arm, that’s what makes me guess it’s not set chronologically.
        As for delaying the loss of his powers, I’m guessing they are putting that off to tie it in with the beginning of the next arc; why exactly I’m not sure.

      2. But if they’re doing the fillers anyway, and they haven’t tried to find ways to transition into fillers before, why even bother with delaying it and not just have him lose them right then and there? Plus, Ichigo woke up in the Soul Society after the battle, and that’s where the episode ended, so wouldn’t it be easier to believe he just stuck around?

  3. I really thought this episode was more enjoyable then the last one, since Soifon was in it and because she had both her arms. But I really thought Omaeda was going to die in this episode even tho it was a filler arc and I really wanted to kill him myself when he was ordering Soifon to wipe the floors and serve him and those brats some food. But anyway this was a decent episode, I just hope we get some more episodes of her or a full filler arc, so they can work on the chapters for the manga.

  4. Wish you’d taken some screenshots of SoiFon cleaning and serving them food … IMHO the funniest part off the episode, made all the better for wondering how this would all backfire on him.

  5. This episode was crap on crap on crap on crap.
    There were so many holes in the setting itself.
    First, are there Hollows just wandering around Soul Society normally? From the actual story they seemed to have always been somehow summoned over. Hollows normally aren’t in Soul Society.
    Second, the residents of Soul Society don’t eat. All they need is water and candy for indulgence. The only people who really have to eat are those with spirit power. A seemingly poor village should not be able to come up with snake wine, lobster, and ect.
    As much as I <3 Yoruichi, focusing on Omaeda made me want to stab myself in the head as he is probably close to #1 on my fail list.

    1. Oh yeah, the fight with the Hollow was fail, too. When he was running away I was hoping that he would actually run away and all the kids would go “tch” and turn their backs on him. Yeah I dislike him that much.

  6. Istead of doing these lame stupid comedy episodes, they should start a new filler arc. They’re really close to the manga, so they’ll have to use filler for quite some time. They NEED to make a filler arc.

    They need to deliver a gap of 30-50 weeks between the anime and the manga, and they cannot make 30-50 comedy episodes, I cannot watch more than 5 of these stupid random episodes. They can do that know because they have the perfect gap between the and of the aizen arc and the begining of a new one. They have the perfect chance to earn time.

    They need to start a new arc… But I think they won’t do it.

    They will make more 5-10 lame comedy episodes, and then they will start to following the manga again and, after 15-20 episodes, they’ll cut the story in the middle to present more random fillers.

    Sometimes I think who the hell manage theses anime shows. Do they hire monkeys to produce anime? C’mon, some decisions that they make a REALLY, REALLY, REEEEALLY stupid. There are over nine thousand talent guys waiting to work in the industry, but they hire some morons to take of it.

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