Kubo did a fake-out yet again getting me excited when Tsukishima stabbed Inoue through her chest. The lack of blood should have tipped me off, and unfortunately not that much really happened. The two just disappeared, leaving Inoue confused and largely unharmed. It’s ironic since two of my three hopes for Inoue (either she kills or gets killed) were almost fulfilled then dashed to pieces. I don’t really hate Inoue, but it be nice for something big to occur. So far all I see is things about to happen, then nothing happening. Bleach has become so cookie-cutter that any very unexpected event would make quite an interesting WTF moment. At this point though Inoue probably is going to end up being in trouble and causing trouble for Ichigo. Actually it may have happened already as Tsukishima seems to have messed with Inoue’s mind with his powers (another possible point of similarity with Aizen), causing her to think of him as a friend and deny that anything was wrong. I’m guessing that he’s trying to maneuver his way to Ichigo or some of the other good guys for whatever his grand plan is. Chad and Inoue however are trying to keep Ichigo away from these kinds of trouble as his powers aren’t ready yet. I agree with the decision, but Ichigo as the perceptive guy he is goes straight to Ginjou to ask what’s up. Since he reveals that they were once ex-allies, I think it’s safe to assume that Ginjou and his crew are on the good guy side, and hopefully there will be some cool fights soon.

Updated list of good things to happen:
1) Inoue kills the bad guys
2) Tatsuki pulls out secret abilities and saves the day
3) Inoue gets killed
4) Inoue turns into the new super villain


  1. I’ve wanted Takatsuki to get powers since day one. I never understood why it had to be Inoue… Takatsuki pwns. WHATEVER KUBO.

    I would actually hate for Inoue to be the villain. It would be all “Inoue, I thought you were my nakama. Now I’m going to kill you.” And then he wimps out.

  2. Am I the only one who totally hates Takatsuki ? She’s just your average childhood friend character with hints of tsundere; absolutely nothing interesting about her from a plot development point of view. I hope she stays behind the curtains.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I don’t even like the archetype she’s based on, the overly-violent butch tsuntsun with just a hint of dere. Most common response to anything is to punch someone for little to no reason. And she doesn’t deviate from the stereotype at all. At least the pervy girl is a lesbian, which I don’t see that often in these sorts of anime.

      And doesn’t Tatsuki have powers in the anime? I’d think Tatsuki-lovers would be all about the Karakuraizer fillers …

      1. I agree… I find it really hard to like characters that punch/hit others for stupid reasons…
        esp. hate it when they like someone but they always say they don’t when someone asks them if they do …then they get jealous when they see the person they like with someone else >.<

  3. Since his fullbring is a bookmark turn sword. think his abilty is maybe being able to “mark” someone, then can teleport to that person anytime or maybe take control of that person when he feels like it.

    1. I like your thinking but stabbing a person so that he teleport to them is stupid. But definitely “marking” someone makes sense…but for what? I guess he would able to “read” their actions… LOL

      Jack Vojack
  4. Oh noes! Her right left boobie! Her boobies can’t die! That’s what makes 90% of Inoue, Inoue!

    But I do wonder about Tsukishima’s powers. Maybe her wounds will come back when he wants them to. Her seems no intrest in killing her YET, but when the time comes, maybe.

  5. Heavily dissapointed by the ‘cliffhanger’ of this week.
    If Tsukishima was his brother it’d be awesome (though I reckon that’ll still come in the future), but now it was more “Duhr, no really?”.

  6. that blade definitely can cut if it wants to. given the pwnage it did to ishida.

    hmm bishounen with a god complex whose sword plays mind games… where have i heard that before.

    its easy to criticise Kubo for seemingly repetative guff. I will determinely still read bleach as i’m hoping like most hes going to pull out a big bazinger of a plot swerve. And not just inoues boobs as in this chapter…. plus i feel like i’m in it for the long term now…

    for better for worse
    for richer for poorer
    in sameness and in ho-hum.

  7. OMG, laughed so hard at your title, prooof xDD

    Aizen had the power to manipulate due to his illusions (and mastermind? hah), Tsukishima’s power seems to manipulate the opponents’ thoughts directly. I’d rather have this for the next year than another endless fight of illusions -never’ve been a fan of those-

  8. i honestly thought one of her boobs will deflate, seriously

    Tsukishima powers had three clues so far: bookmark, book, and friend. I wont be thinking about what his powers are for now. Madoka has done a good job of keeping me from not thinking. For all we know Tsukishima is involved with Aizen. I mean Ichigo had a shinigami dad, so the likelihood that these new characters are involved with soul society is pretty good

  9. Just wanting to point out that he didn’t stab her. He cut her though her shoulder. Note how her hair is cut and how her clothings have that line right above the sword. Also, note the speed lines at the upper side of the blade.

  10. Really should have powered up Inoue by now. The time skip should have been an equalizer for everyone to catch up with Ichigo’s power level.

    It would be quite terrible if Inoue was mind controlled. Who knows what horrible acts Tsukishima would make her do!

    Zaku Fan
  11. please let Inoue be killed off. That would completely restore any faith I ever had in Bleach. Also my endgame is Ichigo Rukia…as the story was clearly set up to be, and as amazingly they have even alluded to not being completely dead yet despite 99% of the time clearly trying to set up an IchigoXInoue, RukiaXRenji.

    If it’s not clear, I’ve completely lost interest in Bleach from an actual story point of view.

  12. Your Top 4 list makes me very happy. I’d love for any of those things to happen in the series.

    I really can’t stand the idea that Tsukishima is gonna turn out to be an Aizen-clone or wannabe villain for this newest arc, and that consequently, the other Fullbring users will be made out to be exactly like Hirako’s group back at the Hollowfication arc.

  13. Instead of this crap kubo should focus on soul society. There are so many good characters out there. HE should give his characters more techniques to fight. I didn’t like this idea, ichigo, without training could beat aizen. For god sake aizen is a shinigami for more than 300 years. And ichigo could do it after 3 months only. If kubo doesn’t change that, bleach is already dead.

  14. i dont like all the hate coming down on the series, i still totally prefer it. Aizen hinted at having a hand in CREATING Ichigo, probably sent the hollow that attacked his mom before he was born too. all as an experiment to find which hollowification process worked better or somesuch, i guess natural hybris are better, seeing as “I AM BECOME GETSUGA” god moded him to fu*k and back. i would like Ichi to slap that badge on his face for SAMURAIKAMEN POWER HOUR! WITH YOUR SUPERIOR, DON KANONJI!


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