「告白」 (Kokuhaku)

The penultimate climax of the series delivers in spades, albeit in a way I wasn’t really expecting. In other words, Sawako has made her first step into womanhood.

That was probably the longest dragged out confession scene I have ever seen in my entire pitiful lonely life. I was literally cringing at every word Sawako was or wasn’t spitting out, because she made it seem like she wasn’t going to confess after all, repeating old admirations. Kazehaya was doing the same thing, and the misunderstanding of “likes” was yet again brought up, and I’m like, “oh right, they’re STILL at this stage.” But when Sawako just busted out the suki’s and na no’s, I stood up, ripped off my clothes, ran downstairs, and streaked across the street screaming, “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS”…in my mind. Her barrage of unstoppable suki’s was really familiar for some reason, as if I’ve seen something like it in another series, a dam break of outpouring emotions, but the closest thing I can think of right now is Taiga’s “one more.”

After confessing, the tone of the scene went weird for me for some reason. I mean, Kazehaya promptly grabs her into the classroom and just closes the door, and it’s like, “whoa there buddy, going a little fast arentcha?” The entire time they’re hugging in silence, I kept thinking, what are they going to do, is he going to kiss her, are they going to do something sexual? I had this odd feeling of inappropriateness, like the scene didn’t really fit with the usual innocence theme. After rewatching it a few times, that feeling slowly disappeared, but I don’t know. Maybe I wasn’t on the right wavelength. All of that crashes down quickly though, as stupid characters like Joe interrupt the scene and can’t read the mood. KY KY man. To be honest, I expected something different, something I was going to gush about, but I sort of ended up without feeling “moved” at all. I was more, “sweet, now that that’s finally done, what’s next?” and that makes me kind of sad.

This was pretty much the most important milestone of the series, but that’s really all they focused on. Most of the juicy results will be next week, and it will be extremely interesting to see how the new development bounces around between characters. And dammit, pick up your freaking phone! Hayaku indeed.

Bro news: Ryu was an extreme bro this week (just look at that knowing bro smirk), and Pin was surprisingly bro too, but failed to get his brotentions across.




  1. I agree with you sadly…. I had high high expectations for this scene… the pacing was…. slower…. than I felt it needed to be, Sawako wasn’t using her wonderful crying/talking voice enough in the beginning… in the manga I thought those “thoughts” she had were being said out loud the whole time… the music made me feel like I was in church or something which was the biggest bugger for me….

    but that silent part where it was… well… silent… I actually loved the silence… dunno why… but i thought they did good there…

    sadly though the manga definitely gave me a different feeling than the one you had… after I read this part in the manga I was slapping my cheeks and rolling around in a blanket on the ground giggling like a bloody school girl… and I’m a guy… (with a sensitive side, no biggy)

    all in all though….. it wasn’t THAT bad just… not great enough sadly 🙁

    1. Totally with you there man. I man tear to Nodame Cantabile’s live action symphonies, but I just wasn’t feeling it this episode. My refusal to believe KnT anime could be imperfect is telling me that it’s my fault only.

  2. I’m a man. Is it wrong screaming like a little girl while Sawako and Kazehaya were just hugging? Kuragi, I was thinking the same thing when Kazehaya grabbed Sawako’s arm and closed the door. I’m a pervert for thinking dirty acts were going on inside the classroom.

  3. I have to raise my hands in the air and yell “BEST CONFESSION EVER!!!” Sawako BANZAI! Hurray for this moment which I have waited for so long. Finally it has come and Kazehaya is so happy that the hug (IMO didn’t suffice…kiss her in that perfect mood and then the moment-killer Joe comes – I blew him up in my mind when he came in the room) made it that much more special. I’m totally saving all their blushing scenes – they are super cute together. KAWAII<3 I love them and this anime so much. (I wish I could buy a DVD of this.) Can't wait for more in the next episode – looking forward to it (dates hopefully). ^_^

    1. Please kill him, hes the worst human being in the anime world i can think of atm.
      Can we just go all higurashi on the annoying characters? (i.e. joe,pin, etc.)
      This series would go sooooo much faster

  4. Me Too >o<

    I'm not happy on the turn-out of sawako's confession in the anime!!
    I guess~ because NotoMami used a very irritating voice on that clip *argh!!*

    When I read that chapter~ I didn't expect that this will be the outcome on
    the anime.. (TuT) I am kinda disappointed on that scene but anyways the other
    scenes are fine so It's okay 😀 And Pin is awesome in this ep heheheh~!!

  5. 120/100 for Sawako… though still rage for the viewers…
    Joe need to die, like everyone already said.
    totally agreed that this scene brought back memories about toradora for some reason.
    and Kiiragi, you are not alone with that “pulling the girl into the empty classroom, and then…” thought. I was literately thinking that part could be the beginning of some doujin material already… (now comes to hiding for saying this)
    ps. Sawako, you need to curse Joe and set a new ringtone for your phone!

  6. omg, that last sentence… totally cracked me up xDD

    I must say that I don’t watch the anime anymore (the pacing was even slower than the manga’s and Sawako’s voice annoyed me .__.), but I guess this hugging scene really is all about timing. It didn’t seem that weird or unfitting in the manga, it was rather a feeling of “reaching”, especially in contrast to the talk through the wall before…

    anyways, your reviews are always a delight! they actually make me wanna give the anime a second chance O.O

      1. pfft, maybe I’ll marathon it when this season’s over.
        Well, KNT is one of the better Shojo Mangas/Animes after all, so I’m not at all surprised to see you loving this show ^^

  7. As I’ve read above, it’s not over yet. Next week’s episode should be when they really can talk, and express EVERYTHING they want to express. Now, that’ll be cuter. Although I’ve loved this episode too and the confession ^^

  8. It finally happened! It was a super long confession, but it still worked. I liked how she had to talk through the door the whole time, it was pretty cute.

    Kazehaya’s selfish side really showed this week, with pulling her in from outside and looking at her face while she was crying against her will, haha.

    I also had a hard time knowing when she was thinking to herself and when she was speaking out loud, which was actually kind of interesting to think about.

  9. Haha think you might meant suki instead of tsuki, but yeah we all know what you’re talking about anyway so it doesn’t really matter.

    I really love this scene, maybe it frustrates some of you guys more if you’ve been waiting this whole time and we expecting something on a godly level. I actually liked the bit with Kazehaya pulling her in all slow motion, it might have been my favourite bit of the whole confession. There’s one side of me that’s like “lol why is he closing the door ~D:~” but then the other side…the squealy side…can’t help but feel the romantic side of it and celebrate the coming of real skinship. And then Joe comes along.

    Also agree with Ryu’s bro levels…and lol at not being able to tell a lie and whatnot.

  10. I’ll tell you why I thought the hug was fitting, even though it went against the tone of the episode.

    Consider this – Kazehaya is paranoid about not pressuring Sawako, who [if you need reminding] has a pressure sense that puts many Newtypes to shame. However as Pin so eloquently put it, he has *desires* in his heart too, not least to finally get close to her after she finally confessed. It’s a self-induced hedgehog’s dilemma – he wants to be as close to her as possible, but he THINKS that he can’t get any closer than an embrace without making her suffer. It shows that these two aren’t on exactly the same page yet.

    I suspect this final misunderstanding will be resolved in the next episode. We’re almost there…

    J Jay
  11. “Her barrage of unstoppable tsuki’s was really familiar for some reason, as if I’ve seen something like it in another series, a dam break of outpouring emotions, but the closest thing I can think of right now is Taiga’s “one more.””

    Maybe it was Honey and Clover you were thinking of?

  12. I can’t watch this show from start to finish any more. I’m not sure if its’ pacing is slower than it was or my attention span has reduced to that of a 12 year olds but I can no longer finish an episode without skipping several minutes of people staring in silence that is prevalent throughout.

    Also the final scene with Sawako not quite sure if she was rejected or not made me cringe to the bone – seriously, I know she’s supposed to be all naive and innocent like but this is getting ridiculous. Are the words for ‘like’ and ‘love’ the same in Japanese or something??

    Completely agree with Divine here: I don’t really care anymore about the confession, just get on with whatever is going to happen next.

    1. “Are the words for ‘like’ and ‘love’ the same in Japanese or something??”

      This depends on the word used.

      The problem here lies in the word 好き ‘suki’ which they have been using, which can mean either like or love and how it’s interpreted depends entirely on the person listening. It can mean anywhere from how a person might like snow, how they like a persons companionship (as in friends), how they love pizza, how they like to for walks, how they love a close friend, how they love their family, to how they love another person in a romantic sense.

      The entire misunderstanding would be cleared up instantly if either of them got the guts to use the word 愛 ‘ai’ which means ‘love’, and pretty much can’t be misinterpreted as a friendship kind of love.

      Up to this point both of them have thought the others use of ‘suki’ was in friendship ‘like’. This time it’s gotta be clear to Kazehaya that Sawako’s ‘suki’ is the same ‘suki’ that he feels, because of just how many times she said it.

  13. “I stood up, ripped off my clothes, ran downstairs, and streaked across the street screaming, “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS”…in my mind.”

    I laughed 5 mins straight at that sentence XD Your posts are really fun to read, Kiiragi.
    Also, yay hug scene! Maybe I’ll start watching this again…

  14. Pin’s attempt at getting the same reaction out of Kazehaya like he did with Sawako was hilarious.

    But one thing you didn’t mention was that though Sawako confessed, it is still one sided.

    What I mean is Sawako said it regardless of what girl he likes or how he feels about Sawako. So to her she confessed but he didn’t answer. Actually she thinks he’s into someone else. And that hug just made her emotionally unstable (in a good sense I guess). We have yet to get confirmation from Kazehayas side, which will ultimately be the turning point (maybe). Looks like it’ll happen next week but who knows.

    I’m sure the infamous Pin Joe duo will find a way to extend it into another 3 eps.

  15. I don’t know about you guys but I thought Sawako looked extremely cute in this episode.
    Anyways, glad with the development already. Joe should get kicked in the nads like one of the previous comment stated. I thought something finally was going to happen like a kiss. Oh well, the best for last, isn’t that right?

    1. Agree, but she has cute moments in every episode. Never understood why her character is considered scary cause she’s drawn pretty much like a bishoujo. She’s too cute to be scary 😀

  16. Now imagine if Kazehaya did move a bit fast there. Joe would have certainly walked into something a bit more interesting. Though Sawako is such a sweetie I just can’t think of her being involved in something sexual! D: I don’t wanna ruin such innocence.

  17. @Kiiragi

    Apparently, their is a live version of Kimi ni Todoke and was just released and subbed as a joint by two well known groups. I’m not really into live series or movies but the thing that interest me the most is the fact that this two group actually did a joint for the sake of the movie, so I thought it might be worth to give it a shot. Could you by any chance do a blog about it?

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