Renji and Ichigo duel each other during the 11th squad’s training session. Afterwards they bicker with each other, but eventually Ichigo agrees that Renji was the victor. Another member of the squad, Harugasaki Seizo, gives them some tea, but Ikakku seems to ignore him. Afterwards they head off to hunt hollows, and arrive in a town that was just attacked. Yumichika deduces that the hollows attacked as a group and ran off when they arrived. Seizo patches up the survivors, but the other members of squad 11 mock him for being a healer. Ichigo notices his quietness and asks Renji about him, who only says he doesn’t really stand out. Later Ichigo returns some medicine to him and Seizo tells him about the importance of having feet firmly planted in fights. He later uses this knowledge to beat Renji.

Ichigo asks Yumichika about him, and he says that because Seizo is physically weak, the squad 11 members treat him poorly. Yumichika explains how he used to be a promising shinigami and had skill with a sword, but never used tricks and always lost to Ikkaku. While they were hunting hollows, they had encountered a hollow would could suck away spiritual energy, and Seizo saved Ikkaku but lost most of his reaitsu in the process. Ichigo goes to talk with him again, and he says that he will be discharged soon.

The next day Ichigo asks Seizo to have a match with Ikkaku but he adamantly refuses because of his lack of strength. Ichigo then challenges him to doing some chores; if Ichigo wins, Seizo has to fight Ikkaku. Seizo wins easily, but Ichigo states that he will keep trying. However hollows attack again, and they head off to fight. Seizo and several wounded shinigami get trapped by the hollows. He remembers Ichigo’s words and decides to fight, taking out two of the hollows. Ikkaku suddenly arrives to fight with him and they defeat the rest of the hollows. Seizo thanks Ichigo and Renji, and the rest of the 11th squad also pay him respect.



This was one of those one shot filler episodes about a random character, and it wasn’t bad as far as those kind of episodes go. Like with all fillers however, it just has a “meh” feeling to it. I don’t expect my mind to be blown away but this stuff just isn’t that interesting. Seizo isn’t a bad character and we got to see a lot of what happened to him, but without excitement, emotions, humor or suspense the story really doesn’t have that much going. Even though it moved along at a pretty quick pace, one episode just isn’t enough to make me care.

There also was a lot focus on the 11th squad, but I was disappointed at the absence of Kenpachi and Yachiru. Kenpachi is pretty badass, but a bunch of weaker versions of him is just annoying. Unfortunately their treatment of Seizo doesn’t really help their image as violence loving assholes, and they only showed respect to Seizo after he suddenly resolved to fight and beat the hollows. Not really guys you want to be friends with.


  1. It’s really too bad that Bleach filler in-particular seems to be watered-down fanfiction with minimal character development to avoid stepping on Kubo’s toes.

    Given what’s going on in the manga right now, I wouldn’t mind seeing some anime-original material that actually impacts the overall plot. While I usually frown on any distortions of an author’s original story, I think most people would agree that someone taking the pen away from Kubo could really be an improvement.

    1. Agree multiple times over. Couldn’t they just ask Kubo for a bit of back story information on a character like Ganju, Nemu or Yachiru and make an episode for that? Kubo could even write that into the manga and use up two or three extra chapters on something other than the plot. What about Komamura for crying out loud?

  2. Does anyone notice how, in one-shot filler episodes, the main character’s turning point/relevation of the day is kicked off by a Hollow appearance!? Can’t they think of anything more original!!?!?

  3. They should just do what Naruto never did. Just take time off instead of losing the viewers from excessive fillers.

    Or heck, have Ichigo lose his powers and do a more relaxed slice of life/comedy arc. It’s not like there’s any shortage of characters in Karakura to work with.

    1. These things can’t really take time off. The idea of reruns doesn’t seem to exist in Japan so anime start and end, never pausing. Of course some times the filler simply goes too far and is of abysmal quality, apparently what was the cause of Rurouni Kenshin’s cancellation before they got to the last canon arc.

      1. My biggest issue isn’t necessarily the filler (see the genre switch idea), but the unending stream of one-shot episodes that do absolutely nothing. A medium-term slice of life arc, with Ichigo settling in to a powerless life, his job, his club mercenary days, etc, could be a good way to kill some time. If shinigami characters really must be used, have a few visit in gigai bodies (reversing the stupidity of the “never see each other again” plot point). Do an episode or two around Urahara, Hachi, Soi Fon and Yoruichi, where Hachi does what he promised Soi Fon and seals Urahara for a while.

        There’s a lot of stuff that can be done using established mini-plots, and the gap between the two manga arcs. They don’t need this kind of stupid filler. They must have known for months, at least, that they would get to this point. There’s no excuse for the sort of sloppy planning that’s being demonstrated here.

      2. People complained about a boring filler arc that ran for too long.

        So they learned their lesson and just wrote short, one-episode stories instead.

        And people are complaining about THAT TOO!?!


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