I almost forgot about Ikumi until she was brought back again in this chapter. Initially when she was introduced in this arc I thought she would be one of the primary characters in the arc, but here it feels as if she won’t be part of the main action. I have trouble imagining her character would just be introduced then sidelined though, so there’s a good possibility she is hiding what she actually knows and could turn out to have fullbring powers or something similar. Regardless, I really think Ichigo should tell her what’s going on (which it seems he hasn’t), as hiding his situation doesn’t help anyone. It’s possible he tries to keep his friends out of dangerous situations but making people worry by leaving them hanging with nothing besides “I need a break” is no good either.

Speaking of leaving people hanging, Tsukishima as well seems to have left the fullbringers without notice or explanation (bet he started working for Aizen). The most of the rest of the chapter was spent explaining their past, about how Tsukishima used to be their leader. His true motives are no clearer than before however, aside from trying to kill Ichigo as he did with the previous shinigami substitute. Of course, the revelation that there even was another shinigami substitute surprised me, since I had thought Ichigo’s status was unique. I suppose it was unreasonable to assume that in the population there is only one human with shinigami powers. Now with his friends in trouble again, Ichigo has suddenly powered up his resolve as can be seen in the picture, and we all know that Ichigo with resolve is a hundred times more powerful than depressed Ichigo.

The plot really thickens however when Ichigo sees Urahara and Isshin, and he remembers what Ginjou told him. I still have a hard time seeing Urahara as a villain, but the seeds of doubt were certainly planted. As mentioned before, it could be that the fullbringers are the real bad guys and Tsukishima isn’t a villain. Such a plot twist would definitely be interesting, and it wouldn’t be the first time a character didn’t conform to initial impressions.


  1. Me:Ichigo why don’t you just ask some explication to the guy that have help you since the begin of this manga?
    Ichigo: HEll NO!, I would rather trust a guy I meet like a week ago.

    1. Ichigo: And this Guys can give me Power again. And the other Guys, i can’t see half of them (Shinigami) and others try to avoid me with their Problems

      But, why i think. Ichigo got Power hunger Addict? As if someone toke his Play toy

    2. You do realize how many things Uruhara has lied about/ kept secret throughout the manga?
      Thinking he is evil may be a bit much, but to assume he is full of shit would make perfect sense.

  2. I love how objective you’re being in your Bleach reviews. Every time I try to review it, I can’t hep but rip into Kubo’s lack of proper plot pacing, dubious panel placement and lack of any detail in the designs.

    This chapter didn’t help either. It was moving at such a slow pace that I was a bit mad >_<

      1. I don’t know if it’s just me but I’ve been feeling that since the middle of Aizen arc. Kubo has been pulling stories from his arse and not his head… it’s more like he’s just doing it chapter by chapter instead of plotting the whole arc then break it down to chapters.

      2. @soldierx
        This isnt the first time Kubo’s recycled the same storyline.
        Saving Inoue in HM = saving Rukia in SS.

        I agree, the current pacing and stroyteling does seem like it’s being done chapter by chapter

      3. Everything has been recycled to death so get over it or stop reading. If you want original you should have been born 2000 years ago. There will always be a villain and/or a person to save. Even religions have bad guys that were once good. All the whining is getting old especially when one piece has been doing it for like 15 years and no one complains.

    1. He already had it in that shape before. It’s the exact shape of the guard of his sword. And it’s a left-facing. “In Japan, the swastika is called manji. Since the Middle Ages, it has been used as a coat of arms by various Japanese families such as Tsugaru clan, Hachisuka clan or around 60 clans that belong to Tokugawa clan.[25] On Japanese maps, a swastika (left-facing and horizontal) is used to mark the location of a Buddhist temple.”

      Nazi my tail.

      Michael Chandra
  3. Urahara always had his own, hidden motives to do the things he’S doing, but I just can not see him as the new villain. That would mean that Isshin is an enemy, too, and – come on – no matter how awful a parent he might be, there is no way he would ever (sriously hurt his son.

    Tsukishima allying with Aizen? Possible, but I’m not sure of that. Ginjou is the one who seems most suspicious to me. I don’t think he told the whole truth about the events.
    Also his explanation of Tsukishima’s actions… like.. seriously?? He attacks Ichigo’s friends to keep him away from the fullbringers? Isn’t that totally driving him to them? You don’t need Aizen-powers to predict that Ichigo would do anything to save his friends.

    Also, of course I’m happy to see emo-Ichi gone, but his new determination seems dark to me…

    1. Well, we know. he lost his Shinigami Powers. Perhaps his Hollow Powers will fill the Gap. We will see Hallo Ichigo? How knows. But then, will he get Hollow Friends? What role will play Rukia? He once heard her Voice, from the Medal. Let’s wait for the “Training Fight Round 2”

      1. Umm, no. Ichigo lost his Hollow powers. Remember when Ichigo was learning Final Getsuga Tenshou. When Hollow Ichigo was pulled out, both Tensa Zangetsu and Hollow Ichigo fused, meaning, if he loses his Shinigami powers, he loses Hollow powers as well. Kubo filled the Hollow power plot hole pretty well.

  4. Ah yes, sorry for being so slow, next time crucify me:

    Guess who’s back
    Back again
    Ichigo’s back
    Tell a friend
    Guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back
    guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back…

    Lectro Volpi
  5. ..oh man. I really understand why kubo is resetting the whole thing! But I don’t like it. I don’t follow the manga close up cause I prefer to watch the anime first, but from time to time I love to spoil myself. It’s only getting too much powerful to handle and too much dependable, cause by himself Ichigo could have handled all the near futere needs..think only that in his final form he had the power to destroy mountains with air waves. In a growing potential way of thinking the next step would be to destroy a portion of a planet with a single hit or so (And then meet with kayoshin to defeat a fat big bubble majin bu). On the other hand Kubo could have plotted something different, to pinpoint the interest on latent characters, something involving lost arrancars in some part of unesplored hueco mundo, or something regarding the king’s key stuff and zero squad. All this fullbringer newcomers are frustrating.

    duk3 fleed
  6. How dare you guys accuse an ancient Eastern religious symbol of bigotry and genocide. Please read eastern philosophy and traditions before you go around talking ignorant trash talk. Try to be more noble and less like monsters. And I would like to point out you are reading an Eastern storyline. Enough. Respect where it is due.

    Seriously though? Bleach ? Naruto ? they all have Swastikas … u don’t like it don’t read it …


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