「Ambush! Ravensborne Nucleochede」

Non-stop Pandora/Nova Form action more or less sums up this episode, as Cathy and Milena’s group gets by the third-years’ line of defense and even manages to slip past Elizabeth. The fated rematch between Satellizer and Cathy went off without a hitch, and down a much more one-sided path than even I was anticipating. The best part of it all was how it finally led to Kazuya’s moment to shine, by both saving Satellizer and calling out to Cathy to try and bring her to her senses. I never would have imagined how cool he be when given the right opportunity.

It wasn’t quite a character defining moment, though it was pretty close thanks to Satellizer’s cold attitude towards him just prior. Had she not told him he’s not needed out of her own stubbornness, it probably wouldn’t have had the same effect. Unfortunately, what was lost in the time-saving shuffle was the backstory on Cathy’s own traumatic experience, which would have revealed why she became a Pandora even though she’s not mentally suited for it. The same thing happened to Ingrid back in episode four and it simplified Cathy’s character just like it did hers. However, with only twelve episodes to work with, I can’t blame the producers for only choosing to really flesh out Satellizer’s character. If this were a long-running shounen series, only then would it make sense to provide some more depth to all the characters along the way.

To the anime’s credit, the decision to substitute some unnamed military figures with the regular cast and add in some previous encounters led to a more tight-knit group to revolve the story around. That in turn resulted in some developments that we wouldn’t have had otherwise to really bring out some scenes, such as the one here where Kazuya called out to Cassie and reminded her of her promise to let him read her novels one day. It may have seemed somewhat irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, but that actually ties in with her aforementioned traumatic experience with her father that was cut out. It also emphasized her love in books and writing, which provided a little bit of the depth that’s depicted in the manga. These changes have been pretty subtle, so it should please purists out there to know that the anime has been fairly faithful.

In conjunction, the anime original portions worked well in providing some extra development between Kazuya and Satellizer, improving their relationship in battle, which like I mentioned last week, is probably the only time they have to do so. It also brought about Satellizer realizing that she’d be willing to undergo a baptism with Kazuya. As far as I’m aware, the latter wasn’t even hinted at during the corresponding chapters in the manga, so we may even see the anime concluding around the two of them forming an official partnership. It would provide a more fulfilling conclusion, but would likely negatively affect any chances for a sequel by brushing Rana aside.

Whatever the screen writers decide, the story has been set up to conclude around defending Maria with at least a couple of more surprises in store. While Chiffon and Ticy are the obvious suspects, I’m actually more interested in seeing how Satellizer and Cathy’s subplot plays out. If it does touch upon the part that I’m thinking, it should serve as a fairly satisfying chapter to end on.




  1. I really enjoyed how this is playing out and it was funny that Ganessa was though ranked 1 in 2nd year can’t do jack shit cos she has no high end skill abilities. We’ve watched Satellizer and Rana fight on Par with the high end ranked 3rd years that I forgot that 2nd’s are more cannon fodder.

      1. I was actually surprise they placed her as 1st rank, wasn’t it obvious to the higher ups she won by fluke? Weren’t they monitoring Satellizer? Either ways the mere fact that she believed she was stronger than Satellizer amazes me. If you cheat an exam you know your not better then the 2nd place, serves her right!

      2. IIRC, it was said that, with the Carnival, it didn’t matter HOW a Pandora won, just the general fact that she did win. So even if Satellizer ONLY lost because of Kazuya’s stupid interference, it didn’t change the fact that she lost as a whole. Sad, but true.

  2. It’s pretty obvious from the spoiler and how they seem to have shuffled events around compared with the manga, how it will end next episode. It seems that they will make a bit more of that event in the anime as it was somewhat glossed over in the manga. The title of the next episode does hint that there will be some fighting between Satellizer and the rest. Ah, and about the baptism, Satellizer decided that pretty soon in the manga too, but decision to action is a bit of a problem for our shy girl.

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  3. they made elizabeth pretty lame in the anime … her rescue of other 3rd years is cut out , instead made her hold a section ( and failed) . wont be surprise if chiffon’s cameo of her “claw” is out as well for next episode.

  4. I think there was a good five minutes of situations where bridget could break the enemy’s stygmata. Kazuya, don’t mind me i’m just freezing my ass of so you can have some fond memories. The girl don’t mind me i’m just fighting against the will of the stigmata and waiting for you to point that blade at the stigmata.

    1. I agree. I was thinking the same thing. Satellizer break the Nova Stigma already! Cathy’s wide open, immobile, and like 2 feet directly in front of you. Even with flashbacks, there was ample time to try to swing and break it.

  5. Kazuya has to be the most pathetic and annoying male protagonist of all time. If i’m mistaken, then please prove me wrong. I absolutely hate his guts. He’s so winy, so hopeless that id drives me mad

  6. Haha Prejsu, I agree with you that he’s a little weak but he’s not the most annoying one of all time. That part where blood started spewing down his head was a little weird though. I’m glad that they incorporated quite a bit of chapters into this episode so that the story is flowing quicker.
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    Anyways, good episode overall and I hope the next episode will be mostly actions rather than something boring.

    1. TBH I think they have done a pretty good job with this series. Perhaps a bit too much fan service but considering the number of chapters of the manga they have covered in so few anime episodes and STILL make it a decent series (that makes sense) is quite an accomplishment.

      At least they didn’t produce a weak ass series like Fractale. I still like Fractale anyways but its all over the place with lots of questions and a pretty confusing mess going on with just 1 episode left. I will be shocked if they manage to pull off a great ending to save their series.

  7. As mentioned, they do only have 12 episodes to work with and they couldn’t do anymore without quickly catching up and surpassing where the manga currently is, so they tried to cut down the “less important” parts and tried to emphasize the main points more. Sure, it ends up (sadly) dumbing down a character(s) own background story (like Ingrid and Cassie) or coolness (like Elizabeth) and whatnot, but unfortunately, such things have to be done if they want to keep the series on schedule AND on track.

    But the good thing is, also as mentioned, the series doesn’t really deviate that much in terms of the general view of things.

    1. What are you talking about? As far as the manga goes, it pretty ahead of where the anime is. If they had like 24 or 25 episodes to work with, I’m sure they could’ve explained a lot more things in detail and still not surpass where the manga is.

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