The characters’ opening lines pretty much sums up my thoughts, as this chapter went by in a flash and I really don’t know how it got to 20 pages. The main thing that happened was Jackie releasing her full-bring “Dirty Boots”, which somewhat reminded me of Yourichi. Both their powers affect their clothes it seems (and both of them have revealing clothes), and Jackie’s full-bring also seems to increase her speed mainly, as does Yoruichi’s. There wasn’t all that much action, but Jackie did bring up an interesting point about how Ichigo always chats with his opponents while fighting. I never really thought about it that way, but he does usually manage to trick his enemies into explaining their powers to him. Anyway, Ichigo is managing to hold his own for now and I’m guessing this is more about showing off their powers and won’t be all that significant towards development.

The remaining scenes just showed some talk about what has been revealed around. Inoue explains what happened to Chad, about how she felt like Tsukishima was a friend for a moment. While it could be that Tsukishima had messed with her mind/memories when he stabbed her, it could also be that she actually had met him previously and just forgot, but there isn’t any evidence for that yet. Inoue is aware that he used his powers to do something to her though. That would be good, but then Tsukishima states that he is “finished” with Inoue already, so whatever he did to her will probably continue to manifest itself. As for Sushigawara, he just seems like a weak idiot who’s likely to end up as comic relief. Move along.


      1. I don’t ever remember inoue being referred to as an “it”, so I’m gonna say he meant Bleach as a whole.

        It’s often that a lot of guys want that, mainly cause this manga’s become a bishie-fest and stopped appealing to guys in general.

    1. lol. I feel the same. It feels like the author is out of material and just want to drag the serialization. There are so many questions to be answered and he chooses to drag things along instead. Just got to hate authors like that.

    2. This arc is just TERRIBLE. Other arcs have had lots of good stuff and a good gameplan and maybe they just dragged on too long and folks got sick of that. This arc is different in that it is just terrible and not at all interesting. Everyone can tell that Kubo is just dragging things out as much as possible just to collect a paycheck.

      There was a time I couldn’t wait for the end of the week to see what was going to happen in the Bleach manga and its not like that any more.

      1. I agree, for some reason, even though Aizen is the biggest jerk, I miss him being the villain. I really hate the current powerless Ichigo. I wish Kubo just gave him back his powers so he can be next to the word “God-like.”

        code fanboy
    3. With the art (or lack thereof) it’s easy to fill up 20 pages. Notice how a large portion of the panels are just background images, images of nothing (ie someone’s foot turning, a door slamming) or the same image twice with some slioght alterations. Not just the story, but even the art is packed with “fillers”

      Bleach may be 20 pages, but it takes less than 2-3 mins to read a chapter, whereas most other mangas take at least 5 mins.

      1. you cant be serious?????? CORRECTION! He, can’t be serious. sheesssssh! thank heavens for O.P and it’s godly consistency. just my opinion but MANGA as a whole has been in a sad sorry state these last few years. even the few seinen authors that i enjoyed are stalling out like there’s no tomorrow……….and yeah, like others have mentioned, he copied LENALEE’S DARK BOOTS…I’m surprised he didn’t copy “air gears” skates while he was at it. ..hack move

        BROOKLYN otaku
  1. “but Jackie did bring up an interesting point about how Ichigo always chats with his opponents while fighting. I never really thought about it that way, but he does usually manage to trick his enemies into explaining their powers to him.”

    You know, I really started laughing when I read that part in the chapter. She just lamp-shaded a very common shounen syndrome where the protagonist and villain talk a lot during a fight and spend several minutes explaining their abilities while their opponent just stands there and listens. It was really funny when she asked Ichigo if he would do the same if he were facing a real enemy and he thought for a moment and said “yeah…probably”.

  2. I wonder what Riruka was on about, tho…
    She said she didn’t want to watch todays person fight, and I am left wondering if she was talking about Jackie or Ichigo. If it was about Ichigo, she probably noticed some change in his attitude that she didn’t like. If it was Jackie… well, I guess there must be a reason why she don’t want to see Jackie fight Ichigo. I get this feeling that Kubo has some plans regarding Riruka but I can’t put my finger on it.

    The rest of the chapter was a lot of wasted panels as usual. I am still impressed by how Kubo illustrates fighting scenes, no matter what, even without backgrounds, they somehow manage to look awesome.

    That said, I will continue reading Bleach every week. I see a lot of people complaining, and wanting Kubo to quit, but why don’t you quit instead? If you don’t like it, don’t read it, but there are a lot of people who like it and read it, and would be disappointed if he quit before the end.

    1. Everest sounds like fun… Snow and adventure! but now at 1,200 M from the summit we are tired. “Oh, you can go back” oh boy! I am using my pick axe to keep myself from falling, sucks to be me!

      Lectro Volpi
    2. I totally agree with you.
      Don’t like, don’t read. If you are so fed up with Kubo’s pacing, why don’t you just read Bleach monthly? Bleach’s pace has always been slow. Always. If you wait a month and read 4 chapters in a row, you might find that something did happen after all.

      1. Please read previous comments. We don’t not like it. We just hate it. We hate it and at the same time like it, which is why we stick around to read it.

        That may be a lot for you to comprehend, but just bear with it.

    3. Necropost sorta!

      “Don’t like it, don’t read it” is one the worst responses to criticism. It’s up there with “Opinion’s are subjective” and “I bet you can’t do better”.

      Some may read it because they once liked it. Other may read because it’s become a habit and takes a very short time to read it (for Bleach especially). A few may read it because they’re superficial and like to look at the pretty pictures. Whatever the reason, it does not change how bad it is. If you’re going to comment on something, try to respond to the criticism and not the reader/audience/reviewer/whatever.

  3. 20 pages? yeah… it was eternal!

    The face of that Jackie chick is a total disservice… must be some kind of vengeance!

    Tsukishima is pulling an Aizen with his “I manipulated orihime/we are done with her”.

    Lectro Volpi
    1. That’s Riruka Dokugamine. New character, also apparently has the hots for Ichigo judging from Chapter 433 page 20
      Pretty much the token Tsundere character (Think Tohsaka from Fate/Stay Night).
      She hasn’t done anything much worth mentioning except make Ichigo fight a yakuza teddy bear (which was LOLworthy if weird).

  4. I actually liked this chapter. Jackie’s fullbring is really cool-looking, and Kubo still knows how to draw dynamic fights (which has been the main draw for me for many years).

    I’m curious to know what Tsukishima has done to Orihime, and I’m WAITING for the manga to explicitly say that she’s a fullbring user.

    In fact I’m WAITING for this entire arc to lift the veil and tell us why this arc is important to Bleach as a whole. I’m expecting it to happen. It better happen, Kubo.

    So, yes I liked it. Better than the previous chapter.

    1. THIS would be a major plot twist, honestly. My God how much better Bleach would be. And I’ve gotta agree, Kubo is one of the best fighting scene drawers/writers.

      Then again, Bleach would never progress fast enough to make it for an awesome plot twist. Which sux.

  5. – We got Ichigo’s training start.
    – We got show off of one of fullbringer’s powers, alongside foreshadowing that Ichigo will most likely get new outfit from mastering his fullbring.
    – We got more into the whole Inoue’s encounter mystery, complete with quite interesting Chad’s reaction to Tsukishima being familiar.
    – We got (sort of) confirmation that tsukishima is working for Ginjou.

    And people still say nothing happened? Oh well…

    1. Stuff did happen, but if you think about it, it’s not that much

      Ichigo’s training started last week
      We saw the introduction of one full bring power
      Inoue and Chad’s interaction was basically already setup
      I wouldn’t say Tsukishima is working for Ginjou, they are more likely to be enemies

      1. We are all more upset by what hasn’t happened then by what HAS happened. In other words:

        What happened to Nell?

        What’s the story with Ichigo’s father?

        What about all those kids that saw Ichigo and Aizen?

  6. first: the new power = dirty boots..for my point of view. is like a copy of lenalee lee dark boots from d-grayman
    second: kubo need 1 month hiauts or rest , like the one Oda took..

  7. this is becoming D.gray man for sure, Kubo is struggling to come up with ideas for characters, i bet in next 5 chapters some time manipulator fullbringer will show up ¬_¬

  8. Bleach depresses me. Again some wasted panels, especially with the ‘duh’ talk between inoue and chad–hate the ‘hammer the obvious’ to the audience type of dialogues.

    1. Not to mention the fact that many of the panels dont even have actual art in them. They’re just “explosions” that take up half a page. The plot pacing and art is getting ridiculous

  9. ppl need to rest with the lenalee’s dark boots comment because things like that are sort of common in the anime/super natural world. It’s like saying no anime should have headbands because it’s copying Naruto (Headbands belong to the ninja culture therefore its not a copyright)

    1. You don´t need to go to any other series, keep it in Bleach.

      Stay with Mr. Prooof´s example: Jackie = Yoruichi (A typo Mr. Prooof? or is my memory for characters not that bad? =P) was actually quite accurate.

      But I am just playing devil´s advocate. I am not mad nor happy at bleach, I just read it for the sake of finishing it.

      Last time I got “angry” at Bleach was when they threw away Gin´s character.

      Lectro Volpi
  10. There has to be some serious samefaging in here. There is no way this many people think D.Gray man is the only manga with power boots.

    Also loo mentioning D.Gray man. The manga has evolved into a cluster fuck of retcons similar to the end of the AIzen arc.

  11. Riruka’s reaction sure was strange… I’m curious whom she was talking about…

    Waaah~ I love it when Chad interacts with Inoue! I’m always happy when the nakama bond a little and it seems like Chad and Inoue finally get a little closer :3 The only one Chad really ever bonded with is Ichigo (and maybe Renji, cuz he was his training partner). I’m glad his friends-list is getting longer, because this guy really does deserve more people to rely on 😀

    I never had a thing for villains, but Tsukishima is really awesome! People complain that he’s like a second Aizen, but I really don’t think so. He’s much more honest, doesn’t have that slimy feel to him, not that god-like power. He is powerful, but not as much as Aizen.
    It seems that his true motive has to do something with Ginjou rather than with Ichigo. I’m so enjoying this <3

  12. I normally would be disappointed at the lack of progress, but this is Bleach. Has been this way for a while.

    To those who say manga is in a sorry state, this might just be shonen works. Seinen manga is still going strong with titles like “Until Death Do Us Part”.

  13. Im actually kinda disappointed with bleach at this point, i feel like im basiclly starting the series over again from scratch.However i do realize its a new ark so im trying to make it interesting for myself. And i think the story would reallyy ligten up if a character actually died( not a fake death like hiyori-_-).Looking foward to see what was “actually” done to inoe.


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